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NENA News by pengxiuhui


									          • NorthEast Neighborhood Association •

         NENA News
           Elgin, Illinois                        •        •       •      •      •     •      •      •    spring 2011

 May is Preservation
Month All over Elgin!
               Help Start a Restoration: Join neighbors for

              another Great Unveiling!                                                                                     NENA News
Each May, the                                                                                      Elgin’s Grant pro-      is now in Spanish
City of Elgin puts                                                                                 gram and a lot of       AND English bi-
together a month                                                                                   helpful neighbors, a    lingual editions.
of activities to raise                                                                             homeowner can get       see pgs 5 and 6
awareness for Elgin’s                                                                              that siding removed     for more!
wonderful heritage.                                                                                --a big step toward
You’ll receive a                                                                                   renovating the exte-
brochure/schedule                                                                                  rior of their home!
of all the month’s                                                                                 The benefits of an
                                                                                                                           se encuentra
events. NENA will                                                                                  unveiling help us
be hosting another                                                                                 all! When someone’s     ahora en edición
Great      Unveiling                                                                               home is improved,       bilingüe Español
here in our neigh-                                                                                 not only do all prop-   e Inglés.
borhood. Basically, years ago people thought it was            erty values increase, but it also spurs others to do the    ver páginas 5 y 6
better to cover their home’s original siding with anoth-       same. Most homeowners don’t have the ability to             para más!
er layer of something to try to increase the insulation        remove siding two to three stories high, but NENA
value, or cover up peeling paint. What ended up really         provides the “People Power” to achieve those hard to
happening was very little or no insulation value, or           reach places. It really is a “help your neighbor” event.        Big NENA
moisture becoming trapped behind the siding creating
mold or insect damage, and the homeowner’s wallet
                                                                  We will meet Saturday, May 21 at 9am at 908 Dun-
                                                               can Avenue. No experience is needed. Bring a ham-
becoming thinner. In conjunction with the City of              mer, pliers, screw driver and gloves. Those who care         Sale
                                                               not to climb ladders can collect removed siding. With
 Bring work fun gloves!                                        enough volunteers, we typically complete the unveil-
                                                                                                                              fund raiser
 9am •Saturday• May 21                                         ing by noon, which leaves you with a sense of pride
                                                                                                                             June 24
                                                               and an afternoon to complete your Saturday chores.
       908 Duncan Ave                                          Won’t you join us, and meet your neighbors, and have
                                                                                                                             June 25
  No Experience necessary!                                     fun helping a neighbor!
                                                                                                                           9am to 4:30
                                                                                                                               see page 7
           Take our survey online, or on page 10 !
 Contact Info
 for NENA Board

NENA Officers
Jeffrey Gill         847 468-1926
Vice President                                       From the President’s Porch
Julie Harris        847-741-8604
Treasurer                                  It was the coldest winter I can remember in a long time and I’m so glad
Doug Watkins        847 488-0397      spring is here. I can tell you, being outside again without the extra layers
Secretary                             made me feel like I had instantly lost 20 pounds. The springtime work of get-
Gail Cohen          847 695-0885      ting our homes and gardens back into shape will, hopefully, be an enjoyable
                                      task for us all. Our neighborhood will undergo a spring transformation soon.
Our Resident Officer
                                      Our volunteers within NENA have spring projects to improve our neighbor-
Ken Ericson        847 354-3386    hood, and we need your help! We understand that some people aren’t physi-
                                      cally able or don’t have the time to help. You can still help by donating items
NENA Committees                       for our garage sale or donating money to supplement newsletter or event costs.
Communications and Website            NENA is a non-profit 501c3 organization so your donations are tax deductible.
Laurie Faith Gibson-Aiello                 Donations and volunteering commitments are necessary to achieve our
                       847-628-9705   mission. We have 1900 homes in NENA’s boundaries, but the costs still over-       come the support. Please consider the following as a testimony of how important
Environmental and Conservation        NENA is and what you can do to help us achieve our goals.
Todd Martin            224-238-3852
                                           I would like to remind all our neighbors that we are all members of NENA be-
Membership & Welcoming                cause we live here. NENA’s newsletter, web site and insurance costs are needed to
Looking for a NEW chairperson!
                                      keep you informed. We donate to local charities such as the ROPE Officers kids’
Interested parties, please e-mail
        summer camp, as well as to local school needs. We have a handful of members
                                      interested in NENA’s administration responsibilities, and a handful who volunteer
Neighborhood Plan
                                      time for projects like the Butterfly Garden, Spring cleanup, and Brick Hill restora-
Brian Anderson         847-741-1177
                                      tion. Running NENA’s three big fund-raisers ---our Garage Sale in June, October’s
Property and Housing
                                      Monster Mash Bash and December’s Home for the Holidays house walk--- is es-
Kerry Kelly            847-695-2355
                                      sential. Our web site, twitter and Facebook pages are a great improvement to our
Schedule and Events
                                      communication link to residents, and PayPal is now available for donations and
Ivonne Hopkins        847- 814-3345
                                      event ticket sales online!
Volunteer Coordinator
Looking for a NEW chairperson!            Since 1985, NENA has helped improve the neighborhood for all. To keep our
Interested parties, please e-mail     efforts effective, please complete the neighborhood survey (pg 9) to help us set pri-
        orities, and indicate how you feel. We are so grateful for the time you can donate
                                      for our many projects, and we are most grateful for any financial contributions
NENA Partnerships                     you can make. I am looking forward to seeing you at a NENA project or at our
Coleman School Liaison                monthly meetings.
Angela Ackmann    847-697-6783
                                          Enjoy this great spring weather!
McKinley School Liaison
                                              Jeff Gill
Karen Terhorst    847-468-9236
                                              NENA President

