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									The Bioelectromagnetics Society

• BEMS was founded in 1978 and is the leading
  international scientific organization addressing
  the science of electromagnetic fields and the
  interaction with biological systems.
• BEMS is a multidisciplinary organization whose
  membership includes engineers, physicists,
  epidemiologists, physicians, chemists and
   BEMS Mission Statement

• The Bioelectromagnetics Society promotes
  the exchange of ideas to advance the
  science of natural and applied
  electromagnetic fields in biology and
Subjects of interest include:
– Response of living organisms to electric and
  magnetic fields at frequencies from DC to visible
– Endogenous fields of biological systems;
– Mechanisms of interaction of electromagnetic
  (EM) fields with biological systems;
– Absorption by & distribution of EM energy in
  biological models and living organisms;
– Diagnostic and therapeutic uses of
  electromagnetic energy;
– Commercial bioelectrochemical applications.
         BEMS Fosters
    Scientific Communication
• Bioelectromagnetics – The official journal of:
  – The Bioelectromagnetics Society
  – The European Bioelectromagnetics Association
  – The Society for Physical Regulation in
    Biology and Medicine
• Newsletter of The Bioelectromagnetics
  Society published bi-monthly.
• Website:
         The BEMS Journal
• The Society strives to provide its members with
  services that stimulate and enhance the quality of
  their research and that promote an exchange of
  scientific information.
• The Bioelectromagnetics journal has been
  published since 1980 with worldwide
  subscriptions by individuals and libraries.
• Over the past 26 years peer reviewed scientific
  papers have been published in
• Society information, upcoming meetings and other
  items of interest to both members and non-
  members can be found on our web site:

  – Historical and current Newsletters
  – Meeting Abstract Books since 1996
  – Calendar of events
  – History Book
  – Membership list (Available to members only)
           BEMS Newsletter
• The Society publishes a newsletter that serves as
  a vehicle for rapid dissemination of:

  – ongoing research information;
  – recent developments of the use of EM fields in
    medicine and the bio-industry;
  – reported environmental effects;
  – meeting announcements, and other items of
    interest to the bioelectromagnetics community

• BEMS Newsletters are posted on our web site.
    Bioelectromagnetics 2005
               University College Dublin
                  Dublin, Ireland
                June 20-24, 2005

• Joint meeting with the European
  BioElectromagnetics Association (EBEA)

• Approximately 500 attendees expected,
  including researchers, scientists, engineers,
  physicians, representatives of the European
  press and the general public.
      BEMS Annual Meeting
• Premier meeting of the year for anyone
  interested in electromagnetic field
  interaction with biological systems.
• Approximately 300 scientific papers, both
  invited and contributed, are traditionally
• Workshops and panel discussions devoted
  to current topics that are either particularly
  important (e.g., possible "side effects" of
  NMR imaging), of particularly interest to a
  number of members (medical applications)
  or require intense scientific debate.
      Student Development
The Society recognizes the importance of
  student interest and fosters student
  development by offering:
• Travel grants to attend the Annual Meeting;
• Waived registration fees;
• Student presentation competition;
• Reduced membership fees;
• Bioelectromagnetics discounted
The prestigious d'Arsonval Award has been presented
by the Society to recognize extraordinary
accomplishment within the discipline of
bioelectromagnetics to:

       1. Herman P. Schwan 1985
       2. Arthur W. Guy 1987
       3. Dr. W. Ross Adey 1989
       4. C.A.L. Bassett 1991
       5. Carl Durney 1993
       6. Om P. Gandhi 1995
       7. Nancy Wertheimer 1999
       8. Thomas S. Tenforde 2001
       9. James C. Lin 2003
       10.Chung-Kwan Chou 2006
• 600-700 members from 40+ countries
• 400-500 attend the Annual Meeting –
  except for years when we hold joint
  meetings, which have 700-800 attendees
• 300-400 Member subscriptions to the
          Student Awards
• The Curtis Carl Johnson Memorial Award is
  presented in recognition of the best
  scientific paper presented by a student in
  the Platform Competition and in the Poster
• Second and third place awards are also
• Additional Memorial Awards may be
     Symposia and Workshops
• In addition to the Annual Meeting, BEMS
  co-sponsors symposia or workshops around
  the world with other scientific or medical
  entities including:
  – The Society for Physical Regulation in Biology
    and Medicine (SPRBM);
  – The Bioelectrochemical Society (BES);
  – The European Bioelectromagnetics Association
  – The URSI General Assembly.
        2004-2005 Officers and                                 Membership Categories
          Board of Directors
                                                                 The Society has five (5)
                                                                 categories of membership:

                                                                  •   Full Members
                                                                  •   Associate Members
                                                                  •   Student Members
                                                                  •   Sustaining Members
                                                                  •   Emeritus/Retired

                                                                 To download a membership
                                                                 application, please visit:
Sitting from left to right: S. Engstrom, B. McLeod, S. Ueno.
Standing from left to right: M. Markov, M. Simko, G. Parsley
(Executive Director), G, Nindl, J. Miyakoshi, P. Valberg, R.
Cleveland, K. Hansson-Mild (Technical Program Co-chair), B.
Greenbaum, R. Nuccitelli, Vijayalaxmi, Y. Hamnerius, M.
Swicord (Newsletter Editor), S. Johnston, M. McLean, B.
Goldberg, L. Plitt (BEMS Office), T. Shigemitsu.
Missing: M. Taki
  Written History of the Society
• The History of The Bioelectromagnetics Society
  can be found on our website and consists of eight
  chapters written in a narrative style.
• The document includes:
   – Society’s Journal;
   – abstracts from the Society’s annual meetings;
   – secondary resource materials;
   – anecdotes developed from interviews
    conducted with BEMS founders and members
    during the Society’s annual meeting in Quebec
    City in June 2002.
        Sponsor Categories
The Bioelectromagnetics Society is thankful
 for the generous support of our sponsors.

    We have four categories of giving:

         • Platinum
         • Gold
         • Silver
         • Bronze

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