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					    Minutes of Biosciences Society Committee – 11\10\06
    Vanbrugh Bar 17.00-18.00.

    Max, Beckie, Mike, Paul, Will, Holly, Sarah, Lauren, Tara

    Niki (was present for part of the meeting)

   Talk to Biology Freshers
       o Biology first year intake has a lecture early in the morning that we are going to
           crash and talk about the society. What we do etc.
       o Beckie, Mike and Max to attend (meet at 9.30am, go in at 10am)

   Fresher’s Fair
       o Starts at 9.30am Saturday 14th October
       o We are going to have a stall. Should be manned by two peeps at all times.
       o Beckie, Mike, Holly, Niki, Will all volunteered to help out (Tara and Sarah
          unable to attend).
       o Going to have; Journals (2006; Mike has a load he got for free), Paintball
          tickets (24 for sale), banner (something saying that we are the BioSciSoc).
       o Paul to arrange flyers for the stall. Paul to produce banner for fresher‟s fair.
       o Beckie to collect pens/pencils etc from the cupboard and bring them along.
       o Possibility of bringing cake. Holly volunteered to bake. Could be an H+S
          issue; disclaimer required.
       o Raffle was decided to be inappropriate.

   Wine reception
      o 16.15 in atrium (???)
      o Tara, Sarah, Holly and Niki all volunteered to attend.

   Social
        Tuesday 17th October. Meet at 19.30 at Vanbrugh bar.
        Route
            o Start at V, walk into town (bus was always a hassle in the past). Stop at
               Victoria on the way, then onto town (possibly Lowther, or King‟s
               Arms). Mike suggested the Scream pub Cross Keys on other side of
               town as another possibility.

   Committee Meetings
      o Beckie suggested having committee meetings on the same day of each week
        for convenience
      o Discussion followed; Wednesdays by general agreement. Not before 5pm
        because peeps may have project stuff before then. Not at 5pm because Beckie
        has ballet then. Not 6-7pm because that‟s Simpsons/Hollyoaks time. Perhaps
        after tea at 7-8pm. It was noted that some peeps may not appreciate having to
        come back onto campus after going home (if they live far away).

   Elections
          Peeps who have gone or year away or who have graduated need to be replaced
           as a matter of urgency. Therefore „by-elections‟ are to be held in week 3.
           Previous year reps who have not left are retained (e.g. Max was previously
           year away rep, he is now final year rep etc)
          Positions to be filled;
               o Secretary
               o Social sec
               o Sports rep
               o Year away rep (Sam has set a manifesto)
          These elections will be open to first years and will be publicised appropriately.
           However, complete elections will be held in January at which such positions
           as first year rep and international rep will be contested (these are not being
           contested in week 3 because these peeps need a term to get to know each

   Virtual Learning Environment
       o A duplicate of the website exists here.

   Notice Boards
       o Mailing list signup has been removed (it had some new names on which
           Beckie will pass on for the mailing list). A new signup sheet shall be posted.
       o Banner required. Will to send logo to Bettina, Paul and Beckie for this
           purpose. Likely to be an issue with blowing up the small logo image to banner
           size; Will to investigate.
       o Niki to print pictures for notice board; should also bring them along to
           Fresher‟s fair for the stall.

   Paintball
       o Cat has a provisional date of 28th October for the event. We have 24 tickets to
          be sold at fresher‟s fair and to society members (or anyone else really). Cat
          needs the money back for her purchase of the 24 tickets.

   Merchandise
      o Lanyards ordered on last Monday. “York Biosciences” with DNA logo.
      o We ordered 100 for £1.85 each. Plan to sell them for £2.00 each. Consensus;
         will easily be able to sell this number for that price. To be brought along to
         events etc.

   New cupboard
      o Possibility of society buying a proper cupboard for storage uses. Prohibitively
          expensive. No major issues with current cupboard. Could possibly obtain one
          from stuff discarded from uni.

   Speaker suggestions
       o Holly need some help deciding on a topic for a lecture. Unable to find
          anything on diet.
           General suggestions of another drugs/alcohol/diet type lecture
           Ecology/environment (particularly from a bioscience perspective)
           Get someone from chemistry to do bright flashes etc
              Get someone from National Science Learning Centre to give a talk on
               teaching science.
              A careers lecture
              Something topical to the course
              Perhaps on something more general and entertaining then in the past.
               Although academic part of the society needs to be satisfied too.

   Careers Day
       o Beckie has heard on a Biochemical society organised day in Newcastle aimed
          at final year undergrads
       o In Newcastle in November.
       o Society could organise train trip. Need to check out how to get to the venue
          from the train station. Train tickets are pretty cheap (about £15).

   International day
        Set has suggested that the society organises a international day. Perhaps a
           wine reception to focus on some international student integration/participation
           in society events. Encourage students to bring some food.

   International Rep
       o A new position for the committee. An international student to represent
           international students on the committee of the society. To be elected in
       o Need to advertise this.


   Book referrals from the site.
       o The site has generated £22 of revenue from referring people to buy course-
          recommended books. We collect a portion of the value of the book bought
          from the seller when students purchase books through following links from
          out site. Will mentioned that Amazon is soon to release a „shop‟ plug-in for
          websites which promises to provide additional referrals (even for books not on
          the booklist; provided they follow the link from our site.
       o It should be publicised amongst everyone. Books are no more expensive.
          Helps the society.

   Bioinformatics MRes site
       o Will has received an email from Stephen Clayton suggesting that he could set
           up a site for the bioinformatics MRes course. This should be developed in
           conjunction with our own site.

   Football
       o Mike to book some time on the Astroturf.
       o Tshirts to be bought for the team. Need to think of colours and the team name.
       o Mike suggested that Andrew Brooks (second year) could run the football this
       o Mike to bring a signup sheet for the football team at fresher‟s fair.
       o Other sports to be considered (sports rep to be elected in by elections). Indoors
          sports for the winter.
   Website committee page
      o Committee page need to be updated with “Positions vacant; elections in week
          3” etc.


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