   Another Great MONSTER MASH BASH!
                           NENA’s 3rd annual Monster Mash Bash
             was Held October 29, 2010 at Douglas Street Sports Bar & Grill
                                  in Downtown Elgin. We are pleased to
                               announce this event raised nearly $2,600.
                                                                                                been a success without the help of so many
                                                                                                generous sponsors. Our Dracula Sponsor
                                                                                                was Quality Painting and Carpentry.
                                                                                                Our Werewolf Sponsors included Sher-
                                                                                                man Hospital, Daily Herald, BocaJump,
                                                                                                Senator Michael Noland, and Douglas
                                                                                                Street Sports Bar and Grill. Our Zom-
                                                                                                bie Sponsors included Ruth Munson,
                                                                                                Rauschenberger Partners and Keith
                                                                                                Farnham. We would also like to recognize
                                                                                                the local businesses for their generous do-
                                                                                                nations of raffle prizes. Again, thank you
                                                                                                so much we could not have done it with-
                                                                                                out your help!
                                                                                                     Also, we would like to recognize the
                                                                                                work/fun/imagination of our Monster
                                                                                                Mash Bash committee: Kerry Kelly, Julie
    Thanks to our wonderful sponsors. . .
                                                                          Harris, Gail Cohen, Darlene Hulin, Ivonne Hopkins, Krissy
we offered a variety of prizes, including an Apple I-pod, a fa-
                                                                          Palermo, Alma Hernandez, and Elda Sirridge. We would also
cial, unique wooden bottle stoppers, premium liquor, a
                                                                          like to thank Adam and Demi Gray for their amazing creativity
hotel package, a wine-tasting party, and many other gen-
                                                                          and efforts to help decorate Douglas Street. Finally, I would like
erous donations. Let’s not forget the most exciting raffle
                                                                          to thank Jeff Meyers for emceeing the event, DJ Cheese for his
prize of the night, a 46-inch Plasma TV. Thanks to a last
                                                                          amazing mix of music and to Melody Palermo for helping with
minute purchase (literally) of $20 worth of tickets, John
                                                                          raffle ticket sales. Thanks for making this such a fun event!
Wiedmeyer (of Liberty St.) took home the grand prize!
     The costume contest was also very exciting this year.                   If you attended the Bash, we’d love to have your comments
Once again, our attendees did an amazing job display-                     and suggestions to plan an even better one, or if you’d like to
ing their creativity and artistic talents. Pam Michaels (of               work on the next Bash, please e-mail:
Prospect Blvd.) won our door prize (Apple I-pod) and $50 for
the judge’s choice costume contest for her portrayal of the Mad
Hatter. Jim Armstrong and James Halik (of Douglas Ave) won
$100 as the funniest costume for their Ambiguously Gay Duo.
The best couple costume was a tough choice for the judges to
make by themselves, so they turned the decision over to the
crowd. By a close margin, Elda and Larry Sirridge (of Douglas
Ave) took home $100 for their portrayal of Beetlejuice and Lydia.
The best overall costume was a tough choice, because there were
so many great costumes. Based on the creativity of the concept,
the attention to detail, and the creative use of household objects,
Laurie Faith and Tony Aiello (of Prospect Blvd.) took home
$200 for their portrayal of Jules Verne and his assistant, Trixie.
     We’d like to thank attendees and sponsors for their generous
contribution to this major fundraiser. This event could not have

