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     WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                               MAY 20, 2009                                                                    ISSUE 1295

                     ‘Meet The Chief’                                                        Study: Obama Doesn’t Need
                     A Singing Success                                                            Congress To Halt
                                                                                                   G/L Discharges
                                                                                             SANTA BARBARA, CA (Observer Up-                 does not require that such a finding ever
                                                                                             date) - A new study by a team of military       be made. According to the study, these
                                                                                             law experts asserts that President              provisions mean that the Pentagon, not
                                                                                             Obama has the legal authority to end            Congress, has the “authority to devise
                                                                                             Gay discharges through an executive             and implement the procedures under
                                                                                             order, reported. The re-             which those findings may be made.”
                                                                                             port, “How to End Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: A
                                                                                             Roadmap of Political, Legal, Regula-                      The White House said it won’t
                                                                                             tory, and Organizational Steps to Equal         stop Gays and Lesbians from being
                                                                                             Treatment,” was sponsored by the Palm           dismissed from the military while the
                                                                                             Center at the University of California,         Obama administration works to repeal a
                                                                                             Santa Barbara .                                 decade-old policy banning openly Gay
                                                                                                                                             people from serving in uniform. White
                                                                                                       The release of the study follows      House spokesman Robert Gibbs said
                                                                                             a TV interview where retired Marine Gen.        that President Barack Obama does not
                                                                                             James Jones, the President’s national           plan to intervene in current cases
                                                                                             security adviser, said there has been           against men and women who announce
                                                                                             “preliminary” discussion on allowing            their homosexuality. Gibbs says the
                                                                                             Gays and Lesbians to serve openly in            president wants to do away with the
                                                                                             the military. But Jones went on to say that     “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy through
                                                                                             it uncertain whether “don’t ask, don’t tell”    legislation. Gibbs says the policy does
                                                                                             will be overturned, even though Obama           not serve the national interest and that
 Seen in the crowd at the ‘Meet The Chief’ party at Woody’s last Mon-                        has said he wants it eliminated.                Obama is working with lawmakers for
 day were (l-r), Karin Uhlich, Dave Huff, Frank Schepis and TPD Chief                                                                        what Gibbs calls a “durable legislative
                            Roberto Villaseñor                                                         Many have argued that only            solution.” He says a repeal of the policy
                                                                                             Congress can lift the ban. But according        requires “more than the snapping of
TUCSON (Observer Update) - More                        With no program, except one                                                           one’s fingers.”
than 75 people on Monday, May 18, from         song “Copacabana,” sung by Glassman,          to the Palm study, Congressional ap-
Tucson’s LGBT Community, came out to                                                         proval is not needed, suggesting Obama
                                               everyone came together, had a nice                                                                     Since DADT was enacted more
meet Tucson’s New Chief of Police                                                            is playing politics. “The administration
                                               time, sing some songs, learn about            does not want to move forward on this           than 12,000 servicemembers have been
Roberto Villaseñor, at Woody’s, 3710 N.        each other, and build new friendships.                                                        dismissed when it was learned they are
                                                                                             issue because of conservative opposi-
Oracle.                                                                                      tion from both parties in Congress, and         Gay. According to statistics from the
                                                        Glassman went on to state that,      Congress does not want to move                  Servicemembers Legal Defense Net-
        This event was held on a night         “I ran on a commitment of providing           forward without a signal from the White         work which advocates for Gays in the
usually for karaoke and hosted by a            everyone with an equal seat at the table,     House,” said Aaron Belkin , Director of         military an average of two service
wonderful singer, Rodney Glassman,                                                           the Palm Center and a study co-author.          members are dismissed under the law
                                               embracing diversity, and making Tuc-
Tucson Ward 2 Councilmember. In                                                              “This study provides a recipe for               every day. Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-
                                               son the greatest community.”                                                                  Calif.) has reintroduced legislation to
addition,     Tucson         Ward    3                                                       breaking through the political deadlock,
                                                                                             as well as a road map for military              repeal DADT. Tauscher’s bill attracted
Councilmember Karin Uhlich, South                       Chief Villaseñor is a native of                                                      148 co-sponsors last year. This year the
Tucson Mayor Jennifer Eckstrom, former                                                       leaders once the civilians give the green
                                               Tucson, He joined the Tucson Police                                                           bill has not been taken up at the
state Representative Tom Prezelski,                                                          light.”
                                               Department in 1980, was promoted to                                                           committee level. A poll released April 30
state Representative candidates Sami           Assistant Chief in 2000 and to Chief of                                                       found that by 56-37 percent voters think
                                                                                                      There are three legal bases to
Hamed (District 27) and Ted Prezelski,         Police in 2009.                               the president’s authority, the report said.     the ban should be repealed.
as well as Tucson Ward 5
Councilmember candidate, Democrat
                                                                                             First, Congress has already granted to
                                                                                             the Commander in Chief the statutory
                                                                                                                                               Marriage Equality
Richard Fimbres were present to meet
the new police chief as well.
                                                  Calif. Senate                              authority to halt military separations             Boosts Mass.
                                                                                             under a law titled, “Authority of President

          According to news accounts, at
                                                   Advances                                  to suspend certain laws relating to
                                                                                             promotion, retirement, and separation.”
                                                                                                                                             BOSTON, MA (Observer Update) - As
a visit to Woody’s a while back, Tucson
City Councilman Rodney Glassman and
                                                  Harvey Milk                                Under the law, the President may
                                                                                             suspend any provision of law relating to
                                                                                                                                             Massachusetts marked the fifth anniver-
                                                                                                                                             sary of recognizing same-sex couples’
Representative Matt Heinz took in the
splendor and glory of karaoke, and
                                                     Honor                                   promotion, retirement, or separation
                                                                                             applicable to any member of the armed
                                                                                                                                             right to marry, two new studies show that
                                                                                                                                             marriage equality has helped bring
                                               SACRAMENTO, CA (Observer Update)              forces who the President determines is          more than $100 million to the Bay State’s
Glassman got an idea: We have this                                                           essential to the national security of the
new police chief, Roberto Villasenor, so       - The California Senate has approved                                                          economy, reported. The
                                               legislation designating a day each year       United States during a “period of               studies, released by UCLA’s Williams
why not have him start off on the right foot                                                 national emergency.”
