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These selling machines aren't that green Lewisville small business


Andrea Stephens                                                                                                                                                                                5
Features Editor                                                                                                                                                              May 05, 2011

            These selling machines aren’t that green
                                                                         Andrea Stephens                                                  Kashi Cereal: Owned by Kellogg’s
                                                                         Features Editor
      Odwalla Juices: Owned by Coca-Cola                                                                                                    The food conglomerate     by Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s is the
                                                                                                                                        bought this company, which    twelve largest company for
       I was just a little kid when   this time the juice company              These      companies    sometimes     even       toxic. features super heart healthy   food sales in North America.
 this brand of healthy and            stopped selling its signature      branded themselves in the     Expensive          marketing and fiber-ful cereals in 2001
 delicious drinks debuted in the      freshly squeezed orange juice.     early days as being natural   campaigns and time can do
 early ’90s. They seemed just as      The amount of time that it now     alternatives to industry      wonders to remake the image          Naked Juices:             Owned by Pepsi
 expensive then as they are now.      spends in transit and on shelves   products that are harmful     of a company, or its affiliates.
 In 2001 Coca-Cola bought             won’t allow for total freshness.
                                                                                                                                            In      2001,    executives did so hoping
                                                                         to the environment and                                      bought Naked Juices for that Naked Juice could
 Odwalla for $181 million. At
                                                                                                                                     451 million. Company compete with Odwalla.
                                                                            Burt’s Bees: Owned by Clorox
     The company that makes and markets a line of natural hair, face, and body products,          acumen. In 1999 she bought out Burt’s shares of the company and then went on to grow
origins start humbly enough. In 1984 Dexter, Maine, resident and beekeeper Burt Shavitz was       the business to selling $43.5 million in 2002. The next year Quimby sold 80 percent of the
driving along road and picked up a 34-year-old hitchhiker Roxanne Quimby. A relationship          company to a private firm AEA while snagging a position on the board of directors and keeping
soon blossomed alongside a business. When the late ’90s hit the relationship started to sower     20 percent. By 2007 the company was fully sold to Clorox for the $925 million.
and Shavitz and Quimby called it quits. Roxanne Quimby obliviously had the greater business

 Pioneer Latin Jazz                                                                                TWU Fashion and Textile
 Ensemble plays annual                                                                             students put on end of year
 arts and jazz celebration                                                                         gala: Cirque de la Mode
                                                                                                  Clarice Robinson                                 Adair, Kristin Mazurek, and Melissa Glenn.
                                                                                                  Staff Writer                                           “The fashion show was a splendid
                                                                                                                                                   success,” stated senior Fashion Design major
                                                                                                        If you missed last week’s Senior           and fashion show producer Meredith Adair .
                                                                                                  Fashion Show, you really missed a treat...       “We had a brilliant culmination of the talents
                                                                                                        It was an array of vibrant, theatrical     of the fashion design seniors and the hard
                                                                                                  colors, mixed with whimsical original            work of the event planning class members.”
                                                                                                  creations, as TWU Fashion Design students              Junior Fashion Design major Melissa
                                                                                                  put forth a remarkable fashion show.             Glenn also addressed her experiences
                                                                                                        On Friday, April 20, the TWU Blagg-        helping spearhead the Senior Fashion Show.
                                                                                                  Huey Library hosted Cirque de la Mode                  “In all my collegiate experiences so
                                                                                                  Annual Montage Senior Fashion Show.              far,” she began, “I have never been quite
                                                                  Cassie Quaid/ The Lasso
                                                                                                        Each year during the spring semester,      so challenged… and, if I had to remark
                                                                                                  TWU upper level Fashion Design                   on only one thing that I have learned from
    The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival is an annual celebration held at                            students put together their own work
    Quaker Town Park at the intersections of Bell and Withers.The early                                                                            this experience, it would be the importance
                                                                                                  and originally pieces collectively to be         of clear and open communication
    event brings musical greats from the past and present, local and glob-                        exhibited in a fashion show for a one of
    al to Denton’s stage.This year,TWU’s Latin Jazz Ensemble performed.                                                                            for     success      in    any     endeavor.”
                                                                                                  a kind performance. Cirque de la Mode                  The Senior Fashion Show was open
                                                                                                  literally means the circus of fashion.           to the TWU community and public for a
                                                                                                        It is inspired by the hit acrobatic        fee of $15. A silent auction also was held
                                                                                                  show Cirque du Soleil and features art and       prior to the fashion show and a guest
                                                                                                  fashion from all over the world. Eight key       reception immediately after the show.
                                                                                                  characteristics are featured as parts of the           To find about more information
                                                                                                  show including acrobatic performance,            about the TWU Fashion department,
                                                                                                  acting, art from around the world, imaginary     please visit
                                                                                                  worlds, dance, dexterity, and grace.             default.asp. To explore the background
                                                                                                        The Senior Fashion Show was put            and history behind Cirque du Soleil, please
                                                                                                  together with the oversight of faculty and       access
                                                                                                  the help of volunteer models, Fashion            welcome.aspx?change-country-language=true.
                                                                                                  Design and Merchandising students, and
                                                                                                  three student show producers: Meredith