                                                                   Crime Free Housing
                                                                   Awhile back the NENA board had a visit from Ken
                                 A LETTER                          Ericson, our neighborhood ROPE officer, who works
                                                                   with Elgin’s Crime Free Housing Unit. We asked Ken
                                 FROM OUR                          to give us an outline on how best to report criminal
                                 RESIDENT                          activity, or anything suspicious that you see in our
                                                                   Immediate criminal activity or
                                 Ken                               endangering situations-- call 911
                                                                   Ken told us to call 911 even if we are not sure.
                                 Ericson                           It’s important for police to check out all suspicious
The Community’s Eyes                                               situations to establish a possible pattern of activity.
   Vision is one of our most crucial senses for almost every
                                                                   To report some Past criminal
task. Imagine going one day wearing a blindfold. Would
                                                                   activity-- call
you be able to drive, do tasks at work, or shop indepen-           Non emergency          847 289-2700
dently? Nope! At best, you could probably attend to basic          or call
hygiene, eat (cold food probably), and carefully navigate          Information Desk              847-289-2500
your residence.                                                    to speak with someone in the Gang Unit,
   As Police Officers, we also feel blindfolded when we             Drug Unit, Traffic unit, Crime free
don’t have the “Community’s Eyes” assisting us. Your ob-           housing Unit, or to speak with a specific shift

servations and information are what helps us function at
                                                                   Sgt. or Lt. (Days, Midnight, etc.)
the highest level, and in effect, giving you the best value
                                                                   for Non-critical police service
for your tax dollar! Otherwise, we blindly search for prob-
                                                                   --parking violations, barking dogs, etc, call
lems to address. Please help us and the community by be-           Non emergency                     847 289-2700
ing our eyes. Let us know suspicious activities, suspicious
persons, possible drug dealing, and code or safety issues.         for Code related complaints
Essentially, anything that we can address to help in our           --overcrowding, garbage, weeds, etc, call
neighborhood! This can also be done anonymously. You               Code Enforcement                  847 931-5920
can always send me an email from your own email, or cre-
                                                                   Uncertain where your situation fits in, call
ate an anonymous one at any popular web site. Just make
                                                                   Information desk           847 289-2500
sure to include time of occurrence, location or proximity,
and specifics of the situation!                                     Community Relations /Crime Prevention
                                                                                          847 289-2530
      Police Emergency: 911
      Code Enforcement: 847 931 5629
                                                                   We hope this is a useful tool to report crime, danger,
      Police Non-Emergency: 847 289 2711                           or suspicious activity in your area anytime. Alert and
      Resident Officer Ken Ericson 847 354 3386                     caring neighbors can help keep our city safe.

                                In addition, online you can visit
                  310 N. Spring, Elgin, Il 60120          for information
                  847 354-3386 direct                              on recent police activity for any area in Elgin.

