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					Kevin Richardson
Newcastle City Council

Kevin is Senior Corporate Policy Manager at Newcastle City Council. He is
responsible for managing relationships with external bodies and for developing
relationships with bodies of central and regional governance. Kevin manages
the contribution of that Council to and from EUROCITIES. Kevin has had a
particular interest in EU Regional Policy. He has been in detailed involvement
in the partnerships in the North East of England which have developed and
managed successive Structural Fund programmes. Kevin is now busy working as
part of that partnership to develop that region's new Regional Competitiveness
Programme. Recently, Kevin managed the OECD Territorial Review of Newcastle in
the North East. This was the first such Review of its kind in the United
Kingdom and the first anywhere in the world of a city of only medium size. One
of the many important elements of that Review was a focus of the potential
longer term implications of a population that is both ageing and falling in
size. Like many cities in England, Kevin comes from an urban area which has
benefited from both sustained if incremental economic growth and an influx of
new workers from Eastern Europe and beyond. Kevin will suggest that EU Cohesion
Policy is now outdated by events and it needs to seriously consider the
implications of sustained, and potentially more complex, patterns of economic
migration. Specifically, he will argue that it is it larger urban areas that
most need and will benefit from greater levels of economic migration.

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