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					                                                            Socs Training Weekend Sept 24th
               Aras Ui Cathaill lecture theatre                     The View
9.30am -
          Registration and throughout the day
          Riona: 1. Being a Secretary:              Matt Burke: 9. NUIG Society
          Arranging meetings, creating Agendas,     Awards, BICS,
          the POWER of Minute Taking, how to        what the national organisation is all
10.00am -                                           about. Organising Intervarsity events.
          create your end of year report.
11.00am                                             How to be a winner

11.00-    break
          Riona: 2. Treasurers! Using the finance   Matt Burke: 8. The Control Panel:
          website; Schedule of Allowances,          Getting to grips with the control panel, a
          Budgeting, Balancing Accounts and         step-by-step guide on how to use all the
          getting yourself up and running this      applications – sms, membership, profile,
11.15am - year. NB! Bring along an up-to-date       room booking etc
12.30pm bank statement, make sure you check
          when your account closed last year and
          order a statement from that date. Any
          queries about this just ask SocsBox!

          Riona: 3. Fundraising and Sponsorship: George Karr: 7: How to design a killer
          how to create a partner ship with your eye catching poster on soft wear you
          sponsor                                have on your laptop.
12.30pm - How to fund your fantastic ideas!

1.30pm - Free Lunch in college bar
         Riona: 4. Team Management and the          Padraig McNeela : 10. Understanding
         Power of Delegation: Conflict              the USCG (University Societies
2.30pm - resolution,                                Coordinators Group).
3.30pm Chairing Skills, Increasing membership       What is your constitution?, Society
         and keeping everyone motivated.            policies including Postering and Alcohol
         Riona: 5. Event management, Fun            Sandra Butler: 11. Alumni Assiciation,
         things to do, Overview of themed           what is it, how to organising alumni
3.30pm - weeks, Health and safety:                  events and receiving support for your
4.30pm The issues which impact on societies,
                                                    special events.
         risk assessment, developing a safety
         statement and the importance of duty
         of care.
         Riona & Paula Healy: 6. PR How to get
         your message across. Using Socs Mail,
         keeping your members informed,
4.30pm - writing a letter, press releases, campus
5.30pm advertising, local and national media.
         Flirt FM - what it can do for you.

6.30pm    Wind Down session in the college bar with refreshments & finger food.
                                    Socs Training Weekend Sept 23th & Saturday 24th
Fri 23rd Sept      Aras ui Cathaill lecture theatre                                   How & Why to Attend

Basic workshops useful                                                       Please download/
                                                                                                              If you attend your society will rock
                                                                 collect signup sheet and register for your
for everyone will be repeated tomorrow but should be                                                          this year. If you don’t you will
                                                                  choice of workshops by Thursday 22nd
attended this evening so you can attend the other                                                             wander in confusion you have been
                                                                      drop into the Socsbox or e-mail
workshops tomorrow                                                                                            warned.

                   A. The Control Panel:
                   Getting to grips with the control panel, a
                                                                2 members of a society must attend
6pm - 7.00pm       step-by-step guide on how to use all the                                                  Lots of free food
                                                                at least 2 sessions to retain travel funding
                   applications – sms, membership, profile,
                   room booking etc

                   B. Treasurers! Using the finance website;
                                                                                                    Any society committee member
                   Schedule of Allowances, Budgeting,
                                                                                                    who attends the 2 sessions on
                   Balancing Accounts and getting yourself      There is a €10 bonus per member
                                                                                                    Friday and all day on Saturday will
                   up and running this year. NB! Bring along    attending to a max of 10 members to
                                                                                                    receive a society certificate for
7.00pm - 8pm       an up-to-date bank statement, make           be spent on what your committee
                                                                                                    Team Leadership, Communication
                   sure you check when your account             decides. That’s a maximum of €100
                                                                                                    and event management. As long as
                   closed last year and order a statement       just for you
                                                                                                    their society organise 6 events this
                   from that date. Any queries about this
                                                                                                    year. Handy for your CV.
                   just ask SocsBox!

                   After session in the hub with food and

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