keep these useful numbers handy
     Ahora que terminó el invierno, nos preparamos para los proyectos de primav-
era/verano y pronto notaremos la transformación de nuestra colonia, mientras que los
voluntarios de nuestra asociación de colonos (NENA) trabajan muy duro por nuestra
    Quisiera recordarles a nuestros residentes que todos somos miembros de NENA,
puesto que vivimos aquí. Nuestra asociación es una organización de tipo 501c3 (no
lucrativa), así que los donativos son deducibles de impuestos. Nuestros gastos incluyen
un sitio en Internet, la circular informativa y el seguro, entre otros. Todo esto es para
mantenerlos informados de lo que pasa en nuestra colonia. Además, hacemos donativos
a obras de caridad como el campamento de verano ROPE y las escuelas locales. Hay un
                                                                                              UN MENSAJE DE NUESTRO
grupo pequeño de personas que se encarga del manejo de nuestra asociación de colonos
y ofrece su tiempo voluntariamente. Algunos de nuestros proyectos son: el jardín de las       OFICIAL DE LA POLICÍA LOCAL
mariposas (esquina de Ann y Douglas), la limpieza de primavera y la restauración de la
colina de ladrillo (donde termina la calle Spring). Necesitamos más voluntarios porque        Los ojos de la
hay mucho trabajo qué hacer.                                                                  comunidad
    Para recaudar fondos, organizamos varios eventos que incluyen la venta de garaje,              Cuando una persona carece del
el baile de las brujas y el tour navideño. Hay 1900 hogares dentro del perímetro de           sentido de la vista su vida se vuelve muy
NENA, pero los gastos son mayores que el apoyo financiero de nuestros colonos. En-             difícil. Imagínese si le cubrieran los ojos
tiendo que todos estamos muy ocupados y no siempre tenemos tiempo de participar               y tuviera que llevar a cabo sus activi-
en proyectos, pero otra forma de ayuda es por medio de donativos. Todo el dinero que          dades diarias sin poder ver. Todo sería casi
NENA recibe se queda en nuestra comunidad y es muy fácil donar. Se puede usar Pay-            imposible de lograr.
Pal en nuestro sitio Internet o puede hacerlo por correo.
                                                                                                   Los oficiales de la policía se sienten
      Nuestra organización que ha trabajado desde 1985, tiene el objetivo de mejorar          como ciegos cuando la comunidad no les
nuestra colonia para el bienestar de todos los residentes. Las juntas de colonos y las vías   da información sobre los acontecimientos
de comunicación están abiertas a todos para que expresen sus opiniones y sugerencias.         de su colonia. Es de suma importancia
Espero verlos participar en alguno de nuestros proyectos o en nuestras juntas mensu-          que los residentes reporten cualquier tipo
ales.                                                                                         de actividades o personas sospechosas, trá-
    ¡Disfruten el agradable clima de la primavera! Jeff Gill, Presidente de NENA               fico de drogas, faltas a los códigos locales
                                                                                              o problemas de inseguridad. Las llamadas
MAYO ES EL MES DE LA PRESERVACIÓN HISTÓRICA EN ELGIN                                          pueden ser anónimas si lo prefieren o pu-
                                                                                              eden contactarme por medio de e-mail al
Presentación original de una casa                                                             crear una cuenta anónima en algún sitio
    Durante el mes de mayo la ciudad de Elgin organiza distintos eventos para enfatizar       de Internet. Por favor, asegúrese de incluir
la preservación histórica de nuestra ciudad. Como parte de estas actividades, en nuestra      la hora, el lugar o el rumbo y los detalles
colonia habrá una presentación original de una casa que consiste en quitar el material        del incidente reportado.
exterior adicional para dejarla en su estado original. Ésto se debe a que muchos propi-       Llamadas de emergencia:              911
etarios decidieron poner recubrimientos de aluminio o vinil en el exterior de sus casas
para cubrir la pintura que se estaba descarapelando y agregar aislamiento, y así disminu-     Faltas a los códigos locales:
ir gastos de calefacción. En realidad, el resultado no fue el esperado. Los recubrimientos                            847 931 5629
