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 A FORTNIGHTLY NEWSLETTER                                                     Issue #11 - August 27, 2005

                            “Speaking up for Animal Rights”

 Man facing rabbit
                                                        August 11 at 1 am after police and RSPCA officers
                                                        saw him enter the premises with a pet box. He was

 bestiality charges                                     seen holding rabbits to his face and chest at various
                                                        times, and was challenged by police when he left
                                                        the building.
The following are a compilation of news articles        One rabbit was found dead (in a nearby doorway)
from the Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday Star             where he was arrested and two were found alive
Times and other news websites from 13.8.05 –            but put down shortly after - one of those was found
21.8.05.                                                in his office desk with injuries so severe it had to
                                                        be destroyed.
                                                        The investigation began after skinned and partially
                                                        skinned dead and dying rabbits began to appear in
                                                        an inner city lane off York Street, near Circular
                                                        Quay, in late July.
                                                        The discovery of three decomposing rabbits in a
                                                        paper towel dispenser inside a men's inner city
                                                        toilet on July 20 was the catalyst for an operation in
                                                        which Sydney pet stores were urged to report
                                                        suspicious purchasers.
                                                        Later, five rabbits and a guinea pig were found near
                                                        the offices of Meares McMahon Capital Pty Ltd on
                                                        August 1. The animals heads had been tortured and
                                                        mutilated, ruptured eyes hung from their sockets.
13 August 2005 Sydney: Police allege that,              Alarmed at the continuing discovery of freshly
Brendan Francis McMahon, 36, a finance company          killed rabbits, some whose genitalia had been
director of North Sydney, had sexual relations with     mutilated, detectives began contacting city pet
a rabbit and sadistically killed 17 other rabbits       stores to determine who had been buying rabbits.
whose mutilated carcasses were found dumped in          A city pet store owner helped alert police after
the city over the past three weeks.                     McMahon, wearing dark glasses and displaying
He appeared before a Central Local Court                animal scratches on his face, tried to buy three
Magistrate, Allan Moore, on Friday 12.8.05 on 21        rabbits.
charges. He offered no plea.                            On Thursday night, staff at Pets on Broadway, at
McMahon was arrested at his inner city office on
                                                   Page 1
the top of Sydney's George St, recognised                19.8.05 via a prison videolink, when his barrister,
McMahon from his description when he entered the         Mr Doug Marr, said he would make a formal
store.                                                   application for bail.
Manager Ingrid Clancy said McMahon "was                  The Sydney Morning Herald reported his
wearing dark glasses and it was late night shopping      company's website said of McMahon: "He is a long
and he had scratches down his face. When you             term member of the NSW Art Gallery Society and
work in the pet industry you know what animal            the 18 Footers Yacht Club in Double Bay. World
scratches look like."                                    Vision also appreciate his support for the eight
Clancy said McMahon then asked for three rabbits.        children sponsored in one of their projects situated
She said a staff member phoned the RSPCA and             in Guatemala”
asked what to do. They said not to sell them to          The Sunday Star-Times could find no trace of
McMahon. "We just said they (the rabbits) were           McMahon's website.
sick," said Clancy.
McMahon left the shop, but he had bought a rabbit        McMahon refused bail: get psychiatric
at Pets On Broadway's sister store in Concord            assessment.
earlier that day, Clancy said. He had bought it with
                                                         19 August 2005: Douglas Marr, counsel for
a credit card, and those details eventually led police
                                                         Brendan Francis McMahon, told a Sydney court
to him. Police seized security camera footage of the
                                                         today his client's addiction to the illegal
Concord rabbit purchase.
                                                         amphetamine ‘ice’ had affected his mental state and
Police found that a credit card in McMahon's name
                                                         he required urgent psychiatric assessment.
had been used to purchase rabbits at a number of
                                                         He said his client needed to be released to see a
pet shops.
                                                         psychiatrist privately. McMahon promised not to
The lane adjoined a building in which McMahon
                                                         go within 50 metres of a pet shop if the court would
allegedly occupied a first-floor office, from which
                                                         release him on bail.
he ran a financial planning and mortgage brokerage
                                                         Magistrate Allan Moore said any assessment would
capital with Jason Meares, the brother of Jodhi
                                                         have to be carried out in custody because he felt it
Packer. (former daughter-in-law of Kerry Packer)
                                                         was not in the public interest to release him.
The company was formerly known as Transpacific
                                                         Prosecutor Laurie Gray today indicated six more
                                                         bestiality charges relating to rabbits were
Before McMahon was charged police alleged some
                                                         pending as a joint investigation between the police
of the rabbits had been thrown from some height
                                                         and the RSPCA continued.
into the laneway. (McMahon occupied a first floor
                                                         Police and the RSPCA launched an investigation
                                                         after the carcasses of three mutilated rabbits and a
McMahon was charged with 18 counts of
                                                         pet store box were found on July 20 in toilets at
committing acts of aggravated cruelty involving 17
                                                         McMahon's business address in the city, the police
rabbits and a guinea pig rabbits between July 20
                                                         statement of facts said.
and August 11 plus 2 charges of possessing
                                                         McMahon was arrested after a surveillance
                                                         operation found the carcasses of 40 to 50 rabbits
He was also charged with committing an act of
                                                         in a lane beside his city office, the court was told.
bestiality with a rabbit on August 1 between 3am
                                                         Magistrate Allan Moore said he was unwilling to
and 4am on August 1st.
                                                         release McMahon before a full psychiatric report
(On August 5 a dismembered white rabbit was
                                                         was done.
found in York Lane and the following day police on
patrol found a pair of grey rabbit ears and a rabbit     All too often violent animal offenders get let off
corpse nearby. Three more dead rabbits were found        with a fine if it’s their first offence. What happened
in pet box in the lane on August 9.)                     here was premeditated and repetitive and vicious
Magistrate, Mr Moore, refused McMahon bail and           violence calculatedly inflicted on a defenceless
ordered him to reappear before the court on Friday       animal.
