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					                                            September 2010

             The Helm Station
                 The Official Publication of the Manatee Sail and Power Squadron

                                                        In This Edition
                                                             Messages from our Commander and Bridge Of-

                                                             Co-Op Charting - A fun idea!

                                                             Classes starting this fall

                                                             C&R’s @ Spencer’s and Harrison’s

                                                             Sarasota SPS Cruise

                                                             District activities

                                                             Boating Activities

                                                             Safety Report

                                                             Member News

                                                             Elks Menu, Advertisements, Helmsman page,
                                                              and more!

Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas - picture provided by Lt/C Myles Gee, P

     Our next Business Meeting                                                    Advertise!
                                                      We encourage members and non-members to place advertise-
                 September 7th
                                                      ments in The Helm Station offering goods and services. The
                     1900                             Helm Station reaches over 150 MSPS members, other District
                 Palmetto Elks                        22 squadron members and a national audience through our
                  4611 4th Avenue E                   website on Rates are very reasonable; $35 a year for
                Palmetto, Florida 34220               a standard business card ad, $10 for a simple classified ad in 2
                                                                  Support our Advertisers—They support us!
         For directions please see our website:       [note—rates subject to change without notice, contact our advertising
                    officer for additional details on pricing, ad sizing, and other information.

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   The Helm Station                Official Publication of the    Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
                                        The Commander’s Message
                                                                meetings are Saturday October 2nd beginning at 0900,
                                                                please attend if you can.

                                                                    It is not too soon to begin planning to attend our
                                                                Change of Watch. This year the event will be held at IMG
                                                                Academies Golf and Country Club. We are doing our best
                                                                to keep the cost down so we can have as many members
                                                                attend as possible. We will have a signup sheet beginning
               Cdr Alfred Connizzo, S
                                                                at our October Meeting with costs.
                                                                   I hope everyone had a great summer and I look for-
                                                                ward to seeing you at our first meeting.

                                                                                                Elks Dinner Menu
    Well, it’s time for us to start up our meetings again. We
do have a dinner planned at the Elk’s before the meeting                                     The following is the dinner
and, as of this writing, we have had very little response. If                                menu that the Elks will
we want to continue this, the Elks will need to get some                                     make available to us at our
additional support. It’s a great opportunity to spend some                                   meetings from September
time with your fellow members socializing before the meet-                                   thru December:
ings. In addition, it supports the Elks who are so kind to

     I received the following note from the Commander of
the Sarasota Squadron: ―I would like to invite you and your Sep        Chicken Picatta served with Potato & Vegeta-
squadron members and friends to join the Sarasota Power                ble
Squadron on their annual cruise 19 - 26 March 2011 to the
                                                            Oct        Pot Roast
Western Caribbean. We will be sailing on the Celebrity
Cruise Line’s Eclipse, a beautiful new ship that was
                                                            Nov        Stuffed Shells or Spaghetti & Meatballs, served
launched in April 2010. In order to make it a ―group‖                  with a salad
cruise, a minimum of eight cabins must be booked, and
                                                            Dec        Shrimp Scampi over Pasta, served with a salad
many squadrons aren’t able to book that many cabins. By
joining the Sarasota Power Squadron’s trip your squadron
members and friends may partake in all of the ―perks‖ such
as cocktail parties, shipboard credits, special shipboard
                                                                The cost of each meal will be $8, including tip. If you
tours obtained from a group booking. The more total cab-
                                                            would like to order a salad with any meal (salads are al-
ins booked under a group, the more perks!‖ I have a copy ways included with Pasta dishes), you may order one for
of the flyer in the Helm Station for those interested.      $2 more.
                                                                 Please email if you decide to
                                                            join us for dinner at the Elks on Sept. 7, prior to our meet-
    Don’t forget the Fall Conference! We are tending bar ing. Dinner begins at 5:30 PM. If you would like a salad
at the Hospitality Suite on Friday October 1, 2010 at 1730. with your dinner, please indicate this as well.
I know Myles will have a signup sheet at the meeting. The

                                                                                                                   Page 2
    The Helm Station                 Official Publication of the     Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
Executive Department — Lt/C Myles Gee, P                                                         744-5448

