8th Grade Drug Test Study Guide by wuyunqing


									            8th Grade Chemical Education Test Study Guide
Cycle of Substance Abuse
  - Describe each phase of the cycle
         o Gateway drug-
         o Physiological dependence-
         o Addiction-
         o Tolerance-
         o Psychological dependence-
         o Habit-
  - Explain why it is cyclical

Drug Classes- Depressants, Stimulants, Hallucinogens, and Narcotics
research sheets, Drug classifications Sheet
   - How does each class of drugs affect the body?
          o Depressants-
          o Stimulants-
          o Hallucinogens-
          o Narcotics-
   - For all drugs-
          o What class does it fit into?
          o Is it legal, illegal, or a prescription drug?
          o How is it used? Is it a liquid, powder, acid, etc.?
          o Important fact (ex- Caffeine is compared to cocaine, heroin, and
             amphetamines; Mescaline comes from a cactus; Ketamine is
             used by veterinarians as an anesthetic; Rohypnol is a date rape
             drug; etc.)

Alcohol –Alcohol Simulation Questions, Wasted, and True/False test
   - Effects on the body
   - Consequences of alcohol abuse on the individual and others
   - Key concepts-
         o BAC-
         o Oxidation-
         o Cirrhosis-
         o Binge drinking-
         o Amount of alcohol per drink-
         o Binge Drinking vs. Alcoholism

Marijuana – Cross Word Puzzle
  - Main chemical
  - How it effects the body

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