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2011 Palo Alto County Official Directory - Palo Alto County Iowa

VIEWS: 115 PAGES: 17

Attorney                                                    2
Bar Association                                            14
Board of Review                                             6
Civil Service Commission Board                              4
Communications Center                                       2
Compensation Board                                          2
Conference Board(Board of Education/Mayors/Supervisors)     6
Conservation Board                                          4
Court House- Assessor                                       2
         Auditor                                            1
         Clerk                                              1
         Custodian – Paul Forry
         General Relief/CPC                                 4
         Recorder                                           1
         Treasurer                                          1
         Veterans Affairs - Ronald Hersom                   4
E 911 Service Board                                        13
Economic Development Board                                  7
Emergency Management                                       13
Emergency Response-North Central Iowa                      13
Eminent Domain                                             13
Engineer                                                    1
Enterprise Zone Commission                                  6
Examining Board                                             6
Extension Council                                           5
Fair Board                                                  4
Fire Districts                                              3
Gaming Commission                                           7
Health Board & Sanitarian, Joe Neary                        2
Horizons Unlimited                                          8
Hospital Trustees                                           5
Iowa Lakes Area III School Board                            8
Judges-Third Judicial District                             14
Judicial Magistrate Appointing Committee                   14
Mayors / Council / City Clerks                              9
Medical Examiner                                            4
NW IA Tourism- Rhonda Miller & Cecilia Miller
NW IA Regional Housing Authority                            2
Prairie Lakes Area Education Agency 3 Board                 5
Recycling Commission (Tri-County)                           4
Sanitary Sewer                                              3
School District Directors                                   8
Sheriff                                                     1
Soil Conservation Commissioners                             7
Solid Waste Task Force                                      7
Senators & Representatives - US and State                  15
State Executive Department                                 15
Supervisors                                                 2
Township Officers                                       10-12
Veterans Commission                                         4
Zoning Commission & Zoning Adm., Joe Neary                  3
         Planning & Zoning Board of Adjustment              3
                                            COUNTY OFFICES

                                            AUDITOR’S OFFICE

Gary J. Leonard, Auditor-4 yr. Term 1/1/09-12/31/12               Emmetsburg
Duane Sandberg, Deputy                                            Graettinger
Carmen Moser, Deputy                                              Cylinder
Robin Jamison, Deputy                                             Emmetsburg
Therese Geelan, Secretary                                         Ruthven

                                      CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT

Mary Ellen Munn, Clerk of District Court                          Emmetsburg
Maureen Wright, J.C.C.I                                           Emmetsburg
Linda Koppie                                                      Emmetsburg

                                           RECORDER’S OFFICE

Bonnie Whitney, County Recorder-4 yr. Term-12/31/14               Emmetsburg
Susan Ruppert,Deputy                                              Mallard
LaDonna Faulkner, Clerk                                           Ruthven

                                           TREASURER’S OFFICE

Mary Kunz Hilfiker, County Treasurer-4 yr. Term 1/1/11-12/31/14   Emmetsburg
Debra Quamme, Deputy                                              Emmetsburg
Ruthann Haywood, Deputy                                           Emmetsburg
Robin Thomsen, Deputy                                                   Cylinder

Jeanelle Stokes, Clerk                                            Mallard
Kathryn Mortenson, Clerk                                          Mallard

                                            COUNTY SHERIFF

Dennis Goeders, County Sheriff-4 yr. Term 1/1/09-12/31/12         Emmetsburg
Todd D. Suhr, Chief Deputy                                        Ruthven
Daniel J. Jackson, Deputy                                         Emmetsburg
John King, Deputy                                                 Emmetsburg
Roger Reed, Deputy                                                Ruthven
Lynn Schultes, Deputy                                             Emmetsburg
Ted Foxhoven, Deputy                                              Graettinger
Eric Ring, Deputy                                                 Spencer
Melanie Rouse, Clerk                                              Emmetsburg

                                            COUNTY ENGINEER

Joel D. Fantz, Engineer                                           Emmetsburg
John W. Wright, Assistant                                         Emmetsburg
Justin Williams,Engineer Technician                               Emmetsburg
Daniel Berven,Engineer Technician                                 Graettinger
Nancy Stegge, Office Manager                                      Emmetsburg
Michelle James, Secretary                                         Emmetsburg