                 Welcome back to our monthly meetings, I United States Power Squadrons members of western Flor-
                 know I’m looking forward to seeing every- ida. We are even having a Pumpkin Carving Contest this
                 one again.                                year! So sign up now!  For reservation information, visit
                                                                   the D22 website at, click on
                  As you can see, the following was written
                                                                   the Future Events button and then Next Conf. Refer often
                  by our District Commander, I urge all of
                                                                   to this site for updates! (You can even explore what the
                  you to try to attend all, or part, of the Fall
                                                                   other squadrons are doing this year.)   I look forward to
                  Conference. In addition, as a reminder,
                                                                   seeing you at the 2010 Fall Conference! Wishing you fair
                  we will be in charge of the bar at the cock-     winds and calm seas, Mary Paige Abbott District 22 Com-
tail party Friday October 1, from 1730 to 1830; please help        mander
us make this a memorable party. I will have signup sheets
for the following; working the bar, showing up to have a           The AO department has lots to do this month, the trip to
drink, and going to the round table discussions.                   Key West, and the Cardboard Boat races, which I encour-
                                                                   age all of you to participate; the chair people have worked
The Fall Conference will be held Friday, October 1 and Sat-
                                                                   very hard on these events. Finally, I have made a reserva-
urday, October 2, 2010, at the Sarasota Hyatt & Ma-
                                                                   tion at Twin Dolphins the weekend of September 10-12,
rina. This information-, and fun-, filled event is open to
                                                                   this is not a squadron function, just a weekend away, let
ALL members of our District 22. Join us for camaraderie,
timely discussions, awards presentations, cocktail parties,        me know if you’re interested in coming.
and fabulous dinners & dancing - all with your fellow                                       YHGLXO

                                        Bradenton Yacht Club Dives into DEP’s Clean Marina Program
                                                               Provided by Charlie Feldschau, JN

                             PALMETTO – The Department, together with the Clean Boating Partnership, recognized
                             Bradenton Yacht Club last Saturday as the 222nd member of the Florida Clean Marina
                             Program and the 7th in Manatee County. The program, which recognizes marinas and
                             boatyards for their commitment to the protection of Florida’s natural resources, now
boasts 224 Clean Marinas, 33 Clean Boatyards and 11 Clean Marine Retailers statewide.
―By achieving the Clean Marina designation, the Bradenton Yacht Club shows that it has made important strides to im-
plement measures that better protect Florida’s waterways and natural resources,‖ said Southwest District Director Deb-
orah Get off. ―Clean Marina facilities such as the Bradenton Yacht Club display sustainable practices that can be used to
help preserve the marine environment for the enjoyment of all Floridians.‖
The Florida Clean Marina Program is a voluntary designation program with a proactive approach to environmental stew-
ardship. To become designated as a Clean Marina, facilities must implement a set of environmental measures designed
to protect Florida’s waterways. These measures address critical environmental issues such as sensitive habitat, waste
management, storm water control, spill prevention and emergency preparedness.
The Bradenton Yacht Club was chartered in 1946 and is one of the original 13 Member Clubs of the Florida Council of
Yacht Clubs. This new member of the Clean Marina community offers a 52 slip marina, 285 feet of transient dockage,
fuel facilities, as well as permanent and portable pump out capability.
With more than one million registered motorized vessels in Florida, environmental education within marine industries is
the first step toward safeguarding the state’s natural resources. By providing green education and alternatives the Flor-
ida Clean Marina Program helps ensure a sustainable future for the environment and a billion dollar marine industry.
For more information about the Florida Clean Marina Program, visit

                                                                                                                        Page 3
   The Helm Station              Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
Administrative Department — Lt/C Larry Beverage, S                                         747-9832

                        Hoping that September brings        Calendar. Please review the signup sheets at the meet-
                        many of you back to Sunny           ing.
                        Florida and your MSPS family,            As a reminder your Administrative department con-
                        WELCOME BACK.         Over the      sists of the following members:
                        summer we have been think-
                        ing, planning and preparing         Boating Activities               Lt. Bob Kelly
                        for the fall. We have some          C&R + Membership Inv.            Lt. Monique Gutierrez
                        new ideas for activities to ac-     Membership                       Lt. Roberta Caraceni, S
commodate both boating and non-boating members.             Sunshine                         Lt. Yvonne Beverage, S
                                                            Fishing                          Lt. Wilber Geiger
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU Richard and Chris Harrison         Member Benefits                  P/LT/C Mike Stewart, SN
for hosting the August Cruise and Rendezvous at Bimini      Fleet Captain                    P/LT/C Mike Stewart, SN
Ranch. Great food and fellowship, plus top notch lasso-     Port Captain                     P/C Bob Kreiling, AP
ing skills were put to good use. Texans have nothing on     Operations Training              P/C King Barnard, JN
us Floridians when it comes to lassoing a steer.            Kayaking                         Lt. Alice Brunner, P
                                                            Communications                   OPEN
    We want to make the squadron events fun and af-         Special Activities./Programs     OPEN
fordable and things that appeal to a wide range of inter-
ests. PLEASE, if you have any event ideas let someone          Contact information is available in the roster, website
on the Bridge or in the AO department know what you’re      (, and in this publication.
thinking. Even if you’re not on a committee or a part of
the bridge, we strongly encourage you to share your               Now is the time to reach out to the person or per-
ideas. You are the squadron and we want to hear from        sons you have been talking to about the squadron and
you. Let’s keep the fun squadron reputation going and       invite them to the next meeting. Pick them up and bring
plan some new activities.                                   them along. We would love for them to learn about the
                                                            squadron and see what we are about. See you on Sep-
    There are cruise activities and C&R’s on our schedule   tember 7th at the membership meeting.
not to mention our District events. See the Helm Station

