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									                                     KIT LOTUS
                                                                                                           Volume 1 issue 2 May 2008

In this issue                                                         Next Time in Kit Lotus..........
·      Editorial                                                      Does a man in your model take away the realism?

·      Kit review Profil 24 Lotus Elite
·      Kit review SMTS Lotus Elan +2
·      The die cast page
·      Race Retro show report
·      Lotus Festival show report
·      In the footsteps of legends part one
·      The essential web directory                                      Model Mika Hakinen in the Tamiya Collection Lotus
·      Progress report ( e for effort)

          Visit www.kitlotus.com                                      49briefing      How important is accuracy?

I didn t know what to expect when I pressed the button and
launched issue 1 of Kit Lotus, it was a step into the unknown as a
Lotus enthusiast reaching to other Lotus enthusiasts. Very
pleasantly surprised, I can t really take in the quality of some of
the responses.
They stretch across the globe and it is obvious to me that there is
a huge thirst for Lotus models. You will note by the size of this
issue, 80% bigger than Issue 1, that there is a lot of Lotus to       Lotus 49 Chassis R12 resident of The Donington Collection
cover. The amount of Lotus events and clubs that I have come          built by Team Lotus for Ford as a purely display vehicle. Is it
across were more than I knew before and more than I expected.                               a B, a C or a T.?
I hoped the magazine would trigger dialogue and interest and it
has done just that with correspondents from all corners of the        The Studio
globe, USA, Australia, Europe, Scandinavia, all covered. I might
                                                                      Readers may have noticed my studio on photographs featured so
have to find a prize for the biggest Lotus collection, I now know
                                                                      far in Kit Lotus.
one in America boasting 1300 models and one in Finland with
1200 and that is on top of the other 2000 Sports, GT and Race         The main stay podium is a Formula One rear wheel with a
Cars in the same collection! All of the respondents have been very    toughened glass top . It came from the 2004 season Red Bull F1
supportive swapping notes and advice, knowledge and                   car and is complete with the audit trail part numbers confirming it s
experience. It was always my intention to keep this on a personal     heritage.
level with fellow enthusiasts.
                                                                      It came into the collection as a suitable tool to support my beer
Some of the contacts appear on the web directory page, this will      glasses in the conservatory ,being just the right height against the
be a regular feature. If you know of a site or you have a site        furniture in that room. It was only later that it was press ganged
related to Lotus models, I shall be delighted to add the link to      into becoming the photographic stage for many of my models. I can
www.kitlotus.com of course, I can not be responsible for the          also benefit from natural light to aid my ordinary digital camera.
content of any site and links are entered at your own risk.

Next issue: Lotus 49 Briefing, Part two of in the footsteps of legends plus regular features and model reviews. Report from the early
season toy fairs and expected new releases.
KIT REVIEW 1:24 SCALE 1959 LOTUS ELITE by Profil 24