                                               to honor slain Gay rights leader Harvey                                                       Institute, show that Massachusetts has
by making nice with the LGBT commu-
                                               Milk, reported. The Demo-                                                          gained clear economic advantages
nity? Especially at Woody’s, where                                                                    The statute specifically defines       from the young, highly educated “cre-
relations with TPD have been strained          cratic backed measure calls for Milk’s        a “national emergency” as a time when
                                               May 22 birthday to be used as a time to                                                       ative class” of professionals drawn by
ever since the bar was red-tagged last                                                       “members of a reserve component are             marriage equality, and from the boost
year when the police seemed espe-              recognize the late San Francisco              serving involuntarily on active duty.” The      that same-sex weddings give to the
cially interested in the noise level at a      supervisor’s contributions. It would not      second and third bases of presidential          economy.
bar off a busy street. At the red-tag          be a formal holiday.                          authority are contained within the “don’t
                                                                                             ask, don’t tell” legislation itself the study            Following a November 2003
hearing, however, the bar won, since the
                                                        Milk was the first openly Gay        said. The law grants to the Defense             ruling by the state’s high court, Massa-
police officer didn’t show.                                                                  Department authority to determine the
                                               man elected to public office in California.                                                   chusetts became the first state in the
                                               He was assassinated in 1978 and the           process by which discharges will be             nation where same-sex couples could
          Councilmember Glassman                                                             carried out, saying they will proceed
                                               subject of a biopic earlier this year.                                                        legally marry on May 17, 2004.
added that“I put this event together after                                                   “under regulations prescribed by the
getting a call on my cellular from Dave                                                      Secretary of Defense, in accordance                      Data show that same-sex
Huff, owner of Woody’s, who had                           The measure now heads to the       with procedures set forth in such
                                               Assembly. Republican Gov. Arnold                                                              couples in the “creative class” were 2.5
questions about our new Chief’s position                                                     regulation.”                                    times more likely to move to Massachu-
on diversity. I thought that there was         Schwarzenegger vetoed a nearly identi-
                                                                                                                                             setts after 2004 than before, while local
nothing better I could do then bringing        cal bill last year.                                    Finally, the law calls for the         businesses have benefited from the
people together and allowing everyone                                                        discharge of service members if a               marriages of more than 12,000 same-
                                                                                             finding of homosexuality is made, but it        sex couples, who on average spent
to get to know each other.”
                                                                                                                                             $7,400 on their weddings in the state.
PAGE TWO                                                                      MAY 20, 2009                                                                 WEEKLY OBSERVER
                                                                                       Chronicles, a seven-book series that
                                                                                       includes Seven Spiders Spinning, Six
                                                                                       Haunted Hairdos, Five Alien Elves,
                                                                                       Four Stupid Cupids, Three Rotten Eggs,
                                                                                       A Couple of April Fools, and One Final
                                                                                       Firecracker. Maguire will sign books
     Candlelight                                 An Evening With                       following the presentation, and his
  Memorial Remem-                                 Wicked Author                        books will be available for sale.

   ber Those Who                                 Gregory Maguire,                                  The annual GLBT author event
                                                                                          is made possible through generous
    Lost To AIDS                                     June 17                              funding from the Friends of the Pima
TUCSON - For friends and family of                                                        County Public Library. Past authors
those who have died from AIDS, a                                                          include: Susie Bright, Chastity Bono,
Sunday evening (May 17) vigil in                                                          Michelangelo Signorile, Patrick Califia,
Midtown was a time for memories,                                                          Holocaust scholar David Schneer,
prayers and, yes, tears, reported the                                                     writer and advice columnist Dan Sav-
Arizona Daily Star.                                                                       age, Alison Bechdel, Alex Sanchez,
                                                                                          and Armistead Maupin.
         And that’s not a bad thing, said
Janet Smith, who attended the AIDS
Candlelight Memorial at Himmel Park.
                                                                                             Tucson GLBT
“Even though you see tears, it’s a                                                          Chamber Of Com-
positive thing,” she said.
                                                                                             merce ‘Out And
         Smith lost her son, Eric, to AIDS
in 1992. He was 28 and the oldest of her
                                                                                             About’ May 28
three children. “This is always a recol-                                                  TUCSON (Observer Update) - You’re
lection of my son’s death, and of others                                                  invited to a Tucson GLBT Chamber of
I’ve met during my life,” she said.                                                       Commerce, ‘Out and About’ hosted by
                                                                                          Century 21 Centra Realty, May 28, 4:30 -
           About 200 other Tucsonans                                                      6:30 p.m., 811 N. Longfellow, one block
gathered at the park for the memorial,                                                    east of Alvernon, Between Speedway
said Dave Chandler, who served on the                                                     and 5th.
planning committee for the event. “To
me, it’s a beautiful expression of a caring   TUCSON (Observer Update) - Novelist                  Come find out what’s happen-
community,” Chandler said. “There are         Gregory Maguire, author of the best-        ing in the real estate market, network
young and old, gay and straight. People       selling Wicked: The Life and Times of       with peers, and just have a great
of all different colors here.”                the Wicked Witch of the West, will          evening!
                                              present a talk on the creation of the
        The vigil is part of a worldwide      Wicked, alternate-Oz series and will                RSVP to: Colette 909-4190 or
event held the third Sunday of May. More      read from his books at the annual author    Mike 272-6959 or
than 1,000 communities in about 100           presentation of the Pima County Public
countries held similar memorials and          Library’s GLBT Committee.
events, he said. This was the 26th Inter-                                                      Lawmakers:                                          .O. BOX
                                                                                                                                                  P.O. BOX 50733,
                                                                                                                                              TUCSON, AZ 85703
national AIDS Candlelight Memorial,
Chandler said.
                                                     Maguire’s free talk will be
                                              Wednesday, June 17, 6:30 p.m., The Loft
                                                                                              Census Should                                                    (Voice)
                                                                                                                                            (520) 622-7176 (Voice)
                                              Cinema, 3233 E. Speedway.                         Include G/L                                          FAX
                                                                                                                                         Computer FAX ()792-8382
                                                                                                                                             Off      Hours: 9a.m.-6p.m.
                                                                                                                                         Com Of f ice Hour s: 9a.m.-6p.m.
