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									                                     Empowerment Board Meeting Minutes
                                                    Oct. 6, 2010
                         5:00 p.m. ISU 4-H Youth Extension Large Conference Room
The mission of the Story County Empowerment Board is to empower individuals and their communities to
improve the well being of children, age’s birth to 5, and their families.
Board Members Present: Dan Cupps, Kris Mangels, Cathy Daharsh, Paul Ertz, Jane Halliburton (enters at 5:22
p.m.), Derek Ginder, Chris Gleason, Stephen Holmes (enters at 5:32 p.m.), Matt Wenger, and Natalie Welter.
Board Members Absent: Jerri Heid, Mary Cameron, Riad Mahayni and Laurie Kerns
Boone Empowerment Board Members Present: Bill Lusher, Rick Gustafson, George Klesel, and Vickie
Others Present: Jerri Baumeister (Center for Child Care Resources), Kathie Readout (Mid Iowa Community
Action), Jennifer Wilson (Lutheran Services in Iowa), Nancy Krause (Lutheran Services in Iowa), Kim Venteicher
(Youth and Shelter Services), Donna Miller (Mid Iowa Community Action), Rose Marie Scott (Mid Iowa
Community Action), Ann Lundvall (Story Empowerment Coordinator), Julie Nash (Boone Empowerment
Coordinator) and Tracy Chaska (Empowerment Administrative Assistant Story County)
Open Forum: The open forum discussion started at 5:02 p.m. Jennifer Wilson (LSI) brought forward the need
for hygiene items for children removed by the DHS child protective unit, including diapers and toothbrushes.
Items are made available for interim care before children are placed in a foster care situation.
Call Meeting to Order/Introductions/ Welcome Boone Empowerment Board representatives: Story County
Empowerment Board Chair, Dan C., called the meeting to order at 5:04 p.m. Board members and community
members made introductions. A verbal welcome to the Boone county guests was made.
Discuss RFP for CCNC services: Julie N. and Ann L. update board members that there were no bids received
in response to the bid solicitation issued for Child Care Nurse Consultant (CCNC) services to serve the Boone
and Story County areas. The coordinators continue to explore alternatives to provide the CCNC services,
including a possible collaboration with Visiting Nurse Services out of Polk County, the potential to contract with
agencies subcontracted by MICA to provide services in Marshall County, or the possibility to contract directly with
MICA pending staffing availability. The Coordinators will do follow up to explore other options for these services
and update the boards as information is available.
Update on Crisis Child Care Services in Boone and Story counties: Nancy K. (Lutheran Services in Iowa,
Crisis Child Care program) gave an overview of the Crisis Child Care services provided in Boone and Story
Counties. Due to funding reductions, the services were modified for FY11. Because of budget reductions the
agency reduced the hours the primary staff provider was on call to accept referrals for placements. Instead of
being available 24 hours per day, the staffing availability was reduced to regular office hours. Efforts were made
to line up participating child care providers to accept placement calls during non-office hours. CCC realizes the
crises for care do not always occur during the day, but this was the most cost effective option. Beginning
10/22/10, additional funds will be available through the Story Decategorization Board to support the services in
Story County at a reinstated 24/7 on call capacity. Given the availability of additional funds, the overall cost for
the service will decrease. In addition, in an effort to promote staff retention, the program will continue to employ
the assistance of participating child care providers on occasional evenings and weekends, and during staff time
off, to minimize staff burnout.
Story Board Member Jane H. enters meeting at 5:22 p.m.
Discuss partnerships and merger opportunities for Boone and Story Early Childhood Iowa areas:
Members of both boards reviewed criteria for Early Childhood Iowa Areas, the waiver policy for areas wishing to
remain single county areas that do not meet outlined criteria, and timeline for implementing mergers as provided
by the state Early Childhood Iowa Office.
Story Board Member Steve H. enters the meeting at 5:32 p.m.
Those present divided in two groups with representatives from both boards and community participants in each
group. Each group was asked to discuss the following questions regarding the potential partnership of Boone and
Story Early Childhood Iowa areas:
    1) What are the benefits? …for Boone County children/families? ...for Story County children/families?

