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					   Chang Yu Hsin
        +65 8388 3465
Chang Yu Hsin

Address: BLK 156 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
         #15-1183 Singapore 310156
                                               Education                                                    Employment History
Mobile: +65 8388 3465                          2008 – 2010                                                  October 2010
Website:                  Bachelor of Design (Multimedia)                              Freelance - eEagle Group, Australia
                                               Swinburne University of Technology, Australia                Work as a website designer and coder, doing the company
                                                                                                            website coding.
                                               * Major in 2D & 3D animation.
                                               * Achieved High Distinction for subjects Imaging For         * Code whole website using HTML & CSS.
                                                 Narrative And Storyboards, Digital Design, Design          * Conduct minor editing on images in Illustrator and
                                                 Studio, 2d Character Animation, Managing Design &            Photoshop.
                                                 Multimedia Design: Advance Technology.                     * Design the first template of eEagle Group Webiste.
                                               * Achieved Distinction for subjects 20th Century Design,     * Gain new knowledge on Java Script through coding the
                                                 2D Animation, Interactive Design For Games And Web
                                                 Applications, 3d Modelling For Objects And Environments,
                                                 Typography For Screen And Motion, Communicating
                                                 Practice, Individual Research Project & Design Systems     April 2010
                                                 And Services.                                              Freelance - eEagle Group, Australia
                                                                                                            Work as a website coder, working on “How Smart You Are”
                                               2007                                                         competition website coding.
                                               Certificate IV in Design (University Preparation)
                                               Swinburne University of Technology, Australia                * Code whole website using HTML & CSS.
                                                                                                            * Create interactive flash menu inside web pages using
                                               * Gain basic knowledge about design.                           Flash and Action Script.
                                                                                                            * Conduct minor editing on images in Illustrator and
                                               * Achieved an average Distinction for all subjects.
                                                                                                            * Gain new knowledge on Action Script through coding the

                Chang Yu Hsin
                +65 8388 3465
Chang Yu Hsin

Address: BLK 156 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh
         #15-1183 Singapore 310156
                                               Skill                                                      Memberships
Mobile: +65 8388 3465                          Illustration / Graphic Design                              2004 – Current
Website:                  Adobe Photoshop , Adobe Illustrator , Adobe InDesign ,     Member of The Student Correspondents Club in Singapore
                                               Easy Paint Tool SAI                                        Press Holdings (Lianhe Zaobao Tong Xuen Yuan Chinese
                                                                                                          Newspaper), Singapore
                                               2D Animation / Flash Games
                                               Adobe Flash , ActionScript 2                               * Learn to draw comics from professional and experienced
                                               Website Design                                             * Learn layout design through organising our Student
                                               Adobe Dreamweaver , HTML + CSS                               Correspondent’s Club monthly comic magazine.
                                                                                                          * Gain experience in organising large public events like
                                               3D Modeling / Animation                                      Comic Camps.
                                               Autodesk Maya , Autodesk Mudbox                            * Work as a team with different age of people.
                                                                                                          * Draw comics & illustrations and were published on Friday
                                               Video Editing                                                Weekly newspapers.
                                               Adobe AfterEffects , Final Cut Pro

                                                                                                          Extra Curricular Activities
                                                                                                          2008 & 2009
                                               2005                                                       Participate in Manifest, Melbourne’s Anime Event
                                               1st Prize for National Health Promotion Board – Youth
                                               Advolution for Health Logo Design Competition, Singapore   * Sell self-drawn bookmarks, postcards & badges in the
                                                                                                            both years’ events.

                Chang Yu Hsin
                +65 8388 3465
Pattern Design

Some cute pattern design I did using
only triangles, squares and circles.
The chosen design was printed on
paper bag.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
Chess Piece Design

I designed the paper chess pieces in
the theme of Japan Sengoku Samurai.
The King is the Samurai. The Queen is
the Samurai’s wife and the Bishop is
the Ninja.

                                                                          SENGOKU SAMURAI
                                                                          The Warring States period (shinjitai:           kyūjitai:          ,
                                                                          sengoku jidai) was a time of social upheaval, political intrigue, and
                                                                          nearly constant military conflict in Japan that lasted roughly from
                                                                          the middle of the 15th century to the beginning of the 17th

                                                                          KING - SAMURAI


                                                                          1. Cut the model out around the edges.
                                                                          2. Fold along the black solid line to make it like a box.
                                                                          3. Cut the dotted lines.
                                                                          4. Join them up using double-sidded tape as the picture shown below.
                                                                          5. Insert the hands to the holes beside the body.
                                                                          6. Paste the helmet at the back of the head of the front body.



