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Starting a New Club or Society


									                           Starting a New Club or Society
                                  Start Up Groups
We are keen to encourage students to set up new clubs or societies around activities that
are not already represented here at City University. To make this as easy as possible, all
new proposals which have been approved by the Students’ Union are set up initially as
Start Up Groups. These are created with the minimum of paperwork so that you can get up
and running. Once you have been operational for a year and have proved that there is a
demand for your activity amongst students, you may be able to convert to a full Affiliated
Club or Society.

What to do to get started
      Discuss your idea with fellow students to gauge interest. Start thinking of the aims of
       your activity and whether it is a society, a change you want to bring about, a forum
       or an event, to name a few.
      If need be, arrange a meeting with the Advocacy Manager who can help you clarify
       whether your idea is appropriate for a Start Up Group and will advise you on the
       next step accordingly.
      Complete the Start Up Group application form which is available on Email it to or hand this in to the
       Students’ Union (FAO Advocacy Manager) and it will be considered by the Full time
       Officers (who have delegated authority from the Trustee Board). These meetings
       take place bi monthly during term time.

        If they approve it, you will be asked to attend an initial meeting with an SU staff
       member to discuss your activity and where you can ask any questions you may
       have. You may be asked for further clarification on your application before it is
       approved. You will be informed of this and asked to clarify at a meeting with SU
       staff/officers. If you are given approval, you will be able to form as a Start Up Group
       operating within the Codes of Conduct for Club/Society Officers and Members, and
       other SU policies available from the Resource Centre on
Guidelines for Start-up Group applications
      Only 5 students are required to get started.
      Your application form indicates your aims and proposed activities. These should be
       sufficiently different from those of existing activities to merit a new Start Up Group
       being formed and should represent added value to City University students.
      Start Up Groups receive a maximum of £75 in funding from the Students’ Union.
       You should indicate how this funding would be used to achieve the aims of your
       group. Be aware that this funding does not imply commitment from the SU to
       support all proposed activities for your group.

       You may fundraise for your group to add to this budget, or set a membership fee via Any funds raised must be paid in to the Students’ Union and
       managed through a Club/Society Private Account.

      Your Start Up Group must be open to all City students and publicised as such.

Once your Start Up Group is approved
      As Start Up Group Leaders you must ensure that you and your members adhere to
       the Codes of Conduct for Clubs & Societies.

      The Students’ Union will provide you with a generic email address (if requested) so
       that interested students can contact you easily.

      Start Up Group leaders are asked to report back to the Students’ Union at end of
       each term to indicate what they have achieved against stated aims and objectives.

       If good progress has been made, and you and your members have operated within
       the Codes of Conduct, you may apply to the VP Student Activities & Development
       and the Advocacy Manager to upgrade to a full Affiliated Club or Society for the next
       full academic year.

      If approved, you will be expected to hold a meeting to elect a full committee in
       February/March and will be able to apply for a budget for the following academic

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