adicionales no proporcionan aislamiento suficiente y provocan otros problemas como             Estación de policía para asuntos que
moho (humedad) y plagas de insectos que dañan la construcción.
                                                                                              no son de emergencia:
    La ciudad de Elgin ofrece programas de ayuda económica para restaurar el exterior
                                                                                                                     847 289 2711
de las casas y regresarlas a su belleza original. Así el valor de la propiedad aumenta y
todos nos beneficiamos porque nos motiva a hacer lo mismo con nuestras casas.                  Oficial de policía residencial
    Éste es un evento donde los vecinos ayudan a otros vecinos. NENA provee la mano           Ken Ericson:           847 354 3386
de obra para quitar el material exterior. El sábado 21 de mayo nos reuniremos en el 908      
de Duncan Ave. a las 9:00 a.m. para realizar el trabajo. Necesitamos voluntarios que
traigan un martillo, unas pinzas, un desarmador y guantes de trabajo. No es necesario         Resident Officer Ken Ericson #259
tener experiencia y si no le gusta subirse a escaleras, puede ayudar a mover el material y                      310 N Spring St
limpiar. Normalmente terminamos como a las 12 de la tarde y hay tiempo para disfru-                             Elgin, Il 60120
tar el resto del fin de semana. Así que, venga y ayúdenos y conozca otros vecinos.
NOTICIAS SOBRE LA MEMBESÍA                                               EL BAILE DE LAS
DE NENA PARA EL 2011                                                     BRUJAS FUE UN ÉXITO
PRONTO TENDREMOS ALGUNOS                                                     NENA llevó a cabo su baile anual de las brujas el 29 de octu-
CAMBIOS . . .                                                            bre de 2010 en el restaurante bar Douglas Street en el centro de
                                                                         Elgin. Se recaudaron casi $2,600 gracias a las contribuciones de
    La mesa directiva tiene el placer de anunciar que a partir           nuestros patrocinadores y a la venta de boletos. Como siempre,
de la primavera del 2011, TODOS LOS RESIDENTES de                        nuestros participantes llevaron formidables disfraces y disfruta-
la colonia serán considerados MIEMBROS de NENA. Como                     ron de una velada sensacional con buena música, un concurso de
resultado, no se necesitará pagar una cuota de membresía.                disfraces y rifas. Algunos de los premios fueron un Apple I-pod,
Esperamos que de esta manera tengamos más cohesión en                    licores finos, un paquete de hotel, una muestra de vinos y, el pre-
nuestra colonia y que nuestros residentes se sientan bienveni-           mio mayor, una televisión de pantalla plasma de 46 pulgadas.
dos. Además, todos los residentes tendrán derecho a votar en                Entre los ganadores del concurso de disfraces estuvieron Pam
nuestras elecciones de la mesa directiva en el otoño del 2011.           Michaels (que vive en Prospect Blv.) disfrazada del Sombrerero
   En lugar de pedir una cuota de membresía, NENA ofrecerá               Loco, Jim Armstrong y James Halik (de Douglas Ave.) disfraza-
la oportunidad de hacer donativos durante cualquier época del            dos del Dúo Ambiguo, Elda y Larry Sirridge (de Douglas Ave.)
año. También se podrá donar a obras o eventos específicos. Por            disfrazados de Bittlejuice y Lydia y la pareja de Laurie Faith y
ejemplo, actualmente estamos solicitando donativos para com-             Tony Aiello (de Prospect Blv.) disfrazados de Julio Verne y su
prar anuncios de nuestro Tour Navideño. Necesitamos 8 anun-              asistente Trixie.
cios que cuestan aproximadamente $250.00 cada uno. Si usted                 Queremos agradecer a todos los participantes de este evento,
está interesado en hacer un donativo (cualquier cantidad es una          especialmente a nuestros patrocinadores Quality Painting and
gran ayuda), por favor, llene el talón de esta hoja y mándelo por        Carpentry, Daily Herald, Sherman Hospital, Boca Jump, El
correo o utilice PayPal en nuestro sitio Internet www.nenaofel-          Senador Michael Noland, Douglas Street Sports Bar and Grill, Recuerde que su donativo es deducible de impuestos.             Ruth Munson, Rauschenberger Partners, y Keith Farnham.

