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									CR City Progress                                         3/1/2011                                                   Page 1

                                      February 28, 2011
              Cedar Rapids, a vibrant urban hometown - a beacon for people and businesses invested
                            in building a greater community for the next generation.

                   City Hires New Flood Recovery & Reinvestment Director
          City Manager Jeff Pomeranz has hired Joe O’Hern as the new Flood Recovery & Reinvestment
          Director for the City of Cedar Rapids. Mr. O’Hern begins his duties today, Monday, February 28,
          at a salary of $116,563 annually. This position will be in place for 36 months.
          “I’m pleased that Joe has chosen to join our team,” said Mr. Pomeranz. “He is well known through-
          out the state for his great work. Joe’s experience and expertise will be valuable to our flood recovery
          Previously, Mr. O’Hern has served as the Executive Director of the Iowa Finance Authority; Interim
          Deputy Director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development; a Fannie Mae Lead Director
          for the Upper Midwest Group and the Fannie Mae Director of Iowa Partnership Office/Community
          Business Center; Secretary’s Representative for the Department of Housing and Urban Develop-
          ment; and Chief Clerk for the Iowa House of Representatives.
          In this position, Mr. O’Hern will be responsible for directing projects and programs associated with
          the recovery and reinvestment initiatives of the City of Cedar Rapids. His duties will include coordi-
          nation with state and federal agencies for disaster recovery efforts and establishing goals, bench-
          marks and objectives by which progress in disaster recovery can be measured.

                              K9 Dodgeball Tourney
           The Cedar Rapids Police challenged the students at Harding Middle
           School in the 4th annual Kids and Cops dodgeball tournament last
           Friday. The dodgeball tournament is a fundraiser for the Cedar Rap-
           ids Police K-9 unit. Students at Harding form teams to take on the
           Cedar Rapids Police Department. All students watch and cheer as
           fellow students got to “nail” the police. A great time was had by all.
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      Visual Arts Commission to Hold                                              CRFD To Donate Defibrillators
       “Ignite Cedar Rapids” Event
 The Cedar Rapids Visual Arts Commission announces                         The Cedar Rapids Fire Department will be donating auto-
 the first “Ignite Cedar Rapids” event, an open and ener-                  mated external defibrillators to Coe College and the Linn
 getic format for community conversation that is used in                   County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division on Monday, Febru-
 communities worldwide. Ignite Cedar Rapids will be held                   ary 28th. The Fire Department’s 2009 Rookie Firefighter
 March 10, 2011, from 5:00 p.m. until approximately 8:30                   Class created and hosted the First Annual Fire Bowl, a char-
 p.m. and will focus on the subject of public art in Cedar                 ity flag football tournament held last October, to raise funds
 Rapids. The purpose is to generate ideas, dialogue and                    to purchase defibrillators for placement in locations where
 enthusiasm as well as partnerships in the community for                   the life-saving devices could save a cardiac arrest victim’s
 public art and art projects. The event will be held at Gath-              life.
 erings, located at 905 3rd Street SE in Cedar Rapids with
 appetizers, live music and networking scheduled for the                   The Fire Bowl raised over $4,000 and afforded the firefight-
 first hour.                                                               ers the opportunity to purchase defibrillators for both Coe
                                                                           College and the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. The firefight-
                                                                           ers are also donating pediatric and adult defibrillator pads to
                                                                           the Francis Marion Intermediate School.

                                                                           The presentation will be held at Coe College’s Clark Alumni
                                                                           House, 200 College Drive NE, at 10:00 a.m. on Monday,
         Train the Trainer for CRFD                                        February 28th. The presentation coincides with “American
 Fire Marshal Jim Thatcher, Assistant Fire Marshal Vance                   Heart Month,” which raises awareness that cardiovascular
 McKinnon, and Firefighter Steve Dunham have satisfac-                     diseases, including heart attack and stroke, are the leading
 torily completed Introduction to Fire Inspection Princi-                  cause of death amongst Americans.
 ples and Practices Train the Trainer. This was a 24-hour
 program so that Fire and Life Safety Education personnel                  Firefighter Sean Beard and Interim Fire Chief Mark English
 can provide instruction to firefighter crews to perform fire              will be presenting the defibrillators to Melinda Brokaw, Di-
 inspections at business and industry. The certification                   rector of Health Services at Coe College, and Major Doug
 came from the Fire Service Training Bureau, which is a                    Riniker, Second Deputy/Commander of Budget and Finance
 Division of the Iowa State Fire Marshal.                                  Division for the Linn County Sheriff’s Office. The Fire De-
                                                                           partment will also recognize Coe College President James
                                                                           Phifer and Vice President for Student Affairs Lou Stark, as
                                                                           well as Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner.