                                                                     Very light coats of grey primer, rubbed down with 2400 grit
                                                                     between applications should be applied until you are satisfied
                                                                     with the final base ready for the top coat. Don t worry if the top
                                                                     coat takes five or six passes with the spray. Do just the same with
                                                                     your top colour., light coats with gentle rub downs between
                                                                     applications and eventually you will be rewarded with an overall
                                                                     solid cover with a reasonable shine.
                                                                     Leave the paint job a couple of days and try and handle the body
                                                                     as little as possible whilst you complete the final assembly.
                                                                     Before applying the decals, I use FINESSE, a very fine grade
                                                                     colour cut fluid, almost as fine as jewellers rouge. It is made by
                                                                     the 3M company but similar substances can be obtained from
                                                                     good hobby stores. Only a small amount on a very soft cloth is
                                                                     required to bring a fine finish on your paintwork providing of
                                                                     course your paint job has been successful. FINESSE won t hide
From the very first time this car was revealed to the public at
                                                                     serious paint flaws and is not harsh enough to take off deep
the 1957 London Motor Show, it has remained one of the
                                                                     marks or scratches but does leave an ideal silicone free base for
prettiest GT cars ever made. It s competition history just
                                                                     your decals.
escalated and this car gave Jimmy Clark his first ever drive
at Le Mans in 1959 resulting in a 2nd in class and 10th              I haven t scored the decals high on this kit because apart from
French outfit PROFIL 24 have faithfully captured that beauty
in this 1:24 scale resin kit. The resin parts are fairly ordinary,                                        Machined wheels are
a moderate amount of flash and split line removal is                                                      very good, with three
required but the body casting was excellent with little work                                              part photo etch centres
required.                                                                                                 to form the wires. Gener-
                                                                                                          ally the photo etch lifts
Extremely well presented stainless steel photo etch
                                                                                                          the model.
components including the two part wire wheel centres (three
with the hub) lift this kit. An aluminium effect dash panel
sets the trend together with the very delicate but effective
window surrounds and front grille trim.
The resin bits may well be ordinary but the design of the
overall assembly allows the builder to present a more than
                                                                           Component Quality            ¶¶¶
adequate detailed suspension with the front bottom                         Ease of assembly             ¶¶¶¶
wishbones visible and the Chapman Strut rear suspension.
                                                                           Clarity of Instructions      ¶¶¶
Careful use of the brush on the interior detail can be as
much or as little as the builder requires but the interior,                Decals                       ¶¶
visibile through the individually cut and fitted vac formed
windows cries out for extra attention. Barely noticeable but,              Overall Appearance           ¶¶¶¶¶
the spare wheel sitting behind the seats is resin cast and
ever so slightly different from the photo etch offerings at
each corner. For the money , I would have expected a set of          the number roundels the Lotus badge is not very well printed and
five identical wheels.                                               an after market set that contains a Lotus badge may be the
                                                                     answer (Grand Prix Models have such a set in most scales).
The vac forms proved to be the most difficult parts to fit with
a considerable amount of trimming and adjusting needed to            The clarity of instructions supplied with this kit is adequate for an
arrive at the right size from the originals. The difficulty          experienced model builder but are nowhere near the standard
though is only in the amount of patience the modeller can            found in a mainstream injection moulded kit. Having said that,
display in obtaining the best fit.                                   the illustrations aren t bad but access to some photographs of
                                                                     the real thing always helps.
As usual with any resin kit, time spent on the paint job will
heap dividends on the finished item. This begins at the              This PROFIL 24 kit is offered in several Le Mans versions as well
component clean up stage and I always wash resin compo-              as a road going version .
nents in warm soapy water, washing up liquid works ok.
                                                                                                            ..............cont d
After the initial wash I prepare the bodyshell by removing
flash and split lines using wet and dry paper with a final all
over gentle rub down again with wet and dry (2400 grit or                            More model bits with the odd Lotus
finer) followed by another wash and dry. It is now ready to
paint.                                                                                  www.rallybadge.co.uk