                                         COUNTY ASSESSOR

Lois Naig, County Assessor - 6 Yr. Term 1/1/04-1/1/10                       Emmetsburg
Jodi Jergens                                                                Mallard
Irene McCoy                                                                 Emmetsburg

                                         COUNTY ATTORNEY

Lyssa Henderson-4 yr. Term 1/1/11-12/31/14                                  Emmetsburg
Melanie Summers Bauler, Asst. Co. Attorney                                  Spirit Lake
Dawn Jensen, Adm. Assistant                                                 Emmetsburg
Stephanie Hudson                                                            Emmetsburg

                                       BOARD OF SUPERVISORS

Leo Goeders-4 yr. Term 1/1/09-12/31/12                                      Emmetsburg
Edward Noonan            -4 yr. Term 1/1/11-12/31/14                                Ayrshire
Keith Wirtz-4 yr. Term 1/1/11-12/31/14                                      Mallard
Jerry Hofstad-4 yr. Term 1/1/11-12/31/14                                    Emmetsburg
Ronald D. Graettinger-4 yr. Term 1/1/09-12/31/12                            Graettinger

                                  COUNTY COMPENSATION BOARD

                                                ends June 30th
Francis Schealler, Supervisor                   4 yr. term 2013             Graettinger
Allen Stangl, Supervisor                        4 yr. term 2013             Ayrshire
Bill Ziegler, Attorney                          4 yr. term 2011             Emmetsburg
John D. Brown, Auditor                          4 yr. term 2013             Emmetsburg
Howard Garton, Treasurer                        4 yr. term 2011             West Bend
Ned Munn, Recorder                              4 yr. term 2011             Emmetsburg
John Spies, Sheriff                             4 yr. term 2013             Emmetsburg

                                       COMMUNICATION CENTER

Becky Goeders                   Sheryl Rehm Chamberlain              Rex Mulholland

                                        LOCAL HEALTH BOARD
                                                                       3 year term expires
Phil Stillman, Emmetsburg                                                 Dec. 31, 2011
Julie Nelson, Pres., Ruthven                                              Dec. 31, 2011
Pam Studer, Vice Pres., Graettinger                                       Dec. 31, 2012
Dr. Daniel Nesheim, D.V. M., Mallard                                      Dec. 31, 2012
Dr. Frank Veltri, Emmetsburg                                              Dec. 31, 2013
Joe Neary, Sanitarian, Emmetsburg

                                  NW IA Regional Housing Authority
                                          Shirley Brown

                                 3 yr. term
                    District     Serve until           Address
Bill Bormann          I          12/31/2011            5606 495th St., West Bend
Clayton Helgeson      II         12/31/2012            4113 350th St., Emmetsburg
Tim O’Leary           III        12/31/2013            46640 350th St., Emmetsburg
Ronn Naig             IV         12/31/2011            5047 330th St. Cylinder
Allen Stangl          V          12/31/2012            4711 355th Ave., Ayrshire

                           PALO ALTO COUNTY ZONING COMMISSION

Monty Leu                  776-2350                         35028 420th St., Ruthven
Gene Opheim                852-4120                         3323 510th Ave., Cylinder
Dean Gunderson             884-2476                         5542 380th St., Cylinder
Mike Brown                 837-5853                         3925 340th St., Ruthven
Larry Ruppert              425-3256                         4537 460th Ave., Mallard
Barry Fehr           (515) 887-2211                         4716 545th Ave., West Bend
Martin Sievers             859-3858                         401 S. Cedar St., Graettinger


                                                            6 year term expires
Bruce Andersen, Ruthven                                        Dec. 31, 2016
Dustin Reynolds, Ruthven                                       Dec. 31, 2015
Doug Fisher, Ruthven                                           Dec. 31, 2014

                             RINGSTED BENEFITED FIRE DISTRICT

Trustees                                                    3 year term expires
Allen Meyer                                                     July 1, 2013
Lynn Reese                                                      July 1, 2011
Dennis Nelsen                                                   July 1, 2012


Trustees                                                    3 year term expires
James Spies                                                     May 1, 2011
Mike Flaherty                                                   May 1, 2013
Denny Harris                                                    May 1, 2012

