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									                                                                                               November 2010 Edition 8

                                                 Gold Coast Region
       Bob apologises for the lateness of this edition of the newsletter.

                             “Bob’s Blog”
Dear Scouter,
                                                     activities, cater for camps/activities and generally
Last month I discussed the role of Assistant Section assist in the running of the Section
Leader. This month it’s the turn of the Adult programme. The specifics of your duties will
Support Member (ASM).                                vary from week to week and be an ongoing
                                                     negotiation with the Section Leadership Team.
The ASM plays an important support role. At every
level in the Scouting structure, an ASM can be of An ASM is not assigned a Personal Leader http://goldcoast.scoutsqld.com.au
value. Whilst an ASM can be in uniform (ASMU) or Adviser.
                                                                                                          Region Ph: 0407 475369
non uniform (ASMNU), they each perform the same
                                                                                                           PO Box 879, Southport
duties.                                              ALL Committee members within Scouting must
                                                                                                               Newsletter Editor:
                                                     be Adult Support Members, and as Committee               Margaret Farrington
These duties will vary tremendously according to members, obviously have a very different role to magfar@optusnet.com.au
where the ASM is attached within Scouting. The perform than their counterparts attached to
majority of ASMs are attached to Groups, working Sections.
in a particular Section where they support the team
of Section Leaders. They must work under If you ever have any difficulty in your position,
supervision as they have no training or formal don’t forget you have your Section Leader,
Scouting qualifications other than having completed Group Leader, and the Region Leader
the Leadership Training 1 at their sign on giving (Retention) available to discuss any issues or                            Youth Count
them an overview of the Scout structure, Code of queries you may have.                                                       at 1.11.10

Conduct, Policy and Rules, Queensland Branch                                                                                   1114
Scouting Instructions etc. All ASM's must of course Bob Campbell, Region Commissioner
have a current blue card.
In your role as ASM attached to a Section you                                                                                Cubs

might be expected to (at all times under a qualified       1500
                                                                                    Youth Count                              Scouts

Leader's supervision), run or support games, set
up/pack up equipment for games and other                   1000
activities, transport youth members to and from
Inside this issue:            “We do not want to               0
Group Support            2    make Scout training
Adventurous Activities   2        too soft.”
Positions Vacant         3
                                   Robert Baden Powell
Margaret’s Daze          3
Region Committee Ram-    3                               World Scout Day 2011
Joeys/Cubs/Scouts        4
                             The very cute, endangered and ferocious Tasmanian Devil has been chosen
Venturers/Rovers         5   as the animal the Gold Coast Region will support whilst having fun at
Dates/Achievements       5   Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for the World Scout Day celebration in 2011,
Leader Movement          6   with the programme of events for the day almost finalised.

Region Cub Scout Camp 6      Links are being established with Scouts conducting environmental projects in Tasmania
                             which we will be able to support and monitor.
The Buzz                 7
R.A.T. Weekend Report    8   For those Venturers, Rovers and Leaders attending AV2012 in Tasmania, you will hopefully
                             be lucky enough to meet some of the people who have been involved in the project.
                                             Group Support
Hi All,
I have been in jail in Tasmania ( Working of course ),so I have only been to a few groups. Teviot has a
new Scout Leader and a new Cub Leader so I would like to welcome them to our region. I visited Beenleigh and was
greeted by witches and scary people, and then I realized it was their spook night. It was good to see so many
Leaders at the last Mindarri, our final one for the year is on Sunday 28th November, 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm
see you all there.

ARC Group Support
arc_ray@optusnet.com.au or Ph 0418 985 553

                  Region Activities Team (R.A.T.s)
                                                                                                      ARC Activities & Youth Programme
                                                                                                                   Support Sharyn Cripps