Lotus Elite                                                              Modelsport 2008
Presented in a plain cardboard box with a printed label, this            Is the UK s premier motorsport based model show now in it s third
modest offering belies the product that will emerge when as-             year at Telford and has several classes of competition for
sembled . It really is a nice model and up until recently , not          modellers of motorsport subjects, both cars and bikes . Held on 8th
available as a diecast ( a 1:18 diecast is now available from            April, unfortunately, I have had so many commitments of late that I
JADL). I was so impressed with this model that I bought their Le         couldn t make the time to go.
Mans Lotus Eleven which judging by the components in the box,
                                                                         The show preview and record of the 2007 event are on the website
promises an equally similar enjoyable experience.
                                                                         www.modelsport2008.com where many mouth-watering examples
                                                                         of our craft are on display and entered into the build competitions.
                                                                         The web pages include a gallery of models by various builders and
                                                                         included amongst them is the PROFIL 24 Lotus 11 from the 195x
                                                                         Le Mans. It looks superbly built and detailed , I just hope I can build
                                                                         my example half as good as this one looks.
                                                                         The site has a gallery of reference pictures taken from other cars
                                                                         and there is several close detailed shots of the Lotus 25 R5 rebuilt
                                                                         from the wreck following Trevor Taylor s accident at Spa in the 1963
                                                                         Belgian Grand Prix. Team Lotus mechanic Cedric Selzer salvaged
                                                                         the wrecked parts and re constructed this stunner and is
                                                                         photographed with ample detail to help anyone modelling the
                                                                         Tamiya 25, who knows, someone out there may produce a transkit
                                                                         to convert the Lotus 25 to a Lotus 33. Although I think there is just a
                                                                         slight suspicion that this car contains at least some Lotus 33
                                                                         Specialist traders are also in attendance and there are display
                                                                         tables for modellers to bring a model to show rather than enter into
                                                                         a competition.
CHECK THIS WEBSITE www.modellersite.com
I spotted an item on ebay recently offered for sale from Argentina
on a buy it now for £7.45. It was a 32 page tutorial on a PDF
download from the Modeller Site magazine website and
describing the build and super detailing of the 1:12 scale
Tamiya JPS MK 3 or Lotus 78 to you and me.
There are lots of upgrades available for the Lotus 78 in both
1:20 and 1:12. The majority being presented by Studio 27 for
the 1:20 version. This download however, was purely for the
1:12 scale and it proved to be a super piece of work. I don t
currently have the 1:12 version in my collection, but I have
enough 1:20 scale versions to build all of the decal sheet up-
grade versions available and I will cover this subject in more
detail in a later edition.
I wanted to bring this site to your attention because this tutorial
and its superb set of detailed photographs is well worth the cash
if you are considering an upgrade build of this popular Tamiya
                                                                            Fine example of PROFIL 24 Lotus 11 built by Alex Payne and
model. It goes into great detail of cabling, brake lines, hoses,
                                                                                           exhibited at Modelsport 2007
switches, pumps and generally everything you would need to
know about the car. The detailed photographs leave nothing out,
the routing of pipes and cables, how they affect the loose fitting
body panels, how to pre assemble before painting and how to get          From what can be seen on this specialist website, the standards are
depth in your paint finish. Details behind the dash are also             extremely high and include some particularly tasty looking sports
featured and tips on the successful fitting of a safety harness.         and GT racers as well as motorcycles .

The site is also a modelling magazine with most of the available         A diary entry for 2009 is essential.
downloads around this price. If like me you are contemplating an
assault on a set of 1:20 78s, there is still lots of interesting stuff
to help you produce a super model. I have included the address
on the web directory page at the end of this issue.                                  www.kitlotus.com
Finished article

Lotus +2S
One of the nicest cars that Colin Chapman produced was the             which otherwise would be visible from the outside. Another
Lotus Elan, then later, its big brother the Elan 2 +2 or the Elan      tweak I enjoy is cutting out a portion of the drivers window to give
+2S or the Elan +2S 130 with the big valve twin cam engine.            the appearance of the window part way down.
Unfortunately for us Lotus model fans, this must be the least          Rather than a bland black interior. I chose to use a little licence
 modelled model. I don t know of any other version of this             and my +2S has blue seats and a light coloured trim, with the
beautiful GT car other than the 1:43 Scale version made in white       rear parcel shelf speakers also picked out in blue and silver.
metal by SMTS the English model making outfit with an excellent
repertoire of Lotus replicas. SMTS (Scale Model Technical ) have
been around for some time and have excellent 1:24 white metal
versions of the Lotus 33 and the Lotus 38. If you are ever
privileged to visit the JIM CLARK ROOM in his home village of
Duns in the Scottish border regions, you will see all of the SMTS
models , very nicely built and presented in the wall to wall trophy
cabinets. In their own way providing tribute to the legend.