                        PALO ALTO COUNTY FAIR BOARD
Angie Beem                                                                 President
Pat Kibbie                                                                 Vice-president
Amy Wesley                                                                 Secretary
Dan Voigt                                                                  Treasurer
Davona Perkins                                                             Business Manager
Chelsey Rouse                                                              Youth Representative’s
Bert Naig                        Brian Rouse                      Tara Fastert
Denton Knobloch                  Ron Mader                        Clyde Johnson
Mark Strohman                    Phillip Schmitt                  Tiffany Johnston
Mike Egland

                                   COUNTY CONSERVATION BOARD
                                         5 year term expires
Steve W. Pitt                                                            Director
Arthur E. Hampe                                                          Park Officer
Steve R. Henderson                                                       Assistant
Tony Streit                      Dist. I           Dec. 2012             West Bend
Gary Hughes                      Dist II           Dec. 2014             Emmetsburg
Sam Henkelvig                    Dist III          Dec. 2013             Emmetsburg
Don Hagen                        Dist IV           Dec. 2011             Cylinder
Darrin Adams                     Dist V            Dec. 2015             Emmetsburg

                                CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION BOARD
                                                              6 year term expires
Lorraine McNally, Emmetsburg (appointed by Brd. Of Supr.)         Oct. 1, 2011
Linus Solberg, Cylinder (appointed by County Attorney)            Oct. 1, 2013
Keith Sadler, Mallard (appointed by Board of Supervisors)         Oct. 1, 2015

                                 TRI-COUNTY RECYCLING COMMISSION

                                                 Leo Goeders

                                     COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINER

                                            2 year term expires
Dr. Patricia Banwart, D.O.                    Dec. 31, 2011       West Bend

                                      COMMISSION OF VETERANS

                                                                          3 year terms expires
Cliff Christensen, Member                   Ruthven                           May 31, 2014
Patrick J. Higley, Chairperson              Emmetsburg                        May 31, 2013
Antone R. Clausen, Secretary                Mallard                           May 31, 2012
Ronald F. Hersom, Director                  Emmetsburg


Maureen Sandberg, Director                                               Graettinger
Nancy Hunsaker, Clerk                                                    Emmetsburg

                           PALO ALTO COUNTY HOSPITAL TRUSTEES

                                                           6 year term expires
James Hobart                        Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2016
Dawn Schmidt                        West Bend                 Dec. 31, 2016
Dean Newlon                         Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2014
Kris Ausborn                        Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2014
Patrick Joyce                       Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2012
Charles Wirtz                       Whittemore                Dec. 31, 2012
Tamara L. Naig                      Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2012

Director District #1                                           Term Expires
Steven Peterson, Arnolds Park                                     2013

Director District #2
Linda Twait, Emmetsburg                                               2013

Director District #3
Dean Saunders, Spencer                                                2011

Director District #4
Ray Fisher, Humboldt                                                  2011

Director District #5
Gary Meyer, Clarion                                                   2011

Director District #6
Gary Astor, Fort Dodge                                                2013

Director District #7
Todd Lundgren, Emmetsburg                                             2011

Director District #8
Bruce Bahnson, Jefferson                                              2013

Director District #9
Rhonda Christensen                                                    2011


                                                           4 year term expires
Paul Molitor                        Ruthven                   Dec. 31, 2014
Chris Reding                        Cylinder                  Dec. 31, 2014
Glen Smith                          Curlew                    Dec. 31, 2014
Craig Merrill                       Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2014
Merrylea Clasing                    Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2014
Jerry Joyce                         Emmetsburg                Dec. 31, 2012
George Zech                         West Bend                 Dec. 31, 2012
Anita Fisher                        West Bend                 Dec. 31, 2012
Sara Bonnstetter                    Cylinder                  Dec. 31, 2012

                          PALO ALTO COUNTY CONFERENCE BOARD

County Board of Supervisors:
Keith Wirtz                       1st District - Mallard                    Dec. 31, 2014
Jerry Hofstad                     2nd District - Emmetsburg                 Dec. 31, 2014
Leo Goeders                       3rd District - Emmetsburg                 Dec. 31, 2012
Ronald D. Graettinger             4th District - Graettinger                Dec. 31, 2012
Edward Noonan                              5th District - Ayrshire                  Dec. 31, 2014