                                            Fall Class Schedule
Class                  Instructor                      Contact                  Meeting/Location/Time           Cost

Piloting               Lt/C Don Cook, JN               941-748-8078             TBD / TBD / TBD                 TBA

Junior Navigation      P/Lt/C Mike Stewart, SN         941-721-8840             TBD / TBD / TBD                 TBA

Marine Electronics     P/C Charlie Brunner, N          941-747-7974             Oct 6 / TBD / TBD               $44

Weather                P/C Richard Harrison, JN        941-795-7432             TBD / TBD / TBD                 TBA

Engine Maintenance     P/Lt/C Mike Stewart, SN         941-721-8840             TBD / TBD / TBD                 TBA

                                                                                                                 Page 4
   The Helm Station                Official Publication of the       Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
Education Department — Lt/C Don Cook, JN                                                748-8078
 Where are we                                                               60
    now?                                                                                Members
                                                                 No Grade   40
As we head into                                                  S

the new boating                                                  P
education      year                                              AP
let’s take a look at                                             N
                                                                            0                                 Members
where      we    are                                             SN


                                    Marine Electronics Course Description
                   The Marine Electronics course consists of three modules: ME 101, Boat Electrical Systems, ME 102,
                   Marine Radio Communications, and ME 103, Marine Electronics for Navigation. There are no prerequi-
                   sites for any of these modules; however, it is suggested that a member take ME 101 before taking
                   ME 102. All three modules must be successfully completed to receive credit for Marine Electronics.

                   ME 101, Boat Electrical Systems, provides information about properties of electricity, electrical power
                   requirements and wiring practices, direct current power, alternating current power, galvanic and stray
                   -current corrosion, lightning protection, and electrical interference.

ME 102, Marine Radio Communications, delves into radio waves and transmitters, receivers and transceivers, antennas
and transmission lines, FCC Rules and Regulations, FCC Frequency Plan, marine radiotelephone operating procedures,
and other communication services (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB), Digital Selective Calling (DSC),
Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS), satellite communications, amateur radio, and more).

ME 103, Marine Electronics for Navigation, presents information on depth sounders, RADAR, LORAN-C, GPS Navigation,
and two new chapters: Electronic Charting, and Computer-Assisted Navigation (CAN). Members may take this module
independent of any other ME module.

                                                Weather 2008 Course Description
                   The safety and comfort of those who venture out-on-the water have always been weather depend-
                   ent. In this course students will become keener observers of the weather, but weather observations
                   only have meaning in the context of the basic principles of meteorology — the science of the atmos-

                                             Engine Maintenance Course Description
                   The new Engine Maintenance course 2007 has been put into one ten chapter course that stresses the
                   diagnosis of modern systems, while also teaching the basics of engine layout and operation. Gasoline
                   inboards, outboards, and diesel engines are taught in a way that reinforces the common aspects of
                   how engines work. This new course is complete in one book with one exam.