                                                    Page 2
Please write to the following Sydney papers               is barred from future ownership and custody of
Sydney Morning Herald:                 animals and to immediately seize any animals who
The Daily Telegraph         remain in his charge or at his address.
and you local paper to voice your disgust and
horror of this mans violent actions. Please also          4) Animal abusers are cowards. They take their
make the Sydney community aware of the link               issues out on the most defenseless beings available
between animal abuse and domestic abuse. Urge             to them. According to leading mental health
readers to report animal abuse to authorities             professionals and law enforcement agencies:
wherever they see it (so much of it, like domestic        -perpetrators of violent acts against animals are
abuse, goes unreported.) And note that, once again,       often repeat offenders who pose a serious threat not
because pet shops treat animals as commodities and        only to other animals, but to the community as a
make no effort to know if the animals are going to        whole.
a safe environment, perverts like McMahon can             -consider cruelty to animals to be a red flag for
purchase and violently abuse over 50 animals              serious conduct disorders.
before getting caught!                                    -agree that it is the severity of the behavior—not
                                                          the species of the victim—that matters.
Please email Police Prosecutor Laurie Gray
(Inner metro, Sydney)                                     Pet cruelty linked to domestic
Email                violence
1) Urge him to vigorously prosecute Brendan
McMahon. Too often, people who are convicted of
                                                          21 August 2005 A study of animal cruelty in New
crimes against animals walk out of court with a
                                                          Zealand shows a disturbing level of abuse and
slap on the wrist. Urge Mr. Gray to make sure that
                                                          strong links with domestic violence.
isn’t the case here and to seek a sentence—
                                                          Unitec is due to release the study - a survey of all
including a meaningful period of imprisonment—
                                                          animal abuse cases arriving at the country's vet
that addresses the vile nature of this crime and
                                                          clinics - next month.
sends a warning to other offenders.
                                                          Last week it was reported that cats in Hamilton
2) Urge that given the violent, malicious,                appeared to have been soaked in turpentine,
premeditated and repetitive nature of Mr                  burning their skin and causing mouth and stomach
McMahons alleged actions and the undeniable               ulcers. It follows a spate of animal cruelty cases in
connection between cruelty to animals and                 the past few months, including many which have
interpersonal violence, that he be required to            reached the courts.
undertake all necessary psychological treatment           Unitec animal welfare researcher Arnja Dale said
and psychiatric counselling, drug programs in             final figures for her study had not been tallied but
prison, followed by community mental health               the level of abuse reported was disturbing.
supervision and mandatory counselling - the safety        She said some of the cases seen by vets were
of the community and animals depends on it.               harrowing. They included pets hit by spades and
A period of parole should be included in his              hammers, a dog that was hanged and a puppy
custodial sentence so that he can be monitored in         which was dropped in boiling water.
the community upon release from jail. His parole          "They were deliberate and awful," said Dale.
should have conditions so that any further drug use       She said the research, the first to measure cases of
or contact with animals/pet shops will result in a        animal cruelty, was done to give a picture of the
violation of his parole and a return to jail.             problem in New Zealand.
                                                          The research will show which animals are being
3) Because repeat crimes are the rule rather than         abused, the nature of abuse, and who is abusing.
the exception among animal abusers, every                 She said overseas research proved a strong link
measure must be taken to ensure that the defendant        between animal cruelty and violent offending.
                                                     Page 3
"It definitely does happen. Looking backwards with       20.8.05) left me wondering…etc.”
violent offenders makes it very clear animal abuse       When sending in articles to me, please state which
needs to be taken very seriously as a potential          newspaper and the date the article was published.
indicator of violence against others."
In a separate research project, due to be finished by
the end of the year, Dale was investigating the link
between domestic violence and animal cruelty
                                                         Australian Idiot, not Idol.
                                                         Please see this complaint to channel Ten’s about
because there was a "strong co-occurrence"
                                                         Australian Idol by one of our writers:
between family abuse and animal abuse.
SPCA executive officer Barbara Daw said animal           "...My compliant is about the episode on 27th July,
abuse had been highlighted recently by several           Australian Idol, when Shaye Biachi, a contestant,
particularly cruel cases. She said such cases            was describing how she killed pigs and then did an
showed the need to collate figures on abuse to           imitation of sticking a knife into it. They were
understand it and set programs to stop it.               laughing about is, thinking it was extremely funny.
New Zealand Vet Association chief executive              Kyle got up and Mark Holden thought is was funny
Murray Gibb said detecting animal abuse was vital        too. I don't know where channel 10 gets it sick,
because of its established link with violent             anti-animal sentiments from. Animal cruelty is
offending.                                               illegal and sends the message to people that it is
"It is a fine balancing act, and the association         OK and in fact funny! Any contestants should be
recognises that what is behind animal abuse does         warned before hand that any animal cruelty is
have the potential to impact on the community, and       NOT supported and the contestants will be reported
we have a requirement to report it," Gibb said.          to RSPCA and dismissed off the air. It hurts to see
Stokes Valley vet Ian Hughes said the bulk of            such terrible attitudes on TV. Shame on the
animal abuse happened out of sight and never made        producers and the judges who thought it was
it to vet clinics. He said when vets saw obvious         funny…" V Ortega.
cases of animal abuse they reported it to
authorities, but finding the perpetrators was often      Complaints to channel ten cannot be emailed in.
impossible.                                              They must be faxed, phoned or written.
"When nobody sees it happen, nobody can do               Forms and contact details for each state can be
anything about it . . . it is very frustrating.”         found at .
                                                         Also posted on a vegan message site was this
                                                         posting: What is it about Channel ten and it's
TIPS...                                                  flagrant support of reality TV contestants who love
                                                         to abuse animals for fun? First Glenn on Big
I still get the occasional letter sent to a newspaper    Brother and his delight in bashing a kangaroo to
and cc’d to me. If a newspaper editor receives a         death, now it's Australian Idols turn. I was
letter and can see it has been cc’d to a writers group   watching Australian Idol 27.7.05 and along comes
there’s a good chance that it won’t be considered        contestant Shaye Biachi. She gloats about how she
for publication. Letters must be sent to me by blind     loves killing pigs and talks candidly and laughingly
copy or in a separate email. Don’t send the same         about how she slits their throats, slabs them in the
letter to multiple newspapers as they prefer             neck, ties their feet together and then drags them
exclusive letters. (They have ways of checking!)         along tied to the back of her car. It gets worse, she
Change the letter a little bit and send to each          then did a demonstration of this with judge Kyle
newspaper in a separate email.                           Sandilands playing the part of the pig, whilst
When writing to newspapers in reply to an article,       Biachi, Mark Holden and Marcia Hines all laughed
it is a good idea to let the editor know this by         uproariously at how being so violent was so funny.
making reference to that article in your letter:         By Dan Archer.
Eg: “The recent article on battery hens (Herald Sun
                                                    Page 4
 Go Go                               all for the sake of a pair of boots
                                     - how obscene!