EVENTOS QUE NECESITAN VOLUNTARIOS                                                               NOTICIAS DEL
    Presentación original de una casa: es       El Baile de las Brujas: es un evento an-        HOSPITAL SHERMAN
quitar el material exterior adicional de        ual para recaudar fondos y ofrece entreten-         Actualmente el Centro de Salud Sher-
una casa para dejarla en su estado original     imiento para adultos. Se realiza en octubre.    man en la calle Center ofrece cuidado in-
como parte del embellecimiento de la co-        El Tour Navideño: es un evento para             mediato, servicio de cuidado en el hogar,
lonia. Sábado 21 de mayo.                       recaudar fondos y se organiza cada dos          un laboratorio de sueño y una clínica
    Venta de garaje: vender artículos do-       años. Algunos residentes prestan sus casas      Coumadin. Todavía hay consultorios
nados para recaudar fondos. Del 23 al 26        hermosamente decoradas para la Navidad          médicos en el edificio y una farmacia en
de junio.                                       y el público las visita. Es en la primera se-   el lobby.
                                                mana de diciembre.                                El área más antigua del hospital será de-
   Proyecto de mejoramiento de la colo-
nia: un grupo de voluntarios quita rejas,       El Jardín de las Mariposas: para el em-         molida durante la primavera del año 2012
maleza, pinta partes de casas, hace trabajo     bellecimiento de nuestra comunidad. El          y será transformada en espacio abierto
de carpintería y limpieza exterior en los       trabajo es contínuo.                            bajo el control del hospital. Por lo pronto,
lugares más necesitados de nuestra colonia.                                                     Sherman no tiene intenciones de vender
                                                Programa de Policía Rope: es nuestro
La fecha será anunciada próximamente.                                                           su propiedad. Todavía no se ha decidido
                                                contacto directo con el departamento de
                                                                                                cómo será utilizada, pero NENA está tra-
    Restauración de la colina de ladrillo:      policía para intensificar la seguridad y re-
                                                                                                bajando junto con los representantes de
la última calle de ladrillo en Elgin está       solver problemas de nuestra colonia. La
                                                                                                Sherman para decidir cuál será el uso más
donde termina la calle de Spring y necesi-      participación es contínua.
                                                                                                apropiado y beneficioso de dicho espacio.
ta más ladrillos originales para restaurarla.     Todas estas actividades necesitan la par-
Estamos recolectando ladrillos y la fecha       ticipación de voluntarios para mejorar
de reparación será determinada pronto.          nuestra comunidad. Por favor, ayúdenos
Esta colina es única, ofrece un lugar para      a construir una colonia mejor para todos.
deslizarse en trineo durante el invierno (a     Comuníquese con NENA por correo elec-
los niños les encanta) y sirve de acceso al     trónico o escriba co-
camino del río Fox.                             mentarios en nuestro sitio Internet.
  NENA Garage Sale • help A little • help a lot!                                                 NEIGHBORHOOD SPOTLIGHT:
                               Dear NENA residents,
        We need your help to make this very important annual fund raiser a success.
                                                                                                  MODERN AGE
            First, of course, we need your donations!                                               COMICS
Furniture, antiques, collectibles, appliances, toys, dishes and kitchenware, decorative items,
books, (even textbooks) pictures, linen, curtains, lamps, appliances and, of course, clothes.    Modern Age Comics is a family run busi-
 This year, especially, many of our Northeast neighbors are having a difficult time: you can       ness right in our neighborhood! It is a retail
                            help by donating your unused items.                                  comic store that also carries Magic the Gath-
Please leave donations at the site of the sale, 820 Douglas on Tuesday and Wednesday June        ering cards, action figures and statues, snacks,
21 and 22. Prior to the sale, you can leave smaller items at Ivonne Hopkins’ house on 270        t-shirts and mugs, and dice. You may have
 Cooper Ave (just north of old Sherman Hosp). Call Ivonne Hopkins (847-814-3345) for             seen them at Gail Borden Public Library
pickup of large or bulky items prior to June 21. We don’t have staff to do pick-ups during        during its “Be a Hero and Read” event.
                        the set up and sale. PLEASE plan ahead!
                                                                                                 Modern Age was a sponsor. Their support
NENA is a 501c3 organization. We’d be glad to provide donation receipts for tax purposes.        for the GB Library continues with “Comics
                    We also need many volunteers . . .                                           and Gaming” an event held at the library
 to work before, during and after the event. Even if you can’t help with sales, perhaps you’d    each month. Bring your library card to the
          consider one or more of the following ways and times to help NENA:                     comic store and get a discount!
                                       June 17-20:                                                         In 2009, Jesse Buck finally had the
• Pick up large or bulky donations and deliver them either to Ivonne Hopkins’ house or to        opportunity to open his own retail store to
 the sale site, depending on the time of pickup. If you have a truck or a van but no time,
                                                                                                 better serve kids and adults in the commu-
would you consider lending the vehicle to a responsible NENA member for an hour or so?
                                                                                                 nity. Drop by Jesse’s Modern Age Comics.
    • Make and hang signs in the neighborhood and distribute them to local businesses.           Let’s welcome him to the neighborhood!
                        We’ll provide posterboard and markers.
                                                                                                       Modern Age Comics
                Wednesday afternoon and evening, June 22:                                               1180 Dundee Ave
 Set up tents and tables. (Tall, strong people are much needed for these jobs!) Also, do you            Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat
have a tarp that you could lend us in case of rain? If you mark it clearly with your name and             10am -7 pm
                    address, we’ll return it to you on Sunday, June 26th.                 
                                  Thursday, June 23:
  Sorting and pricing and layout. (Get the first look at our treasures!). This is the job for
                which we need most volunteers. Even an hour would help.
                     Friday and Saturday, June 24 and 25:
   We hope for three hour shifts (8:30-11:30; 11:30-2:30; 2:30-5:00) but even if you only
 have an hour or two, we’d be glad to have you, especially at lunch time, when our traffic is
  heaviest. Spanish speakers are especially needed! If you can’t be with us, could you donate
drinks or home baked goods for NENA to sell? (Or for volunteers to nibble on?) Could you
lend us a garbage pail? A card table for a checkout station? Anything that you lend us will be
                            returned to you on Sunday, June 26th.
                    Saturday evening, June 25, after 4:30:
  Pick up our leftovers and take them to your favorite charity for donation. Each year, we
   have many leftovers, and the City of Elgin takes a dim view of our leaving them on the
curb. Could you drive by the site on Saturday and pick up a box or two to deliver to Good-
will, Salvation Army, ReStore, your church, etc.? The boxes will have been packed already by
our sales volunteers. If you come early and help pack, you can choose donations to fit needs
                                    that you know about.
                          Saturday, June 25, after 4:30:
  Dismantling the tents and tables and loading them onto trucks for removal. (Again, tall,
                             strong folks are most welcome!).
                        Please donate, volunteer, shop!
               or even just stop by to say hello to your NENA neighbors.
       Questions? call Ivonne 847 814-3345, visit us online at               May 7 is Free Comic Book Day
                           or find us on Face Book. Thank you!                                          at Gail Borden Public Library!
                                                                                                      See us there from noon to 3 pm.
   Actual Sale Days are Fri June 24 and Sat June 25                                              Free comics will be given away at our store
   from 9 to 4:30 each day at 820 Douglas Avenue                                                              on May 7, as well!
                                                                                VOLUNTEER CORNER
                                                                                 NENA’s Planned events
                                                                                  and activities need
                                                                                Help make our neighborhood a better place
                                                                                to live! Our city government can ASSIST us,
                                                                                but we must BE the energy to get things done.
                                                                                You can make a difference!