Board of Education:
Doug Schwartzkopf                         West Bend-Mallard Community School District
Duane Hoffman                             Graettinger Community School District
Ray Grandstaff                            Ruthven-Ayrshire Community School District
Don Hagen                                 Emmetsburg Community School District

Deryll Swanson                                                              Ayrshire
Wyman Travis                                                                Curlew
Art Mueller, Jr.                                                            Cylinder
John Schad                                                                  Emmetsburg
Kevin Hanson                                                                Graettinger
James Gehrt                                                                 Mallard
Jean Hyslop                                                                 Rodman
Trenton Keefer                                                              Ruthven
Marilyn Schutz                                                              West Bend

                           PALO ALTO COUNTY EXAMINING BOARD

                                                                     6 year term expires
Sharon Hobart                                                           Dec. 31, 2014
Ella Rae Egland                                                         Dec. 31, 2014
Dan Stokes                                                              Dec .31, 2015

                                   BOARD OF REVIEW

                                                                     6 year term expires
David Naig                        Emmetsburg                             Dec. 31, 2014
Gene Berkland                     Ruthven                                Dec. 31, 2016
Vacant                                                                   Dec. 31, 2012


Representatives of:
Board of Supervisors              Jerry Hofstad                      Emmetsburg
Dept. of Economic Dev.            Greg Blair                         West Bend
Zoning Board                      Monty Leu                          Ruthven
Community College                 Pat Kibbie                         Emmetsburg
Workforce Dev. Center             Robert Becker                      Emmetsburg
At-Large                          Virgil Huberty                     Emmetsburg
At-Large                          Lloyd Petersen                     Graettinger
At-Large                          Delores Pyle                       Ruthven
At-Large                          Harold Bormann                     Cylinder


                                        Commissioners                   4 year term expires
Michael Kollasch                        Whittemore                          Jan. 2, 2015
Ray Brown                               West Bend                           Jan. 2, 2013
Joel Horsley                            Emmetsburg                          Jan. 2, 2013
Clint Young                             Emmetsburg                          Jan. 2, 2013
Kenneth E. Ebeling                      Graettinger                         Jan. 2, 2015

                                     Assistant Commissioners            1 year term expires
Miriam Patton                           Ruthven                            Dec. 31, 2011
Steve Pitt                              Ruthven                            Dec. 31, 2011
Art Hampe                               Ruthven                            Dec. 31, 2011
Hans Appel                              Curlew                             Dec. 31, 2011
Monty Leu                               Ruthven                            Dec. 31, 2011

                                       Field Office Staff
Tim Moran, NRCS, Technician                                                   Spencer
Jeremy Thilges, NRCS, Resource Conservationist                                Whittemore
Ala Klatt, DSC Secretary                                                      Pocahontas
Dean Gronemeyer, NRCS,District Conservationist                                Spencer
Don Hagen, District Employee                                                  Cylinder

                                     SOLID WASTE TASK FORCE

Jan Stowell, Ayrshire                                          Wayne Anderson, Graettinger
Marilyn Schutz, West Bend                                      Art Mueller, Cylinder
Jean Hyslop, Rodman                                            John Schad, Emmetsburg
Wyman Travis,Curlew                                            James Gehrt, Mallard
Trenton Keefer, Ruthven                                        Ron Askland, Horizons
Gary Leonard, Auditor                                          Lyssa Henderson, Attorney
Leo Goeders, Supervisor                                        Ron Graettinger, Supervisor
Mary Hilfiker, Treasurer                                       Joe Neary, Coordinator


Kris Ausborn, President                               Greg Blair, Vice President
Harry Bormann, Treasurer                              Kyle Auten
Jerry Hofstad                                         Mike Reynolds
Leo Goeders                                           Daron Wilson
Jeff Buechler                                         Nick Steinkamp
Valerie Newhouse                                      Terry Janssen, Secretary
Maureen Elbert, Executive Director

                            PALO ALTO COUNTY GAMING COMMISSION

Kay Suhr                                              Larry (Skip) Wallace
Bill Lapczenski                                       Don Miller
Nate Newhouse                                         Norlyn Stowell
Lloyd Peterson                                        Laura Peterson, Secretary