                                                                           Letters to Senator Ian
                                                                           Campbell, Minister for the
 Writers Go!                         I will take every opportunity to      Environment and Heritage.
                                     discourage people from buying
                                     Adidas products until this            “…I wish to place on record my
                                     abhorrent practice is ceased.         horror regarding the slaughter of
                                     Replace animal skin with              our national icon, the beloved
                                     synthetic material…”                  kangaroo. They are not pest
                                     L Bristow (VIC) 20.8.05               animals. Humans are pest
                                                                           animals and have single
                                     “…David Beckham is                    handedly caused more damage
                                     promoting Adidas Predator             to the environment than any
                                     Pulse football boots (Sunday          other animal. Please see below
                                     Times 14.8.05) but I don't            my letter to The Sunday Times
Thank you to all writers who         understand why anyone would           (UK) 14.8.05, in response to an
sent copies of their letters to      buy a shoe made from Kangaroo         article about Australia Here are         leather…(letter is similar to the     slaughtering it's own national
excerpts from some of the            letter sent to The Sunday Times       icon to provide kangaroo leather
letters.                             UK below)…Please end to this          for Adidas football boots to be
                                     cruelty. Don’t use kangaroo or        promoted by David
(Don’t forget to send copies of      k-leather in your products. It's a    Beckham…”
your letters in, whether they        disgrace. I have written to my        C Stansfield (VIC) 18.8.05
have been published or not.)         local newspaper and The
                                     Sunday Times (UK) urging              “…Recently I sent an email to
                                     people that 'when the buying          you about the slaughter of
Hands off our                        stops, the killing stops.' This is
                                     a picture of a joey who's mother       It concerns me that these
Kangaroos!                                                                 unique symbols of Australia are
                                     has been killed. (from the
(Letters In reply to an article in
                                     Australian Wildlife Protection        being killed and sent overseas
The Sunday Times (UK) and
                                     Council website.)                     for meat and fur. We are
The Age (AUS)) in which animal                                             causing damage to our image
activists told David Beckham he                                            overseas, showing disrespect for
shouldn’t promote Adidas’s                                                 our national emblem.
‘Predator Pulse” soccer boot                                               We have a reputation as a
made from Kangaroo leather.)                                               country with unique wildlife, a
                                                                           well kept heritage, and lifestyle:
Letters to Adidas:
                                                                           things that attract tourists to
“…I am totally outraged by                                                 Australia each year. I feel
Adidas' continued use of                                                   ashamed that we, being
kangaroo leather in the Adidas                                             represented by you to a large
                                     You can find out about the
Predator Pulse boot, promoted                                              extent, campaigned to stop the
                                     barbaric shooting of kangaroos
as the most "precise &                                                     commercial killing of whales by
                                     on this website
powerful" boots made.                                                      the Japanese for a profit, but
The use of kangaroo leather                                                what are we doing to our
                                     C Stansfield (VIC) 18.8.05
promotes a trade which involves                                            kangaroos? It makes us look
the most cruel and needless                                                like hypocrites that we protest
slaughter of a beautiful animal;                                           internationally to save one

                                                  Page 5
unique and vulnerable animal,       Let Adidas know that its use of      days from their injuries or from
while exploiting our own!           kangaroo leather, in the Adidas      starvation. If mothers are shot,
The Australian Wildlife             Predator Pulse boots, promoted       their in-pouch baby kangaroos
Protection Council has selected     by David Beckham, is                 or "joeys" are killed by
2005 as the year of the             commercial kill for commercial       stomping on them or bashing
Kangaroo. They are such a high      profit and will not be tolerated.    them with a stick. Older ex-
profile symbol in the world and     The Australian Wildlife              pouch joeys flee when their
recognised everywhere, and yet      Protection Council proclaims         mothers are killed and they die
they are being annihilated.         2005 as the year of the              from cold, starvation, maternal
They are not a feral animal, they   kangaroo. It is unique to            deprivation and from predators.
are native to our country, and      Australia & is promoted as a         A million or more joeys die this
should be protected in their        major tourist attraction yet their   way every year in Australia.
natural environment.                numbers are declining, with this     Kangaroos form close bonds
                                    years commercial kill target at      with other herd members and
There should be a ban on killing    3.9 million.                         have been seen to morn killed
kangaroos. There is no need.        I urge all Brits to contact          members by staying close to the
Property could be protected with    their animal rights &                body or site of death for up to
fencing. It is considered as a      welfare groups, such as VIVA!        eight weeks. Kangaroos are
sport to go “spotlighting” at       (Vegetarians International Voice     loved by Australians and their
night. This “sport” can cause       for Animals) & register your         soft padded paws help distribute
great cruelty as they may not die   outrage at this inhumane             native grass seeds. Please help
outright but suffer injuries for    massacre of our national             us put an end to this cruelty by
days and die a painful death.       icon…”                               avoiding products made from
Joeys can be ignored or killed      L Bristow (VIC) 20.8.05              kangaroo or k-leather. When the
violently. Joeys can be left by                                          buying stops - the killing
themselves when mothers die,        “…David Beckham is                   stops…”
and can die from starvation,        promoting Adidas Predator            C Stansfield (VIC) 18.8.05
predators or just maternal          Pulse football boots (Sunday
deprivation.                        Times 14.8.05) but I don't
We are betraying our national       understand why anyone would          Dolphin aquarium
icon, and doing damage to our       buy a shoe made from Kangaroo
image overseas with these           leather. There is absolutely         must not be built.
commercial killings. Please, as     nothing sporting about using
                                                                         To Mayor Stephano Zappala,
the Minister for the                guns to inflict horrific injuries
                                                                         Pomezia, Italy.
Environment, protect these          on an animal that is the most
loveable animals…”                  internationally recognised           “…I am writing in response to
V Ortega (VIC) 25.8.05              symbol, second only to the           the proposal for an aquarium,
                                    statue of liberty. The kangaroo      Zoomarine, in the town of
To The Sunday Times (UK):           is unique to Australia but is        Pomezia, which will house
                                    slaughtered mercilessly at night     marine animals including wild
“…As an Australian I can            by "spotlighting". Using a           caught bottlenosed dolphins.
categorically state that I          spotlight, shooters will attempt a   As these animals are highly
am totally against the slaughter    head shot, but this can often        intelligent & would suffer
of kangaroos in this country. I     result in horrific head and          intolerably in such a confined
would advise everyone to            mouth injuries. These                area, I fully support the local
boycott any company or retail       kangaroos escape into the            animal protection group,
outlet selling kangaroo meat, fur   bushes outside the spotlight's       Animalisti Italiani, in their
or leather.                         beam and will die over several       efforts to have this proposal
                                                 Page 6
rejected.                           animal glue traps, nearly all        flooding our markets?...”