Story County Empowerment Meeting Minutes ~ 10/6/2010                                                           Page 1
    2) What are the potential Challenges?
    3) Next Steps…What do you want to know?
Story Board Member Cathy D. leaves the meeting at 6:00 p.m.
The two groups reconvened together and Board Chairs Dan C. and Rick G. reviewed the discussion from their
respective group. A summary of the group discussion notes are included as Attachment A.
Members proposed the two Boards meet again in January to bring other perspectives from absent members, to
meet with representatives (ECI Directors and board members) of merging areas, and to research some of the
questions posed. Matt W. recommended that the Story Board make a decision no later than February 2011 so
the Boone Board could pursue a waiver if the areas decide not to merge. If the two counties would merge, a letter
of intent would need to go to the State by September 2011. An additional suggestion was to have a Legislative
forum with specific members to help the Legislators understand the perspective of the two Counties; the
Coordinators will work on this idea.
The joint meeting with Boone County Empowerment Board representatives concluded at 6:39 p.m. The Story
Board members thanked the Boone County members for their time and input towards the meeting discussion.
Approval of minutes – September 1, 2010: The September 1, 2010, meeting minutes were reviewed by the
members. The electronic version had been sent to the members prior to the meeting. Natalie W. made the
motion to approve the September 1, 2010 meeting minutes. The second to the motion came from Chris G. The
motion carried unanimously.
Discuss opportunity to be a Levels of Excellence pilot site: Ann L. received a message from Shanell Wagler
with the State Early Childhood Iowa office, inquiring if the Story Board would be interested in being a pilot site for
the Levels of Excellence process. Ann L. reviewed that the State is seeking two ECI areas, one rural and one
urban, to complete a pilot of the Levels of Excellence as currently drafted. After discussion, the members agreed
that with the potential to merge with Boone County it would be too difficult to have the time needed to devote to
the levels of excellence process. The motion to decline the invitation to be a pilot site for the Levels of Excellence
process was made by Chris G. The second to the motion was made by Derek G. Motion passed unanimously.
The Coordinator will notify the Shanell Wagler of the board’s decision.
Review FY11 Budget Report, and Coordinator report and update on FY11 preschool scholarship
requests: The FY11 School Ready allocation is $480,340 plus the FY10 carryover of $21,526.60. The FY11
unallocated School Ready funds total $30,720.10 (includes $26,317.85 budgeted for mid-year mini-grants for
funded programs, $251.25 interested accrued in FY11, $150 reimbursement from the Warren County Council on
Child Abuse Prevention for purchased sexual abuse prevention education kits, and $4000 reserved for board
cash flow). The allowable FY11 School Ready carry over is $96,068 (20% of FY11 School Ready allocation).
The FY11 Early Childhood allocation is $98,828 plus the FY10 carry over of $4,857.67. The FY11 unallocated
Early Childhood funds total $14,705.62 (includes $4,670.18 budgeted for mid-year mini-grants for funded
programs, $35.44 interest accrued in FY11, and $10,000 budgeted but not yet allocated for CCNC services). The
preferred FY11 Early Childhood carry over limit is $19,765.60 (20% of FY11 Early Childhood allocation).
Members reviewed a summary of preschool tuition scholarship funding requests received and allocations made to
local preschools to serve low-income Story County children 3 to 5 years of age. The Board budgeted $30,000 for
preschool tuition scholarships in FY11; all funds have been allocated with an additional $1725 requested that
could not be fulfilled. Ann L. asked if the board would like to use a portion of the School Ready funds set aside for
mid-year mini-grants to provide additional support ($1725) in preschool tuition scholarship support. The motion to
move up to $1,725 from the unallocated School Ready Preschool Support and School Ready Other
Programs/Services funding reserved for mid-year mini-grants to be used for preschool tuition scholarship support
was made by Chris G. This funding would fill all present requests. The second to the motion was made by Matt.
W. Motion carried unanimously.
Coordinator annual performance evaluation: Ann L. reminded the group that it was time for board members to
complete her annual performance evaluation. The performance evaluation form will be emailed to members.
Members should fill out the form and return the complete form to Chair Dan C. by e-mail. Dan C. will coordinate
with the Decategorization Board Chair, Shirley Faircloth, to review with the Coordinator their comments at a time
they determine.
Steve H. exits the meeting at 5:45 p.m.
Subcommittee Group work: Due to the lateness of the meeting, Matt W. made the motion to table the
subcommittee discussions of the progress reports from providers until the November 3, 2010, meeting. Derek G.