                  Modern engines offer high reliability and good performance through the use of computerized systems
                  for fuel delivery and engine timing. Most of these systems are ―black boxes‖ that can no longer be
serviced by weekend mechanics with ordinary tools. The EM course covers those repairs that do-it-yourselfers can still
perform, teaches how to diagnose problems that might be beyond your ability to fix, and how to share information with
your mechanic so the right repairs get performed.
                                                                                                                    Page 5
    The Helm Station                   Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
                                                        A Fun Idea for Fun Squadron Boaters
                                                                P/C Ron Carford, SN

                           As I poke my head out of the pool it is evident that the summer doldrums are truly upon us.
                           And yet, according to The Helm Station, it appears some hardy souls are still navigating their
                           boats around the local waters. It is to these hardy sailors that I address my plea for help. As
                           your boat less Cooperative Charting Chairman it would be nice if some of you and your friends
                           who are still enjoying these oil free waters could include a service to fellow boaters in your
                           activities. How? Simply check some of the markers and buoys as you cruise by them. Are they
on station? Are they in good condition? Are the lights flashing properly? Are any nav aids that are depicted on your chart
missing? Are there new aids not shown on the chart?
    You'll want a GPS to verify position information. To quote from NOAA:

     ―When reporting geographic positions, you should always use the best method available to you. If possible, make
measurements using several different methods. Report all measurements and how they were determined. This is abso-
lutely essential, because it provides the cartographer evaluating your report with some idea as to the quality of your
     To a large extent the required accuracy depends on the scale of the chart you are using. The larger the scale (i.e.,
smaller area with more detail), the more accuracy is needed. Goal accuracy will be between 10 and 40 meters, depend-
ing on chart scale for most of our work.‖

    Sounds simple? Sounds like fun? Sounds like a good reason to take the boat off the lift? Yes!
    So you went out and surveyed a channel and found no discrepancies. Did you waste your time? No way! NOAA is
interested in being kept up to date on that information as well.
    Up to seven members (including yourself) can participate and receive credit toward a merit mark when conducting a
    Okay, I'll be sitting by my phone and scanning my e-mail waiting anxiously for the many eager skippers with chart
11425 in hand who want to get started. You can reach me at or 813 645-5685.

                                                                             A FULL SERVICE MARINA

                              Easy B’s                                    Master’s Touch, Inc.
                          Eric Brunner, Certified Diver
                                                                                  Complete full service of
                   Underwater Boat Cleaning, Zinc inspection and
                   replacement, and Light Recovery                            Maine, Auto, and Diesel Repair

                                                                                 On-Site service available
 Phone: (941) 302-4928     Always done right the first time!
 E-mail:    Reasonable rates and flexible sched-         Jeff Quattlebaum          941-524-8203

                                                                                                                    Page 6
    The Helm Station                  Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
Lt. Gary Mink, S                                                                                                    941-752-3046


                               Hot Dang September is here!           Remember to always keep an eye on those Thru-Hull
                                                               fittings and to keep those ball cocks closed when your boat
                                                               is not in use. It’s a sad day when you head to the boat only
                              Man, it will be nice to see the find it going scuba diving. So keep it high and dry even in
                              whole gang again on Septem- the water.
                              ber the 7th @ 1900 hours at
                                                                     Our boat has now moved to a slip at the Twin Dolphin
                              the Elk’s Lodge. I will be look-
                                                               Marina onto G-dock slip number 4. So come visit and hang
                              ing forward to seeing all of
                                                               out. If you are not doing anything on Labor Day weekend
                              you again and hearing some
                                                               the 5th from 3PM until 7PM the Marina is having the island
                              interesting summer stories
                                                               sounds playing poolside along with a Pig Roast that Sun-
                              from you.
                                                               day. The Tiki Bar will also be open if you want to go Rum
     If any of you still need or want a Vessel Safety Check Running or falling.. You know who you are LOL
please give me a call and I will get an inspector (or myself)
                                                                     I will leave you with a solid quote for the squadron
out to your boat. There were a few of you that signed up
                                                               from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. ―I find the greatest thing in
at our last meeting and I am sorry to say that the sign up
                                                               the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direc-
sheet went out for the night and never came home. So if
                                                               tion we are moving - we must sail sometimes with the
you were not contacted please call me and I will arrange
                                                               wind and sometimes against it – but we must sail, and not
the inspection.
                                                               drift, nor lie at anchor.‖
     I will miss being at the September C & R at the Sea-
food Shack as we will be in Ohio that week. Our new
Granddaughter will be making her first public appearance                                 Happy Labor Day
and we will be up north celebrating her birth. Deb will be
                                                                                       Lt. Gary Mink ―YOLO‖
staying there for a month so Bruiser and I will be here
fending for ourselves. I can see a lot of boat time coming                              You Only Live Once
in those four weeks. Shhhh… Don’t tell Deb…

         Bimini Ranch Roundup (August Cruise & Rendezvous) @ The Harrison’s

P/C Richard Harrison JN studies his Texas coloring book… pre-   Lt Monique Gutierrez and Chris Harrison discuss the festivities in
sented by P/Lt/C Judy Martorana P (crayons were included).      the cookhouse