Please consider the unnecessary     Australian states and territories    H.M. Kennedy (VIC) 18.8.05
cruelty these mammals would         are currently considering
endure in captivity & respect       banning or restricting their use.    “…I am 100% behind a
their God given right to remain     The State of Victoria is set to be   decision, by the State of
in their natural environment -      the first to outlaw glue traps.      Victoria, to FULLY BAN
the ocean…”                         The Agriculture Minister invited     animal glue traps. Please do not
L Bristow (VIC) 20.8.05             public comment on the proposed       compromise and consider a only
                                    regulations until August 26,         a restriction of these torture
To Senor Edoardo Petronio,          2005.                                devices.
President, Environmental                                                 The regulatory impact statement
Council of Pomezia: Italy           “…It is so encouraging that the      released in late June identified
                                    Victorian government plans to        painful & terrifying deaths
“…I beg you to think of Italy's     outlaw glue traps. They are          suffered by the animals caught
international image and prestige    so appallingly cruel - but also a    in these hideous contraptions.
- and do not imprison bottlenose    clumsy and ineffective way to        Victoria's use of glue traps is
dolphins in your planned            kill pest animals.                   currently around 25% of the
Zoomarine aquarium.                 Rodent infestation is largely        Australian market. This is
Dolphins navigate by                preventable by maintaining           totally unacceptable. Please ban
echolocation, bouncing sonar        clean, sanitary conditions in        all use & importation of these
waves off objects to determine      factories, shops and houses, and     inhumane traps.
their shape, density, distance      plugging holes or cracks where       Educating the public in ways to
and location. In a tank, says       mice and rats could possibly         deal with rodent infestations, in
Jean-Michel Cousteau, the           enter.”                              a compassionate manner, would
world authority on marine life, a   Also, while snap traps may take      be a great community service.
dolphin's ``world'' becomes a       slightly longer to prepare, they     I'm sure any animal rights group
maze of meaningless                 are cheap, usually kill instantly,   would be more than willing to
reverberations. It is unspeakably   and are clean - so they can be       compile such information for
cruel to imprison such              used in the food industry and        local council distribution…”
intelligent, social, sensitive      other areas where people are         L Bristow (VIC) 20.8.05
animals in such a way. Your         concerned about possible
animal protection group,            contamination (from poison           “…I wish to make public
Animalisti Italiani is most         bait).                               comment on the proposed
knowledgeable about this matter     Glue traps do not discriminate       regulations regarding Glue
- and they are campaigning to       between species and therefore        traps. There must be a total ban
stop such a decision.               cause agony to a range of small      on glue traps for the following
There are many other marine         animals and birds which were         reasons: Apart from their
animals that do not mind being      certainly not the original target.   inherent cruelty…
in large aquariums.                 I must say I also object most        1) There is no way to enforce
Please limit your exhibits to       strongly to the fact that            stricter regulations regarding the
such animals, knowing they will     Australia is importing so many       use of glue traps, such as
not suffer…”                        products from China - these          "checking them more
H.K. Kennedy (VIC) 18.8.05          disgusting glue traps included.      frequently" and "disposing of
                                    I understand snap traps are          the animal humanely"
                                    manufactured in Australia - so       2) Glue traps are used mostly in
                                                                         food production areas so a total
Outlaw Glue Traps                   why not encourage our local
                                    industry instead of supporting a     ban would be unlikely to result
As a result of increased
                                    foreign country which is already     in a replacement by poison bait.
awareness of the cruelty of

                                                 Page 7
3) Greater emphasis must be          Does the 'Community of
placed on prevention - in terms      Precious Blood' not recognise        “…Dear Mr. Bracks,
of rat proofing buildings and        the precious blood of the hens,      I found out today that the
sweeping and cleaning up spilt       imprisoned and subjected to a        Queensland Government has
food. Also discouraging rodents      torturous life, on your property?    banned duck shooting on the
by eliminating areas where they      Cardinal Ratzinger (now the          grounds of cruelty as the birds
might nest. ie) keeping grass        Pope) clearly states "...It is       very often die a slow and
short around grain storage areas,    contrary to human dignity to         agonizing death.
blocking holes in walls,             cause animals to suffer or die       I call upon your Government to
spraying areas with non toxic        needlessly".                         follow their lead. Please, Mr.
pepper sprays, mothballs,            Can you not concentrate on the       Bracks, you have a magnificent
peppermint oil, etc. Prevention      other facets of your enterprise      opportunity to do the right thing.
is the key as killing rodents will   ie, crops and religious goods?       How would you have your
only cause others to move into       Please practice what you preach      children and grandchildren
the newly available spaces…”         and release these innocent birds     remember the most worthwhile
C Stansfield (VIC) 18.8.05           from the hell they currently find    things you achieved in your
                                     themselves in. Let them live out     time as Premier of Victoria?
Those who sent in comments           the remainder of their lives in      The majority of Australians
received the following reply:        freedom…”                            would applaud you (for banning
                                     L Bristow (VIC) 20.8.05              duck shooting). As world-wide
Thank you very much for your                                              momentum against cruelty to
comments. When the                                                        our wonderful creatures is
consultation period closes, the
                                     Cosmopolitan fashion                 building, why not make the
Minister for Agriculture will
consider the submissions and         magazine takes anti-                 morally correct decision to ban
                                     fur stance.                          these blood sports sooner rather
determine whether the                                                     than later.
regulations should be made.                                               Many of us would urge your
I will let you know the outcome.     “…Dear Cosmo,
                                                                          immediate consideration…”
                                     Congratulations for taking the
                                                                          G Leven (VIC) 16.8.05
Yours sincerely,                     anti-fur stand in your magazine.
Jane Malcolm                         I and many other animal lovers       “…Dear Mr Craig Langdon and
Bureau of Animal Welfare             in Australia fully support your      Premier Steve Bracks:
Department of Primary                stance and we will NOT shop          I would like to inform you that
Industries, Victoria                 here in any store that sells fur.    Ms Desney, Environment
                                     There are many exotic fake furs      minister for Queensland, has
                                     available, being attractive and      permanently banned duck
Happy Hens in Hell                   non-violent in origin. Well          hunting in her State.
