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									             Impressions on 2 West from focus groups

    Major Themes
   They like the openness, but they also like the intuitiveness of order. Other
    areas (LEC) can be confusing and chaotic—2 West as it is now is simple, but
    not efficient.
   They like having defined spaces for groups. Barriers or partitions are
    essential. They provide enough privacy to concentrate, yet are still open.
   Identity Crisis: Old Quiet Study Hall vs. Noise Group Work Area

   The Graffiti works – feels like a student space
   Ideal space to spread out all their stuff
   Chairs on wheels and get rid of wooden chairs
   Would like to see some 4 person desks—don’t all have to be huge
   Like the idea of whiteboards & a bucket of markers
   Partitions are essential, but too long—need a break in the middle/walkway
   Mixed reaction to tables—don’t want too confusing—maybe a few with wheels,
    some different shapes & sizes/don’t want them too small

    Most Common Desires
   More outlets
   Better lighting
   Clocks that work (and more of them)
   Better ―atmosphere‖ - Less Drab

    Other Points
   Need Men’s Restroom & Water fountain
   Printing release station or quick use computers
   Group computing spaces
   Soda / Vending Machines
   Scrap Paper Bins
   Bigger trashcans & recycle bins
   Not enough space late at night

   Work on group projects: brainstorming; working on problems together.
   Work separately but in a group: mixture of social & academic work
   Working independently
   It’s a work space/workshop not relaxing space (don’t make too comfortable)
   See others from your class, peer mentoring
   Small groups can merge into mega groups
   Place to meet when don’t really know someone (neutrality theme)

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