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									Entrepreneurship support at the
University of Twente: Acceleration of
Regional Economic Growth

Prof. Dr. Aard J. Groen
Head of department Entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy and international
Scientific director NIKOS,

                                         The Entrepreneurial University
• Opportunities and results of spin off program TOP
  from University of Twente
• Successes but also issues to solve
• Approach of design of support structure
• Firm level
• University level
• Q&A

                                         The Entrepreneurial University
                                Activitities in NIKOS
        Business Development                               Research
    •   TOP                                            •   The role of entrepreneurial networking
    •   NENSI                                          •   University-Industry Interaction (ECIU)
    •   KEB                                            •   E-commerce in SME’s
    •   Bepart                          Research       •   Global start ups
    •   Mephi                                          •   Database of knowledge intensive firms
    •   Global starts                                  •   Marie Curie Training site
                                                       •   High Tech Small firm Conference0

               Business             Entrepreneurship
              Development                                      Teaching

    Training & consultancy                               Teaching
•   Market orientation HTSF             Training       • Minor Entrepreneurship, international management
•   KVGO/VNO-NCW                          and          • High tech business development
•   Rabo                               Consultancy     • Msc Innovative Entrepreneurship & business
•   International consultancy                            development
                                                       • ECIU Master Innovation & Entrepreneurship

                                                                           The Entrepreneurial University
How to stimulate growth in high tech based firms?

  • Laissez faire, the invisible hand of the market will do
    its work
  • Governmental intervention, The visible hand steers
    the region: e.g.transfer state service organisations to
    the region; or start an university
  • Co-ordinate many visible hands by building
    entrepreneurial networks on micro level

                                              The Entrepreneurial University
Nano, IT, Biomedtech and entrepreneurship research:
From fundamental to multidisciplinary work
                 MESA                  systems
                 medicine         !    CTIT
                                  !      tele-
                  development &         medicine
                  Tech dynamics

                     IGS-                 BMTI

                                                   The Entrepreneurial University
Forms of creating value in different research types
                           Research Process
                                                  Fundamental                   Demonstrator                      Integrator/
    Valorization Process


                             Opportunity          Publication or IPR             Proprietary IPR           Scouting for business ideas
                                               External 2nd opinion on        Incentive for inventor        Market-pull and product-
                              Recognition                technology          External 2nd opinion on              based technology
                                                Incentive for inventor             business aspects                  development
                                              Social culture researchers                                          Seed money

                             Opportunity      Role of technology in value      Demolab feasibility           Spin-off creation (TOP)
                                                            chain               Business model               Entrepreneurial process
                               Preparation          Application for               Market data                       Investors
                                                    grants/subsidy (NWO,             PMC
                                                          EU, STW)

                             Opportunity          Concept creation              Business network             Incubator (labs, offices,
                                                (Industrial) scientific       Business Development                  administration)
                               Exploitation              networking                      Process                  Science Park
                                               External communication          Business valuation of             Production and
                                                    (science, education,               technology                 commercialization
                                                          society)          Licensing/Co-development              Management
                                                                                 with industry (grants)


                                                                                                          The Entrepreneurial University
sociotechnical                                             3

A patchwork
of regimes


that work”        1

                      [1] Novelty, shaped by existing regime
                      [2] Evolves, is taken up, may modify regime
                      [3] Landscape is transformed
                                                           The Entrepreneurial University
     The entrepreneurial process

Opportunity    Opportunity    Value
recognition   development    creation



                               The Entrepreneurial University
The Entrepreneurial University
 Support throughout enterprise genesis process
                           Concept                Organisation development
Idea generation
                                                  Venture capital &
                           Accelerator            financing
                TOP        Incubator
ENT-Training               Technopark
                                                  organisational support

            Coaching     training,    courses,      networks
                              “Train the trainer”
                  Monitoring entrepreneurship development
                                                            The Entrepreneurial University
What are the needs of an entrepreneur?
  • Culture, values, norms                   • Ideas
  • Facilities                               • Assessing the
  • Personel arrangements &                    opportunity
    Systems                      Scope:      • Strategic processes
  • Knowledge                      from      • Business plan
                                  idea to

          Skills:             Entrepreneur
                                                Scale: Economy:
        Patterns of               and
                                                Financial means
       Organisation            Enterprise

  Contacts with:                 Social      • Own capital
  - clients                     Network-     • bridging development
  - suppliers                   Contacts       period
  - experts                                  • Financing investments
  - colleagues                                 - Venture Capital
  - support agents                             - Loans

                                                        The Entrepreneurial University
                   Support instruments
• Culture, values, norms                         • Ideas
Knowledge &
• Facilities                                     • Assessing the
• Personelrrangements &                            opportunity
  Systems                         Scope:         • Strategic processes
• Knowledge                         from      Strategic Coach
Organisational                                   • Business plan
                                   idea to
support                           Strategy

        Skills:                Entrepreneur
      Patterns of
                                                    Scale: Economy:
                                                    Financial means
     Organisation          training & Courses

Contacts with:                                   • Own capital
- clients
                                 Network-          Soft loans
                                                 • bridging development
                                 Contacts          period
- suppliers
- experts
                                                 • Financing investments
- colleagues                                       - Venture Capital
- support agents                                   - Loans

                                                            The Entrepreneurial University
Spin off Companies University of Twente

                              The Entrepreneurial University
                  Economic results:
•   500 firms in TOP program (since 1985)
•   Approx. 400 survived
•   Total direct employment in region > 4000 fte
•   Indirect employment ?
•   Clustering: ICT, biomedical, process technologies,
    nano (around Mesa+)

                                           The Entrepreneurial University
• Spin offs are small (medium) sized
• Growth is small
• Distance to market  death valley
• IP returns to University until now via direct financing
  of research and infrastructure
• IP: patents are recently taken by UT: aim long term
  growth of IP returns
• What about creating business in/with existing firms?