                                     done…”                               I admire her conviction and her
To Guido Colla at Happy              V Ortega (VIC) 18.8.05               concern that it is a cruel, blood
Hens battery hen farm:                                                    sport, and it should also be
                                                                          immediately banned here in
“…I am writing to point out to       Ban Duck hunting in                  Victoria. This is a good time to
you the hypocrisy of running a       Victoria                             take on the same commitment.
cruel and inhumane facility such     Writers sent emails to their local   Not all the ducks and quails are
as the Happy Hen egg farm            MP and/or Premier Steve              killed instantly and humanely as
whilst at the same time              Bracks following news that           some are shot in the wings or
preaching the need for               Queensland has permanently           get surface wounds and die a
compassion and mercy.                banned duck shooting .               slow and painful death. Another

                                                  Page 8
concern is the environmental           Pro-duckshooter                       is absolutely nothing 'sporting'
damage done by the pellets left                                              or 'recreational' about using
                                       gets a blasting!
behind, and the to other water                                               shotguns to inflict horrific
                                        A pro-duck shooting letter by
birds. The mentality of shooting                                             injuries on these gentle and
                                       Graham Browning in
and killing should be a thing of                                             defenceless native waterbirds.
                                       Tasmanian newspaper The
the past. Please make it our past                                            When a shooter fires, the pellets
                                       Advocate 22.8.05 drew a
too…” V Ortega (VIC)18.8.05                                                  spread and birds are often shot
                                       blasting from our writers. This
                                                                             through the wings, eyes, feet or
                                       peanut got roasted! See our
“…Ms Kirstie Marshall, Mr                                                    body. The way shotguns
                                       replies sent to The Advocate:
Steve Bracks:                                                                operate make it impossible to
I write to you both as the local                                             ensure that a duck is killed
                                       PUBLISHED LETTER
member of Parliament &                                                       outright, even by a skilled
                                       “…In response to David
Premier of Victoria to take a                                                marksman. Most shooters are
                                       Brownrigg and his
stand to ban duck shooting in                                                not very accurate, and instead of
                                       condemnation of the banning of
Victoria as the state of                                                     killing the bird in one shot, they
                                       duck shooting in Queensland;
Queensland has done.                                                         often injure them. Legs and
                                       does he really think that this will
Minister Desley Boyle has                                                    wings can be left dangling and
                                       encourage animal activists?
announced the ban in                                                         bills smashed. Eyes can be shot
                                       Does he think that one form of
Queensland citing duck                                                       from sockets or left bulging and
                                       cruelty justifies another?
shooting to be "a barbaric                                                   full of blood by a pellet blow to
                                       Animal activists have many
practice" and causes                                                         the head. A live bird with no
                                       items on the agenda, including
"unreasonable pain and                                                       obvious external injuries may
                                       intense animal farming, but this
suffering."                                                                  die days or weeks later after
                                       does not mean they can ignore
So after all these years, it is time                                         suffering prolonged pain. And
                                       the unnecessary cruelty of this
for us to ban this cruel practice                                            don't forget the beautiful swans
                                       duck killing "sport". Many
which leads to untold damage,                                                and herons on the same
                                       ducks are not killed outright and
not only to birds but also to the                                            wetlands who also become
                                       are left to suffer and die slowly,
environment.                                                                 casualties – just to keep a
                                       especially if shot in the wings or
Be strong and stand up and be                                                handful of duck shooters happy.
                                       eyes. Also the spent pellets
counted, and back the many                                                   Duck shooting is cowardly,
                                       cause pollution in our wetlands.
people opposed to duck                                                       cruel, and it's banned in NSW,
                                       There needs to be a permanent
shooting. I will monitor closely                                             WA, the ACT and now
                                       ban of duck shooting in each
the decisons taken and look                                                  Queensland. Perhaps you
                                       state, to follow Queensland's
forward to you banning this                                                  haven't realised that modern
                                       lead. Blood sports should be
practise now. I am absolutely                                                society no longer tolerates
                                       part of Australia's history. There
sure the majority of the                                                     cruelty as a basis for
                                       are many legitimate sports,
population is against duck                                                   recreation…”
                                       including target shooting,
shooting and you as our                                                      C Stansfield (VIC) 23.8.05
                                       without involving cruelty…”
government representatives             V Ortega (VIC) 24.8.05
must see that and act                                                        PUBLISHED LETTER
accordingly…”                          PUBLISHED LETTER                       “…Another redneck letter, this
M Cordell (VIC) 18.8.05                “…Graham Brownrigg, (letter           time defending mans "right" to
                                       22.8.05), I don't know why you        open fire on defenseless ducks. I
                                       would want to open fire on a          fail to see how filling a small
                                       duck. Perhaps it is because you       bird full of lead pellets qualifies
                                       have got a problem with your          as a "sport"? I fail to understand
                                       own 'equipment' and need              the enjoyment of injuring and
                                       something else to shoot. There        maiming countless birds and

                                                    Page 9
leaving them to suffer,             suffering in tremendous pain. It   species, and members of such
sometimes for weeks. If duck        begs the question of why do        groups regard intensive farming
hunting in Tasmania is well         these hunters prey on the weak?    certainly as amongst the most
managed why are bullet proof        Are they over compensating for     obscene examples of animal
vest considered necessary by        something that is lacking in       abuse.
some hunters? (Pity we can't        their lives? We should             But there is absolutely no moral
design same for the ducks!) The     standardize the laws and ban       justification for duck shooting.
standard consumption of alcohol     hunting across the entire          As Queensland Premier Peter
by many shooters blurs rational     country…”                          Beattie said, it has “no place in
judgement, the proof of this        S Tuck (VIC) 22.8.05               contemporary society in (the)
being the number of different                                          smart state”. Tasmania, by
species which are "accidentally"    “…In response to Graham            failing to implement the same
downed.                             Brownrigg’s letter (August 22)     ban, shows itself as one of the
                                    about the Queensland               few remaining “stupid” states,
Tasmania has a fragile              Government’s very enlightened      allowing “customs” that belong
ecosystem and the impact of         ban on duck shooting, one has      in the dark ages…”
duck shooting can be                to question the motivation         S Cass (TAS) 24.8.05
catastrophic, with lead             behind his views on this so-
poisoning from shooters pellets     called “sport”.                    “…Graham Brownrigg (letter
left behind causing a slow and      The link between animal cruelty    22/8/05) could not believe that
painful death for both ducks and    and human abuse and violence       Queensland had banned duck
swans. Duck shooting may go         has been well established by       hunting. Well I could not
back generations, so did slavery,   leading scientists, and there is   believe that Graham Brownrigg
that did not make it right.         absolutely no question that duck   was serious in his letter to you.