         At Himmel Park, a red ribbon
stretching more than 30 feet honored                   Maguire’s other two books in the          Couples                                       Monday thru Friday
those with HIV/AIDS. People at the vigil      Wicked series include Son of a Witch,       WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer Up-
wrote prayers and reflections on the                                                      date) - Gay and Lesbian U.S. represen-            Office Closed Thursdays
                                              and the latest, A Lion Among Men.
ribbon.                                                                                   tatives Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin,            792-8382puter FAX (520)792-2
                                              Wicked is the basis for the Tony Award-                                                      Observer on the World Wide Web :
                                              winning Broadway and international hit      Barney Frank of Massachusetts, and
                                                                                                                                            www.tucsonobser v
         At about 7:00 p.m., the audience     musical Wicked: The Untold Story of the     Jared Polis of Colorado along with 48                             E-Mail:
lighted candles and joined in prayer.         Witches of Oz, which returns to ASU’s       other congressional members sent a                inf o@tucsonobser v
During the vigil, audience members            Gammage Auditorium in Tempe in July.        letter to Office of Management and                     ——————————
said aloud the names of friends and           He is also the author of the best-sellers   Budget director Peter Orszag asking                   EDITOR/PUBLISHER:
relatives who had died from AIDS.             Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, Lost     that the 2010 Census count same-sex                         Bob Ellis
                                              and Mirror Mirror. Confessions of an Ugly   married couples rather than altering                   ARTS
                                                                                                                                                 ARTS & GRAPHICS:
         Scott Blades, executive direc-       Stepsister, a retelling of Cinderella set   their status.                                             Gary Clark
tor of the Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS         during the Dutch Golden Age, was made                                                             MANAGING EDITOR:
Network, said the event was a good            into an ABC movie starring Stockard                     Last year, the Bush administra-               Mark Kerr
opportunity to reflect. “When you’re          Channing. He has also written several       tion — citing the Defense of Marriage Act,            Special Events Photos:
doing this work, you need take time to        children’s novels including The Hamlet      which prohibits the federal government                      Bill Morrow
remember,” he said.                                                                       from recognizing same-sex unions —                         Hunter Johnson
                                                                                          announced that lawfully married same-                          Horoscope:
                                                                                          sex couples who marked “married” on                 Charlene Lichtenstein
                                                                                          their census forms would have their                Contributing Columnists
                                                                                          status changed to “unmarried partners”                   Mark R. Kerr
                                                                                          in the final count. Now, congressional                  Jimmy Petrol
                                                                                          members are calling on Orszag to                        Jack Melichar
                                                                                          reverse course.          “We are deeply            King Daevid MacKenzie
                                                                                          concerned about the implications of this
                                                                                                                                         Publication of names or photos of any person
                                                                                          policy for same-sex couples and for the        or organization in the OBSERVER is not to be
                                                                                          integrity of the Census as a whole and              construed as indication of the sexual
                                                                                          firmly believe the [Census] Bureau’s             orientation of such person, organization or
                                                                                          primary objective should be to collect              advertisers or any employees thereof.
                                                                                          data and report it, not collect data and       Opinions that are expressed in Letters to the
                                                                                          alter it,” the members said in their letter.      Editor or columns by contributors are not
                                                                                                                                         necessarily those of the OBSERVER, its staff
                                                                                                    The U.S. Census Bureau con-              or advertisers. OBSERVER assumes
                                                                                                                                          responsibility for its own editorial policy only.
                                                                                          ducts a massive survey every 10 years,
                                                                                          and during the last decennial census, no           Although OBSERVER has many fine
                                                                                          state had legalized same-sex mar-              advertisers, we do not accept responsibility for
                                                                                          riages. Currently, same-sex couples             any claims made pertaining to their products
                                                                                                                                                        and/or services.
                                                                                          can legally marry in Massachusetts,                                    *
                                                                                          Connecticut, and Iowa. Meanwhile, Ver-           Permission to reprint (except for separately
                                                                                          mont, Maine, and New Hampshire have            copyrighted material) is granted when credit is
                                                                                          approved marriage-equality laws that                     given to the OBSERVER.
                                                                                          will be in effect by the time of the count.
                                                                                          And an estimated 18,000 same-sex
                                                                                          marriages that are currently in question

                                                                                               Continued on Page Three
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                               MAY 20, 2009                                                                      PAGE THREE

    Linus Lerner Appointed Artistic                                         Director For Bayou City                                            Lawmakers:
                       Performing                                           Arts                                                              Census Should
                                              Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra           2004 and has functioned as assistant                Include G/L
                                              and to focus on his international travels     conductor under Linus for two years. He
                                              as guest conductor and voice coach.           is Instrumental/Choral Conductor and an              Couples
                                              Linus leaves Reveille with an impres-         OMA Educator for the TUSD Schools,                 Continued from Page Two
                                              sive record of achievement, outstanding       an Adjunct Professor at the University of     in California are reportedly unlikely to be
                                              choral performances, a new mission,           Arizona School of Music, and Assistant        annulled by the state supreme court
                                              and a new chorus name. Under his              Conductor of Athletic Bands. Shawn told
                                                                                                                                          even if Prop. 8 is upheld.             The
                                              leadership Reveille recorded 4 CDs,           me recently he has big shoes to fill
                                                                                            replacing Linus but he feels fortunate to     congressional members told Orszag
                                              and traveled 5 times to Mexico to raise
                                                                                            have had the past four years to learn         they believe that publicly reporting data
                                              money for HIV/AIDS and LGBT groups
                                              in Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Puerto            from Linus and what an amazing teacher        collected on the status of same-sex
                                              Vallarta and Mexico City (first openly        he is. Our board of directors is currently    couples in the United States does not
                                              Gay chorus to perform in that country). In    putting together a committee to begin the     equate to federal recognition of same-
                                              2005 he took us on a tour of his native       search for a permanent replacement for        sex marriage. Rather, public reporting
                                              Brazil to be the first openly Gay chorus to   Linus.                                        simply provides basic information about
                                              perform in that country. In Sao Paulo                                                       how Americans respond to the Census
                                              Reveille opened the 2005 Gay Pride                      Linus told me his time with         Bureau’s questions.