                                                                                           Great Unveiling
                                                                                Taking the non-original siding off a house
                                                                                so the homeowner can restore the exterior to
                                                                                its original design. May 21st. Neighborhood
 What’s Up at Old Sherman?                                                      beautification. Annual event.

 What’s Coming Down, and when?                                                                 Garage Sale
                                                                                Donated items are sold to raise NENA funds.
         When Sherman Hospital moved to its new facility on Randall             June 24-25. Annual event.
Road in December of 2009, many people were not sure what would be-               Neighborhood Works Project
come of the large building on Slade and Center Street. In the years prior,      Volunteers remove cyclone metal fences (no
Sherman Hospital grew in size, growing upward and outward. Many new-            longer legal in Elgin), remove/plant vegeta-
                                                                                tion, light painting, and carpentry to homes
comers to the neighborhood liked the idea of a hospital right down the
                                                                                in distressed areas. Date to be announced.
street. Over the years, though, Sherman accumulated surrounding prop-           Neighborhood beautification. Annual event.
erty, which resulted the “removal” of homes to accommodate their expan-
                                                                                      Brick Hill Restoration
sions. Eventually, the hospital decided that they could never grow as big
                                                                                The last brick street in Elgin at the end of
as they liked within our neighborhood, and found property on Randall            Spring Street is in need of bricks and repairs
Road.                                                                           to restore it. Specific bricks are collected from
         So, what is next? Presently, Sherman’s Center St at Slade location     neighbors until enough for repairs can be
offers residents an Immediate Care facility, home care services, a sleep lab,    made. Collection on going, repair date to be
and a Coumadin clinic. Numerous physician offices remain in the Medi-             determined. Neighborhood Landmark, great
                                                                                sledding hill, access to the Fox River Trail.
cal Office Building. An independent pharmacy resides in the lobby of
the Medical Office Building. And, the Greater Elgin Family Care Center                     Monster Mash Bash
has office space for primary and immediate care services. The older sec-          Neighborhood fund raiser. Annual event.
                                                                                Great fun for adults. October time frame.
tion of the hospital, west of Center Street, along Spring, including the
parking garage, old ER, patient rooms, kitchen, heating and power                       Holiday House Walk
plant, will be torn down in Spring 2012. That property will become              Fund raiser, Bi-annual Christmas house walk
                                                                                involving NENA homes displaying holiday
open space under the hospital’s control and could be available for the yet
                                                                                decorations. First week in December. Show
undefined future healthcare needs of the community. At the present time,         case of our beautiful neighborhood homes.
Sherman has no plans to sell any of the former hospital property.
                                                                                          Butterfly Garden
         NENA and Sherman’s Administrative Team have worked together
                                                                                Beautification and community park.
over the years in resolving issues with noise, parking, and other problems.     Ongoing.
NENA had been allowed to use their meeting rooms for our monthly
meetings and other events. Today, Sherman allows NENA meetings at                      Rope Officer Program
                                                                                Our direct contact to our police department
their facility in The Centre. Jeff Gill is on a committee with the hospital      for enhancing our safety and resolving prob-
that oversees the transformation of the Center Street property as equip-        lem areas in our neighborhood. Ongoing.
ment is removed, and the heating and electrical facilities are moved to the
                                                                                  Contact any board member:
remaining east buildings. It’s a slow but careful process, and he is grateful
to be included. Sherman will always be part of our neighborhood, and we
will continue to work together during this transformation, and into the             or post a request on our
future.                                                                               website message board.