Activist societies like AACT        shooting is cruel. Thousands of    What is sporting about shooting
seek to put an end to barbaric      birds are maimed and left to die   defenceless ducks? I am a Qld-
animal husbandry practices,         slow, painful deaths. What sort    er and rather proud that this
some of which date back to a        of people is it who enjoy such     activity is banned in our State,
time when man was little more       an activity? What pleasure is      as well as in NSW, WA, and the
than a savage…”                     there to be gained from blasting   ACT.
E Hardy (TAS) 24.8.05               these beautiful but defenceless    Hopefully Victoria will soon
                                    creatures from the sky?            come good too. Not many
PUBLISHED LETTER                    All too often, there is the        shooters are accurate enough to
 “…I wish to respond to Graham      presence of alcohol, begging the   kill a little duck with one shot.
Brownrigg's letter of 22 August     question of whether these are      Ducks and other waterbirds are
2005 in relation to duck            people who should be in charge     cruelly injured and go off to die
shooting: How about we shoot        of firearms at all. And the        - it is just cowardly…”
you continuously with pellets       practice is not at all well-       E Spencer (QLD) 24.8.05
just like a duck and see how        regulated anywhere in the few
much you like it. Whilst no one     remaining states in which it is    (I posted your email with the
denies that animals kill other      still legal, including Tasmania.   Brownrigg letter onto the
animals, this is merely to ensure   As for the “animal rights”         Veganforum Australian thread.
their survival. Nature has not in   agenda, groups such as Against     Hopefully, quite a few will write.
any way dictated that humans        Animal Cruelty Tasmania exist      – E Spencer)
must shoot ducks for enjoyment.     because there are people who
Quite frankly, you have to be                                          “…Why doesn't Graham
                                    have no consciences about the
very sadistic to enjoy the sight                                       Browning take up a sport in
                                    gross abuses perpetrated upon
of a poor defenceless animal                                           which the target is not a living,
                                    so many animals by the human
                                                                       breathing creature that will most
                                               Page 10
certainly experience                  “…I applaud Graham                   breedings to fill our shelters,
unnecessary pain when he              Brownrigg (letter 22.8.05) for       without allowing them to be
inflicts his 'rights' upon it? If     realising that intensive farming     bred for pet shops. The supply
the duck population is 'healthy',     practices are cruel. They are,       is much greater than demand,
why doesn't he leave it that          appallingly so. But so, I'm          and meanwhile the public is
way?..” T Aitken (VIC) 24.8.05        afraid, Mr Brownrigg, is duck        asked to financially support
                                      shooting. Mr Brownrigg tells us,     these shelters, while profits
“…Graham Brownrigg                    ``hunters have to pass a duck ID     continue to be made! Shame on
(22.08.05)- I am amazed at your       test'' anyone who knows              Mr Bob Cameron (Vic Minister
lack of understanding of a            anything about shooting knows        for Agriculture) and the State
number of issues. Firstly, duck       it's extremely difficult for even    Government who refuse to
hunting has been banned by            the best shooter to finish a bird    amend the Animal Act
many Australian states because        with one shot. Many ducks, and       (Domestic/Feral)to make this
the majority of people recognise      other birds that the hunters have    breeding illegal…”
that the practice is cruel, not       blasted by mistake (or because       V Ortega (VIC) 22.8.05
only to ducks but to other            they're carried away with the joy
species that live on the              of it all), escape to die later in   “…It is great to see the Herald
wetlands. Not all bullets hit their   agony. Humans with guns              Sun supporting the cause of lost
targets.                              against little birds - what          and abandoned animals. Sadly
Secondly, most people who             heroes! Why don't you take on        the killing of 2,500 dogs (per
belong to animal rights groups        some real sport…”                    year in Australia) as well as
are generally concerned about         H. Kennedy (VIC) 25.8.05             thousands of other pets each
both animals and people. Many                                              week will continue until pet
practices that affect animal                                               shops are banned from selling
welfare affect human welfare                                               animals. Impulse buying of
                                      Abandoned Animals
also, often indirectly, which is                                           animals and the subsequent
                                      These letters were sent in reply
why people don't often                                                     abandonment of them is the
                                      to the Herald Sun’s 22.8.05
recognise the consequences. I                                              main reason why our shelters
                                      article about The Lost Dogs
am both an animal rights activist                                          are full. This simple legislative
                                      Home in North Melbourne and
and a medical research scientist                                           act would solve most of this
                                      International Lost and
and I am not irrational in any                                             suffering overnight. And good
                                      Abandoned Animal day.
way and I don't 'target' anyone.                                           news for Bracks; it would
The majority of people like            “…Referring to the touching         not cost the government a
myself seek only to inform and        article "Home displays a soft        cent…” I Killip (VIC) 23.8.05
educate others in recognising         touch" (22/8). How tragic it is
what goes on around them and                                               “…Why buy a dog from a pet
                                      that over 350 unwanted dogs are
then doing something to change                                             shop when there are so many in
                                      put down each day in Australia
it. Many people don't like                                                 shelters just begging for loving
                                      because they are unwanted and
change though...                                                           homes? All our animals have
                                      homeless. State governments
Lastly, what goes on in 'nature'                                           come from shelters as unwanted
                                      refuse to regulate this unethical
does not involve sadism or                                                 pets. They are and have been the
                                      profiteering. Animal welfare
money- the two things you will                                             most beautiful companions you
                                      issues are not dealt with if they
most often find involved in any                                            could ever wish for. Maybe they
                                      threaten the livelihood of
form of animal cruelty where                                               don't have pedigrees, but who
                                      profiteers who keep dogs in
humans are concerned…”                                                     cares when they are so beautiful
                                      cages and continue to breed
L.M.Campano (VIC) 24.8.05                                                  and so plentiful?
                                      them to supply pet shops.