                                                                                                                              Page 7
    The Helm Station                Official Publication of the    Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

                         And now a word from our nominating committee -
                                            No doubt there are numerous reasons why you belong to the Manatee Sail &
                                            Power Squadron. Here are a few comments I’ve heard from members; fun, nu-
                                            merous and varied boating activities, finding new and lasting friends within
                                            MSPS, interesting and useful boating classes (over thirty available), rewarding
                                            community service projects like Just for Girls and Boys and Girls Club. Then
                                            there’s that outstanding pig roast, the Cardboard boat race, and the occasional
                                            spur of the moment raft-ups or a weekend getaway. Yep, the Kayakers and Tall
                                            Tale Fishing folks are all in there somewhere. Everyone seems to enjoy our
                                            many social activities throughout the year including C&Rs, the Anna Maria picnic,
                                            the anniversary and holiday parties, the formal Change of Watch dinner/dance,
                                            and lots of stuff in between.

                                            So hopefully you agree that MSPS is a fun and rewarding organization to belong
to, and that brings us to this:

    Our annual Change of Watch is only 6 months away, so this fall the Nominating Com-
mittee comprised of P/C Dick Calvin AP, P/C John Warren AP, and me, P/C King Barnard N
as Chairman, will begin recruiting members to fill various elected positions for the 2011-
2012 watch year. Throughout the fall we’ll be making nomination announcements -- ap-
peals actually, as well as speaking with members on an individual basis. You will make the
job the Nominating Committee volunteered to do much easier if you don’t run and hide but
give our request for help some serious thought, --- and if you say yes, not only will you
win the admiration of your fellow members, but you’ll get all the big bucks as well. As
someone once sort of said, ―Ask not what your squadron can do for you, ask what you can
do for your squadron‖

P/C King Barnard N, Chairman, MSPS Nominating Committee

                           Gone north for the summer?

                           We need your northern address and
                          phone number so you continue to
                         receive The Ensign magazine and
                                                                               Bradenton Herald
                   other USPS correspondence.                              Home Delivery Rates Special Discount
  Please send your current info to:                                                      Up to 50% off
 1st/Lt Carla Smith, S                                                       For information call: John Warren
 327 Terra Ceia Drive, Palmetto, FL 34221                                               941-723-0640
 Or email:

                                                                                                                       Page 8
    The Helm Station                      Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
          Bimini Ranch Roundup (August Cruise & Rendezvous) @ The Harrison’s
                                                       Old Texas
                                                        proverb -
                                                      Don’t mess
                                                      with the bull
                                                      or you’ll get
                                                       the horns!

 Greeters Alice Brunner and Judy Martorana with
                     the Bull                                         The posse gathers

Cowgirls line up for a turn in the ring                               Yvonne Beverage prepares the lariat to bring down the bull.

          Bronco Turtle riding - it’s harder than you think!                               Barbara and Roberta

                                                                                                                                    Page 9
   The Helm Station               Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

                            Cruise and Rendezvous at the Seafood Shack

September 18th @ 1130 for more information contact Monique Gutierrez @ 778-4548. Sign up at the September

meeting or give Monique a call. We will order from the menu with prices ranging from:

       Luncheon salads $7.95 to $12.95 -- Entrees $9.95 to &16.95 -- Sandwiches $5.50 to $12.95.

 There's plenty of dock space for anyone arriving by boat.

                                                                                                        Page 10
      The Helm Station              Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
                         DISTRICT 22 FALL 2010 CONFERENCE MEALS
                                  Please complete this form and return it with your check
         1730-1900 Squadron Hospitality
                                                 Conference Luncheon
Cobb Salad
Assorted Fresh Greens topped with Ruskin Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumbers, Chopped Egg, Bacon, Sliced Mandarin Oranges,
Grilled Chicken Breast and Shredded Cheddar Cheese with choice of Balsamic Vinaigrette or Blue Cheese Dressing on
the table
Bread & Butter, Coffee, Tea (Reg & Decaf) and Iced Tea along with a Dessert Plate of Assorted Cookies on the table
         $ 20.00                  No._____                        Amount_________
                               Conference Dinner: Theme is Autumn in the Country
Chef’s Choice Salad w/Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Dried Cranberries on a bed of crisp Iceberg & Romaine Lettuce with Rasp-
berry Balsamic Dressing
Choice of:
     Grilled Flank Steak w/Black Cherry-Shallot Demi Glaze,
     Pan Seared Chicken with Corn Stuffing and Sage Butter
     Lightly Blackened Tilapia w/Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
(Herb Roasted Potatoes with Chef’s choice of Vegetable, Honey Jalapeno Corn Bread & Butter, Carrot Cake, Coffee, De-
caffeinated Coffee and Tea)
Beef Selection           $35.00         No._____                  Amount
Fish Selection           $35.00         No._____                  Amount
Chicken Selection        $35.00         No._____                  Amount

