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									                                             Sample Comparison Chart

  Male Age 5

Benefit                  $100,000            $100,000            $100,000             $100,000             $100,000            $100,000

Eligibility (Age)*     30 days – 15         60 days- 17          0 days – 18         15 days – 14        30 days – 17        6 months – 15

Covered                      29                  24                  31                   30            13 childhood               27
Illnesses and            including           including           including            including          to age 17             including
Conditions              5 childhood         5 childhood         6 childhood          5 childhood          24 Adult            5 childhood
                                                                                                         (Ages 18 to 75)

                                           Age 25 with
Duration of               Lifetime          option to             Age 100              Age 100              Age 75              Age 100
Coverage                  (Age 100)       continue with                                                      (Expiry)
                                            Adult plan

Coverage on                                ‘One or both
Parents                      No            should have                No                  No                   No                    No
required?                                   CI or DI’**

Complete                     No                                       No                  No                                       No
Family History         If one parent                           If one parent           If both                               If one parent
required                is age 40 or            Yes               is age 40          parents are              Yes             is age 40 or
(including                  over                                    or over            healthy                                    over

Payment                 20 Years             Age 25***           20 Years            20 Years               Age 75             20 Years
Period                 Guaranteed                               Guaranteed          Guaranteed                                Guaranteed

Monthly                   $75.69              $51.21               $50.13               $84.15              $55.65               $48.93

100% Return of
Premium                  20 Years             Age 25              20 Years            20 Years             20 Years            20 Years

   * If your child does not qualify for one of these plans due to age, an adult plan may be purchased from your company of choice.
   Adult plans may be purchased from all companies represented in this chart until age 65.

   ** CI – Critical Illness Insurance DI – Disability Income Insurance
   *** The Canada Life Child LifeAdvance Critical Illness policy will expire on the policy anniversary date nearest the child’s 25
   birthday. Two months prior to the expiry date, the owner may apply to convert all or a portion of the insurance amount on the policy
   expiry date, without providing proof that the insured child is insurable, into a critical illness insurance policy of a plan type then
   offered for conversion, if any. A smoker declaration will be required at time of conversion. The premium for the new policy will be
   determined by Canada Life’s current premium rates at the time of conversion for the plan type to which the owner is converting and
   for the amount of the converted insurance, based on the child’s attained age and the policy class for the Child LifeAdvance policy at
   the date of conversion. Any extra premium or exclusion to benefits on the Child LifeAdvance policy will apply to the new policy.

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