               ABSEILING Bookings are rolling in for 2011, so don’t miss out—let the Bookings
               Officer Trevor know your date (4th Sunday of each month) at
               Gametech@winshop.com.au or 0418 779990.
               PIONEERING The team are eagerly awaiting an invite to join your Section to flex
               their pioneering wings, share their knowledge and practice their skills. Contact
               Trevor to discuss you needs and he’ll put a team together for you.
               WATER Why not kick off 2011 by cooling off at the Hinze Dam at Numinbah
               Lakes Campsite. A relaxing weekend’s camping can be ramped up with the
               addition of some canoeing, kayaking or raft building. You can book the campsite with Anthony Watt
               at ajwattt@gmail.com, 55354510 or 0420980256. To book the Region Activities Team to run water
               activities, contact Trevor as above.
A smile is
  a curve                            Youth Programme Support
                                      World Scout Day and Spotted Quoll Research
 that can    Spotted Quoll Research Project—VSL Mudgeeraba Lee Rossow is heading up a team of dedicated
set many     Venturers who are assisting Dr Scott Burnett, Lecturer in Wildlife Ecology at the University of the
             Sunshine Coast. They have placed cameras at Binna Burra along the Coomera Circuit, a walk frequented by
   things    many, many members of the Gold Coast Region. As the footage from the cameras is collected and the results
             come to hand, hopefully we will have some sightings of the Spotted Quolls to report.
straight.                                        Flying Squad Ready for Take Off
             Thanks to some hard work by Margaret Farrington, the Flying Squad is now fully resourced and ready to get to
             work. A call to Assistant Region Commissioner Sharyn Cripps on 0418 755881 will get the ball rolling (please
             don’t call between 8.30am and 5pm Tuesday—Thursday)

                        Positions Filled -Newsletter Editor & Reporter
  Congratulations to Margaret Farrington and Jade Read on their new position. Not only is Margaret on
  the Flying Squad, but has also accepted the position of Newsletter Editor and Jade has accepted the role
  as Roving Reporter. We thank Margaret and Jade for their dedication to Scouting and the promotion of
  the Movement and wish them well in their new role. Please ensure Jade or Margaret are advised of ALL your activities,
  sending in reports and photos, particularly those reports youth members write. If you have any news at all, don’t be shy—
  let the whole Region know—it’s your communication tool!
  Thank you for all the support given to me during my term as Editor and Reporter. It has been a pleasure to assist in
  providing this vital communication link.
  Kind Regards,
  Sharyn Cripps,
  Former Newsletter Editor

  Page 2
                                           Margaret’s Daze
                         Training—What Do I Do?
Where can I get help with my Leader Training 2 Workbook and who can sign of the
Your PLA should be qualified to Woodbadge and has experience in your specific section.
Your PLA should verify completed sections. On completion, your team leader, usually the
Group Leader endorses the workbook
The workbook is sent to a Scout Assessor for final assessment. Brian See is one of the assessors in the
Region and Brian is available at Mindaris. Sharyn Cripps and Liz Childs have also been appointed as
Scout Assessors in Gold Coast Region’
PLA allocations are on the web page: http://goldcoast.scoutsqld.com.au/pla.htm
              Contact Margaret Day or Brian See for contact details.
PLA Meeting:
To ALL PLA’s, there is to be a meeting at the Canungra RSL on the 4th of December 2010. This is to
discuss you roles and your commitment as PLA’s, where you are at and reports on all of your Leaders for
whom you are PLA’s.
Upcoming training:
Our next Mindari is to be held on Sunday the 28th November 3pm to 6pm at Canungra Scout Den. This is
to be our last Mindari for the year before our 1st one for 2011, which will be the FERAL Camp to be held at
Camp Kallaroo at Burleigh Heads on the 20th-21st February 2011. The Final Mindari is to be a Holiday
Mindari, so no Uniform, but could you please all bring a Unisex present to the value of $5 for Santa to
distribute how he sees fit.
Scout + Venturer Skills 1+2 14-15 May 2011at Burleigh (closes 22 Apr 11)
Cub Scout Skills 2                 4 June 11 at Burleigh Den (closes 13 May 11)
Leadership Training 3              19 Mar & 26 Mar 11 at Beenleigh Den (closes 25 Feb 11)

Till next time.
“Leader Support Team”
Brian See, Region Leader Training

                                  REGION COMMITTEE RAMBLINGS
             Region Committee will be conducting a work shop for all members of the group executive and Group
leaders on the 21st November at Canungra R.S.L commencing at 9am and Schedule finishing time around
4pm. Morning Tea and Lunch will be provided.
Purpose of this workshop is to inform all members of their responsibilities to their role/appointment and duties as
required by Queensland Branch Scouting Instructions and the Group Leader. A wide range of topics will be covered
on the day and it is hoped that participants will obtain a better understanding of procedures
associated with the important tasks that are required.
Closing date for Catering purposes is 14th November and for those attending unannounced on the
day will be required to cover cost of meals-$12.00.
Bookings are to be made through the Regional Secretary, Kathy Trethowan Phone 55748445.
Til next newsletter
David Day – dday2179@gmail.com.au

     Page 3
                                  JOEY SCOUTS— “Help Other People”
                The Joey scout regional camp is fast approaching, we all will soon be together at the Canungra
                scout den for a weekend of great fun. I hope to see ALL Joeys in The Region on this weekend.