                        Potholes                                           The Cedar Rapids Fire Department, with the support of St.
 Staff patched over 4,000 potholes last week while the                     Luke’s Hospital, Coe College, Think Safe, East Central Iowa
 weather was clear. Following the weekend snow/ice and                     Acute Care and CR Heart, along with numerous donor and
 colder temperatures, new ones will form this week as                      volunteers, is able to make a difference in the commu-
 pavement temperatures climb above freezing. Residents                     nity. Studies indicate that a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of
 or staff should contact the Public Works Department at                    survival is 90 percent if the first shock from a defibrillator is
 286-5826 if significantly dangerous pot holes are ob-                     delivered within one minute of the cessation of breathing and
 served. General road repair issues or potholes can be                     pulse. However, the odds of successful resuscitation and
 reported to 286-5802 during regular working hours. Con-                   heart beat restoration decrease by 10 percent for every min-
 cerns can also be emailed to street@cedar-rapids.org for                  ute that passes, which underscores the need for public defi-
 follow-up during regular working hours.                                   brillators.
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    Application Deadline Extended for                                           Safe Routes to School Awards
      Renters Personal Possessions
                                                                            This past October 1st, the City submitted applications for
         Replacement Program                                                Safe Routes to School funding for sidewalks. Recently
The application deadline for the Renters Personal Posses-                   we were notified that three projects were approved by
sions Replacement Program has been extended from today                      the Iowa Transportation Commission at their January11
to Thursday, March 31, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. To date, 776                       meeting. The projects are Harrison Court NW (west
renters have applied for the program and the City has dis-                  side) from L Avenue to 250’ South and 13 th Street NW
bursed $1.3 million through this program.                                   (east side) from K Avenue to J Avenue for Harrison Ele-
                                                                            mentary; 29th Street SW (east side) from Wilson Avenue
Applicants can use the online application posted at                         to Van Buren Drive for Van Buren Elementary and Prai-
www.Cedar-Rapids.org or pick up a paper copy at one of                      rie Drive NE (west side) from 29th Street to 27th Street as
the following locations:                                                    well as Prairie Drive NE (northeasterly side) from 27 th
                                                                            Street to Franklin Avenue for Franklin Middle
    Oakhill-Jackson Neighborhood Resource Center at St.
    Wenceslaus Church Gym Building, 510 16 th Avenue                        School. Construction activities will probably take place
    SE                                                                      in 2012, pending approval of the next federal transpor-
    Cedar Rapids City Hall, 3851 River Ridge Drive NE                       tation bill which has not yet been finalized.
    Cedar Rapids Neighborhoods Office, 625 First Avenue                     This award marks the second straight year for Cedar
    SE                                                                      Rapids to receive the maximum amount of Safe Routes
The Oakhill-Jackson Neighborhood Resource Center is                         to School funding possible and has now resulted in fund-
open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                      ing nine sidewalk projects across our city. This success
Cedar Rapids City Hall is open Monday through Friday                        can be credited to City staff and the CR Community
from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Cedar Rapids Neighbor-                      School District who have formed a very productive part-
hoods Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:30                        nership.
a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
The Renters’ Personal Possessions Replacement Program
provides up to $4,000 in assistance to eligible flood-
impacted rental households to replace personal possessions
lost or damaged in the Flood of 2008. This program is                                         CRPD Training
funded through Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) revenues as                   Captains Steve O’Konek and Tom Jonker continued their
it is designed to match federal funds previously received for              education and credentialing with Incident Command Sys-
personal flood recovery.                                                   tem for the Cedar Rapids Police Department. Both attended
For more information about the program, please call Ameri-                 a 5-day class on All Hazards Operations Section Chief
Corps*VISTA at 540-4819. The application and additional                    Training at Kirkwood Community College at the Emer-
details are available on the City’s Web site at www.Cedar-                 gency Management Agency. The training will help the
Rapids.org.                                                                CRPD when responding to an incident and help to deter-
                                                                           mine what the command needs are of the incident. The
                                                                           training also will help in effectively fulfilling the position
                                                                           responsibilities of an Operations Section Chief on all haz-
                                                                           ards ICS Incident Team.
                                                                           Cedar Rapids Police Sergeants Laura Faircloth and Dan
                                                                           Jabens attending a 2-day workshop on Gaining and Main-
                   Recent Permits
                                                                           taining Supervisory Excellence in Omaha, Nebraska. This
  There were 205 permits issued for repair, remodeling
                                                                           workshop will help both Sergeants gain, maintain, and
  and new buildings during the week of February 18-24
                                                                           increase knowledge and skills about working with and
  with a total valuation of $1,527,571.00.
                                                                           through others in the most effective way possible.
CR City Progress                                              3/1/2011                                                       Page 4

