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					Internet marketing – quick guide

                                      INTERNET MARKETING

Step 1: you need a website

So, you’ve got as far as making the decision to have a website; you’ve even briefed a website
design company, realising in the process that there is a lot more to it than just saying “design me
site that shows what my business can do”.
You will have had a lot more to think about, starting with “what do I want my site to achieve”, all the
way to whether to include e-commerce, content writing, static or dynamic site, content
management, hosting, domain name registration to name but a few.

Step 2: what do you do with it

Now that you have taken this –not so small- step, another presents itself: what to do with your site?
Because of course publishing your site on the world wide web does not guarantee anyone seeing
Its needs to be promoted in the same way as the rest of your business in order to achieve the
particular objectives that you set out. This is all the more important if you are going to operate
solely from the internet to trade (i.e no office / shop open to the public)

How you are going to promote your site depends very much on what you need to achieve

You want:

You want an information site, just another mean for clients to find information about you

Ok, so you don’t want to be left behind.

You need your clients and potential clients to be aware of your online presence. Add your web
address and email on you business literature (business cards, leaflets, brochures…), company
vehicle, and of course tell people. If you carry out any advertising, include it in there as well.

Ensure that you site is designed and developed to be “search engine friendly” so that at the very
least it gets found by the right people. Search engine submission exercises can be time consuming
and costly, as well as taking time to get results, so the decision to carry this out must be taken
thinking about what your objectives for the site are (as well as selecting a business that will do the
job properly, of course)

You want a lot of visitors

As well as ensuring that the site is designed to be search engine friendly (Google being the main
one), consider some more pro-active activities (in addition to the basic tasks mentioned above)

   •    Search engine submission: Quite simply alerting the search engines to your presence on
   the net, with the aim to be one of the sites that will be presented to the “surfer” when looking for
   products and services similar to yours (ahead of the competition)
   •    Keep your site “alive”: regularly add new content to your site; this is easily done by
   including a news page, but also altering the general site content. Forums and blogs are other

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Internet marketing – quick guide
  •    “Links” pages: include a page which shows / lists websites that are
  related to your own activities (ie no direct competitors or unrelated sites).,
  where possible ask those sites to also list your webpage (reciprocal link),
  thus giving you further exposure.

  •    Email campaigns: plan an email campaign, as you would use traditional direct marketing /
  mail shots. This can either compliment your traditional methods or be the only one, and the
  same principles can be applied: good timing (e.g. promotional offers for expected quieter times),
  not time wasting (don’t send an essay, be to the point, get your message across quickly and
  clearly), stay legal (particularly if you target the consumer markets, you will have to include an
  opt-in option to your email campaigns via your site) by keeping up to date with relevant

  •    Google Adwords” – advertising to bring visitors to the site. This is a PPC (pay per click)
  solution which gives you control of how much money you spend. There are 2 options available
  when using Adwords: keyword targeted ads, where by the ads will appear based on the
  keywords users put in the search engine, or site-targeted ads, which will appear on websites
  that are relevant to your services. Yahoo offers a similar service (Yahoo Sponsored Search) for
  its search engine, that you might also want to consider

You want to generate additional revenue

Whether or not your site has got ecommerce you wish to generate revenue from your visitors.
Several options are available:

      1. For direct revenue generation:

             a.   “Google Adsense” ,

Onsite Advertiser Sign-up, your ad units will display an 'Advertise on this site' link that takes
advertisers to an informational landing page with details about your site and the Google AdWords
advertising program. Advertisers who sign up through this page will be guided to create an ad
targeted specifically to your site, and only your site. When more advertisers create and target ads
to your site, you'll benefit from the competition as it drives your potential earnings up

             b. Subscription to an affiliate programme (e.g. commission junction, trade doubler),
                which will provide relevant links / ads for your site. The “advertisers” pay the
                “publishers” a fee, generally for transactions (i.e paid on results not per click)

      2. For increased visitors:

             a. You might want to look into the possibility of being an affiliate programme
                advertiser, whereby you’d pay a small fee to any online leads generated by affiliate

      3. general brand awareness

A proactive approach will be needed to reach all of your target market . Electronic direct marketing
campaigns can be carried out to promote the services offered, making the target market aware of
your presence and encouraging them to purchase your service by offering special incentives.
Encourage viral marketing by inserting a message to encourage “forwards”, a “send this page to a
friend” link to your website…


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Internet marketing – quick guide
Actual campaigns
        Adsense is cost-free, a money generation programme
        Affiliate programmes, publishers do not pay to enter the programme,
only advertisers
Adwords campaigns: initial £50 payment required to start the campaign and credit your account,
further spending set by yourself
Yahoo Sponsored Search: minimum £60 payment required to start the campaign and credit your
account, further spending set by yourself


Adsense and affiliate programmes: will require some programming time to insert code in
appropriate pages, as will be agreed. Management time will also be required to set out parameters
of the campaigns.

Adwords: each ad / campaign needs to be researched to identify most effective keywords, ads to
be written, campaigns to be monitored regularly to ensure performance is acceptable

     4. Step 3: Other means to promote your business online

Email marketing

Costs of acquiring mailing lists vary, there are many suppliers that cover anything from general
listings to specialists listings. In addition to acquiring lists the creation of the actual email
(copywriting, design….) must be considered when planning, together with the rather key issue of
how to actually send those messages, as you’ll find that your work server (or ISP) will not allow you
to send more than a few messages at a time. There are some service suppliers available that will
allow you to manage the whole process from content writing, design, list management, sending,
unsubscribe request etc… for just a few pence per message sent.

Viral marketing

You will probably have heard about this concept before. It basically refers to a marketing technique
of which the aim is to “spread the word” by encouraging the recipient of your “message” to pass it
on to others. Viral marketing describes any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a
marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the
message's exposure and influence, (see this viral marketing article for further details)
Viral marketing can take various forms, from clever messages on emails, “forward to a friend” links,
free offers, something enticing, different, “viral”… ☺


Got something to talk about? Then get writing. There are sites that will offer press releases
publication services, you can create blogs, participate in blogs, write in forums.
Make sure that whatever you write contains key information and that you help readers get to your
site without it sounding too much like an obvious hard-sell speech. And if you are really brave, try
You tube!

Other tools:

News releases

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Internet marketing – quick guide

Social Media marketing (blog marketing and viral marketing)

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