                                    TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED                         $__________

No Reservations or Cancellations after 16 September 2010. Please send this Form and Check payable to ―D22 Confer-
ence Fund‖
TO:      Kit Dabney
         513 Sandy Hook Rd.
         Treasure Island, FL 33706-1211      Phone: (727) 367-3370


                                                                                                               Page 11
   The Helm Station             Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
                                                  DISTRICT 22
                                         2010 FALL CONFERENCE
                                               Sarasota Hyatt & Marina
                                              1000 Boulevard of the Arts
                                                    Sarasota, FL

                                               Updated: July 12, 2010
Friday, October 1: Dress is Team Casual
       0900 - 1500 Registration Desk Open
       1000 - 1200 Squadron Commanders’ Meeting
       1200 - 1300 Lunch Open
       1300 - 1500 D22 Council Meeting
       1500 - 1730 On Your Own
       1730 - 1830 Squadrons’ Hospitality
       1830 - ?     Dinner Open
Saturday, October 2: Day Dress is Uniform G; Evening is Casual
       0900 - 1200 Registration Desk Open
       0945 - 1200 Squadron Members’ Roundtable Workshops*
       1200 - 1330 Conference Luncheon
       1330 - 1400 Registration Desk Open
       1400 - 1630 District Conference
       1730 - 1830 DC’s Hospitality
       1900 - Till ? Autumn in the Country Dinner & Dance: casual dress
       *Roundtable Workshops to include:
               Information Technology; Membership; Membership Involvement; Cooperative Charting; Bylaws/Rules;
               Merit Marks; Education and more

                                                 Plan Now to Attend!
                               Special D22 Hotel Rate: $99.00 per night plus tax
                                  (Refrigerators available at $5.00 extra per night)

                         For RESERVATIONS: call toll free 888-421-1442 or go on-line to:

                    Reservations must be made by September 7th to receive the Special Rate.
                     Questions? Contact Conference Chairman Chuck Troike at 419-656-1160
                                           or after Labor Day: 941-639-0619
                                                                                                          Page 12
The Helm Station             Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

                                                   District 22 C & R
                                                   11-14 NOVEMBER
                                 No need to travel halfway around the world to
                                 cruise Europe!     Cruise wear suggested!
                               Make your own reservations ASAP, mention USPS:

MARINA INN                      (800) 859-7529             Parking view    Pool view   Marina
(1 bdrm Condo per nt)           (941) 575-4488             $80             $85         $90

COLDWELL BANKER                                            $250 + clng &
                                (941) 347-6371
(2 bd/2 bth Villa/2 nts)                                   sec dep

MGMT                            (877) 276-3300
                                                           + cleaning
(2 bd, 2 bth Villa per nt)

BOAT SLIPS *                    (727) 535-7870             Please do       EMAIL:
($1.50/ft, 30 ft min)           John & Susan               NOT call the    sitokarz@
DEADLINE: 31 October            Tokarz                     Dockmaster

 * There will be a drawing among the boaters for 1 night free dockage
Friday dinner – wear your cruise outfit! (choice of):
Fish & Chips (England), Chicken Parmesan (Italy), Flat Iron Steak (France),
Scalloped potatoes, vegetables, mixed green salad, cheesecake with
strawberry sauce, coffee, tea, soda
Saturday dinner – wear your Squadron shirt (choice of):
Prime Rib, Baked potato, green beans; or Seafood Newburg, vegetables
mixed green salad, tiramisu, coffee, tea, soda
Mail check & completed form to: Linda Albrecht, (727) 522-7662
3025 44th Avenue N, St. Petersburg, FL 33714
Please make checks payable to: District 22 C & R Fund
Name _____________________________ Spouse/Guest ________________
Email address ____________________________
Telephone __________________ Squadron __________________________
Friday night: Fish & Chips # ___; Chick Parm # ___; Flat Iron Steak # ___
Saturday night: Prime Rib # ___: Seafood Newburg # ___
                                                      TOTAL: $ _____
           *Each dinner is $27.00 per person including tax & tip
                                                                                                Page 13
The Helm Station   Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

                                                                            Page 14
   The Helm Station                  Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
Lt. Wilber Geiger, S
                                              The Fishing Report

Fishing with Mark Kalish and Kenny Terrell in Sarasota Bay North and Tampa Bay South:

 There are a lot of different species to be caught in the flats and in the passes.

