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									    Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                                             Term 4, 2009

        The Scouting Scribbler
                  Official publication of the Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group

Medieval Challenge
On Sunday Bullcreek Leeming Cubs hosted the
annual District Challenge for Cub packs from
our district Coastal Plains. As we won last
years Milk Bottle Regatta it was our chance to
choose the challenge. We decided to host a
medieval themed challenge with cardboard
castles, trebuchets, and flour and water bombs.
Previous challenges have
included the Great
Fremantle Treasure Hunt,
A Day at the Zoo, and last
year’s Milk Bottle Regatta.
This year’s challenge saw
eight packs gather for the
challenge. They created
their castles, built their
trebuchets and crafted
their water and flour
bombs. At 3pm it all
started when Melville’s
Mayor Russell Aubrey
gave the signal. Flour and water flew, castles
suffered damage, trebuchets fired and many
were floured and dampened. When the dust                                            The winners:
had cleared Willagee Kardinya was judged to                                         Willagee
have won. All at Bullcreek Leeming secretly                                         Kardinya
knew that we had won but we knew that there
had to be a different winner each year.
Many thanks to all the
leaders, parents and staff
who helped make our
Medieval Challenge a
great day. Special thanks
to our kitchen staff,
especially Peta and Jenny.
     Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                                               Term 4, 2009

Joeys keep busy                                                     Family Camp
                                                                     Kids Run Amuck.
Joeys have been very busy this term. They have been                  Parents Relaxed.
working hard on their Environmental Badge which was
combined with the Environmental Festival held by              This year’s Family Camp was a
branch for Joeys at Perry Lakes. There were many              highly organised event. Families
activities for the Joeys to do and they got to meet           who attend were required to split
Captain Cleanup with his very yellow car! I would like to     into two groups, one with parents
thank the Joey who came and enjoyed their time with me        and the other children. The parents
at this event as I had a great time.                          were required to remain still,
Also the Mob have been busy writing letters to our new        comfortable and in a reclined
pen pals, 17th Ramsgate Beavers in England. This is a         position, in a shady spot with
part of our Care and Share Badge. This does take a while      something cold. The groups of
to organize and send as it goes by snail mail. Our Mob        children were expected to rotate
send the Beavers letters and we also send a Bullcreek         through the parental groups in a
Leeming Scarf and some badges which confirms our              random fashion collecting food,
extended friendship.                                          drinks and extra items of clothing,
                                                              fishing gear or paddles. A further
This year our Mob had a small start but we have grown         requirement of the groups of
so much. Joeys have enjoyed a Sleepover at Hillside           children was for them to disappear
Farm, Joey Leap in Westfield, a visit to the RSL Club,        for a time to see if the parental
placing flowers on ANZAC Day, a zoo trip with the             groups noticed. After a specified
Cubs of WA, Trek-a-bout, a Branch Campfire by the             amount of time small groups of
Swan River, a Environmental Festival and a Christmas          parents were required to wander
Bash by Possum.                                               through the camp site and
                                                              surrounding area to see if the
I would like to thank all those who have helped me            children could be found. If none
through the year as it is a big task for one Leader with so   were found the children had won
many terrific Joeys. Most of all a Big Thank You to all       and the parents had to play the
the Joeys who have supported me and for having time to        game again.
have fun at Joeys.
I would love to see everyone come back next year for a
fun filled Joey journey as I will be ready and waiting with
all the great games and fun that I have planned.               Next year’s camp has
Here’s a little tidbit about next year’s plan of events; a    been booked for Friday
Branch Sleepover themed on environment, Joey Leap                through Sunday,
held in Wembly and much more. Till then stay safe on
the holidays and see you next year where all the fun          12-14 November 2010
begins, at Joeys Bullcreek Leeming!!                            at the same venue,
Love Possum                                                     Estuary Hideaway
                                                              Holiday Park, Bouvard.

    Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                           Term 4, 2009

Scouts - Integrating our Groups
This term our Scouts have worked together
with the Venturers as well as the Cubs in
order to help everyone as they move to each
section get to know one another.
Monday 26th October saw our combined
Scouts/Venturers ‘Master Scout’ cook off
where the aim of the evening was to start off
with the same ingredients and be as creative
as possible. The kids had steak, sausages,
potatoes and salads, as well as some variation
of a damper recipe for desert. We had many
and varied dishes at the end of the evening
and lots of smoke through and outside the
hall, but ended up with some great food. Our
Scout and Venturer leaders were judges and
the winners were treated to chocolate Freddos
and lots of laughs! Thanks to Marc for organizing a great
night and to the Venturers for inviting us.
Another evening saw some of our Scout leaders and
Scouts join the Cubs at Piney Lakes for Parade and a
linking Ceremony. We linked Niamh Walsh and Jackson
Best from our Cub Pack to our Scout
Troop and we are looking to have a
ceremony similar to this one each
term so that we can show our
Cubs what we are about and
make the process a smooth one
for everyone. It’s also a nice
way to recognise the efforts of
our Cub leaders and to give
them a chance to say goodbye
to the children who are moving
up to Scouts.

YIS – Jacala

     Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                                                          Term 4, 2009

Helpful camping tips
When using a public campground, a tuba placed on           You can duplicate the warmth of a down-filled
your picnic table will keep the campsites on either        bedroll by climbing into a plastic garbage bag with
side vacant.                                               several geese.

While the Swiss Army Knife has been popular for            You can compress the diameter of your rolled up
years, the Swiss Navy Knife has remained largely           sleeping bag by running over it with your car.
unheralded. Its single blade functions as a tiny
canoe paddle .                                             A potato baked in the coals for one hour makes an
                                                           excellent side dish. A potato baked in the coals for
Effective January 1, 2010, you will actually have to       three hours makes an excellent hockey puck.
enlist in the Swiss Army to get a Swiss Army Knife.
                                                           The guitar of the noisy teenager at the next
Lint from your navel makes a handy fire starter.           campsite makes excellent kindling.
Warning: Remove lint from navel before applying
the match.                                                 Check the washing instructions before purchasing

When camping, always wear a long-sleeved shirt. It         A two-man pup tent does not include two men or
gives you something to wipe your nose on.                  a pup.

any apparel to be worn camping. Buy only those that        In an emergency, a drawstring from a parka hood
read "Beat on a rock in stream."                           can be used to strangle a snoring tent mate.

                              Free Car/Bomb Required
    14th May 2010, Beverley
    This activity organised by Scouts Australia requires Venturers to
    drive their specially-prepared cars through many driving
    The event will be held at the Beverley Motor Sport Complex in May this year and attracts
    Venturer units from around the state bringing together approximately 400 youth members.
    Our Venturers are looking for a car that may be acquired cheaply (free) which they will then
    work on. They are required to prepare the mechanics of the car and also to keep the car
    operational for each of the 15 activities held over the weekend. Last time this included two
    night rallies.
    Can you help? If you can provide a car to the Venturers for this great event then please
    contact Baggy at or Marc at
    Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                                       Term 4, 2009

Cubs racing ahead
Over three weeks the cubs built and then raced billy carts. The billy
carts were fantastic and went really fast. A big thank you to the
parent helpers who pitched in to help the Cubs with the hard bits.
The billy carts were based on a design from Better Homes and
Gardens Magazine, November issue. The plans are reproduced
below if you would like to build your own.

   Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                                             Term 4, 2009

Cubilee this year was on 7th
November. The Cubs combined
with Bibra Lake Scout Group
and travelled to Wanneroo
Showgrounds for a
day of fun.

            Combined 2009 End of Year Celebration
   Thursday 10 December 6.00 - 7.30pm
   Please join us in a final combined meeting to celebrate the end of the year.

   Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers will make teams and
   combine in an outside Wide Game.                                6.00   Presentations
                                                                   6.20   Wide Game
   Parents are invited to stay for refreshments and socialise.
                                                                   7.00   Refreshments
   Sausage sizzle for all attending. Ice creams for Joeys, Cubs,   7.30   Close
   Scouts and Venturers at the end of the evening.
     Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                                              Term 4, 2009

Quarter Master's Store
Verse:                                                      Quartermaster needed
There are roaches, roaches
As big as football coaches
In the store . . . in the store                           We still require the services of a
                                                          QM. The main role of the job is
There are roaches, roaches                                to aid the outdoor part of Scouting
As big as football coaches                                by keeping track of troop
In the Quarter Master's Store - Behind the Door!          equipment and seeing that it is in
Chorus:                                                   good working order.
My eyes are dim I cannot see
                                                          A QM would assist members to
I have not brought my specs with me!
I have                                                    collect items needed for their
Not                                                       activity i.e. canoeing, camping
Brought my specs with me!                                 and then recommend purchases. If
                                                          you need convincing you even
                                                          have a song written about the role.
Include as many verses as you wish, examples are:

Akela snogging with a sailor
Baloo sitting on the loo
Haithi, wearing a see-through nightie
AXE, That can barely cut through WAX
BIRDS, Eating all the CURDS                             MICE, Running through the RICE
BOX, Filled with lots of ROCKS                          NUTS, No IFs or ANDs or BUTs
BUGS, Running through the RUGS                          PACKS, Hanging from the RACKS
BUNCH, Of things that you can MUNCH                     QUAIL, Too big for the SCALE
BUNS, There are sev'ral TONS                            RATS, Big as ALLEY CATS
BUTTER, Scraped up from the GUTTER                      RICE, big as any MICE
CAKE, That caused our TUMMY ACHE                        ROACHES, Big as FOOTBALL
CAKES, That no one knows who BAKES                      COACHES
CLERK, He does all the WORK                             RUST, Under all the DUST
COD, Though its taste is very ODD                       SKUNKS, Running through the TRUNKS
COONS, Licking all the SPOONS                           SNAKES, Big as GARDEN RAKES
DUCKS, Each one wears a TUX                             STUFF, We hope that there's ENOUGH
GRAVY, Enough to float a NAVY                           TRUCKS, Stuck in all the MUCK
GULLS, Pecking on your SKULL                            WORMS, Big as PACHYDERMS
GUM, Maybe you'll get SOME                              YAMS, That weigh 10 KILOGRAMS

 Bullcreek Leeming Scout Group                                                       Term 4, 2009

Meeting Times and                                    Bullcreek Leeming Scout
Leader Contacts                                      Group Committee
Joey Scouts                                          Group Leader_______ Simon Griffiths
Monday 5:00 – 6:00
Natasha Edwards (Possum)         9356 5383           Chairperson ___________   Mark Rayfield
                                                     Secretary ______________  Simon Whalley
Cub Scout Pack                                       Treasurer______________   Una Henderson
Kestrel Pack                                         Fundraising ___________   Linda Hughes
Thursday 6:00 – 7:30                                 Newsletter/website _____  Andrew Purcell
Ian Napier (Kaa)                 9310 2909           Hall Co-ordinator ______  Fiona McIntosh
                                                     Committee ____________    Jennifer Walsh
Scout Troop                                                                    Michelle Burnett
Tiger Troop                                          Quartermaster (gas) _____ Michael Best
Wednesday 7:00 – 9:00                                Quartermaster (welding) _ Billy Walsh
Greg Ricket (Chil)               9310 8283

                                                     Auditor _______________ Neil Clancy
Monday 7:00 – 9:00
Melanie Kennaugh                 9204 2431

                                                        Web site:

Australia Day - Tuesday 26 January 2010
Our first function of the new year is the Australia Day Breakfast at John Creaney Reserve,
corner of Benningfield Road and Parry Ave Bullcreek, just over from our hall.
Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers are required in full uniform to act as an honour guard for
the citizenship recipients. A free breakfast is provided. We will also be erecting our rope bridge
for all kids to try. Families are welcome. Leeming Community Band will be playing and there
will be face painting and other free activites.
Tuesday January 26, 7.00am onwards.

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