                                                                           I would love to see a world
                                      There are enough back yard
                                                                           where shelters aren't needed
                                      breeders and accidental

                                                  Page 11
because people are responsible.       thriving. Please think about this   spirits." I strongly suggest that
Many times I observe more and         insanity when choosing your         the French government
more that children have more          next pet. Dogs are not              implements the following:
sense and love for animals than       disposable commodities...”          •      There needs to be a
adult humans. So please think         G Lenven (VIC)                      program of registration of dog
twice about "buying a pet”, go                                            and cat ownership so that
to a shelter and adopt one…”                                              homeless animals can be traced
M Cordell (VIC) 23.8.05               Dogs as shark bait                  to their owners.
                                                                          •      Animals need urgently to
“...Further to my previous letter     in French Territories
                                                                          be de sexed to stop
suggesting people look to                                                 indiscriminate breeding, and
                                      Mr Pierre Viaux,
shelters for pets rather than                                             vaccination programs. Please
                                      Ambassador of France
buying from pet shops or puppy                                            send some veterinarians to help
                                      Embassy of France in Australia,
farms.                                                                    out in this need. An alliance
                                      6 Perth Avenue,
                                                                          between local and foreign
I'd like to tell you about a friend   Yarralumla, ACT 2600
                                                                          veterinarians, as well as rescue
of mine. She happened to be at a
                                      “…Dear Mr. Viaux,                   groups, would finally forge the
shelter collecting animals, not
                                      I am writing to bring to your       path to humane reform
dropping them off, when she
                                      attention that on the French        •      Animal shelters should be
saw a small defenceless old dog.
                                      island of La Reunion in the         established to protect, de sex
This poor old dog had been a
                                      Indian Ocean, fishermen have        and to re home strays, if
mother of many, a "puppy
                                      been using live dogs and cats as    possible.
machine". She was 14 at the
                                      bait for sharks.                    •      After all effort to find
time I think and could no longer
                                      This happens in such territories    homes for these stray animals
have any more puppies so the
                                      as Réunion where dogs-as-bait       has been made, and only then,
owners took her along to the
                                      occurs. The dogs and cats have      should an animal be considered
shelter and ridded themselves of
                                      hooks passed through their          for euthanasia. I understand
                                      snouts or through the tendons in    massive roundups and
This dear old dog was so lucky
                                      their legs and the hooks are        euthanasia are common.
to be rescued by my friend. At
                                      attached to lines and rods. The     •      There needs to be harsh
first she was very,very
                                      hapless animals are then tossed     and consistent laws that are
frightened and it took some time
                                      into the water where their          enforced for animal abuse. I
before she would associate with
                                      struggles attract sharks. This is   understand that the courts rarely
anyone. But after careful love
                                      horrific abuse of companion         seek the maximum jail sentence.
and attention by my friend this
                                      animals that must suffer terrible   In fact, most offenders are not
dog is now the sweetest, loving
                                      agony in their deaths!              even convicted. When they are,
little dog you would adore. She
                                      I respectfully ask the French       penalties are little more than
has just had her 18th birthday
                                      government to take                  probation and a small fine.
and I think she has more to
                                      responsibility for the wretched     I also urge tourism agencies to
                                      state of homeless animals           recognize the routine incidence
So think about adopting from a
                                      throughout its overseas             of animal abuse. I will not visit
shelter please…”
                                      territories.                        Guadeloupe, Martinique,
M Cordell (VIC) 24.8.05
                                      In Guadeloupe 40,000 to 70,000      Guyane, Reunion,
                                      homeless dogs dodge bullets,        Saint-Pierre et Miquelon,
Printed in the Herald Sun
                                      poison, and in a culture that       Mayotte, Nouvelle-Caledonie,
                                      views them with apathy, hate or     Polynesie francaise,
“...While more than 350 dogs
                                      fear. Some believe dogs are         Wallis et Futuna, or Deputes
are killed each day in Australia,
                                      "inhabited at night by evil         Europeens until vigilant strides
puppy farms and pet shops keep
                                                  Page 12
are made to enforce animal            Guadeloupe, ..(etc).. Deputes        “…With regard to the report I
protection laws in accordance         Europeens there are                  have received about animals
with the laws of Metropolitan         people participating in continual    being cruelly treated in the
France.                               and inhumane animal abuse.           French Territories I am
One of the most perverse crimes       In Guadeloupe thousands of           thoroughly disgusted and
occurs on the French island of        dogs are brutally slaughtered in     extremely upset. I read in the
La Reunion, where stray or            mass killings despite the            report that live dogs and cats are
stolen dogs and cats are used as      availability of article R271-4 of    being used as bait to lure sharks
"bait" to lure sharks. French law     the "code rural" deeming the         in these areas. I cannot believe
outlaws this barbaric custom.         sterilization and release of stray   that these human beings who
I encourage officials to work         animals in overseas                  think they have a right to subject
with international organizations      departments, legal since 2002.       these atrocities on the animals
willing to assist in sterilization,   A most heinous crime is              of this world can get away with
vaccination, and adoption             occurring on the French island       this.
programs in the French                of La Reunion where stray dogs       These humans have NO right to
territories. I hope the French        & cats are being used as live        inflict this cruelty. There are
government will implement             'shark bait'. It is beyond ones      other ways to "make a living"
humane education systems in its       comprehension that such a            without resorting to this barbaric
overseas communities. Until           sadistic & barbaric practice         practice. I, as many others in
animal protection laws are            exists! Although illegal,            this world, will boycott and
wholly enforced, I will ask           according to French law, rarely      shun anything to do with these
others to join me in a tourism        are offenders even convicted.        territories and any country
boycott of the French territories.    The magnitude of these animals'      condoning this situation.
The thought of this abuse of          suffering would be so immense.       It is greed and avarice that these
companion animals abhors me.          This cruelty must really STOP        people are succumbing to…
Please let some humane animal         NOW.                                 What are we becoming;
welfare action start                  I urge all tourism agencies to       moronic, callous, brain dead
immediately…”                         exercise a boycott of the above      individuals? I call upon all
V Ortega (VIC) 25.8.05                areas until major changes are        authorities to act in the best
                                      seen to be taking place in the       interests of the animals and
Emails sent to French                 enforcement of existing animal       stop these cruel practices.