                                 SCHOOL DISTRICT DIRECTORS

Emmetsburg Community School                           Graettinger-Terril Community School
                     term expires                                             term expires
Kimberly Campbell           2013                      Kyle Norris                    2013
Karla Anderson              2013                      Galen Chicoine                 2011
Don Hagen                   2011                      Kevin Jensen                   2011
Linda Mathis Tienter        2011                      Duane Hoffman                  2011
Steve Pelzer                2011                      Larry Flaharty-run 2011        2013
Laure Egland                2011                      Roger Schmitt                  2011
Tammy Naig                  2013                      Jim Eldridge                   2011
Pat Swanson             Secretary                     Lisa Chapman               Secretary

West Bend-Mallard Community School                    Ruthven-Ayrshire Community School

Wendell Schmidt              2013                     Lisa Berkland               2011
Lannie Miller                2011                     Dave Forey                  2011
Doug Schwartzkopf            2013                     Matthew Graves              2011
Dawn Schmidt                 2011                     Tammy Chapman               2013
Pat Vonnahme                 2013                     Ray Grandstaff              2011
Jessica Wickman              2011                     Barry Fischer               2013
Dr. Jillian Hansen           2011                     Susan Sikora                2013
Carla Montag             Secretary                    Regina Reynolds         Secretary

                              Estherville & Emmetsburg, Iowa

Expires               Name            Address                  Dist                Phone
2011          Jim Miller     RR 1, Box 131                     I            712-866-1265 home
                             Ringsted, IA 50578
2011          Jan Lund       214 N. 17th St.                   II           712-362-5496 home
                             Estherville, IA 51334
2013          Mike Prior     3713 Jackson Ave.                 III          712-320-4058
                             Spirit Lake, IA 51360
2011          Susan Zulk     1106 13th Ave. W                  IV           712-262-8801
                             Spencer, IA 51301
2011          Howard Kyle    16 Clover Lane                    V            712-338-2472 home
                             Milford, IA
2013          Pat Kibbie     4285 440th Ave.                   VI           712-852-2678 home
                             Emmetsburg, IA 50536
2013          Robert M. Jennings      107 Timberline Trail     VII          515-295-9532 home
                             Algona, IA 50511


                                       Ron Askland, Director

                                  MAYOR & COUNCIL PERSONS

Ayrshire, Iowa                                   Cylinder, Iowa
                Mayor 2 year term                                 Mayor 2 year term
Deryll Swanson                  2011             Art Mueller, Jr.                 2011
        Council person 4 year term                        Council person 2 year term
Jennifer Buettner               2011             Kurt J. Bonnstetter              2011
Pauline Miller                  2013             Harry Bormann                    2011
Chad Buettner                   2011             David Waldschmidt                2011
Lonnie Kathman                  2011             Kevin Long                       2011
Jeff Moore                      2013             Deb Weisbrod                     2011

Curlew, Iowa                                     Emmetsburg, Iowa
                Mayor 2 year term                                 Mayor 4 year term
Wyman Travis                    2011             John Schad                       2011
       Council person 2 year term                         Council person 4 year term
Barbara Barrett                 2011             Sandra Pelzer                    2011
Stacy Lomax                     2011             Brian L. Campbell                2013
John Barrett                    2011                      Council person 4 year term
Becky Travis                    2011             Tony Kauten- Ward 2              2011
Robby Johnson                   2011             Corey Gramowski - Ward 4         2011
                                                 Steve Finer - Ward 1             2013
                                                 Brian Malm - Ward 3              2013

Graettinger, Iowa                                Mallard, Iowa
                Mayor 2 year term                                Mayor 4 year term
Kevin Hanson                    2011             James Gehrt                     2013
        Council person 4 year term                       Council person 4 year term
Daniel Skattebo                 2011             Glenn Simonsen                  2011
Chris McGrauth                  2011             Lyle Larson                     2011
Wayne W. Anderson               2013             Karl Johnson                    2013
Ken Smith                       2013             Kyle P. Auten                   2013
Michael L. Flaherty             2013             Mike Hartman                    2013

Rodman, Iowa                                     Ruthven, Iowa
               Mayor 2 year term                                  Mayor 2 year term
Jean Hyslop                    2011              Trenton Keefer                   2011
       Council person 2 year term                         Council person 4 year term
Danny Hutchison                2011              Justin Henningsen                2011
Vacant                         2011              Mitch Anderson                   2013
Rose Fokken                    2011              Justin VerHelst                  2011
Ronald Thilges                 2011              Jay Schoning                     2013
Sean Leners                    2011              Patrick Johnson                  2011