                                                                       Whilst it may sound odd it looks fine (for me).
                                                                       Overall assembly was relatively easy with few difficult parts in the
                                                                       kit, the only criticism I have is the radio antennae which if the
                                                                       scale were real it would be around an inch in diameter. The neat
                                                                       LOTUS cast alloy wheels I picked out in aluminium over black

I have had the 1:43 scale SMTS Lotus +2S in my collection since
1990 , from a time before glasses and cataracts when I could                 Component Quality             ¶¶¶¶¶
appreciate 1:43. This along with many other 1:43 scale then
formed the basis of my collection.                                           Ease of assembly              ¶¶¶¶

As with all SMTS kits, the quality of the casting is excellent but           Clarity of Instructions       ¶¶¶¶
modelling skills are needed to deal with the flash and split lines           Decals                        ¶¶¶
on some of the components. A favourite tool to clean up the
castings is a suede brush, the one with fine wire bristles. Wet              Overall Appearance            ¶¶¶¶¶
and dry paper of 1200 or above also helps along with fine wire
wool. The effort put in at this stage will highlight any areas that
may need a light coating of filler before final preparation for
painting.                                                              and again the overall result I found very pleasing.

When painting scales this small, it can be an easy mistake to          The detailed bits are excellent with some very nice plated sports
apply more paint than necessary leading to an orange peel effect       mirrors. The pattern I think ,is SEBRING MACH 1 which was used
that on such a small body can be accentuated. Several light            on the very first Gold Leaf Lotus 49 by Jim Clark in the 1968
coats of both primer and gloss coat with gentle rubbing with           Tasman Series.
2000grit paper between coats are just as important as painting         The overall result has given me a long term favourite , if I want to
the dreaded resin body shells. With the Lotus +2S I chose the          admire it closely, which I do quite often, I just have to put on the
Silver over blue metallic colour scheme which presented its own        bi-focals.
problems including masking. Careful masking pays dividends
and once again I recommend 3M FINELINE masking tape                    I am non-plussed why this car hasn't been modelled more. If a
although many proprietary masking films are available and work         1:18 die cast were available or a good quality 1:20 kit from one
just as well. In the end , the metallic car paint was lacquered with   of the better known manufacturers, it would be a sell out,
clear acrylic lacquer to seal the shine. Result , really pleased.      perhaps we may be able to influence a manufacturer to produce
                                                                       it in the larger scale one day. I also have the SMTS Elan, the
Before painting, a major item to fit is the vac form windows,          earlier stablemate of the +2S which I built in the Elan Sprint
these always seem to require quite a lot of trimming and no            colour scheme of red over white and will be reviewed in a later
change here, the beauty though, is the obvious preparation by          issue.
SMTS of the pattern prior to vac forming. The fit into the window
 The Diecast Page 1963 Lotus Cortina by AutoArt

1963 Lotus Cortina AutoArt
Mention Lotus Cortina and it conjures up nostalgic memories of
giant killing deeds against much bigger Jaguars and Ford
Fairlaines. Images of Clark and Whitmore three wheeling round
Brands Hatch or Oulton Park spring immediately to mind .Any
model of this wonderful car just flies off the shelves.
The Lotus Cortina was my very first model car kit, which I bought
with half a crown pocket money . An Airfix kit for 2 shillings (ten
pence) and a tube of polystyrene cement for 6d (2.5 pence). Up
until recently I had three such unbuilt Airfix models in my
collection but I could not bring myself to open them. Instead I sold
them and with part of the proceeds, treated myself to an
AUTOART 1:18 scale diecast Lotus Cortina road version.