 On the flats in about 6’ of water: Blue fish, Catfish, Jacks, Sea Trout, Sharks and a variety of grunts and bait.
  Kenny usually uses shrimp and I like my plastics and jigs

 In the passes between Tampa Bay and the gulf in 30’+: Blue fish, Grouper (under the limit) Sharks, Mackerel and a
  few others that I am not sure what they are up to 3 pounds on Shrimp or gulps

                         Party (July Cruise & Rendezvous) @ The Spencer’s

                                                    Relaxing in the pool!

                       The chefs Charlie Lee, P/C King Barnard N & Cdr. Al Connizzo S working the grill

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   The Helm Station                Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

             Boating Activities - 2010
Bob and Linda Kelly                                                941-778-4588

    Our next cruise starts on Saturday September 11th to Key West via Marco Island, with return to Anna Maria on Sat-
urday September 17th, with a stop in Naples. A side trip to Dry Tortugas is on the agenda for those with historic interest
while in Key West. As the date approaches we are all getting excited about the trip and hoping for good weather and
calm seas.

   There is still room to join the cruise since we are holding some open reservations but time is of the essence. Call
Bob Kelly today @ 941- 962-6892 or e-mail

The 2010 cruising calendar (after the upcoming Key West cruise):

 Marina Jack           October 8 - 10                                                    (

 Palm Island *         November 5 - 7                                                    (

 Twin Dolphin          December 10 – 12, with Holiday boat parade                        (

                                 Extension Cruises - The GREEN alternative
You may have received an email looking for input on future ―extension cruises‖; however, if you didn’t receive the email
here is the info:

        Some of us boaters were discussing looking into ―extensions‖ on a few of our upcoming planned boating activi-
        ties. One example is possibly turning Palm Island into a 2&2, two days at Palm Island Marina in an organized
        Squadron Event and two days in Ft. Myers Beach (two hours further south for most boats) in a much less organ-
        ized extension to the trip. Ft. Myers has restaurants, shops, beach, bars, etc. within easy walking distance of
        the marina and a casino boat for day/evening outings. If you are interested in this, or other extension trips,
        please contact Charlie Brunner at or 941-747-7974.

These extensions are not like the ―standard‖ Squadron outing where Bob and Linda do a lot of work to coordinate an
―event‖. These are DIY events that take advantage of our location (north or south) to extend the fun for a few addi-
tional days at a reduced cost*.

* closer marina = less fuel consumption = reduced cost = a green alternative).

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   The Helm Station              Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

DATE                 TIME                             EVENT                                    VENUE
Sep 7                 1900                      Business Meeting                                Palmetto Elks Lodge
Sep 11-18               ~                            Key West                                                   TBD
Sep 18                1130                  Cruise and Rendezvous                                    Seafood Shack
Sep 28                1630                            EXCOM                                     Palmetto Elks Lodge
Oct 1-2                 ~                    District 22 Confenence                           Sarasota Hyatt & Marina
Oct 5                 1900                      Business Meeting                                 Palmetto Elks Lodge
Oct 8-10                ~                          Marina Jack                                           Marina Jack
Oct 9                 1200                  Cruise and Rendezvous                                        Marina Jack
Oct 26                1630                            EXCOM                                      Palmetto Elks Lodge
Nov 2                 1900                      Business Meeting                                 Palmetto Elks Lodge
Nov 5-7                 ~                      Palm Island Marina                                 Palm Island Marina
Nov 11-14               ~             District 22 Cruise and Rendezvous                           Burnt Store Marina
Nov 20               All Day                        ABC Class                                    Palmetto Elks Lodge
Nov 30                1630                            EXCOM                                      Palmetto Elks Lodge
Dec 7                 1900                      Business Meeting                                 Palmetto Elks Lodge
Dec 10-12               ~                   Twin Dolphin Weekend                                 Twin Dolphin Marina
Dec 11                TBA                         Holiday Party                                                  TBA

                                                                             Lt. Yvonne Beverage, S

        If you would like to donate a one pound auction item       Carol Dearstyne is at home recovering from sur-
for our September 7th meeting please contact Yvonne at 747     gery. We all wish her a speedy recovery.
-9832 or email

                                                                   Lt. Marge Weigmann, S, is presently at Heritage
                                                               Park Care and Rehab, Room 222B. Her broken ankle is
                                                               mending and is now in a walking boot. She hopes to
                                                               be home soon.

