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Childhood Obesity Childhood


									 Childhood Obesity

Advertising and Technology
•   Introductions
•    Key Terms
•   Explore Issues
•   Fish Bowl
•   Break!!!!
•   Group Discussion
                 GREEN PEAS
•   Gabrielle Witherill- Moderator
•   Janet Rumsey-Speaker 2
•   Melissa Koda-Speaker 3
•   Michael DeRose-Speaker 4
•   Darcy Lake- Speaker 5
                                    KEY TERMS
•    Sedentary lifestyle: Taking part in no    •   BMI: (Body Mass Index) Uses height
    physical activity or irregular activity        and weight to determine amount of
•   Technology: The practical application          body fat
    of knowledge especially in the area of     •   Fast Food: Inexpensive food
    engineering                                    prepared and served quickly
•   Marketing: The process of planning             (Chicken, Hamburger, Milkshakes, &
    and executing the conception, pricing,         French Fries)
    promotion, and distribution of ideas       •   Neglect: Lack of attention and Care
    goods and services to create exchanges
                                               •   Junk Food: High calorie and low in
    that satisfy inhibition and organization
                                                   nutrients foods
                                               •   Childhood Obesity: Being over the
•   Obesity: Generally a BMI of 18.5 to
                                                   30% range on the BMI scale and
    25% indicates a normal, healthy
                                                   under 18 years of age
    weight. A BMI under 18.5% means a
    person is underweight, and a BMI from      •   Media: the means of communication,
    26-30% means a person is overweight.           as radio and television, newspapers,
    A BMI over 30% means a person is               and magazines, that reach or
    obese.                                         influence people widely.
• To what extent can we blame advertisement
  for childhood obesity?
• To what extent can we blame technology for
  childhood obesity and forms of neglect?
• Children see 10,000 food advertisements per
• Brand imprinting
• Children spend $30 billion of there OWN
  money – Food Companies spend $10 billion
• Since 1994 US companies have introduced 600
  new food products
• Spend on average 1.4 Billion Dollars
• Sudden Epidemic
             Fast Food = FAT Food
-1 out of 4 Americans visits a FAST FOOD
Restaurant a day
-Obesity rates have doubled among children 6 to
11 and TRIPLED in children 12 to 19
  The key to the
  preventing of
childhood obesity
   lies with the
Be a responsible parent, say NO to junk food and
                   fast food.
  Parents need to educate
their children to choose life
  lasting nutrition habits.
Teens who have a least six meals per week with one or
both parents are less likely to skip breakfast and more
  likely to eat vegetables, fruits, and dairy products.
Active parents have active children.
The number one priority
  of parents should be
 their children’s health
     and well being.
      What Technology Influences
        Obesity In Children?
•   Automated Transportation
•   TV/ Media
•   Computer/ Internet/ Media
•   Home Appliances
•   Vending Machines
•   Processed Foods
    What Technology Influences
       Childhood Obesity?
• Transportation

• Media
  – Computer
  – TV
 - Home Appliances
     Deep Fryers
  Air Conditioning/

   -Processed Foods
      Cheap, tasty,
     unhealthy and
Longer shelf life than
      fresh foods.
    Raise variety of
livestock year-round.
           Vending Machines
• Outlet for extremely unhealthy healthy foods.
• USDA has no authority to regulate vending
• 74% of beverage options and 85% of snack
  options were nutritionally-poor options (out
  of 1,420 vending machines in 251 schools)
         Technology Can Be
           a Good Thing!
• Health & fitness apps on smart phones
• Text messaging helps us track our behavior
  – Study: Those that used cell phones as opposed to
    paper diaries to track healthy behavior were more
    likely to keep track of their behavior effectively
- Nintendo Wii: Wii fit
video games, yoga
- Cyber Coach
- uses the
premise of a video
game but encourages
physical play
                         Key Points, Summery, &
                        Possible Ideas for Change
- Marketing is one factor that
is playing a large role in
childhood obesity
 Key Points, Summary, & Possible
        Ideas for Change
• It also fall on the
  parents to teach and
  encourage healthy
  eating habits
                         • Parents also need to
                           teach their children that
                           it is important to be
                           physically active
  Key Points, Summary, & Possible
         ideas for Change

Limit the amount of time that a child spends on
  the computer and sitting in front of the TV
Key Points, Summary, & Possible
       Ideas for Change

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