                                                                            Not much suitcase room after spare wheel and battery
                                                                                                invade the boot
                                                                         Underneath there is just as much detail with a full floor pan, clear
                                                                         A frame suspension detail, engine, gearbox and drive line. Open
                                                                         the doors and you could be looking inside the real thing.
                                                                         Lift the bonnet and an accurately detailed Lotus Twin Cam engine
                                                                         reveals itself sitting behind the typical rounded top radiator fitted
                                                                         in most Fords of the period. Two 40DCOE Weber side draught

                     Classic good looks

As the name suggests, Auto Art is the medium presented in this
model. Even down to the consul name on the bonnet, the
detailing of this diecast model is amazing and extremely well put
together. This early 1963 version with the Chapman designed A
frame suspension is a faithfull replica of the road going version ,
right down to the 5½J pressed steel wheels with plain chrome
plated hub caps and the authentic bonnet and boot stays. Inside
the boot the rear suspension braces are well detailed as is the
battery in the boot position. The overall shape of the car can t be
The black vinyl interior boasts a centre console with armrest and           accurately detailed Lotus Twin Cam Engine
the early version Cortina dash layout albeit with an aluminium
face. A woodrim steering wheel looks right in place and no doubt
the detail is so good, if we could get in the car we would probably      carburettors with air cleaner and intake hose on the drivers side
be able to see Colin Chapman s authograph etched into the                and a four branch manifold on the kerbside indicate the cross
Motalita wheel. The Lotus badges although small are bang on              flow nature of the Twin Overhead Camshaft cylinder head.
scale and can be read even at that diameter, there are Lotus
                                                                         Two neat little touches of attention to detail are the stays that
motifs on top of the gear change lever and in the centre of the
                                                                         hold up the bonnet and the boot lid. The bonnet is typically 60 s
steering wheel.
                                                                         70 s Ford, any who has owned one will recognise it instantly. The
This attention to detail sets Autoart products above many others,        boot stay is equally authentic and is a tribute to the engineering
they have really done justice to the Lotus Cortina and no doubt          standards that go in to making a diecast. I can t begin to imagine
the competition version will be equally as satisfying. I don t think I   the cost of the tooling and pattern making for this model and any
can fault this model. The pressed steel wheels even detail the           quality diecast for that matter. Can t wait to see the competition
raised flanges where wheel nuts fit and the chamfer which                versions.
ensures correct wheel location.
Race Retro Report

Although the theme of this years Race Retro ( the International          Unlike previous years, there was no Classic Team Lotus in
Historic Motor Sport Show) was Ford, there is always some Lotus          attendance, which was slightly disappointing but as there is only a
opportunities for the faithfull amongst us.                              two week gap to the Lotus Festival , this can be forgiven but ,
                                                                         unexpectedly , in Hall 1 an exhibit by Dawn Treader Performance
This year I saved the discount on ticket cost by booking on line but
                                                                         Engineering was enough to salve any Lotus F1 withdrawal symp-
at £20 and £4 to park then £5 for a show guide, the expectation
needed to be matched by some excellent exhibits. Arriving in good
time, I made straight for the pre-paid entrance and was pleasantly
surprised by the efficient bar coding method that recognises your
receipt and prints off your ticket, so far so good. I have to say from
the start that this is an overall enthusiasts show so it would be
churlish to expect more than a spattering of Lotus exhibits . But
the quality of exhibits were high even just crossing the yard there
was a magnificent array of Ford GT40 s parked under a rather
stylish awning.
I had got some goals to achieve so from the start I made my way
straight through the main show halls to the autojumble in Hall 4. I
stopped just inside the entrance to assess my best route, looked
down to my left at the first book stall and clocked a mint copy of
 Lotus 25 & 33 by John Tipler , a snip at £18 and my day had
begun with a perfect start. These publications, vital for us
modellers, are fetching silly money, even used versions from
Amazon. The other bit which I have to confess, is that despite my        toms.
Lotus obsession, I have a 1958 Wolseley 15/50 in my garage that
                                                                         Exquisitely restored by this company who specialise in such work,
needs a water pump and sure enough , a brand new item for £20
                                                                         was the Lotus 98T of 1986 driven by Ayrton Senna in the second
was just there waiting for me, result, and all of my monthly beer
                                                                         half of that season to three pole positions and four podiums,
                                                                         although the car is wearing winners decals from the US and Span-