Something for you to look forward to in the new year is a program I will be running with the cub section called
Joey jump, this program is a one day activity designed for the older joeys that are ready to link to see what cubs
is all about and so the cub leaders can explain what cubs is about to the parents.

If there are any questions about the Joey camp, please give me a call.

Shane Eastwell
Regional Joey Leader 0421 620 248

  CUB SCOUTS— “Do Your Best”
  As the year draws to an end we all  seem  to get busier. If you’re doing something 
                 exciting, let me know and I'll try to attend.  
                        Had a great night a few weeks ago at Nerang with their Harry Potter 
                        night.    Everybody  put  in  a  great  effort  with  their  costumes. 
                        Burleigh White Wolf Pack had a great night learning about the world 
                        and friendship and had a special guest do some interesting science. 
                        Sorry  I  haven’t  seen  every  one,  but  some  nights  I  just  can't  go 
                        out.  Let me know about camps and I'll try to pop by.  
  Yours in scouting  
  Donna Morgan

SCOUTS— “Be Prepared”
This month, a lot of troops will be concentrating on completing badge work getting in the last of the hikes before the weather
gets too hot (don’t forget there is no hiking in December/January). Programming is key to supporting the youth members to
achieve maximum results in their award scheme. Programs should be pre prepared with input from your scouts. They
should be based on a theme within the award scheme and should include a game which lasts no longer than 15 minutes,
activities that achieve elements of the award scheme – one for each patrol in a rotation works well – patrol corner time,
another game (if time permits) and supper. Not really sure when we lost the last element – I have been in search of the
illusive “supper” for quite some time and it seems that it has become almost extinct within troop lines. Supper allows the
scouts to interact socially and share the kindness of the hospitality provided by the duty patrol.

The other key element to ensuring that our youth members continue in Scouting is the support we give them when issues
arise. Scouting is a learning experience and as such, when we experience difficulties with either personality, or activity
completions, we should be prepared to find solutions to the problem rather than wiping our hands of it. All problems have a
solution, as long as we continue to strive for ways to improve the Physical, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual and Emotional
development of our members, we will have no problem in stating that we are serving the aims and principals of
Scouting. Remember – each of us is unique in personality – it is what makes us. Take up the challenge of getting to know
alternative ways of communicating so that we can better understand each other.

Until I see you soon

Cindy Van Der Gevel, Region Leaders (Scouts)
Lorikeet.goanna@bigpond.com or cindy@uq.edu.au                  0432 754208

 Page 4
VENTURERS— “Look Wide”
The Region Venturer Night held at Beenleigh Scout Den on Monday, 25th October was one of enjoy-
ment and social get-together. These nights allow the venturers from all units in the region to mix and
get to know each other in a fun environment. On all accounts everyone had a good time.

Coming up is the ‘End of Year’ formal dinner and invitations have already been issued. This is guaranteed to be
another exceptional night, so venturers and leaders get your glad bags on.

Noosa Venture is fast approaching and from what I understand applications are now available. This is a must camp
with activities from beach bumming, 4 wheel driving, learning to surf and checking out the markets to name a few.

Dates not to be missed -
• 10th November       RVC Meeting (Canungra Den 7:30pm) 
• 29 November
                      End of Year Formal Dinner (Parkwood Heights Den 7:00pm to 9:00pm)
• 3 -5 December Noosa Venture
     rd th

Joy Smith, Region Leader (Venturers)

ROVERS— “Service”
                                            NEW CREW
Congratulations to the Beaudesert Scout Group on the commencement of their Rover Crew who will be sup-
ported over the coming month by Rovers from across the Region. Thankyou to LIC Marg Day for her invalu-
able assistance in getting the Crew across the line.