                                              celebration and marched in the nation’s       Reveille has been a fantastic learning
                                              pride parade there that numbered 2.5          experience for him. And that he is so
             Linus Lerner                                                                                                                          “The Census is a vital tool of our
                                              million people. In addition, he has           proud of the achievements the chorus
TUCSON (Observer Update) - Jeffrey                                                          has made under his leadership. He             democracy. Truthful answers must be
                                              elevated our musical sound and in-
Bracker, President, Reveille Men’s                                                          hopes to stay in touch and follow our         recorded and publicly reported in order
                                              creased attendance at concerts so
Chorus sent out the following:                much so that an extra performance day         progress with pride. Linus will continue      to ensure the most accurate count and
                                              had to be added to each concert.              his duties as conductor of the Southern       the most democratic process. Ameri-
         It is with great joy and a heavy                                                   Arizona Symphony Orchestra traveling          cans who are legally married must not
heart that I announce our conductor,                   It has been an amazing ride with     between Houston and Tucson on a               be marginalized,” Baldwin said. Frank
Linus Lerner, has accepted the position       Linus, that’s for sure. I had no illusions    weekly basis. In addition, he intends to      added, “We are simply asking the
of Artistic Director for Bayou City           that we would have Linus with us forever.     continue his international travels where      Census Bureau to report the facts as
Performing Arts in Houston, Texas. He         The truth is we have been fortunate to        he is often sought after as a voice           they exist. This should not be controver-
will be the musical director for several      have had him for as long as we have. In       instructor and guest conductor. I think I’m   sial.”
groups that fall under the umbrella of the    his seven years with Reveille Linus           still in denial about Linus leaving. We
Bayou City Performing Arts organization:      radically changed the nature of this          have one last performance with him at a
Gay Men’s Chorus of Houston, Bayou            organization. He taught us how to sing,       special recital he’s putting together as a
City Women’s Chorus, Bayou City               raising the bar of musicality for this        Reveille fundraiser at the end of May.
Chorale and Bayou Rhythms. The                group. Twice under his guidance we            Perhaps then it will finally sink in. The
organization also has a partnership with      traveled to the GALA choral confer-           impact he has had on Reveille will be felt
The Doctor’s Orchestra of Houston with        ences (Montreal in 2004 and Miami in          for many years to come. We know he will
whom he will also be working. I               2008) and twice we held our own against       do for Houston what’s he’s done for
announced at Reveille’s Spring concert        the larger big city choruses, wowing          Reveille and we wish him the best of
“Make ‘Em Laugh: Comedy in Music”             them with that Reveille sound we’ve           luck. Reveille will soon be on our
that after seven years as artistic director   become famous for. All thanks to Linus.       summer break but I hope you’ll join us
and two as executive director this would      With Linus’s departure Reveille faces         this fall for our many outreach perfor-
be Linus’s last concert with us. Linus had    the challenge of maintaining all the gains    mances and come see our holiday
announced to our Board of Directors the       we have made under his leadership.            show the first weekend in December at
week prior to the concert of his decision     Taking his place as interim conductor         Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Until
to leave Reveille in order to devote          will be chorus member Shawn Cullen.           then have a great summer!
more time to his conducting duties with       Shawn has sung with Reveille since
PAGE FOUR   MAY 20, 2009                                                        WEEKLY OBSERVER

                           Around The Nation
                               The Louisiana house voted           appeal.
                    overwhelmingly to pass a bill that would
                    prohibit the issuance of birth certificates             “We don’t believe homosexu-
                    that list the names of two unmarried           als and Lesbians are being homeless
                    parents who adopt a Louisiana-born             and without jobs because of their sexual
                    child in another state. The legislation,       orientation,” Jim Minnery of the Alaska
                    which passed by a vote of 77-18, stems         Family Council told KTUU-TV in Anchor-
                    from a December ruling in which U.S.           age. “There’s plenty of businesses and
                    district judge Jay Zainey sided with two       landlords across the community that are
                    California men seeking a joint birth           more than willing to be tolerant.” The
                    certificate for the Shreveport-born child      Anchorage assembly approved a Gay
                    they adopted in New York in 2006. The          rights ordinance in the 1970s, but it was
                    state is appealing the ruling, according       vetoed by then-mayor George Sullivan.
                    to the Times-Picayune .                        His son, Dan, is the current mayor-elect,
                                                                   and he has not yet stated his view on the
                              Proponents of the legislation        measure. Acting mayor Matt Claman
                    say it aims to clarify the kinds of adoptive   supports the ordinance, but it is unclear
                    parents that would be recognized by the        which of the men will be in office by the
                    Office of Vital Records when it fulfills       time the assembly votes.
                    routine requests for birth certificate
                    revisions. Under the law, single adults                   A Transgender federal air mar-
                    and married couples would qualify as           shal has filed a lawsuit charging the
                    adoptive parents, but unmarried couples        Department of Homeland Security, the
                    would not, regardless of their sexual          Federal Air Marshal Service, and indi-
                    orientation. Presumably, single Gay            viduals within the agency with discrimi-
                    people could still adopt.                      nation and violation of civil rights, the
                                                                   Transgender Community of Police and
                              Critics say the legislation re-      Sheriffs International announced. The
                    flects stealth antiGay measures such as        complaint, filed in U.S. district court in
                    Act 1, the adoption ban that Arkansas          Washington, D.C., alleges discrimina-
                    voters passed in November. While not           tion, civil rights violations, harassment,
                    specifically mentioning Gay couples,           retaliation, and the fostering of a hostile
                    Act 1 outlaws adoptions by unmarried           work environment by immediate super-
                    couples, effectively precluding Gays           visors and senior staff against the
                    and Lesbians, who cannot marry in the          plaintiff, known as Veronica Doe.
                    state. The Louisiana bill, which has the
                    support of Republican governor Bobby                      Doe, a special agent with 20
                    Jindal, now moves to the senate.               years of federal service experience,
                                                                   transitioned from male to female in April
                             Legislators in Anchorage will         2004. She alleges that after the transition,
                    hear public comment on June 9 regard-          she was directed to use the bathroom
                    ing a Gay rights ordinance that has been       facilities in a fast-food restaurant located
                    introduced in the assembly.           The      one block from her federal office;
                    ordinance would ban discrimination             exposed by the unauthorized release of
                    against Gay and Lesbian people in              confidential medical information; denied
                    housing, education, and employment. It         legal changes to her passport required
                    would also prohibit discrimination against     for overseas travel; and subjected to a
                    military veterans, in a move that critics      fitness-for-duty evaluation based solely
                    charge is designed to increase its             on her expression of a new gender

                     Support Grows For Federal DOMA
                    WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer Up-                 vote. In addition to opposition from
                    date) - Support is slowly growing in           Republicans and anumber of conserva-
                    Congress for repeal of the federal             tive Democrats, mainly from Bible belt
                    Defense of Marriage Act, but a bill has        states, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)
                    yet to be filed in either the House or the     seems in no rush to advance repeal. At
                    Senate, reported. The               her weekly press conference, Pelosi
                    Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, was          suggested there may not be enough
                    passed in 1998 and bars the federal            votes yet for repeal.