              City Facilities Update                                        Highlights of Other Selected City Facilities:
                                                                         42nd Street Facility (currently housing Parks & Rec-
  City Hall (formerly City Services Facility, formerly                   reation Administration)
  old Federal Courthouse), 101 First Street SE.                          Information Technology is slated to move to this facility
  Cedar Rapids’ new City Hall will feature these depart-                 with minimal renovation upon the move of Parks and
  ments:                                                                 Recreation administration to the new 6th Street facility.
        City Council Chambers
        Mayor and City Council Offices
                                                                         Animal Control Facility new location.
        City Attorney’s Office
                                                                         Cost information for the Cost Effective Analysis (CEA)
        City Clerk’s Office
                                                                         of identified sites has been submitted to FEMA in No-
        City Manager’s Office
                                                                         vember 2010. Schematic design is on hold pending fi-
        Community Development – Land, Housing Ser-
                                                                         nalization of the CEA.
        Finance – Budget, General Accounting, Accounts
        Payable, Payroll, Purchasing, Treasury                           Central Fire Station new location
        Human Resources                                                  Cost information for the Cost Effective Analysis (CEA)
        City Council Chambers                                            of identified sites, including the selected Emerald
  An expedited schedule is underway to have the City’s                   Knights site, has been submitted to FEMA in November
  first Council meeting in the new Council Chambers on                   2010. Schematic design is in process.
  April 26, 2011. The building, and especially this for-
  mer courtroom, is considered historic, and therefore                   New Fire Station #3 new location
  many restrictions exist for how the building can be                    Site selection and programming process is underway.
  renovated. This means we keep a lot of existing fea-
  tures, doors, walls, etc. We are working with the Fed-                 Public Library new location
  eral government to restore the murals on four walls in                 Cost information for an updated Cost Effective Analysis
  the room. The first mural over the judge’s bench will                  (CEA) of selected True North site has been submitted to
  be restored prior to the first Council meeting in April.               FEMA in November 2010. This project has completed
                                                                         schematic design and entered the design development
  6th Street Facility (currently Public Works Facility,                  phase.
  aka City Operations), 1201 6th Street SE
  The building will be re-named to better reflect the vari-              Time Check Recreation Center new location
  ety of departments located within:                                     Cost information for the Cost Effective Analysis (CEA)
       City Assessor                                                     of identified sites is being prepared for FEMA.
       Code Enforcement                                                  Program statement and conceptual design has been pro-
       Facilities Maintenance                                            vided to the user group in February 2011
       Fleet Maintenance
       Parks & Recreation Administrative Offices and A
       Street Shop elements
       Public Works (Construction, Engineering, For-
       estry, Streets, Sewer, Traffic)                                   .
       Solid Waste
       Wellness – Human Resources
    CR City Progress                                               3/1/2011                                                      Page 5

                                Land System Management Implementation Update
Proposed Project and Timeline:
        Landlord Licensing & Rental Registration
            Estimated Project Kickoff – April 14, 2011
            Go-Live - July 25, 2011
        Land Management, License Management, and CRM
            Estimated Project Kickoff – May 26, 2011
            Go-Live – April 20, 2012
        Customer Facing External Products (Citizen Access Portal, IVR)
            Estimated Project Kickoff – May 7, 2012
            Go-Live – June 8, 2011
        Asset Management / Work Order System
            Not yet defined

EnerGov Solutions City-wide Observations:
       Change Management will be critical to the success of the LSM Project
         The current lack of business systems means many employees will experience a significant change in how they work. For example:
                entering more data up-front
                required to follow a defined workflow
                automated inspection processes
       Make-do processes and systems, like Excel spreadsheets and some current uses of OnBase, will be replaced
       Users may need help seeing all the benefits of the system enterprise-wide and how others utilize the information they input

        Most of the City’s business processes slated for LSM are currently managed manually, are paper-based, or are in user-created Excel
        spreadsheets and Access databases
                 Need to work with EnerGov to consider developing templates to move some of this info to importable cross-referenced
                 Some of these manual systems are in critical need of replacement
        MPS/MLS – The Code Enforcement permits & licensing systems are the only systems with data to import
        GIS is the backbone of the EnerGov system – yet only 3 of 7 departments report using 25% or higher daily utilization of current GIS
        system – identified need for increased exposure/training for GIS
        Financial systems need reviewed – esp. Fire Inspections, Code Enforcement
        City-wide consistency is needed in the appearance of customer-facing documents (applications, permits, licenses, etc.)
        EnerGov recommends creating a Business Registration / Business Licensing Process
                 Several departments interviewed requested this information be available to provide better service, public safety, consis-
                 tency of required fire inspections

 Defining Missing Business Processes:
        Missing business processes need to be defined by April 1, 2011 (attached)
        EnerGov’s proposal offers a $100,000 option to include assistance to deliver
        “Automating and Proposing Business Process Efficiencies” within this timeline
        “Alternative is to contract for this assistance locally, or tackle with City resources
        Significant staff resources from most involved departments would need to be committed to this effort