It was an honour to recently attend the presentation ceremony of Rover Brent Greenfield’s Wood Badge at Kangaroo Point
during the recent Level 1 Abseiling Course. Congratulations Brent, I am certain your beads will now be amongst your most
valued possessions. During the course Brent was able to utilise his Wood Badge Project (a powerpoint presentation of the
knotting portion of the Level 1) to course participants.

Trust you are all well into your preparations for the Roman themed inaugural Region Rover Camp in March next year.

Impending Region Leader Rovers Geoff Visher has made his way to the top of Australia on his circumnavigation, and wends
his way around the country en route to take up his position here in the Gold Coast Region. Not long now!

                                                                                                        Sharyn Cripps
                                                                                           Acting Region Leader (Rovers)

                Date Claimers
27th- 28th    Region Joey Scout Camp, Canungra
28th          Mindari at Canungra Den
5th           International Volunteer’s Day                    •   Triple Wolf this month for Caitlin
                                                                   Towers, Brayden Battelley and David
2011                                                               Cameron, all of the Jimboomba Scout
February                                                           Group on achieving their Grey Wolf
19th- 20th    FERAL Camp
March                                                              Award—well done!
18th- 20th    Region Rover Camp
26th          Region Joey Jump                                 •   Well done on 15 years of excellent
April                                                              service to the Scout Movement Anne
2nd          1st Gilwell Troop Formal Dinner
8-9          Scout Leadership Course                               Whitaker of the Ashmore Joey Mob.
29th-2nd May Region Scout Camp                                     Anne is also Region Rep for Joeys and
    “        May Venture                                           on the Branch Training Team (as many
             August 2010—August 2011
                                                                   Joey Leaders will know from first hand
      United Nationals International Year of Youth                 experience!)
      Theme - dialogue and Mutual Understanding

 Page 5
                             Leader Movement in the Movement

  • Congratulations and welcome to Elaine Gillis, new Cub Scout Leader with the Teviot Scout Group

                      Region Cub Scout Camp
                    Moogerah Dam 5th - 7th Nov
Our first region cub camp has been and gone. We had a great turn out for our first
camp with 301 in total attending. Groups came from; Canungra, Coomera, Burleigh
Heads, Helensvale Woomera and Seonee packs, Greenbank Tuesday and
Thursday Packs, Beaudesert, Ashmore, Labrador, Beenleigh, Jimboomba, Teviot
and Logan Village.
Our theme for this camp was Christmas. On Sunday we had the great sleigh race.
All groups made their sleighs using poles ropes and anything that they had.
Beenleigh tried to add a V8 engine but we wouldn't allow this. The sleighs had to be
pulled by all 9 reindeer and Santa had to be in the sleigh collecting gifts. Greenbank
Tuesday ended up winning the finals in this race. We even had the leaders race in
the sleigh against the cubs, and of course they won it.
Activities that the cubs did while on camp where Christmas crafts, newspaper dress
ups, Gods eyes, ballista's, win it in a minute, putt putt, obstacle course and of
course the favourite canoeing and swimming in the Lake.
Friday night upon arrival to camp there was rain for about 2 - 3 hours but that was
the last we saw of the rain.
Brian See was our cook on the weekend and did a fantastic job as no one went
I like to thank Ian Cole and the Moreton canoeing team who run the water activities
John Mills (Jabiru) came to visit on Saturday. He attended all the bases and even
got dressed up with Newspaper at the Beenleigh base. Photos will follow.
The whole camp ran smoothly with no incidents and all groups looking forward to
attending next years camp.
A special thanks goes out to Michelle Everett (Gecko) for all her work on this camp.
Yours in scouting
Sallie Fletcher

   Page 6
           The Buzz .... Leader’s Corner
               Remote First Aid Course 23-24 October
“Remote First Aid is a course that covers the Senior First Aid cur-
riculum and beyond,” Dr Rice explained. “We were really pleased
to have Darryl Clare OAM from St John as our instructor for the

“First Aid courses usually assume you can get an ambulance or
doctor in 15 minutes or so,” said Venturer Scout Peter Harm,
who had previously completed a Senior First Aid course. “But you don’t have to go
far out of town to be looking after someone for a lot longer than that.”