                                                  KING - SAMURAI
                                                  CHANG YU HSIN 5786231

                                                                                                     Front body

               Chang Yu Hsin


               +65 8388 3465
Youth Advolution for
Health Logo Design
This is the logo I designed for Youth
Advolution for Health, National
Health Promotion Board, Singapore. I
used strong strokes to represent the
youth’s vibrant energy. Red represents
energy, yellow represents cheerfulness
and green represents health.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
Illusto Logo Design

This is the logo I designed my
friend’s online T-Shirt Design store.
She is looking for some cheerful and
fun elements in the logo design. Thus,
I used a lot of bright colours to
show the young and vibrant spirit.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
Star Comics
HTML email
This is one of my university projects
where we have to design a html email
for a company. Star Comics is an
online comic store invented by me.
Its target group is mostly
teenagers who love reading comics.
Thus, I use bright colours and
cheerful font in the email design.
This email is a monthly newsletter for
its members. It provides list of new
book release, monthly popular comic
ranking and casual promotion.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
eEagle Group
Company Website
A freelance work I did for eEagle
Group company website. I did some
website layout designs and last, the
right one was chosen. I also made the
website using HTML and CSS.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
Death Swivel Game

This is a 3D Unity game group project,
did in Year 3 in Swinburne University
of Technology, Australia. My role is
the interavtive coder and layout
designer. It is a cheerful racing
game. Main character has to avoid
obstacles on road and also the attacks
of his rivals. The game name “Death
Swivel“ gives a cool feeling, thus I
designed the graphic in young and
vibrant way by using vector arts and
bright colours.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465

This is a 3D adventure game project I
did in Year 3 in Swinburne University
of Technology, Australia. The game is
designed for the Neurotypical high
school students to play in the
wonderful worlds that have been
created by people with Asperger’s
Symptoms. This project aims to
promote interaction and respects.

My group’s planet is Gregarion, the
Social Planet. Our goal is to teach
the player how to socialise with
Aspergers. My role in this project
is the 3D modeler, concept artist,
and graphic designer.

Gregarion planet is full of forests.
The main city is located in the heart
of the forests. Various parts of the
main city are separated by the
Gregarion River, Despite it is
surround in the sea of trees, the
city is very high-tech. Inhabitant’s
standard of life is high. They enjoy
parties and the planet is famous for
its Mardi Gras. Every year’s Mardi
Gras attracts a lot of tourists from
the other planets. The planet’s
concept arts are at the right
hand side.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465

In the center of the Pride City, that
is the famous City Central Maze. It is
located in the park where the yearly
Mardi Gras is held.

On the right are the pictures of the
city. The 3D buildings are built and
sculpted in low poly in Maya and
Mudbox and then imported into Unity.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465

Here are the concept arts I did for
Gregarion inhabitants. They live in
a high-tech city, thus I design their
clothes with astronaut feel. The
materials are probably leather or
plastic and with different colours.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465

I am responsible for modeling the 3D
female characters. On the right are
the actual 3D female inhabitants.
They have different hair styles and
hair colours. There are four colours
in total for their uniform which
differentiate them from the
places they live.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465

These are the screen shots of our
Gregarion planet’s Intro Animation.
This video length is 43 second. It
introduces Gregarion’s geography,
population. architectures and its
famous Mardi Gras culture to the
first comer. The video is shown on
the spaceship, thus the style is
set to be technical and simple.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
Happy Birthday
Prussia 2009
This is a Fan Art of Axis Powers
Hetalia, drawn for Kingdom of
Prussia’s establishment on 18th
January 1701. The adult Prussia
(Kingdom of Prussia) is hugging the
young Prussia (Teutonic Knights) in
his arms, while the kid is holding the
Prussia’s Flag in hand. With the blue
clean sky and the big smiles on their
faces, this piece is full of joy.
Though this country does not exist
anymore, it was there before in the
history and will always stay in
people’s heart.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
Bow To Me.

This is a Fan Art of Axis Powers
Hetalia. I wanted to portrait Ivan’s
scary personality by using various
textures. The uniform is referenced
from the Marshal uniform specially
made for the Victory Parade at
Moscow on 24th June 1945.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
Axis Powers Hetalia
I made some Axis Powers Hetalia badges
for sales in Manifest, Melbourne
Australia’s anime festival in 2009.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465

This is my original character,
Lucifer, created for the online
drawing event “Syounen Kisyukukou“
in Taiwan. Below is his name card
which later being exchanged with
other artists in Comic World in
Taiwan 26 Event in 2010.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465

A painting I did during winter while
trying different style of colouring.
I used soft colours to give the
painting a warm feeling.

               Chang Yu Hsin
               +65 8388 3465
   Chang Yu Hsin
        +65 8388 3465

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