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Internet-based Flashcard Creator

      Created by Russell Smith
        Technology Facilitator
    North Edgecombe High School
               What is Funnelbrain?
Funnelbrain is an online flashcard generation website that allows the user to create
custom-made flashcards pertaining to any theme or academic topic. The decks of
   flashcards are stored online and can accessed and/or edited by the creator
                                    at any time.
                 What are some of
               Funnelbrain’s features?
There are three main tabs that
                                 The Flashcard tab allows you to:
 are available along the top
                                 • Create Free Flashcards
   of the Funnelbrain site:
                                 • Browse all available flashcard decks
         • Flashcards
                                 • Buy Premium Flashcard decks
        • Study Teams
                                 • Sell Premium Flashcard decks
           • Quizzes
Funnelbrain: Study Teams
   The “Study Teams” tab allows you to:
   • Create a team
   • Browse all available study teams
   • View all of the teams you are a member of
   • Buy premium Study Teams
Funnelbrain: Quizzes
   The “Quizzes” Tab allows you to:
   • Create a quiz
   • Browse free quizzes
   • Buy Premium Quizzes
    Browsing Flashcard Decks
Funnelbrain allows you to search and/or browse for previously created
flashcard decks pertaining to a wide variety of subjects.

                                                Search for free flashcards,
                                                Teams, and Premium
                                                Content here…

                                                Browse previously created
                                                  Flashcard decks here
      Creating New Flashcards
To create a new set of flashcards using Funnelbrain, click the section
     labeled “Create Flashcards”, or click that option under the
                          “Flashcards” menu
        Creating New Flashcards
On this page, you will need to enter a title, subject, description of the flashcard
 deck, and tags pertaining to the deck. You will use these tags to help search
                        for your flashcard deck later on.
   Creating New Flashcards
Once you reach this screen, click “Add A Card” to begin creating new
    Creating New Flashcards
                                          • Text
                                          • Audio
There are five main types of flashcards   • Video
that can be created using Funnelbrain:    • Photo
                                          • Math Formula
Creating New Flashcards:
 There are two sides to each flashcard you create:
    a “question” side, and an “answer” side.
          Creating New Flashcards:
       When creating a “Text” flashcard, you can type in your text
on the “Question” side and format it as you would using Microsoft Word.
       Creating New Flashcards:
Enter your text on the “Answer” side and format the text as needed.
            Creating New Flashcards:
Once your Text flashcard has been created, the profile for the card can be seen
                              from this screen.

                                         You can edit,
                                       insert, or delete
                                        the card from
         Creating New Flashcards:
When creating an audio flashcard, you will be able to upload an audio file
             from your computer for the user to listen to.

  Type in your question here…             Type in your answer here…

                                         Click “Done” when
           Creating New Flashcards:
You are able to see the profile for your audio flashcard on this screen once
                           it has been completed.
      Creating New Flashcards:
Although Funnelbrain does provide you with the option of creating a
  Video flashcard, it will only do so providing you have access to a
            Webcam. When you click “Upload A Video”…
Creating New Flashcards:
…the Video Publishing Center only allows the option to
               record from a webcam.
        Creating New Flashcards:
In order to create a Photo Flashcard in Funnelbrain, click “Upload Picture”
     Creating New Flashcards:
             Browse to the folder where
             the picture is stored upload
             the photo…

Type in the question and answer in the
          appropriate fields…
     Creating New Flashcards:
           Math Formula
Click “Add Equation” to enter the desired mathematic formula for your
         Creating New Flashcards:
               Math Formula
You can use the various tabs located in this Java Applet to enter the desired
  mathematic symbols. Click “Save” when you have entered the formula.
      Creating New Flashcards:
            Math Formula
After you have entered the mathematical formula on the “Question” side,
 enter the answer on the “Answer” side. Click “Done” when completed.
         Creating New Flashcards:
               Math Formula
You can see the profiles of the flashcards you have created for this deck on
   this screen. Click “Finish Deck” when you have completed the deck.
      Your Deck has been created.
              What now?
You can add the deck to a team,
    or create a new team…

                        Go to the
                        deck you

                                    …or share the deck with others!
         Viewing Your Flashcards
       Here are examples of what the flashcards you create will look like.
           Click “See The Answer” to see the answer to the question…

  An optional
 feature of the
  flashcard is
“Your Progress”

You can activate,
disable, or reset
 this feature to
  help students
  keep track of
 their progress
  reviewing the
         Viewing Your Flashcards
 You will see the
 correct answer
 to the question
 on the following

   The user can
  “I Got It Right!”
 “I Got It Wrong!”

   does not keep
    track of how
  many questions
the user gets right.)
        Viewing Your Flashcards

Here is an example of
    what an audio
 flashcard looks like.

  Note that the audio
  player is along the
 top of the flashcard,
and the question that
  accompanies the
     audio file is
Viewing Your Flashcards
                  This is an example of
                        what your
                   photo flashcard will
                         look like.

                   The question that
                   accompanies the
                  photo is underneath
                      the photo.

                   “See The Answer!”
                      to view the
                    correct answer.
Viewing Your Flashcards

                   The answer to the
                   question appears
                    on the following
Viewing Your Flashcards

                    This is what your
                      Math Formula
                  flashcard looks like.

                   “See The Answer!”
                      to view the
                    correct answer.
Viewing Your Flashcards

                   The answer to the
                   question appears
                    on the following
  Embedding Your Flashcards
                                        You can embed the deck of
                                       Flashcards that you create in
                                          Funnelbrain into your
                                        Wiki site or Moodle Course!

                      Embed code

Copy the embed code that is located
on the screen following the creation
 of your flashcard deck and paste
  the code into a widget on your
       Sharing Your Flashcards
You can share the flashcard decks you create with others on the internet
  using social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace
(at home, of course!) You can also e-mail others links to your flashcards.
Searching for your Flashcards
When searching for the flashcard decks that you create, be sure to type in
the search tags that you entered when creating your flashcard deck.
For example, type in “NEHS” when searching for the example deck I created
for this presentation.
               Purchasing Premium
                 Flashcard Decks
You are able to purchase premium flashcard decks that have been created by
 others if you wish. Clicking on these premium decks will provide you with
                further information on how to purchase them.

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