Venturer Scouts from Beaudesert and elsewhere in Gold Coast Region joined with
adult leaders to attend the 2-day Remote First Aid course. Topics included CPR
with mannequins, automatic heart defibrillators, emergency asthma management,
bites and stings and went on to monitoring of casualties and handover to ambu-
lance staff.

Highlights of the course were simulated multi-casualty “incidents” that included pa-
tients who were unconscious, fitting, had broken bones, burns or internal injuries.
One scenario supposed that the casualties had fallen from a hot-air balloon; an-
other featured a 4WD vehicle that had run through a campsite. Venturers and lead-
ers also acquired skills in simulating injuries with
makeup, blood and simulated wounds loaned from St
John Ambulance.

My brother had a tire-track right across his belly,” said
Venturer Scout Kieren Rice. “He went into shock from
internal bleeding.”

                                        The First Gilwell Troop

                                   Annual 1st Gilwell Troop Formal Dinner

 Calling all 1st Gilwell Troop Members—please note your diaries that Saturday 2nd April is the date set down for the
                                     Annual 1st Gilwell Troop’s Formal Dinner.

We haven’t yet picked a venue, so anyone with any great ideas for somewhere special you’ve always wanted to get
all dressed up and dine in fine style with fantastic company .... Let us know! Bring your suggestions to Mindari or let
 the ARC Activities & Youth Programme Support know (that’s Sharyn Cripps at Gametech@winshop.com.au in case
                                    you’ve been hiding under a rock!!!).

 It’s a really special night, let’s come up with a really special venue that befits our tremendous commit-
                                           ment to the Movement.

  Page 7
communication is                                    Region Website Resources
as stimulating as                                    www.goldcoast.scoutsqld.com.au
black coffee, and
   just as hard         •      Interesting articles
 to sleep after.”       •      Copies of the Region Newsletters
                        •      Campsite information and maps to get there
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
                        •      Calendar of activities
                        •      Library including induction pack for families; “ICE” drug presentation; ADD presenta-
                               tion, Gold Coast Team structure
                        •      Restricted zone with contact details for ALL Leaders in the Region (username/
                               password available from Brian See)
                        •      Flying Squad info
                        •      Region Structure and Guidelines
                        •      Profiles

                                  RA.T.s team weekend 5‐7 November 2010 

   Our  annual  team  weekend  away  kicked  off  on  Friday  night  with  several  members  of  the  team 
   sharing tea at Canungra before heading out to the campsite for after dinner drinks and movies.. 
   Green Zone…mmm…Matt Damon… 
   Up bright and early Saturday morning headed over the creek to the hill.  This is where Tim got to 
   practice with his new cane knife… and boy was he excited and couldn’t wait to use it.. 
   After much scrambling & clearing it was apparent  the site is too young and crumbly.  We’ll have 
   to  come  back  in,  say  50,  000  years  before  we  could  safely  abseil  on  it..    Up  at  the  next  creek 
   crossing, alas, same as the other one.. to0 crumbly and not safe…... back to the drawing board.. 
   After a healthy lunch we checked out the creek to ensure it was shallow enough for us to lounge 
   around in .. soaked up some sun,  laughter & good company.. 
   After  another  wonderful  meal  we  retired  to  the  tent  for  movie  &  drinks..  Mexican  for  tea  was 
   probably not a good move.. There were some interesting noises coming from both ends through 
   out the night… lol.. lots of overly loud snoring was heard.. 
   Sunday  dawned  bright  and  clear..    After  packing  up  and  a    fantastic  breaky..  We  stripped  our 
   harnesses and packs to the bare essentials ready to head down to Back Creek.. all very excited 
   about abseiling and playing in the waterfall and billabongs…  
   But  alas  all  good  plans  go  haywire..      We  arrived  at  Back  Creek  to  get  the  news  that  urgent 
   assistance was needed to abseil Scouts at Karingal.  When duty calls, the R.A.T.s responds, so we 
   all    hot  footed  it  to  Karingal  to  help.      Even  though  it  didn’t  pan  out  as  we  had  hoped,  the 
   weekend  turned  out  fantastic…  Back  Creek  will  have  to  wait  for  another  day.....  We  were 
   disappointed?  You bet.  Do the Scouts come first?  YES— no question! We’re ALWAYS happy to 

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