                                            The Entrepreneurial University
•   Market orientation versus technology orientation
•   Operational effectiveness versus Strategic flexibility
•   Service or product / production
•   Strategic partnering (TIMP)
•   Management competencies
•   Building of industrial networks
•   Global arena

                                              The Entrepreneurial University
The Entrepreneurial University
Characteristics of high ambition spin offs
      • Culture, values, norms                          • Ideas
      • Facilities                                      • Assessing the
      Balanced teams &
      • Personelrrangements
                                                   Growth ambition
      combining management,
        Systems                      Scope:        Strategic focus based on
                                                        • Strategic processes
      • Knowledge                      from        insights in T-M-O
      commercial &                                      • Business plan
                                      idea to      dynamics & value
      technology skills              Strategy

              Skills:             Entrepreneur
                                 Entrepreneurial           Scale: Economy:
            Patterns of                and
                              and market orientation       Financial means
           Organisation            Enterprise

                                                   Overcoming death valley
      Strong connections with         Social       (time-to-market vs
                                                        • Own capital
      market (suppliers-clients)
       Contacts with:                Network-
      - clients                                         • bridging through
      Managing strong & weak         Contacts
      - suppliers                                  access to venture capital
      ties (in business &
      - experts                                         • Financing investments
                                                          - Venture Capital
      academic world)
      - colleagues
      - support agents                             investors)
                                                          - Loans

                                                                  The Entrepreneurial University
  UT-Entrepreneurship Support Structure:
          Innovation Lab Twente
• Decentralised into research institutes, accelerators
• Specialised business development support from
  NIKOS and BCvB staff
• Market-academy connection via accelerators
  (business developers) in the research institutes
• Utility sharing
• Venture capital network
• UT-strategy, focus on spearheads of research
  (converging technologies: Nano-IT-biomed)
• At least 10-15% of academic staff involved in leading
  the entrepreneurial activities

                                          The Entrepreneurial University
 Twente Life Sciences Business Accelerator

Nanotech accelerator               Business & Technology Centre – BTC-Twente

                                                      The Entrepreneurial University
      Entrepreneurship in the curriculum (1)

 3yr Bachelor / elective Minor

1 & 2 year Master programme

                                    The Entrepreneurial University
    Entrepreneurship in the curriculum (2)
• Advanced Technologies
   – Bachelor programme with “entrepreneurship and business
     development” as a specialisation
• Industrial Design
   – In Bachelor programme: Market-oriented entrepreneurship
• Business & Information Technolgies
   – In Master programme: Business Development in Networks
• For Ph D students: Business planning and technology dynamics
• For all students (elective):
   – Become your own Boss
   – Managing an SME

                                               The Entrepreneurial University
  Characteristics of successful support of
        entrepreneurial processes
• Multi-dimensional (strategy, organisation, networking,
• Multi-level networking: firm level, regional level,
  global networks enhancing University Industry
  Interaction across technological fields
• Multi-actor: combining heterogeneous competencies
  e.g. creativity,technology, and marketing

                                          The Entrepreneurial University
 New Program for generating High potential
entrepreneurial teams creating business out
             of UT-technology

                               The Entrepreneurial University
        Group based support/selection
• Kansrijk eigen baas (200 firms created in 2,5 year in
• Individual trajectories (self selection based)
• Group based (n=60, 4-6 months)
• Self selection + assessment
• Intensive training, ideas brought in, process of
  enterprise concept development

                                          The Entrepreneurial University
         High Tech / High potential
       Group based selection process
•   Enterprising with knowledge
•   Group based (n=60, 4-6 months) + team/concept
    based 1 year
•   Target groups students Saxion, UT & persons with
    work experience
•   Using high potential business concepts UT

                                        The Entrepreneurial University
          High Tech / High potential
        Group based selection process
1.   Self selection + assessment
2.   Intensive training, general ideas brought in,
     process of enterprise concept development
3.   Selection of high potential T-M-F teams matched
     with high potential business concepts
4.   Small group/personal coaching with high level
     business coaches
5.   Network with international VC-funds
6.   Office space 1000m2

                                         The Entrepreneurial University
                Expected Results
• Groups of 60 persons
• 30 firms based on own idea development of
  participants (after 5 years 25 firms, employment
• 5 firms based on high potential ideas matched with
  teams based on selection during program (after 5
  years, 2-3 firms, employment >250)
• 2 groups per year, 3 years  employment after 8
  year >3000

                                         The Entrepreneurial University
Questions and remarks?

                     The Entrepreneurial University

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