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      Louisiana Green Fuels: more than 85,000 tons of cane ground in Lacassine

Current operations of Louisiana Green Fuels include sugarcane processing at the
Lacassine Syrup Plant.
The harvesting season started successfully in October of this year and has exceeded its production
goals. To date, this plant has reached a total of 2,351,667 gallons of syrup, 1,499,667 gal of which
have been transported to the Enterprise sugar mill in Patoutville for further processing into raw
sugar. New records have been set regarding past years of production, and this year, the Lacassine
Plant has to date ground a total of 85,000 tons of cane. The increased efficiency in this year’s
processing has sped up the harvest season operations, leaving LGF with about one week for
processing the remaining sugarcane.

As current operations wrap up, LGF urges community members to visit the Lacassine Plant in the
coming week. LGF is offering tours of the facility and an opportunity to share ideas on the
progress of Louisiana energy and agribusiness. Please call (337) 588-4947 to schedule an

While the sugarcane season is reaching its end, Louisiana Green Fuels is indeed focusing on new
projects to begin this December. LGF is approaching its first harvesting season of sweet sorghum,
which will be processed in the same facilities as the sugarcane. Syrup from the 7,000 tons of sweet
sorghum to be processed this season will be sold for use in livestock feed, but, along with the
sugarcane supply, it will eventually be a primary source of feedstock for LGF’s planned ethanol
plant. Ground-breaking on the ethanol plant in Lacassine is projected for late January, 2008.

Future plans for LGF include providing local farmers with the seed of sweet sorghum in an effort to
encourage the planting of this alternative crop, according to Mauricio Santacoloma, the Agricultural
Manager at the plant. LGF also assures the purchase of the grown sorghum that the farmers yield
from these seeds. Research into sugarcane and sweet sorghum cultivation as well as efforts into
area land enrichment and cultivation are key aspects of the Louisiana Green Fuels mission.

27/11/2007 12:32:00

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