 This 1:8 scale beauty will take more than the weekly beer ration!
                 Lotus 62 by John Shinton Models

ration blown in less than fifteen minutes.
                                                                         ish GPs. Although never a fan of Senna, I have to acknowledge
Moving back to the main exhibition, I browsed through the area           he did provide Lotus with most of the post Chapman GP
where normally you can pick up the odd specialist model such as          successes.
Studio 27 or similar, but not this year, too many prints, books and
                                                                         Displayed in this way with covers off the 98T gave an excellent
die casts, but lurking in the centre of one aisle was this stunner.
                                                                         opportunity to gather detail information for future modelling use.
Hand built by John Shinton was a 1:8 scale model of the Lotus 62
in Gold Leaf Team Lotus colours, at around two years beer ration         There were more Lotus exhibits at the show but these two were
(approx £1200), the model represents serious investment but is           really the jewels and despite my opinion that the show had less to
testament to the modelling skills and pride we have in this coun-        offer this year than last, it was still worth the trip with lots of Ford
try. I have included John s details in the web directory page which      Works Rally stuff including a 1968 Escort Twin cam and a
incidentally will also point you in the direction of Europa Engineer-    spattering of Lotus Cortinas. I will no doubt be attending next year.
ing, that really will make you drool!
Lotus Festival March 08 Donington Park

The annual pilgrimage to Donington Park and the Club Lotus            The Historic Lotus Register had several classic Chapman sports
Show and Festival took place on 29th March 2008.                      cars on show with lots of opportunities to get close up
                                                                      photographs to assist the serious modeller.
This year the main exhibits were to commemorate the 40th
Anniversary of the death of formula one s finest ever driver, Jim
Clark. Sure enough, four magnificent examples of Clark s formula
one machinery were on display together with one of his Lotus
Cortinas, Lotus Elan and Lotus Elite.
I arrived early so as to get some uninterrupted pictures of the F1
cars and I was not disappointed. The array of cars included
Clarks Lotus 32B Tasman car, a Lotus 25 chassis R5 from the
1963 season, a Lotus 33 Chassis R10 and a Lotus 49 Chassis
R4, although it is claimed in contemporary accounts that R4 was
totally destroyed in a fire at Rob Walkers garage and that the
only race it entered was Jim s last world championship GP, South
Africa 1968.
Whatever the history of these chassis, I like others are merely
grateful that someone has gone to the extreme trouble of restor-
ing them to their current better than original state. I salute you,
please keep on. On the restoration theme, the Lotus 64 Indy car
driven by Mario Andretti in 1969 is currently being restored by
Bob Dance at Classic Team Lotus and the project so far was on                                  Neat Club 11
display. Not for nothing has this car been described as the most
complicated Lotus ever. It would make a superb model if
someone took it on.
                                                                      Every Lotus you can think of is at the Lotus Festival in some shape
                                                                      or form, even the car park is an exhibition in itself. At only £9 per
                                                                      adult, the entry fee is well worth it and the festival regularly
                                                                      attracts thousands of visitors. The support of Lotus cars also
                                                                      underlines the significance of the show. Tickets for the Track Day
                                                                      were being snapped up by visitors. A favourite exhibit of mine was
                                                                      the brand new Elan +2 chassis assembly on display, the
                                                                      technology may be from the sixties, but the execution of the
                                                                      product is definitely up to date. The attention to detail just
                                                                      stunning. If you can t find a twin cam unit to go with the chassis,
                                                                      there is a conversion kit to install a Ford Zetec 16 that would
                                                                      really fly, but without soul!                               JT

