Akira's Hip Hop Shop – 37 Min by pengxiuhui


									Akira's Hip Hop Shop – 37 Min.
Akira's Hip Hop Shop is a romantic comedy/drama about an expatriate Japanese
hip-hop DJ (James Kyson Lee) who owns a record store with his best friend
Jeremy. When Daphne (Emayatzy Corinealdi), a young Black culinary student,
walks into his shop his life is changed forever. Does love conquer all? Or will
prejudice and politics drive the couple apart?

Joe Doughrity – Writer / Director
The son of an educator, Joe grew up an avid reader and developed hobbies ranging
from sports to comic books, videogames, and a fascination with Japanese culture. His first big job
in Hollywood was as a Production Assistant on John Singleton's debut film "Boyz N the Hood".
This was the start of a fiveyear collaboration with the Oscar nominated director including serving
as his personal assistant on the films "Poetic Justice" and "Higher Learning". Joe recognized the
significance of the Internet early and worked in the dotcom industry beginning in 1999 as a
Content Provider for new media startup Psylum, Incorporated. When Psylum was purchased by
USA Networks' Sci-fi Channel, Joe was chosen to re-launch the Psycomic website and recruited
iconic filmmaker Kevin Smith ("Clerks") to write a weekly column that became the basis of his
book Kevin Smith Speaks. Psycomic became a leading destination on the Internet for fans of
comic books and graphic novels. He continues to work on the web serving as the Video Editor for
PopCultureShock.com, a leading news, review, and interview site focusing on comics, movies
and videogames. Joe has written and edited for comic books (for Caliber Press, publishers of
The Crow and U.N. Force), magazines (The Source, Rappages, Straight From the Lip), and
motion pictures (see partial credits below). As a documentarian, he created electronic press kits
for the urban romance "Jason's Lyric" and Tony Bill's "A Home of our Own". Joe's "Seven Days
in Japan", a documentary he wrote, produced and directed, won Best Documentary at the 2005
San Diego Comic-con Film Festival. "Seven Days in Japan" debuted on cable’s BET-Jazz
channel in February of 2007. As a screenwriter, Joe has written for studios and production
companies such as HBO ("Wheels of Steel: The KRS One/Scott La Rock Story"), Mandalay Films
("Grandmaster Flash") and New Line Cinema. His recent scripts include "Motown Miracle: Soul
on Ice", the true story of a Black hockey team from his native Detroit, "Cornerstore", a day in the
life look at a liquor store, and "Akira's Hip hop Shop", an interracial romantic dramedy. Joseph
received his BFA from Columbia College where he majored in Cinema Studies. He is a member
of the Writers Guild of America.

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