Educating Rita Act 2 Scenes 1-3

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					          Good Morning S5/6!
• In today’s lesson...

•   Review of Act 1
•   Act 2
•   Scene 1 – theme of change
•   Scene 2 - character
                       Act 1 Review
• Copy and fill out the following chart for each
 ACT 1     FRANK              RITA                COMMENT

 Scene 1 He is holding an    She has difficulty   The empty mug could reflect his
         empty mug. He       getting into the     empty life. We see he is unhappy
         goes and takes      room as the door     as he needs to drink.
         books from the      is stuck.            The stuck door is a metaphor for
         shelves. He pours                        the difficulty that Rita has entering
         himself a slug of                        his world, the world of education
         whiskey. The phone                       and a different social class.
         rings and he speaks
         to his wife.

 Scene 2
             Act 2 Scene 1

• Rita tells Frank about her time at summer
• Frank tries to introduce her to a new poet but
  she has already ‘done’ Blake.
             Act 2 Scene 1
• A significant amount of time has passed since
  Act 1.
• Frank has begun to write poetry again.
• Rita’s success at summer school means she is
  full of confidence – she bursts through the
• She has stopped smoking and moved in with a
  new flatmate, Trish.
               Act 2 Scene 1
The new Rita

• Note down 4 examples from this scene that
  demonstrate how Rita has changed.

• Support your points with quotations.
               Act 2 Scene 1
• Rita’s success at summer school means that she has
   gained a new self-confidence that is manifested
   through her new clothes, friends and language.
• Her changing language is instantly recognisable.
• “only with Parmesan cheese” becomes “Actually, I’m
   not too familiar with the American poets.” (p.74)
• She uses words like analogy, parody and tragedy with
   ease in contrast to not knowing what assonance was in
   act 1.
            Act 2 Scene 1

• Frank’s own sense of importance begins to

• Find 2 examples of how Frank is becoming
  jealous of Rita’s new life.
• Support your points with quotation.
               Act 2 Scene 1
• Julia has left him during the summer. She has
  since returned but Frank continues to drink
• Rita’s present of a pen only serves to remind him
  of his creative failings.
• Frank is being stifled by his lecturer’s role in the
  university as it offers little creativity and gives him
  no satisfaction.
• He feels jealous and insecure about Rita’s
  relationship with the other tutors.
               Act 2 Scene 1
• Page 79 – a significant shift in Frank and Rita’s
  relationship. For the first time, Rita has not been
  reliant on Frank for her learning.
• Rita is trying to reform Frank – page 77/78 – but
  he knows her influence is only temporary.
• “Y’ need air in here, Frank.”
• Frank’s relevance to Rita is not quite what it was
  at the beginning of their relationship – this is the
  first occasion that Rita surprises Frank with her
  literary knowledge.
             Act 2 Scene 2

• Rita puts on an affected voice.
• She tells of plucking up her courage to sit with
  the ‘proper’ students on the grass.
• She has been invited to the south of France.
             Act 2 Scene 2
• Trish is becoming another influence in Rita’s
  life – a different type of teacher and a role
• Rita has changed her voice; “I have merely
  decided to talk properly.”
• Frank is unimpressed and urges her to be
• For the first time, Rita has mixed with other
  students out on the grass.
             Act 2 Scene 2
• Rita has realised that the ‘proper’ students are
  not as clever as she always assumed they
  were. (Page 84)
• “For students they don’t have come out with
  some rubbish y’know.”
• She wins an argument about DH Lawrence –
  this represents a shift in attitude.
• She is now confident in their company.
             Act 2 Scene 2
• He appears to be jealous that Tiger has invited
  Rita to France.
• “Please stop burbling on about Mr Tyson.”
• He makes excuses why she can’t go.
• He places Rita’s latest essay on the top of the
  pile – SYMBOLIC – she is no longer out of
  place with the other students.
• “It wouldn’t look out of place with these.”
             Act 2 Scene 2
• How do you feel about Rita in this scene?

• How do you think Frank feels?
             Act 2 Scene 3
• Why do you think Frank is so drunk in this

• He seems to have been completely affected by
  Rita. Pick out all the things he copies from

• Why does he not like her essay?
               Act 2 Scene 3
• This time, it is Frank that makes the clumsy entrance
  – drunk.
• After being reported for being drunk at a lecture, the
  university authorities are forcing him to take a
• “Pissed? I was glorious! Fell off the rostrum twice.”
• Frank reveals his feelings of discontent towards his
  students; “mealy-mouthed pricks…”
• He lapses into Rita’s language; “completely off my
             Act 2 Scene 3
• Frank thinks her essay is good enough for the
  exam but he doesn’t like it as it is too
• By educating Rita, he has changed her – but
  he also wants to retain the old Rita.
• The more she develops, the less she reminds
  him of the girl who brought a “breath of fresh
  air” to his life.
• How is Frank similar to Denny in this scene?
               Act 2 Scene 3
• Frank does not like that Rita has changed.
• Denny did not accept her change either.
• Neither of them recognise the girl they used to know.
• Denny’s bad behaviour contributed to the marriage
• Now Frank starts to argue with Rita and cause her
  more problems.
• It seems inevitable that their relationship will break
             Act 2 Scene 3

• Frank acting like Denny

• Frank has read Rubyfruit Jungle and likes it –
  Rita has now moved on.

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