West Bend, Iowa                                  CLERKS:
                Mayor 2 year term                Jan Stowell, Ayrshire
Marilyn Schutz                  2011             Kay Frerk, Curlew
        Council person 4 year term               Kayra Weisbrod, Cylinder
Paul Lauck                      2011             Kim Kibbie, Emmetsburg
Mary Jane Hanselman             2011             Sandy Henderson, Graettinger
Joseph Montag                   2011             Becky Larson, Mallard
Chris Newton                    2013             Vicky Merwald, Rodman

Bruce Helleseth             2013                      Kay Suhr, Ruthven
                                                      Lisa Sewell, West Bend

                                    TOWNSHIP OFFICERS

                                      BOOTH TOWNSHIP
                  Expires           By Appointment
Trustee:          2012      Allen Stangl                     4711 355th Ave., Ayrshire
                  2014      Daniel Noonan                    4675 390th Ave., Curlew
                  2012      Deryll Brodersen                 4509 390th Ave., Curlew
Clerk:            2014      Penny Rubel                      3827 490th St., Curlew

                                    ELLINGTON TOWNSHIP

                            By Appointment
Trustee:          2012      Howard Morey                     4812 510th Ave., Mallard
                  2014      Dennis Schumacher                4584 490th Ave., Mallard
                  2012      Gary Anderson                    4962 490th St., Mallard
Clerk:            2014      Neal Heldt                       4965 490th St., Mallard

                                   EMMETSBURG TOWNSHIP

                            By Appointment
Trustee:          2012      Bob Soenen                3760 410th Ave., Emmetsburg
                  2014      Robert Gress              3375 460th Ave., Emmetsburg
                  2012      April Soenen              4316 340th St.., Emmetsburg
Clerk:            2014      Nick Fank                 3810 420th Ave., Emmetsburg
                                    FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP

                            By Election
Trustee:          2012      Michael Reding                   5474 350th St,, Cylinder
                  2014      Howard Finnestad                 3443 530th Ave., Cylinder
                  2012      David Bolte                      5636 340th St., Cylinder
Clerk:            2014      Donna M. Besch                   5479 390th St., Cylinder

                                   FERN VALLEY TOWNSHIP

                            By Appointment
Trustee:          2012      Byron Anliker                    5404 430th St., West Bend
                  2014      Thomas Steier                    5715 400th St., PO Box 95 Whittemore
                  2012      John Banwart                     5468 430th St., West Bend
Clerk:            2014      Jay Bargman                      5579 430th St., West Bend

                                    FREEDOM TOWNSHIP

                            By Appointment
Trustee:          2012      Jeff Stillman                    3448 460th Ave., Emmetsburg
                  2014      Dan Zeigler                      4763 360th St., Emmetsburg
                  2012      Gene Opheim                      3323 510th Ave., Cylinder
Clerk:            2014      Philip R. Stillman               4730 370th St., Emmetsburg

                           GREAT OAK TOWNSHIP

           Expires           By Appointment
Trustee:   2012      Patrick Kibbie            4285 440th Ave., Emmetsburg
           2014      Gary Kauffman             4343 410th St., Emmetsburg
           2012      Bruce Johnson             4126 410th St., Emmetsburg
Clerk:     2014      Dale Reed                 4109 430th Ave., Emmetsburg

                            HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP

                     By Appointment
Trustee:   2012      W.K.. Pete Grange         3498 370th St., Ruthven
           2014      Leo Geelan                3556 370th Ave., Ruthven
           2012      James Schoning            1006 Bruce St., Ruthven
Clerk:     2014      Paul Molitor              3550 380th St., Ruthven

                         INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP

                     By Election
Trustee:   2012      Tim Naig                  5235 330th St., Cylinder
           2014      Bert Naig                 5214 310th St., Cylinder
           2012      Stewart Ohrtman           2842 560th Ave., Ringsted
Clerk:     2014      Randall R. Jacobs         3283 530th Ave., Cylinder

