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									Internet Marketing Madness
 How to Win Your Business Bracket
Scalper Sold U Wrong Tickets If
•	 Don’t	Like	Basketball	or	Marketing
•	 Don’t	Know	GU	Basketball	Greats
•	Don’t	Like	Comparing	Said	Gonzaga	
Greats	to	Online	Marketing	Tactics
•	 You	Actually	Think	I’m	Going	to	Help	You	
Pick	Your	NCAA	Tourney	Bracket
Personal Courtside Seats For...
•	 Online	Strategies	&	Tactics
•	 Real-World	Business	Tips
•	 Tips	for	Picking	Your	Tactics
•	 Internet	Marketing	Madness
                 Championship   Pay-Per-Click

Make Big Logo       $$$             Print

  Viral Video

Random Choices

                                 A/B Testing

What CEO Wants

 Social Media                        PR

Super Bowl Ad                   Hot New Trend
Teamwork Wins Games

1   Meet The Players
2   LocalU Game Day Recap
3   Understand The Rules
4   Get In The Game
John Stockton as Analytics
    Hey John, I have an             Good idea, Karl. I see it
idea! Let’s run a pick & roll   has converted into points 67.8%
       to the basket!             of the time so far this year.
Know What Wins Games!
Matt Bouldin as SEO
Well Balanced, Long-Term SEO
•	 Logical,	Accessible,	Keyword	Rich	Info
•	 Pass	Link	Juice	Appropriately	to	Score.		
•		Open	Site	Explorer	examines	link	struc-
ture	and	top	pages	of	a	site.
Will Foster aka Social Media
Social Media Basketball
•	 REACH	out	beyond	home	court
•	 DEFEND	your	reputation/services
•		CHARGE	into	new	professional	arena’s
•		SCOUT	your	competitors	&	trends
•	for	Twitter	trend	analysis
Adam Morrison as Viral Video
                      Yeah, The
                Stash just dropped 50!
Thinking Viral? Better Mean It.
•	 Is	it	truly	viral	(funny,	crazy,	etc.)?
•	 DON’T	combine	corporate	messaging	
with	funny	viral	video.		It	will	FAIL.
•		In	fact,	MOST	viral	efforts	FAIL	
•		Keep	it	short	(under	45	sec)	authentic,	
and	provide	multiple	exposure	feeds.
Jeremy Pargo aka PR
     3-2-1 Lift-off
PR And SEO Rocket Fuel
•	 SEO	needs	high	value	links
•	 PR	(done	right)	gets	high	value,	trusted	
links	and	tells	a	compelling	story.
•		Share	compelling	stories	and	thrive
•		PR	=	Awesome	overall	value
Sean Mallon as Local Search
             Don’t bring that
              in my house.
              Locals Only!
Locals Only, Yo
•	 Actually	easy	to	level	playing	field
•		Generally	quick	improvements
•	 It’s	all	about	how	you	define	your	prod-
ucts	and	services	and	citations.
•		Many	underestimate	power	of	local
•	 Get	Listed,	Yo
Ronny Turiaf as Paid Search
Remember 1 Thing About PPC
•	 It’s	all	about	the	click-through-rate
•	 Did	I	mention	to	have	a	high	CTR
•		Google	gets	paid	if	you	have	one
•		You	pay	less	if	you	have	one
•		You	really	need	a	high	CTR
JP Batista as Email Marketing
Email Marketing Since the 90’s
•	 Yes,	it’s	old
•	 Yes,	it’s	boring
•		Yes,	it	totally	freakin’	works!
•		Create	goals	to	increase	type/volume	
of	opt-ins.		Track	them	in	analytics	and/or	
email	marketing	solution.
Pendo as Hard Work/Glue Guy
Round 1 Game LocalU Event
•	 Marketing	partners	to	drive	sales	
through	their	channels	(email	blasts,	
tweets,	word	of	mouth,	Facebook,	etc.)
•	 Advertising	to	drive	sales
•	 Social	media	to	drive	sales	as	well
•		Blogging	to	drive	sales	&	educate
Game Day Half-Time Talk
•	 Some	marketing	partners	performed	
MUCH	better	than	others
•	 Advertising	alone	FAILED
•	 Social	media	alone	was	NOT	effective
•		Personal	networks/influencers	WORK
•		Insight	NEEDED!
LocalU Post Game Observations
•	 Had	exposure	(advertising,	social	media,	
email	lists,	partner	channels,	etc.)
•	 Education	rocked	(detailed	blogs,	videos,	
valuable	content,	don’t	sell,	educate)
•	 Gain	trust	&	earn	recommendations
•		Exposure	+	education	+	trust	=	success!
Get In The Game
•	 Break	up	into	groups	by	table
•	 Elect	a	real	company	to	market
•	 Discuss	actual	market	conditions
•		Make	recommendations
•		Share	with	the	group

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