Lewisville small business owner giving it all
away during annual Free Comic Book Day
Morgan Ashton-Griffin                                       the employee with a library card, they are able to receive          “Free Comic Book Day was created as a way to get
Forum Editor                                                an additional comic. Being dressed up in a comic book new customers into the store,” he continued. “But I like
     When people hear the word “free,” their ears perk up character costume also entitles the customer to another to participate because it is a fun day and helps promotes
and it always peaks their interest.                         comic. Or the customer can donate a new or gently used reading, especially for children. Comics are a great segue
     In today’s economy, free is always a word that                                                                                way to become more interested in reading.”
draws in people. Let’s be honest, what is better than                                                                                    Free Comic Book Day is not just a grab your
free?                                                                                                                              comics and go event, although you can choose to
     Well, the only thing better is when the word is                                                                               do so. Many stores in the area take Free Comic
coupled with comic books, which it is for Free Comic                                                                               Book Day as a time to host store-wide sales in
Book Day.                                                                                                                          order to show appreciation to their customers.
     Free Comic Book Day is an annual event that                                                                                         Also, stores will bring in professionals
occurs around the world to celebrate literacy and the                                                                              dressed up as superheroes, so that children and
love of comic books.                                                                                                               adults alike can snap photos with the stars of their
     It began in 2002 and occurs the first Saturday in                                                                             favorite comic books.
May each year. This year it will be held on May 7.                                                                                       Local food vendors donate food and
     For this event, comic book publishers such as                                                                                 beverages to stores. Sometimes artists or comic
DC Comics, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, and more                                                                                     book writers are available for comic book signings.
produce titles unique for the occasion. They are sold                                                                              There are costume contests and face painting.
to local comic stores for much cheaper than the                                                                                    Free Comic Book Day, although it is a much
average comic and then distributed to customers on                                                                                 anticipated holiday for veteran comic book
the day of the event.                                                                                                              readers, is geared towards giving readers of all
     This year the titles range from Green Lantern to                                                                              ages and comic book knowledge the opportunity
Thor/Captain America, Betty and Veronica to The                                                                                    to try out something new and experience the joy
                                                                                                 Morgan Ashton-Griffin/ The Lasso
Tick, Batman/Young Justice to Baltimore/Criminal                                                                                  of comics for themselves.
                                                         Customers in a Lewisville comic book store browse                               The importance of reading and free comic
Macabre, and Amazing Spider-man to Kung Fu Panda.
                                                         store inventory at last year’s Free Comic Book Day. books is reiterated by a story from over 60 years ago.
     Stores have limits on how many comics customer
are allowed to take with them. These guidelines are set by                                                                          Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra of the New
store. One local comic book store is taken a philanthropic children’s book or make a monetary donation to Book York Yankees just finished reading a Superman comic
approach to this year’s event.                              Drive for Kids, a local charity organization that provides book episode when he turned to his roommate Dr.
     Neal Rhone, the owner of Boomerang Comics in children from under served families with books of their Bobby Brown, who was completing studies in an anatomy
Lewisville, decided that for this year’s Free Comic Book own.                                                              textbook for a major medical exam.
Day event, he wanted not only to give back to customers          “Free Comic Book Day is a good marketing tool to               “Superman overcame the bad guys in my book,
but to have the customers give back to the community.       spread the love of comics,” Rhone said. “A lot of people Bobby,” Berra quipped. “How did your story turn out
     Saturday every customer who walks into the store will don’t realize there are comic books are out there besides today?”
automatically receive three free comic books of her/his the comics of the ‘50s and ‘60s. If they were to come into              To locate participating stores, please use the store locator
choosing, but there are three other ways to earn additional the store for something free, they would see that there is a on website.
free comic books up to five total. If customers present whole new world of comics out there.

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