                          LOST ISLAND TOWNSHIP

                     By Appointment
Trustee:   2012      Curt Berkland             3059 360th Ave., Ruthven
           2014      Brian Westergard          3699 280th St., Graettinger
           2012      Mark McGrauth             3097 375th Ave., Ruthven
Clerk:     2014      Craig Thu                 3619 300th St., Ruthven

                             NEVADA TOWNSHIP

                     By Appointment
Trustee:   2012      Lance Bruch               4622 390th St., Emmetsburg
           2014      Mary Moser                5107 420th St., Cylinder
           2012      Kenneth O. Sikora         5068 390th St., Cylinder
Clerk:     2014      Kathryn A. Mortenson      4361 Shea Rd., Mallard

                           RUSH LAKE TOWNSHIP

                     By Appointment
Trustee:   2012      Eldon Hurley              4176 490th St., Curlew
           2014      Martin Bergstrom          4585 500th St., Mallard
           2012      Vernon White              4807 440th Ave., Mallard
Clerk:     2014      Troy Auten                4928 455th Ave., Mallard

                           SILVER LAKE TOWNSHIP

           Expires            By Election
Trustee:   2012      Gary Rouse                 4456 350th Ave., Ayrshire
           2014      Vitus J. Terveer           4261 390th Ave., Ayrshire
           2012      Mike Sikora                3605 400th St., Ruthven
Clerk:     2014      Darrel Reed                3857 410th St., Ayrshire

                              VERNON TOWNSHIP

                     By Appointment
Trustee:   2012      Ritchie L. Berkland        3216 510th Ave., Cylinder
           2014      Tim Twaiten                4297 370th St.., Emmetsburg
           2012      Gerald Twait               4868 280th St., Graettinger
Clerk:     2014      Ronn Naig                  35029 Huron Rd., Emmetsburg

                              WALNUT TOWNSHIP

                     By Appointment
Trustee:   2012      Steven Dobbins             3211 420th Ave., Graettinger
           2014      Willard R. Herke           4368 280th St., Graettinger
           2012      Gary L. Swanson            3212 400th Ave., Emmetsburg
Clerk:     2014      Jerry Joyce                4408 320th St., Emmetsburg

                            WEST BEND TOWNSHIP

                     By Election
Trustee:   2012      Dennis Barber              4641 535th Ave., West Bend
           2014      Thomas Gambell             4627 560th Ave., West Bend
           2012      Edward M. Schmalen         4891 580th Ave., West Bend
Clerk:     2014      Donald E. Banwart          4725 525th Ave., West Bend

                           EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT COMMISSION

                                   Mark Hunefeld, Coordinator
                                     Dennis Goeders, Sheriff
                                Leo Goeders, Board of Supervisors

Marilyn Schutz, Mayor, West Bend                    Trenton Keefer, Mayor, Ruthven
Kevin Hanson, Mayor, Graettinger                    Jean Hyslop, Mayor, Rodman
Deryll Swanson, Mayor, Ayrshire                            Jim Gehrt, Mayor, Mallard
Deb Weisbrod, Mayor’s Rep., Cylinder                Wyman Travis, Mayor, Curlew
John Schad, Mayor, Emmetsburg

                                       911 SERVICE BOARD

Mark Hunefeld, Coordinator - EMA, Emmetsburg                Kevin Hanson, Mayor, Graettinger
Eric Hanson, Emmetsburg Police Chief                Deryll Swanson, Mayor, Ayrshire
Dennis Goeders, Curlew                              Deb Weisbrod, Mayor’s Rep., Cylinder
Jim Gehrt, Mayor, Mallard                           Jean Hyslop, Mayor, Rodman
Trenton Keefer, Mayor, Ruthven                      Marilyn Schutz, Mayor, West Bend
Leo Goeders, Board of Supervisors


Mark Hunefeld                 Jerry Hofstad                Leo Goeders, Alternate