Officials & Tourism Agencies:         protection laws. I will not be       Authorities must enforce local
                                      visiting any French governed         animal welfare issues. At the
“…I respectfully request the          area nor will I be purchasing        moment fisherman are being let
French Government to take a           any French product until the         off with a warning and a fine
stand and increase its                rights of animals there are          this is not enough.
enforcement of animal                 protected & respected. I have        Stray animals must be
protection laws, throughout its       asked my friends and family to       controlled humanely. Eg:
overseas territories, in              join me in this boycott.             sterilisation. Plus you need to
accordance with the laws of           If needed could the French           educate the people not to let
Metropolitan France.                  Government call on other             animals stray. Teach them to be
Furthermore I ask tourism             national & international animal      responsible for their animals.
agencies to recognise the             rights/welfare groups for            This report will be going to The
unending abuse of animals in          assistance in addressing this        Sea Shepherd. Also to the
these areas and call on them to       issue without delay…”                media: A Current Affair in
demand action to bring an end         L Bristow (VIC) 25.8.05              Australia. Plus a lot of other
to such despicable treatment.                                              public places, not only in
In the French territories of                                               Australia but around the world.

                                                  Page 13
You must take action now             Letter to The Age:                  sexed to stop indiscriminate
(Website links included in letter)                                       breeding, and vaccination
Yours Sincerely..”                   “…I am writing to bring to your     programs. Please send some
M Cordell. (VIC) 24.8.05             readers' attention that on the      veterinarians to help out in this
                                     French island of La Reunion in      need. An alliance between local
REPLY from                           the Indian Ocean, fishermen         and foreign veterinarians, as               have been using live dogs and       well as rescue groups, would
                                     cats as bait for sharks.            finally forge the path to humane
Thank you for writing to us with     This happens in such territories    reform
your concerns. Animal rights         as Réunion where dogs-as-bait       *Animal shelters should be
are an important issue in            occurs. The dogs and cats have      established to protect, de sex
France: over half of French          hooks passed through their          and to re home strays, if
households have at least one         snouts or through the tendons in    possible.
pet, and France has some of the      their legs and the hooks are        *After all effort to find homes
world’s most stringent animal        attached to lines and rods. The     for these stray animals has been
rights legislation. This             hapless animals are then tossed     made, and only then, should an
legislation applies to our           into the water where their          animal be considered for
overseas territories as well, and    struggles attract sharks. This is   euthanasia. I understand
specific efforts are also            horrific abuse of companion         massive roundups and
underway there (because of           animals that must suffer terrible   euthanasia are common.
their particular conditions).        agony in their deaths!
Several sterilization programs       The thought of this abuse of        *There needs to be harsh and
are gradually reducing the           companion animals abhors me.        consistent laws that are enforced
population of stray dogs that        Some humane animal welfare          for animal abuse. I understand
can be found on certain islands.     action needs to start               that the courts rarely seek the
As for the practice of using live    immediately.                        maximum jail sentence. In fact,
dogs or cats as shark bait           I respectfully ask the French       most offenders are not even
(which was never widespread          government (in letters to the       convicted. When they are,
nor traditional, but introduced      French Ambassador and Frech         penalties are little more than
by ruthless individuals), it has     President) to take responsibility   probation and a small fine.
been strictly banned for decades     for the wretched state of           I also urge tourism agencies to
now, and French authorities          homeless animals throughout its     recognize the routine incidence
continue to be very vigilant         overseas territories.               of animal abuse. I will not visit
regarding this matter.               In Guadeloupe 40,000 to 70,000      Guadeloupe, ...(etc)... Deputes
 We ask that you reconsider your     homeless dogs dodge bullets,        Europeens, until vigilant strides
boycott of France’s overseas         poison, and in a culture that       are made to enforce animal
territories in light of the fact     views them with apathy, hate or     protection laws in accordance
that French authorities are          fear. Some believe dogs are         with the laws of Metropolitan
aware of and dealing with the        "inhabited at night by evil         France, and some efforts made
problems you refer to. Moreover,     spirits." I strongly suggest that   to deal with stray animals as
these problems tend to be            the French government               suggested above…”
exaggerated in the reports that      implements the following:           V Ortega (VIC) 25.8.05
are being spread online.             *There needs to be a program of     (website links were included in
 Sincerely,                          registration of dog and cat         letter)
Press Office.                        ownership so that homeless
                                     animals can be traced to their      Some writers took further
                                     owners.                             action:
                                     *Animals need urgently to be de

                                                 Page 14
I have passed this info onto        years I have lived in Whittlesea.    and smaller dogs. He's had basic
nearly all of my friends.           I am a male sheep - a Merino to      training, i.e.: sitting and staying.
I have also sent the info to        be more precise, and I have          If you are interested in Spencer
Humane, WSPA and IFAW.              been neutered so thankfully I        or know someone who might be,
Humane Society hadn't heard of      don’t have the big horns because     please contact Linda on (03)
it so they were shocked and         sometimes I like to play, which      9833 5963 or her partner on (03)
interested.                         could make that a problem.....       9765 6401. (Spencer is
M Cordell 24.8.05                   Since I was a lamb I have            Melbourne based).
                                    been sharing a back yard with
M Cordell received this reply       my Kelpie friend.
                                    I am sadly restricted to the yard.
Thanks for sending through the                                           "Bouncer" a 3 year old pure
                                    I really need more space and
information on the dog and                                               bred, desexed male Boxer and
                                    more grass to graze. I still get
shark issue. We are putting                                              "Princess", a desexed, female
                                    my morning Weetbix but I
together an international                                                Maltese are looking for a loving,
                                    dream of space to roam free.....
campaign on this which will be                                           permanent home.
                                    If anyone can help me find a
run out of our European office      new loving home I will help pay
with support form all our other     my way (I do a great job on the
regions.                            lawns and my wool is well
Hard to believe these barbaric      sought after!) - please call or
acts still occur in the world       email my friend Melissa.
Thanks again for your concern.      Tel: (03) 9432 8730
                                    Mobile: 0439 638 242
Verna Simpson, Director   
Humane Society International
Phone 61 02 99731728
Fax 61 02 99731729                    Spencer is a Kelpie X German                      Shepherd, who is looking for a
                                    permanent home, preferably
I passed on the info to A Current   with a good sized back yard and
Affair. C Stansfield.

 Last Word
Does anyone have                                                         Ideally, they'd be kept together.
                                    daily walks. He is 5 years old,
room in their paddock               desexed, microchipped and is up      If interested, or know someone
for me?                             to date with all his vaccinations.   who might be, please contact
"Hi, my name is Donald                                                   Nella on (03) 9467 7997.
                                    He's a bit scared of bigger dogs,
(because I was born in Donald,      (due to having been bitten by        They're based in Melbourne.
Victoria) and for the past three    one), but is great with children
                                                Page 15

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