                    government from recognizing same-sex
                    relationships.                                           She touted House passage
                                                                   this month of the Local Law Enforcement
                              The latest to support repealing      Hate Crimes Prevention Act, also known
                    it is Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) one of the      as the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes
                    original supporters of the measure.            Act. The legislation, which still needs
                    Harkin said he has changed his mind on         Senate approval, would provide local
                    same-sex marriage. ”We all grow as we          police and sheriff’s departments with
                    get older, we learn things, we become          federal resources to combat hate
                    more sensitive to people and people’s          violence. Pelosi also said the House
                    lives,” Harkin told Iowa public television.    may take up repeal of “don’t ask, don’t
                    ”The more I’ve looked at that, I’ve grown      tell, the ban on Gays serving openly in
                    to think differently about how we should       the military. “Members will make a
                    live. I guess I’ve got to the point of live    priority of issues like Gays in the military.
                    and let live.” Harkin also said he would       And where we have prospects of
                    oppose any ballot measure to overturn          success, we always want to expand to a
                    Gay marriage in his own state of Iowa          place of more opportunity and more
                    where the Supreme Court ruled the state        freedom for all - for all Americans,” she
                    cannot prevent same-sex couples from           said. “But right now, our agenda is jobs,
                    marrying.                                      jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. And as we move
                                                                   on that front, concurrently, we have to
                            How soon a bill will be filed in       make some decisions about what is
                    Congress to overturn DOMA is anyone’s          possible.”
                    guess. If it were to pass President
                    Obama has said he would sign it,                          In a recent public opinion poll,
                    although he prefers civil unions to            voters showed narrow support maintain-
                    marriage.                                      ing DOMA - 50-44 percent. The survey of
                                                                   2,041 registered voters nationwide was
                            Even if the bill is filed this         taken by Quinnipiac University’s polling
                    session, it may find difficulty getting to a   institute.
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                                   MAY 20, 2009   PAGE FIVE

      COMMENTARY. . . .
   Blue Jeans And Blue Eyeshadow
By Cody Daigle
                                                 even – but there are changes. Those
         When you grow up Gay in a               changes aren’t happening in legisla-
small town, you inevitably face this             tures or city councils (although we
choice: get the hell out of that small town      small town Gays need to get that ball
the second you’re able or stay where             rolling faster). Those changes are
you are and see what you can make of it.         taking place in coffee houses, class-
I chose to stay, for reasons both                rooms, neighborhood parks, living
professional and personal. And in the            rooms and even churches. We’re
ten years since I made that choice, I’ve         working from the other end of change.
been able to make a life I’m both happy          One on one. By unapologetically
with and proud of. I’ve gotten to do some        being who we are.
very cool things, and some pretty
amazing people have crossed my path.                       Yesterday, my partner Nathan
And I’m in Cajun Country, so I can               and I grabbed a quick bite at a local
guarantee you I’ve eaten well.                   fast food place (Raising Cane’s, a
                                                 mostly southern franchise, famous for
           Staying also changes the way          their chicken fingers). Behind the
you experience “being Gay” (whatever             counter was this fabulous young Gay
that is, really. There are so many ways to       man – early twenties, clearly in college
“be Gay,” aren’t there?). When you’re            – decked out in his work uniform, jeans,
living in the small town South, you don’t        baseball cap, French manicured press-
have the benefit of an organized, visible        on nails, fake eyelashes and a shock
Gay community to guide you. The                  of glittery blue eyeshadow. Not the
connections you make to other Gay                best application, mind you, but he’s
people are personal ones, and while              young. He’ll learn.
those connections are nurturing, they
don’t carry much power or weight in the                    He wasn’t waiting on us. He
larger community. In the larger commu-           was waiting on a pair of standard-issue
nity, you’re basically alone – if you want       Louisiana jock boys, and they made
to “fight the power,” you’re going to have       no attempt to hide their snickering or
to do it with an army of one.                    rolled eyes. One of them even said in
                                                 full voice to the other, “Dude, you know
          That reality breaks some of us.        that’s a dude, yo?” Did it rattle our
It keeps us in the closet. It leads us to        fabulous friend behind the counter?
think the best solution is to marry and          No. In fact, I even think he straightened
have kids. It makes us feel ashamed,             his spine a little. There wasn’t an ounce
inferior, purposeless. And I think for most      of apology in his face or his voice. He
people who don’t live here (or for that          was who he was, and a pair of bubbas
matter, those who left here as soon as           wanting chicken fingers weren’t going
they could) that experience is assumed           to change that for a second.
to be prevailing one. But it isn’t. I’ve lived
here all my life, and sure, 15 years ago                That’s who I think we are here.
when I first came out, that was the most         Jeans, a baseball cap and blue
common story. But today, things are              eyeshadow. Fighting the good fight,
changing. Today, Gay people in small             one bubba at a time.
towns like mine are starting to figure out
that being an army of one isn’t such a                    (Cody Daigle is the entertain-
bad thing.                                       ment writer for the Times of Acadiana
                                                 and a blogger on Gay issues for
        Every day, out Gay people in   , from which this is
small towns like mine change the South.
                                                 reprinted from
The changes are small – minuscule,

     Court Rules Fla. Must Honor G/L
       Second-Parent Adoptions
TALLAHASSEE, FL (Observer Update)                a second-parent adoption in the state
- the Florida Court of Appeals unani-            of Washington, where the family lived.
mously reversed a lower court ruling and         The couple moved to Florida, and their
held that Florida must give full faith and       relationship ended several years later.
credit to adoptions granted to same-sex          They agreed to share custody of both
couples by other states, lding that Lara         children and did so successfully until
Embry, the plaintiff in the case, “must be       Ryan unilaterally decided to separate
given the same rights as any other               the children, who are deeply bonded
adoptive parent in Florida.”                     as siblings, and cut off all contact
                                                 between Embry and one of the
          The court based its decision on        children.
the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the
federal constitution and a Florida statute                The National Center for Les-
requiring Florida to honor adoption              bian Rights (NCLR) and Leslie Talbot
decrees from other states. Noting that           represented Lara in her initial suit for
“there are no public policy exceptions to        shared custody. In February 2008, a
the full faith and credit which is due to        Florida trial court held that Florida
judgments entered in another state,” the         would not recognize the couple’s
court concluded that “regardless of              second-parent adoption. NCLR, Karen
whether the trial court believed that the        Doering, and the law firm of Carlton
Washington adoption violated a clearly           Fields represented Lara in the appeal.
established public policy in Florida, it         Former Judge John R. Blue and
was improper for the trial court to refuse       Cristina Alonso, attorneys with Carlton
to give the Washington judgment full faith       Fields briefed and argued the case
and credit.”                                     before the Second District Court of
                                                 Appeal on March 18, 2009.