Staff Resources:
         Project Management position in the City Manager’s Office to be filled for the project duration (April 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012)
                 Senior Management Sponsors; Project Manager; Departmental System Administrators; Departmental Business Leads;
                 Technical Lead (IT); GIS Lead (IT)
         Client Team Resource Allocation (attached)
                  Departmental System Administrators; Assess & Define: 8 hours per week; Configure & Review: 12 hours per week;
                  Acceptance Testing: 12 hours per week; End User Training: 8 hours per week; Production: 8 hours per week
         Departmental Business Leads
                  Assess & Define: 8 hours per week; Configure & Review: 4 hours per week; Acceptance Testing: 8 hours per week;
                  End User Training: 8 hours per week; Production: 4 hours per week
CR City Progress                                         3/1/2011                                                  Page 6

                            Especially for Employees

                                                   New Employees
         Please take a moment to welcome the following new employees to the City of Cedar Rapids.

             Andrew Hoenig, Senior Project Accountant, effective February 22. Andrew acquired a Bachelors
                Degree in Accounting/Finance from Saint Ambrose University and comes to the City of Cedar
                Rapids from McGladrey & Pullen, LLP.

             Joseph Kovacs, Traffic Signal Technician I, effective February 22nd. Joseph has acquired an Asso-
                 ciate Degree from the Cleveland Institute of Electronics and the National Education Center.
                 Joseph comes to the City of Cedar Rapids from OMJC Signal, INC.

                                               Promotions & Transfers

            Please take a moment to congratulate your fellow co-workers on their recent promotions and/or
                 Robert Rose, Transit Driver, effective February 21st.

                              City Employee Volunteers Time & Experience
           Corey DePauw, Assistant Superintendent at Gardner Golf Course , volunteered his time and exper-
           tise to teach 28 Kirkwood College students enrolled in Golf Course/Turfgrass and Athletic Field
           Maintenance programs how to use a reel and bedknife grinder. Kirkwood does not own this piece
           of equipment and the cooperative effort between the City and the College allowed students to ob-
           serve how the grinders are used to sharpen the cutting components of reel-type mowers. DePauw’s
           instruction included how to spin and relief grind reels, how to grind bedknives, how Golf Opera-
           tions saves money by grinding its own equipment, machine safety, and equipment maintenance.

                   Delta Dental Announces a Vision Care Discount Program
           If you are enrolled in Delta Dental insurance, you now have access to a vision care program
           through Delta Dental at no additional cost to you. This is not an insurance plan or benefit - rather,
           it is a vision discount program. Details on providers, the vision care services and Delta Dental
           member cost and discounts are available at the following link.


           Follow the steps for using the services under “Using Your EyeMed Discount Program”. It’s as
           easy as “1, 2, 3”.
CR City Progress                                          3/1/2011                                                   Page 7

                                     Mercy EAP is Better Than Ever
                   Mercy Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has moved from the Mercy Health Plaza to:
                                 1340 Blairs Ferry Rd., Suite A, Hiawatha, IA 52233.

           Mercy Family Counseling and Mercy EAP provide services that preserve the dignity and integrity of
           individuals dealing with personal challenges or work-related issues; the new office offers patients in-
                        creased confidentiality in a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment.
              The Mercy EAP office and referral line continues to be 398-6694 or toll free at 800-383-6694.
                       Please call with any questions you may have regarding this move or services.

              Principal is Still the City’s 2011 Third Party Administrator for Health
                            Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts
         Principal Financial Group is exiting the health insurance business. However, there is a 36 month transi-
         tion time and they are honoring contracts that are currently in place. Principal’s Third Party Admin-
         istrator (TPA) health insurance contract and flexible spending account contract with the City of
         Cedar Rapids are not set to expire until 12/31/2011.

         We will be putting our health insurance plan and our flexible spending account plan out for bid this
         spring. We were already planning to bid these benefits during 2011, so Principal’s announcement to
         exit the health insurance business fit into the City’s already established bid schedule.

         Please watch your e-mail this summer/fall and read the City Progress for announcements regarding our
         new Third Party Administrators for 2012. We will be holding employee meetings this fall so that em-
         ployees are informed about our new 2012 Third Party Administrators for health insurance and flexible
         spending accounts.

         The number on the front of your Principal card is still the number you need to call for pre-authorization
         and other health insurance customer service issues. If you cannot locate your card, the link to the Prin-
         cipal Resource Guide on CityNet         http://cr-intranet/citynet/content.asp?contentid=1325

         The customer service number for Principal’s flexible spending accounts is 1-877-372-4730 option 2.
         You can also sign up to view your flexible spending account on-line. The instructions are on CityNet
         at: http://cr-intranet/citynet/content.asp?CatId=487&ContentType=forms

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