A strategic design consultancy delivering people focused solutions

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					A strategic design consultancy delivering people focused solutions with global impact,
widely recognized for its multidisciplinary work in research, strategy, innovation and design

ABOUT US Founded in 1980 by Ravi Sawhney, the RKS team has created disruptive design and innovation                      Clients
for clients like Unilever, PepsiCo, LG, Medtronic, JBL, HP, and many others by focusing on consumer                      Our clients range
aspirations and psychology while utilizing the Psycho-Aesthetics® methodology. RKS leverages insights to                 from start-ups to the
create strategies, build brands, and achieve bottom-line successes for our global clients, and empowers                  Fortune 500 and include:

consumers with compelling designs and experiences. Based in southern California, RKS has a legacy of                     Amana
using strategy to drive design that delivers, experiences that excite and innovation that ignites viral, global          Amgen
demand. Whether helping Fortune 500 or start-ups we develop solutions that build upon businesses priorities              AT&T
and empower consumers, and in doing so, create ‘heroic evangelists’ who feel compelled to share their                    BAE Systems
experience with others.
                                                                                                                         Discus Dental
WHAT WE DO RKS collaborates to provide services that span the entire product and service development                     Epson
process, including: definition and strategy analysis, consumer research, product and service design,
engineering in-house rapid prototyping, packaging/communications design and implementation. Our
                                                                                                                         Hamilton Medical
holistic approach to design and innovation helps clients strengthen their businesses in substantial ways –               Hewlett-Packard
allowing them to better mitigate risk surrounding new offerings, better understand and empathize with their              Intel
target consumers, better address sustainability goals, and strategically elevate marketing and branding                  JBL Professional
effectiveness. RKS’ long-term engagement by so many clients continues to validate our methods and attest                 KOR Water
to the results achieved.                                                                                                 LG
WHAT WE THINK RKS is widely known for Psycho-Aesthetics®, our philosophy of emotionally connecting                       Nokia
consumers to brands through design, as well as Predictable Magic, released by Wharton School Publishing                  Panavision
in 2010. Built over three decades, and supported through business and social sciences, the P-A SM philosophy             PepsiCo
fosters business success by using design as a dynamic tool to strategically connect consumers’ needs and                 Sanyo
aspirations with rich and memorable experiences. Consistent outcomes from P-A’s SM approach reinforce our                Seiko
understanding that ‘It’s not how you feel about the design or experience; it’s how it makes you feel about
yourself.’ This philosophy and mantra are at the heart of our ability to deliver award-winning designs that
produce meaningful business results.                                                                                     Zyliss USA

OUR TEAM RKS is comprised of a multi-national team of creative and business professionals with
expertise in diverse fields and industries. The value of our social-cultural differences at RKS enables greater          Our experience spans
understanding of global consumers, helps us better identify and understand trends, and form more integrated              strategy, innovation, and
partnerships with our clients. Teams work and design through the eyes of intended customers to achieve the               design and includes:
breakthrough innovation, functionality and aesthetic appropriateness our clients need to succeed.                        Ethnography
                                                                                                                         Consumer Research
PORTFOLIO OF PERFORMANCE Our firm’s portfolio spans new product development, interaction design,
                                                                                                                         Market Analysis
innovation, and brand creation/revival. Download case studies below to learn about a few of the product,                 Consumer Insight
brand and market results we’ve generated for clients.                                                                    Product Definition
LG—brand language development                                                                                            Strategy Development
                                              Sprint—market/ consumer behavior forecast
                                                                                                                         Industrial Design
Medical/Dental—market capture                 RKS Guitars—breakthrough design
                                                                                                                         UX/UI Design
Amana—brand re-invigoration                   KOR One—viral demand generation                                            Engineering
Zyliss—creating emotional connections                                                                                    Prototyping
                                                                                                                         Human Factors
RECOGNITION AND THOUGHT LEADERSHIP RKS has won more than 95 product design awards
                                                                                                                         Manufacturing Optimization
and been issued more than 150 patents, including recognition by NDA and with multiple IDEA, Red Dot,                     Branding
Good Design, IDA, Spark, ID Magazine and CES Innovation Awards, among others. RKS’ founder/CEO Ravi                      Web Design
Sawhney is a regular columnist/blogger of ‘Design Reach’ for Fast Company as well as a popular corporate                 Communication Design
and academic lecturer who has been inducted as a Fellow in the Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA)               Service Design
and recognized with an honorary Ph.D. from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He is also                    Packaging Design
the innovator and former Jury Chair of IDSA’s Catalyst case program, focusing on design’s power to effect                Channel Strategy
positive change in business, in lives and throughout the world.                                                          Value Chain Management

New Business                        Press & Speaking                    Careers                         
Helsa Chow                          Engagements                         Paul Janowski                             350 Conejo Ridge Avenue
Director of Business                John Kiehle                         Human Resources                           Thousand Oaks, CA 91361
Development                         Marketing Manager                   805.370.1200 x110                         Phone 805.370.1200
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