         A concurring opinion further
noted that Embry’s “same-sex relation-                    “We are pleased this decision
ship with [the other parent] is irrelevant       resolved an important constitutional
for the purpose of enforcing her rights          issue and protected the legal bond
and obligations as an adoptive parent.”          between adoptive parents and their
Lara Embry had filed a petition seeking          children,” said Blue. “The court affirmed
shared custody of a child she had raised         the longstanding rule that Florida must
with her former partner, Kimberly Ryan.          honor valid adoptions from other
The couple had two children together.            states, which ensures the permanence
Each gave birth to one child, and each           and stability of parent-child relation-
adopted her non-biological child through         ships across state lines.”
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                    POLITICS 2009                                                                  BUZZ -- BUZZ -- BUZZ
                                                                                                          From Doogie to Barney to              in an upcoming memoir about his
                                                              by Mark R. Kerr                    Tony. Neil Patrick Harris will host the        decades serving the church. Arch-
                                                                                                 2009 Tony Awards, honoring the best of         bishop Rembert Weakland, former
 Give Them Old Time Religion But                                                                 the Broadway season. The show will be
                                                                                                 broadcast on CBS on June 7 (8 p.m.-11
                                                                                                                                                head of the Milwaukee archdiocese,
                                                                                                                                                said in an interview that he wrote about
                                                                                                 p.m. EDT) from Radio City Music Hall.
    Don’t Give One Dime For                                                                      Harris has appeared in hit TV series
                                                                                                                                                his sexual orientation because he
                                                                                                                                                wanted to be candid about “how this
                                                                                                 such as “How I Met Your Mother,” where
        Education Funding                                                                        he plays the womanizing Barney Stinson,
                                                                                                                                                came to life in my own self, how I
                                                                                                                                                suppressed it, how it resurrected again.”
        Since the creation of this col-            2357 leaves open the                          and “Doogie Howser, M.D.” On Broad-            Called “A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church:
umn more than 20 years ago, this time is           possibility for a school’s anti-harass-       way, he has appeared in the revivals of        Memoirs of a Catholic Archbishop,” the
always been one of trepidation for LGBT            ment, anti-bullying or non-discrimination     “Cabaret” and in “Assassins” (playing          book is set to be released in June.
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and                        policies to be invalidated.                   the Balladeer and Lee Harvey Oswald)
Transgender) Arizonans with the ses-                                                             as well as in the Tony-winning drama                    A New York teenager charged
sion of Arizona’s Legislature at 1700                         To the surpride of no one, HB      “Proof.”                                       with the brutal slaying of veteran radio
West Washington, still going for more              2357 was approved by Arizona’s House                                                         reporter George Weber claims he was
than 120 days, as of press time.                   of Representatives, despite the budget                   “The discipline of live theater -   acting in self defense. John Katehis,
                                                   crisis, is hearing measures such as this      doing the same perfect thing night after       16, was ordered held without bail at an
         Arizonans, LGBT , HIV+ or                 bill and others dealing with subjects         night, eight times a week - never ceases       arraignment hearing in Brooklyn.
otherwise, should live in trepidation but          ranging from having a firearm in your car     to amaze me,” Harris said in a statement       Weber’s body was found in his apart-
instead be one of anger during the                 in a parking lot to telling municipalities    Thursday. “I’m truly honored to have           ment in March. His ankles were bound,
session of the Arizona Legislature since           how to run their affairs.                     been chosen as the master of ceremo-
the 90 (89 with the recent decision by the                                                                                                      and he was stabbed about 50 times.
                                                                                                 nies for this year’s Tony Awards, and I        Wounds on his hands indicate he tried to
state Clean Elections Commission re-                        HB 2357 has been sent to the         hope to help provide a first-class             fight back, police said.
garding the complaint filed against state          state Senate, which hasn’t heard bills        evening for all.” The nominations in 27
Representative Doug Quelland, R-                   germane to the state budget during this
Phoenix) individuals at the State Capitol,                                                       competitive categories were announced                    The American adaptation of the
                                                   session but may do so, if the budget for      May 5. Competing for best musical are
1700 West Washington, in the Arizona               fiscal year 2010 is drafted, approved                                                        hit British TV series Absolutely Fabulous
House and Senate work for the tax-                                                               “Billy Elliot,” “Next to Normal,” “Rock of     has been scrapped, according to
                                                   and signed into law by Arizona’s
payer, to the tune, according to the                                                             Ages” and “Shrek The Musical.” Best            entertainment industry blogger Nikki
                                                   “Accidental Governor,” Jan Brewer,
current year’s state budget, of                                                                  play nominees are “Dividing the Estate,”       Finke. A pilot starring Emmy award
                                                   because what’s a few days more to
$13,653,400 for the operations and                 Arizona’s Republican state Legislative        “God of Carnage,” “reasons to be pretty”       winner Kristen Johnston (3rd Rock From
salaries for the elected officials and staff       Leadership? It costs the taxpayers, not       and “33 Variations.” Winners will be           the Sun) was shot but has reportedly
in the Arizona House of Representa-                the Arizona’s Legislature.                    chosen by more than 800 members of             been officially passed over. The new
tives and $9,036,200 for the same in the                                                         the theater community.                         show stirred controversy among fiercely
Arizona Senate, or $62,163.29 each and                      Even though Arizona’s Senate                                                        loyal gay fans of the original series
every day of the year.                             hasn’t heard such measures during this                 A Roman Catholic archbishop           starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna
                                                   session, the potential is still there and     who resigned in 2002 over a sex and            Lumley, whose characters seemed too
          With that in mind, one would             Equality Arizona is urging its members,       financial scandal involving a man              iconic to be reproduced. Saunders
think Arizona’s Legislature would get to           as well as the entire LGBT community of       describes his struggles with being Gay         worked on the pilot as a producer.
the work at hand and be done, but as               Arizona to join with the state Anti-
witnessed, reported and endure,
Arizona’s Republican controlled state
                                                   Defamation League and send a strong
                                                   message of opposition to your state                   Healthcare Industry Lags
Legislature, is still at it, frittering away the
tax payer dollars while holding onto their
failed theories, withholding funding for
                                                   Senator on HB 2357.