                                                                   Lt. Jeff Gaus. S is steadily healing from back sur-
                                                               gery. He has been spotted around town and we all
Barb & Dick Calvin are going 21st century and have
                                                               wish him a continued successful recovery.
stopped their old school land line and are relying on the
cell technology for communications. The new contact
numbers are:                                                       Please contact Yvonne Beverage if you know of
                                                               someone that should receive a card from MSPS Sun-
 Barb 813-382-0342                                            shine. Her phone number is 941-747-9832 and email
 Dick 941-447-7325                                  

Both can have messages left on them.

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   The Helm Station                 Official Publication of the    Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

Helmsman:                     A Helmsman is ―one who steers the ship‖. The Helm Station is our monthly newsletter, and is
one of the ways we communicate with our members and helps us steer our organization. It is also one of our largest
expenses. To help us defray the cost of publishing this newsletter, we established the Helmsman Program.

You can become a Helmsman for The Helm Station by contributing $10 in honor of the month of your birthday. We will
publish your name on The Helmsman Page and recognize your birthday during your birth month. Sign up in January to
have your support listed throughout the year.

We have a saying in the Manatee Sail & Power Squadron... ―If your birthday’s not listed in the Helmsman
Page, you just don’t have one!‖

            Helm Station Editor:
            P/C Charlie Brunner, N

      Helm Station Articles And Advertising

We encourage MSPS members to submit stories,
announcements (new boats?), C&R reports with
pictures and informative articles that June be of
interest to MSPS members.

If you paid to join the Helmsman Page ($10/
year) you are also eligible for a free classified ad
in two consecutive issues. What a deal! Con-
tact the editor to take advantage of this oppor-
tunity to clean out the old boat locker.

                                         I/We wish to join the 2010 Helmsman Program

______________________________________________ ______________
 Member Name                                                                          Birthday Month

______________________________________________ ______________
 Member Name                                                                          Birthday Month

                                             Enclose a check made payable to MSPS
                                         in the amount of $10 for one person, $20 for 2
                                        Mail your entry to the Treasurer.

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   The Helm Station         Official Publication of the   Manatee Sail & Power Squadron

                 January                           July

                                 Roy Woolf
                                 Joann Gaus
                                 Wilber Geiger
Chris Harrison                   Al Terry
Monique Gutierrez                Charlie Bigham
                                 Barbara Calvin

Bob Kreiling
                                 George Hammond
Brad Gray
                                 Dianne Barnard
Jeff Gaus
Dona Bigham                                  September
Carolyn Nowodzinski              Louise LeCour
Bree Goldberg                    Renato Carotti

                  April                           October
                                 Bob Gutierrez
Marty Spencer                    Sue Terry
Carol Dearstyne                  Judy Martorana
Barb Edge                        Bob Jorgensen
Dick Calvin
                                 Charlie Feldschau
                                 Carol Bloodsworth
                                 Sue Kolze
Jackie Woolf                     Kathy Gee
Curtis Edge                                      November
Bob Kelly
Jim Long                         Richard Harrison
                                 Pat Gray
                  June           Marge Wiegmann
                                 John Warren
Nancy Warren                     Meredith Hammond
King Barnard                     Myles Gee
Bill Dearstyne
Dolores Jorgensen                              December
Carmen DiLandro                  Bill Spencer
Linda Kelly                      Fred LeCour
                                 Judy Kreiling
                                 Bob Hintze
                                 Leann Hintze
                                 Hoyt Bloodsworth

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The Helm Station
3604 2nd DR. NE
Bradenton FL 34208


              The Helm Station
A publication of the Manatee Sail & Power Squad-
ron, a unit of the United States Power Squadrons ®.
We are located in Manatee County, Florida.

Editor: P/C Charlie Brunner, N


Asst. Editor: P/C Ray Wik, AP

Advertising: P/C Adrian Caraceni, AP

Distribution: P/Lt/C Barb Edge, S

               Barb Calvin, S

               Lt. Charlie Bigham, N

Photos: Lt. Brad Grey S, unless otherwise noted.

  September 2010

  Official Publication of the Manatee Sail & Power Squadron
   Unit of the United States Power Squadron™          District 22

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