          Stunning line up 32B, 25, 33, 49

This years show was for me better than last year, The Donington
Park Exhibition Centre is not an ideal place for the display of
such precious icons, the lighting is pretty poor and it is hard to
disguise it s wartime munitions factory heritage, but. It would be
hard to expect an enthusiasts club like Club Lotus who put on a
cracking weekend, to be able to provide an NEC style exhibition
hall. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised to see more cars
on display in the hall and far less autojumble. The only downside
to this was the lack of anything kit wise on the few model ven-
dors stalls. As Race Retro, there was very few Lotus kits avail-
able, not a single 1;12 scale Lotus anywhere. Only a few vendors
were selling die casts and there were some bargains to be had if              Typical of the well presented exhibits
you compared what was on offer at the autojumble end of the
hall, to the products that Classic Team Lotus were selling.
In the footsteps of legends - part one

Every schoolboy has heroes, usually hundreds of them and those       Being able to drive this circuit where famous landmarks in Lotus
of my own era usually came from comics and telly. Dan Dare           GP history had taken place such as the debuts of the Lotus 25 and
Pilot of the Future, was one of my first ever heroes from the        the Lotus 49 was an amazing feeling, but time was tight and we
Eagle comic. They came from all walks of life and fantasy but        had to move on to the next leg.
some stay heroes forever, in particular those whose exploits first
                                                                     The famous Spa Francorchamps circuit in the Belgian Ardennes,
ignite the boyhood imagination but then trigger perpetual
                                                                     where the driving sensation on both the old full course out to
admiration which initially manifests itself as hero worship. But,
                                                                     Malmedi and Stavelot and the newer part road/part closed circuit
as schoolboys become adults and stories that we thought were
                                                                     is nothing short of sensational. It s difference in height for example
fact become myths and schoolboy awe becomes respect , this
                                                                     and long straights with sweeping downhill bends were an absolute
often fuels further need to explore and explode the myths and
                                                                     pleasure even in a fairly normal Vauxhall Cavalier GSi. The bus
discover the real heroes that captured our schoolboy minds.
                                                                     stop, La Source and Eau Rouge are nothing like the impression
Call me naive but as a 55 year old schoolboy my heroes and           given on our TV screens, it is so sweeping and extremely steep in
legends have given me an interest that has taken me miles in         places. Driving out to Stavelot , the Masta Straight is dotted with
pursuit and allowed me to meet many people who could well            simple stone crosses where the famous have fallen and one can
have forever remained a picture or a name in a book or               only imagine the sheer speed being achieved by these gladiatorial
magazine.                                                            machines of yesterday. My heroes tamed this road.
Chasing boyhood heroes set me on the path to an immensely            After several laps circulating whilst waiting for the Classic Rally to
satisfying thirty odd year career in motorsport and despite my       arrive, I spent nearly the whole day at Eau Rouge guiding
passion for Lotus and everything FI the direction I took was with    competitors out from behind the blind pitwall into the daytime
the cross country tinkers i.e. rallying mainly because it was        traffic which veered left toward the old circuit whilst the rally
easier to get close to heroes by working on events and carrying      chicaned right on the new circuit up the hill toward Les Coombes. I
out jobs that ensured people like me would always be cheek by        was awe struck.
jowl with the superstars of the day. I was brought up on the likes
of Roger Clark, Jim Porter, Ari Vatenen, Pentti Arrikala, Malcolm
Wilson (he was also young once), Bjorn Waldegard and Juhha
Kankanen. Taking time cards from them, giving them information
and just helping them maintain their positions on events at time
controls, stage starts and passage checks was bread and butter.
Like most careers, they expand and before long I was being
asked to work on other events that meant travelling and using
annual leave from my day job to ensure such events ran
smoothly. Coincidentally, some of these events led me to cross
the paths where my Lotus F1 heroes had previously trodden.
The 1994 Euroclassic for instance found me in the team running
the event , performing tasks such as Opening Course Car to
running a Time Control or organising the car park and after an
overnight ferry to Hook of Holland, the first leg took me to
Zandvoort.                                                                    Lotus 49 1967 debutant at Zandvoort