                                                                                                                  In LGBT Issues
                                                                                                 WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer Up-
                                                             Take action by visiting the                                                        competent care they need and the
the state’s future, its youth, by rolling over     following website, set up by Equality         date) - The healthcare industry is failing     respect they deserve. The policies and
the monies for the Arizona’s public                Arizona to send a clear, concise word to      LGBT patients, according to a report           practices highlighted by the HEI provide
education system, K-12 and the Univer-             the Arizona State Senate on this waste of     released by the Human Rights Cam-              a starting point for ensuring transgender
sities, and not passing a budget for the           taxpayers time and expense, since the         paign and the Gay and Lesbian Medical          competence.” Ten of the 166 healthcare
state government.                                  U.S. Constitution already covers this         Association, reported The          participants answered positively to each
                                                   issue. Go online to /           release of the third annual Healthcare         of the survey’s main criterion which
         Equality Arizona, the statewide           paign/hb2357_senate/                          Equality Index coincides with the annual       applied to them. The study authors said
LGBT rights organization, has issued an            i38ngnnahjnjti7w?, fill out the form and      observance of National Hospital Week.          it will help establish a set of model
action alert on a measure under                    send it to your state Senator, urging them                                                   policies that will serve the entire
consideration by Arizona’s Legislature,            to vote no on HB 2357, if the bill gets                “While many facilities are lead-      healthcare industry.
HB 2357 which purports to protect the              heard or considered in the Arizona            ing the way in fairness for LGBT patients
religious freedom of Arizona’s K-12                Senate.                                       and their families, on the whole, the                   “We believe the growing level
students but as currently drafted, HB                                                            healthcare industry is failing to ad-          of participation we’re seeing by hospi-
                                                                                                 equately address the needs of our              tals and healthcare facilities across the
                         Study To Examine                                                        community,” said HRC President Joe
                                                                                                 Solmonese.         “But tools like the [
                                                                                                                                                country reflects a genuine interest in the
                                                                                                                                                healthcare industry to better understand
                         HIV Among Bi Men                                                        Healthcare Equality Index] can turn this
                                                                                                 trend around. By helping to remove
                                                                                                                                                and address the specific needs of
                                                                                                                                                LGBT patients.” said Jason Schneider,
                                                   we think there are larger numbers of          barriers and create truly welcoming            MD, President of the Gay and Lesbian
BLOOMINGTON, IN (Observer Update)                                                                healthcare environments, we can build a
                                                   individuals than we know of, or are willing                                                  Medical Association. The study in-
- The Center for Sexual Health Promo-                                                            stronger, healthier community.”
                                                   to acknowledge, who are at risk for HIV                                                      cluded questions about visitation poli-
tion in Indiana University’s School of
                                                   acquisition or transmission because of                                                       cies, training in LGBT issues and
Health, Physical Education and Recre-                                                                     The report said that there is “a      employment non-discrimination policies.
ation has received a $425,000 grant from           their Bisexual behaviors but it is not
                                                                                                 dramatic disparity between the number
the National Institutes of Health for a            something that is talked about. And we
                                                                                                 of patient non-discrimination policies                  ” Unfortunately, LGBT individu-
study of HIV among Bisexual men,                   have no evidence-based interventions
                                                                                                 inclusive of sexual orientation and those      als come forward with tragic stories of
reported The study will                designed to help this population.”            inclusive of gender identity.” Less than       hospitals failing to recognize these
specifically involve Bisexually active                                                           seven percent of participating facilities      directives, reflecting a disconnect be-
men in Indianapolis. It will include                         The study will use a community-     protect patients from discrimination           tween the existence of written policies
participants of diverse ages, ethnic               based participatory research approach,        based on gender identity, while nearly         and the actual implementation of these
backgrounds, and socioeconomic sta-                replying on an advisory committee             three-quarters of participants provide         policies on the part of all personnel,” the
tuses the CSHP said.                               composed of Bisexual men and repre-           these protections based on sexual              study said. The report is based on
                                                   sentatives of health and community            orientation, the report said.                  responses to an online survey, con-
         Brian Dodge, associate direc-             organizations that serve them. Dodge                                                         ducted October through December
tor of CSHP, said the study is unique              said that researchers plan to work with                This finding is symptomatic of        2008. The responses represent the
because it focuses on Midwestern                   the committee to guide the study in a way     the healthcare discrimination faced by         policies of 166 facilities from across the
Bisexual men - but also because                    that ensures that the data collected          transgender Americans every day, from          country, including 93 hospitals and 73
                                                   about Bisexual men - such as factors          the explicit denial of healthcare services     clinics.
sexuality research, particularly research
                                                   and behaviors that increase risk for          to insensitive remarks by medical staff,
involving HIV infection and transmission,
                                                   infection and transmission of HIV and         the report’s authors said in a press
generally focuses on people who are                                                              statement accompanying it. “Tragically,
exclusively “homosexual” or “hetero-               other sexual transmitted infections - will
                                                   be integrated into useful information and     the importance of protecting transgender
sexual” in terms of their sexual behavior                                                        patients and their families from
and/or orientation. Little is actually             programming to help improve their
                                                   sexual health. He also noted that the         healthcare discrimination is made clear
known about men who have sex with                                                                to us time and time again when we hear
both men and women or the factors that             focus on Indianapolis and Indiana is
                                                   noteworthy because the state tradition-       stories of discrimination,” said
contribute to their being a high-risk                                                            transgender health advocate and HEI
population for HIV infection and trans-            ally has fared poorly in federal funding
                                                                                                 Advisory Council Member Dr. Rebecca
mission he said. “In most HIV research,            for public health research and practice
                                                                                                 Allison, a cardiologist practicing in
people are either classified as having             efforts. The study, “Sexual Health Among      Arizona.