                                EMINENT DOMAIN COMMISSION

Businessmen:                                        City and Town Property Owners:
Ted Wentzel, 801 Palmer. Emmetsburg 50536           William H. Nelson,11 N. Madison Emmetsburg
John Spies,401 State St. Emmetsburg 50536           Frances Schealler, 303N.LincolnAve.Graettinger
JoAnn Schoning ,1006 Gowrie St. Ruthven 51358       Antone Clausen, 605 Teal St., Mallard 50562
Paul Freeman, Jr.,507 Jackson Cylinder 50528        Bill Burdick,307 Lawler Emmetsburg 50536
Mike Gehrt, 803 Micawber Mallard 50562              Jay Frerk, 4950 490th Ave. Mallard 50562
Jeff Terveer, 1208 South St. Ayrshire 50515         David Neilson, 104 S. Elder Ave.Graettinger
Lonna Hess,1305 Campbell St. Ayrshire 50515
Ron Larson, 707 Inman St., Mallard 50562
Farmers:                                            Realtors:
Ray Brown, 5612 475th St. West Bend 50597           Jerry Holland, 3502 1st St., Emmetsburg
Gerald Thatcher, 407 4th Ave. SW West Bend 50597    Jerry Besch, 4420 510th Ave., Mallard
Wm. S. Brown,4577 280th St. Graettinger 51342       Brian Jackson, 212 Wallace St. Emmetsburg
Hans Appel,4395 460th Ave. Curlew 50527             Victor Johnson,3586 450th Ave. Emmetsburg
Thomas Vaughan,4513 470th St. Mallard 50562         Norlyn Stowell, 2 Madison St., Emmetsburg
Robert Darrah,4739 390th St. Emmetsburg 50536       Robert Banwart, 5789 485th St. West Bend
Kathy Kramer,4283 440th St. Curlew 50527            Michael Wentzel,104 Lakeshore Dr.Emmetsburg
Jerome Kuyper,5728 500th St. West Bend 50597        Roger Wagner, 3856 440th Ave., Emmetsburg
Craig Thu,3619 300th St. Ruthven 51358              Judy Johnson, 3586 450th Ave., Emmetsburg

                                 6 year term ending Dec. 31, 2014

Dennis Barber                                                       West Bend
Dr. Dan Reedy                                                       Emmetsburg
Dr. Michael Handeland                                               Emmetsburg


Hon. Duane E. Hoffmeyer, C.J.                                       Sioux City
Hon. John D. Ackerman                                               Sioux City
Hon. Steven J. Andreasen                                            Sioux City
Hon. Patrick M. Carr                                                Milford
Hon. Don E. Courtney                                                Algona
Hon. John P. Duffy                                                  Storm Lake
Hon. Edward A. Jacobson                                             Ida Grove
Hon. David A. Lester                                                Spirit Lake
Hon. Jeffrey A. Neary                                               Merrill
Hon. James D. Scott                                                 Rock Valley
Hon. Mary Jane Sokolovske                                           Sioux City
Hon. Nancy Whittenburg                                              Spencer

Hon. Donald J. Bormann                                              Ruthven
Hon. Charles K. Borth                                               Spencer
Hon. Robert J. Dull                                                 Le Mars
Hon. Todd A. Hensley                                                Sioux City
Hon. Timothy T. Jarman                                              Sioux City
Hon. David C. Larson                                                Spirit Lake
Hon. John C. Nelson                                                 Sioux City

Hon. Brian L. Michaelson                                            Le Mars
Hon. Mary L. Timko                                                  Storm Lake

Ms. Leesa A. McNeil, District Court Administrator
Ms. Pam L. Calhoun, Assistant Court Administrator

                             PALO ALTO COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION

Roger Berkland                                                      Emmetsburg
John D. Brown                                                       Emmetsburg
Donald H. Capotosto                                                 West Bend
John F. Doran                                                       Emmetsburg
Peter C. Hart                                                       Emmetsburg
Fred Perkins                                                        Emmetsburg
Todd Buchanan                                                       Algona

                                     UNITED STATES SENATORS
                                             6 year term

Charles E. Grassley                                             Tom Harkin

                                         2 year term

Tom Latham                                              Fourth Congressional District

                                  STATE EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT
                                           4 year term

Terry Branstad, Governor
Kim Reynolds, Lieutenant Governor
Matt Schultz, Secretary of State
David A. Vaudt, Auditor of State
Michael L. Fitzgerald, Treasurer of State
Tom Miller, Attorney General
Bill Northey, Secretary of Agriculture

STATE SENATOR - 515-281-3371 - Senate                           4 year term
Fourth District - John P. Kibbie                                Emmetsburg

STATE REPRESENTATIVE - 515-281-3221 - House                     2 year term
Seventh District – John Wittneben                               Estherville


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