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					  How To Make Money On Facebook? Avoid This
   Mistake First, If you really want to make $

  Many people try to leverage social media to make
  money but they all get it wrong in the first place. I
want to show members of this forum common mistakes
 people make on facebook and social media sites and
             how to avoid this mistakes.

 Selling to everyone early and often without building a
 relationship is a basic mistake a lot of people do both
 offline and online! You'll recognize it right away once
  you start using Social Networking sites consistently,
   but you also see it at networking events. Basically
  many people get on these social networks, and start
 sending direct sales messages on a constant basis to
                everyone they can reach.

   It's really annoying to meet someone on LinkedIn,
   Facebook or Twitter and the first thing you get is a
reply with a SALES MESSAGE! That is spam, folks, and
 NO one likes it. The worst part is that your spamming
 is documented online, and if you aren't careful, you'll
  develop an online reputation for it. That could really
trash your image, and that's a mistake you don't want
                         to make.

  Let's put it another way. One of my favorite course
  instructors in this area, says, "If you wouldn't do it
offline, don't do it online. " So let's talk OFFLINE FOR A
 MINUTE. How would you feel about a person you met
 at a networking event who replied, "Hi, Nice to meet
you. I'm selling prepaid Phone Cards. Would you like to
buy one?" Not real good, right? The better approach is
 to say, "Nice to meet you," and talk about something
  that both can connect on. Then you swap cards and
keep in touch and develop the relationship. Maybe you
get invited to a holiday party, or a baseball game, and
during that conversation you connect enough that you
 ask each other about business. That's where the lead
   may or may not come in. But it has to be natural.
        That's called developing the relationship.

    Now let's go back online to a social network, like
  LinkedIn or Facebook. If you connect with someone
 and right away they send you the sales pitch, they're
 going to alienate you right away. And of course if you
 do it, you'll alienate them! So the best approach is to
take it slow and develop the relationship. Answer their
questions, make positive comments about their profile
    or business. There's lots of ways to do it but the
important thing to learn now is to avoid this important
  mistake. Don't sell nonstop to everyone you meet!

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