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									                                                                Newsletter # 3
                                                                                                     September 9, 2011

Monday, September 26                                      Non-Instructional Day (school is closed)
Friday, October 7                                         Turkey Trot
Monday, October 10                                        Thanksgiving (school closed)
Tuesday, October 18 11:00 am                              Fine Arts Performance – Axe Capoeira
Wednesday, October 19                                     Student Photo Day

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Things are up and running at William Watson Elementary and we are off to an excellent start to the new
school year. Classes have been organized to accommodate the 328 students enrolled at our school. We
now have fourteen divisions, which has lowered our overall class sizes, and lowered the number of
combined classes.

Students were placed in classes this morning. We are a small school, which leads to many combined
grade level classes. We have tried to organize in a way that minimizes the number of combined classes.
However, there are still many students who will be in classes that have combined grades, and there is no
guarantee that if a child was in a combined class last year that he/she will be in a class with a single grade
this year. Older students are in no way “dragged down” by the younger students. Please understand that
even in a single grade there is still a wide range of academic ability. Teachers are well qualified to teach
both grades in a combined class.

Class placement is a very time consuming process and the staff work hard to provide the best learning
environment possible for each student and balance out the classes. Sometimes friends are disappointed
that they are not placed in the same class. Friends can always see each other at recess, lunch or after
school. It can sometimes be disruptive to the learning environment in the classroom to have friends
together or a large group of friends. Teachers might have placed them in different classes by design.
Please remember that children are very good at making new friends. Please support your children and
help them to adjust to the change in classes, teachers and classroom groups.

This year newsletters will be posted on our school website rather than paper copies brought home by
students. If for some reason you still need a paper copy, please return the slip below to the school office.
Only parents wishing a paper copy will continue to receive one. Thank you for helping us reduce the
amount of paper we consume. Look for newsletters on line in the first week of a new month.

TERRY FOX RUN – Friday, September 23 at 1:00 pm
Our Terry Fox run scheduled for Friday, September 23rd after lunch. We are participating with schools all
across Canada to honour this homegrown hero and raise money for Cancer Research. We are asking that
each student bring in a toonie for Terry. Lace up your runners and join us Friday afternoon for a short jog.

Margaret Geddes

Yes, please supply a paper copy of the school newsletter

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