Story County Empowerment Meeting Minutes ~ 10/6/2010                                                           Page 2
made the second. The motion passed unanimously.
Steven H. re-enters the meeting at 5:49 p.m.
Next meeting: Members reviewed that the next scheduled meeting would be November 03, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.
Adjournment: Meeting concluded at 6:50 p.m. Matt W. moved to adjourn, and Derek G. made the second.
Motion approved unanimously.
Respectfully Submitted by: Tracy Chaska, Story County Decat /Empowerment Administrative Assistant
126 South Kellogg, Suite 101, Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone: 515-956-2591, Fax: 515-296-2672, Email:
Approved on: November 3, 2010     ___________________

Our vision: communities with the capacity and commitment to achieve these goals:
       Healthy children,                         Excellent childcare             Nurturing families in
        ready for school                                                            safe environment

Story County Empowerment Meeting Minutes ~ 10/6/2010                                                  Page 3
                                                 Attachment A

               Boone County Empowerment Board and Story County Empowerment Board
                                       Joint Meeting - October 6, 2010
                Group Discussion Notes Regarding Partnerships and Merger Opportunities

On 10/6/2010, representatives of the Boone County Empowerment Board and the Story County Empowerment
Board met during the regular Story County Empowerment meeting to discuss the potential for partnerships and
merger opportunities of the two Early Childhood Iowa Areas. Members present were:
Boone County Empowerment Board ~ Rick Gustafson (Vice Chair), George Klesel, Bill Lusher, Vicki
Story County Empowerment Board ~ Dan Cupps (Chair), Matt Wenger (Vice Chair), Cathy Daharsh (left at
6:00 p.m.), Chris Gleason, Derek Ginder, Jane Halliburton, Kris Mangels, Natalie Welter, Paul Ertz, Steve Holmes
Others Present ~ Julie Nash (Boone County Empowerment Coordinator), Ann Lundvall (Story County
Empowerment Coordinator), Tracy Chaska (Story County Empowerment Administrative Assistant), Donna Miller
(Mid Iowa Community Action), Kathie Readout (Mid Iowa Community Action), Rose Marie Scott (Mid Iowa
Community Action), Jerri Baumeister (Center for Child Care Resources), Kim Venteicher (Youth and Shelter
Services), Jennifer Wilson (Lutheran Services in Iowa), Nancy Krause (Lutheran Services in Iowa)
Those present divided into two groups. Members in each group provided feedback on the three questions listed
below. The documented discussion notes from each group are listed below.
What are the benefits? …for Boone County children/families? ...for Story County children/families?
       Boone County and Story County children - childcare between the two in many cases
       Share services already
       Same AEA
       Learning from each other
       Potential for increased collaboration
       Contiguous borders
       Already shared providers - promote shared resources
       For DHS, over years have shared/paired services between Boone and Story
       Able to target highest priorities with limited funds
       Larger group/area allows for more ideas and new ideas
       Many resident in counties travel between for work, education, etc.
       Help provide similar services in both areas
       Could promote seamless delivery of services for those “over the county line”
       Geographically - makes sense
       Each area brings unique experiences to share
What are the potential challenges?
       Travel time involved for meetings
       How do we really know each other’s counties and needs
       Type of pressure to combine programs - merge and would that be in the best interest
       Learning curve to understand all programs and differences
       Changes at state level that are not in our control
       Align board priorities and indicators
       Evaluation in each county and aligning
       How is the funding allocated
            o By population? By Need? Other?
       Population differences
       Where would meetings occur?
            o Might have to explore creative solutions
                                                     Boone County Empowerment Board and Story County Empowerment Board
                                           10/6/2010 - Group Discussion Notes Regarding Partnerships and Merger Opportunities
      As expand the geographic area might increase challenge to determine priority needs
      Disruption for functioning boards
      If not decide, the decision will be made for us
      Growing pains for funded programs/services
            o Logistical challenges, etc.
Next Steps? What do you want to know?
      Demographic pictures of each area
      What is the driving force?
      What are the demographics of young children and school age children?
      How would administration/coordination services be structured?
      Where would an office be located?
      Is there guidance for merging?

                                                    Boone County Empowerment Board and Story County Empowerment Board
                                          10/6/2010 - Group Discussion Notes Regarding Partnerships and Merger Opportunities

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