                                                                     The following day after an overnight in Leuven, home of Stella
                                                                     Artois , the final two day leg into Germany and Hockenheim began.
                                                                     It all passed off very smoothly and before long we were at
                                                                     Hockenheim waiting in the pits for our time slot for the rally. I have
                                                                     the dubious pleasure of black flagging Keke Rosberg from the old
                                                                     starters rostrum as our time slot approached and the DTM test
                                                                     session closed. The significance of this event for me was the trip by
                                                                     around thirty of us just as dusk was approaching to the small
                                                                     wooded area where on April 7th 1968, Motor racing lost it s
                                                                     greatest ever. Amongst our party was a boyhood friend of Jim Clark,
                                                                     now a clergyman , he conducted a simple , impromptu short service
                                                                     of remembrance beside the stone cross marking the spot where
                                                                     Clark was killed. It was extremely moving , so much so that to take
                                                                     photographs would have lessened the atmosphere. This memory
                                                                     was only made possible by my involvement in rallying and it
                                                                     seemed almost as if it had been given to me as a gift, little did I
                                                                     know that the sports would cross over again to give me another gift
         Lotus 25 1962 debutant at Zandvoort                         in 1996.
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       www.studio27.co.jp               www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com

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    Link your site to this page, send your request to mail@kitlotus.com

                                                                          www.model-cars.org.uk is a site where you will find this 1:24scale
Book list                                                                 resin Lotus Cortina bodyshell requiring a donor kit of either a
                                                                          Revell or Esci Rally Escort. At £18.95 for the shell and another
One of the enthusiasts who contacted me after Issue 1 asked if I
                                                                          £6.50 for a resin Twin Cam engine and gearbox you have the
have a list of books about Lotus that would be useful to Lotus
                                                                          making of a nice kit. You will need to cut and shut the Escort floor
Modellers. Tough question, especially as every Lotus book I can
                                                                          pan to fit and I don t see any vac forms for the glass yet , maybe
get my hands on is relevant to me. I ll think about this and see
                                                                          later? Watch this site.
what pops up for next time.

 e for effort (and achievement)
Progress report on current kit building
As the title suggests, my kit building activities since the first issue
of Kit Lotus had been virtually zero. With lots of activities outside
of my day job including the Race Retro and Lotus Shows and a
couple of motorsport events, time has defeated me and the sum
total of my efforts has been to clean up the components of the
Twin Cam block on the Tamiya Europa and glue them together
and to start the clean up of the resin parts of the PROFIL 24
Lotus 11.
I have made absolutely no further progress at all on the Lotus

LOTUS 93              - Studio 27 have this prototype Lotus 93 below, on their website which again highlights
the popularity of all Lotus models, the Lotus 93 made little impact on the formula one world championship but
helped the likes of Mansell and De Angelis cement their reputations as accomplished F1 pilots. The Lotus 93T
was the first of the Lotus turbo era sporting a Renault Turbo Charged Engine. unit from Renault, only two
                                                                                                    93Ts were built one of which is
                                                                                                    on display at Donington Park as
                                                                                                    part of the Donington Collection.
                                                                                                    In the flesh it is a big car offering
                                                                                                    improved driver protection due
                                                                                                    to it s unique hot cured
                                                                                                    constructed monocoque.
                                                                                                    It has to be said that the post
                                                                                                    Chapman cars were only
                                                                                                    sporadically competitive but
                                                                                                    evoke sufficient interest across
                                                                                                    the globe for people like Studio
                                                                                                    27 to commit a model to the
                                                                                                    market place      and to leave
                                                                                                    grateful enthusiasts like us
                                                                                                    chomping at the bit for the next.
                                                                                                    What is certain, this will
                                                                                                    assemble into yet another great
                                                                                                    model. 3 versions available.

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