   Spring - summer                      Events and Meetings                                NENA            2011
                                  to volunteer for any upcoming events and planning dates,
  A new Online Message            contact Laurie Faith847-628-9705
  Board and Event feature         or send email to
  has become part of the
  NENA website. Check             May 5           NENA Board Meeting
  it out often and stay           May 21          Great Unveiling @ 908 Duncan Ave. Bring gloves, volunteers!
  tuned to events!
                                  May 30          34th Annual Fox Trot, NENA water stations. Call to volunteer.

  NENA Board Meetings             June 2          NENA Board Meeting
  are held first Thursdays         June 24-25 NENA Garage Sale!
  each month from 7pm
                                  July 4          Fourth of July Parade!
  to 8:30pm in Sherman
  Health and Wellness             July 7          NENA Board Meeting
  Room located within
  the Centre of Elgin,
                                  Aug 4           NENA Board Meeting                  STAY TUNED
  downtown. Everyone is
  welcome to attend.                                                                  VISIT OFTEN

NENA • NEIGHBORHOOD SURVEY • 2011                                Mail your completed survey to . . . . . NENA
Please tell us what you’d like our neighborhood organiza-        OR                                      P.O. Box 1446
tion, to focus our efforts on. Rate each item from 1 to 10,       Complete the survey online at:          Elgin, IL 60120
1 is MOST desirable. 10 is LEAST desirable.            

_____a) NENA should work with our ROPE officer                     _____f) NENA should seek to expand historic district-
(Resident Officer Program of Elgin) to establish and               boundaries and encourage landmark protections on
maintain neighborhood watch programs.                            eligible homes.

_____b) NENA should help homeowners to restore the               _____g) NENA should organize community events such
exterior of historic homes.                                      as neighborhood block parties to foster good relations.

_____c) NENA should beautify public areas in the                 _____h) NENA should organize community activities
neighborhood.                                                    such as community gardening.

_____d) NENA should provide feedback to Elgin city               _____i) NENA should work to establish a neighborhood
council regarding our opinion on local policies such as          identity with entry signage, point of interest maps and
parking, code enforcement, or zoning.                            kiosks.

_____e) NENA should organize neighborhood business-              _____j) NENA should work to upgrade public ameni
es to establish joint marketing, business advocacy, and          ties such as lights, benches, bicycle racks, or playground
inform residents about neighborhood job opportunities.           equipment in our neighborhood.
            Exciting Changes
          for NENA Membership
                                   Effective Spring 2011
The NENA Board is pleased to announce that beginning                   to sponsor new signs for our Home For The Holidays
Spring 2011 ALL RESIDENTS in our neighborhood                          Housewalk. We will be purchasing 8 new signs, at an esti-
will be considered MEMBERS of NENA. As a result,                       mated cost of $250 each. This means we will need to raise
NENA will no longer require residents to pay a member-                 at least $2000 to subsidize this cost. If you are interested
ship fee. It is our hope that this will allow for a more inclu-        in donating a portion of the costs, please complete and re-
sive neighborhood organization so that all residents may               turn the following form or donate through PayPal on our
feel welcome. This will also allow all residents to vote in our        website at Remember, all of your
executive board elections in the fall of 2011.                         donations are tax deductible.
         Instead of requesting a membership fee, NENA will
                                                                               NorthEast Neighborhood Association
offer residents an opportunity to donate to NENA anytime
                                                                               PO Box 1446
throughout the year. There will also be opportunities to
                                                                               Elgin, IL 60120
donate for specific causes and/or events. For example, we
are currently asking residents to donate any dollar amount
                                                                             New! Donate anytime online (PayPal)

 Mail this form to NENA, PO Box 1446, Elgin IL 60120, or Donate by PayPal at

                                         Northeast Neighborhood Association
                                                      of Elgin
                                            DONATION FORM

Name ____________________________________ Address __________________________________________

Phone ____________________________________ E-Mail ___________________________________________

Donation Amount: $____________                              Donation Type (circle one): Check Cash

Please mark your interests:
___ Board Membership                      ___ Holiday House Tour                         ___ Monster Mash Bash
___ Butterfly Garden                       ___ Neighborhood Safety                        ___ Garage Sale
___ Special Events                        ___ Phone Tree                                 ___ Neighborhood Beautification
___ Fundraising                           ___ 4th of July Parade                         ___ Newsletter
___ Membership and Welcoming              ___ Volunteer Coordination
                                  Please retain a copy of this form for your records.
                     NENA is a 501(c) non-profit corporation. Your contribution is tax deductible.


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