acquired the infection through having              Bisexual Men,” is sponsored by the
sex with other men or with other women,”           NIH’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National                 “As healthcare providers, we
said Dodge, principal investigator of the          Institute of Child Health and Human           have the responsibility to ensure that all
NIH study. “This is important because              Development.                                  of our patients are given the culturally
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  Across The Q Globe
         Peruvian police officers who          states that sexual orientation will no
“damage the image” of law enforcement          longer be considered a reason to
by engaging in homosexual behavior             prevent people entering the military.
can lose their jobs under a new law
designed to overhaul an unpopular                       Same-sex couples in Hungary
national police force.                         will be able to register their relationships
         The new law that went into effect     in a new domestic partner registry
also says officers will be fired for taking    beginning July 1. The legislation was
bribes and abusing detainees. In sexual        signed into law by President Laszlo
matters, however, distinctions are made        Solyom after winning passage in Parlia-
between heterosexual and homosexual            ment. Under the law partners must be
police officers. Those who commit              over 18, live together and be financially
adultery only face suspension, but             interdependent. It will allow Gay and
expulsion is required for those who            Lesbian couples to recognize partners
engage in “sexual relations with people        as next of kin, provide for joint tax filing,
of the same sex that cause a scandal or        allow partners to make decisions in
damage the image of the institution.”          health care, and assure inheritance,
Jorge Chavez, president of the Lima            social security and pension rights. It will
Homosexual Movement, said the law              not, however, allow same-sex couples
appears to violate constitutional guaran-      to adopt or undergo fertility treatments,
tees against discrimination based on           nor will it allow couples to share a
sexual orientation. “Heterosexuality isn’t     common surname.
scandalous but homosexuality is? It’s
discriminatory,” Chavez said. Former                    Ireland’s Health Service Execu-
Interior Minister Fernando Rospigliosi         tive has announced plans to draw up
said the courts probably would overturn        guidelines to ensure that hospitals
measures that try to regulate homosexu-        recognize Gay and Lesbian relation-
ality and adultery if challenged.              ships and the same-sex partners of
                                               patients, according to the Irish Times.
         Uruguay is moving to lift a ban       “There are legal issues around recog-
on homosexuals joining the armed               nizing same-sex relationships, but hos-
forces. The defense ministry confirms          pitals and health care professionals
that Minister Jose Bayardi has signed a        [currently] have discretion when it comes
decree lifting the ban imposed by the          to recognizing same-sex partners dur-
1973-85 military dictatorship. The army        ing treatment. If there are guidelines in
said it has received the decree, which         place, awareness of the issue is
has yet to be signed by President              increased,” said Caoimhe Gleeson,
Tabare Vazquez. The law had barred             chairman of the HSE’s LGBT health
people with what it called “open sexual        subcommittee. Among the guidelines
deviations” from entering the military         being drawn up, Gleeson noted that it is
academies. It includes homosexuality           important that if a patient identifies
among the “mental illnesses and disor-         another person as their partner, that the
ders” that make a person unsuitable to         partner be treated respectfully and kept
join the armed forces. The new decree          informed of treatment and progress.

          Obama Taps NYC Health
         Commissioner To Head CDC
                                               6,673 people in 35 countries. The White
                                               House said Frieden will begin at the
                                               CDC in early June.

                                                        Frieden said in a statement that
                                               he was “deeply honored and privileged”
                                               to be selected to the post. “I have loved
                                               serving New Yorkers as Health Com-
                                               missioner and am sorry to be leaving
                                               one of the greatest jobs in the world,”
                                               Frieden said. Frieden’s statement high-
                                               lighted several accomplishments in his
                                               seven years, including reducing the
                                               city’s smoking rate, particularly for
                                               young people; an expansive electronic
                                               health record project; and a registry to
                                               monitor blood sugar levels among
                                               people with diabetes.

                                                         Health experts say the CDC
                                               needs to make immediate improve-
        Dr. Thomas Frieden                     ments in employee morale and organi-
                                               zation as the Obama administration
WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer Up-                 works to overhaul the national health
date) -     President Barack Obama             care system. “Dr. Frieden is an expert in
appointed Dr. Thomas Frieden as                preparedness and response to health
director of the Centers for Disease            emergencies, and has been at the
Control and Prevention, turning to New         forefront of the fight against heart
York City’s health commissioner to deal        disease, cancer and obesity, infectious
with the swine flu outbreak and other          diseases such as tuberculosis and
major health issues, reported the Asso-        AIDS, and in the establishment of
ciated Press on Frieden            electronic health records,” Obama said
has served as commissioner for the             in the statement. Frieden, 48, is expected
past seven years, where he led a               to take office next month. His appoint-
campaign to ban smoking in restaurants         ment does not require Senate confirma-
and bars, boosted the number of New            tion. He will succeed Dr. Julie
Yorkers getting HIV tests and helped to        Gerberding, who resigned in January.
distribute millions of free condoms.           Dr. Richard Besser has served as
                                               acting head of the Atlanta-based CDC in
          In a statement announcing            recent months. The White House an-
Frieden’s appointment, Obama said the          nouncement said Besser, who has led
new CDC chief had been a “leader in the        the CDC’s Coordinating Office for Terror-
fight for health care reform, and his          ism Preparedness and Emergency
experiences confronting public health          Response for the past four years, would
challenges in our country and abroad           return to that position.
will be essential in this new role.” Frieden
will inherit a looming decision on how
best to manage a swine flu outbreak,
including whether or how to produce a
swine flu vaccine. The virus has infected
PAGE EIGHT                             MAY 20, 2009                                                           WEEKLY OBSERVER

                                                               Fueled By Petrol
                                                                                                                by Jimmy Petrol

                                                  Some Fools Are Spending Our Money
                                                         The common take on the                   reality is that Americans can’t pay for the
                                               Federal spending on infrastructure,                infrastructure they need; they can’t pay
                                               health care et al is that it is going to be        the bill for the water, sewers, bridges and
                                               hard, hard, hard to afford. Of course,             dams they need to keep themselves in
                                               there is only so much “money” to go                a position to continue thumbing their
                                               around, only so many things we can                 collective noses at the Third World. It
                                               “buy” with our little all. So it is true that to   would be a crime to allow them to
                                               add new things to our national budget              continue to afford to buy luxury items they
                                               means something else has to go, or we              never use. In the American Heyday, the
                                               start to run up debt we cannot pay. It is a        nine-teen fifties, Americans had nice,
                                               given, except among the intellectually             small houses, one car, one television
                                               challenged, that infrastructure has to be          and only owned sports equipment they
                                               repaired, replaced and augmented to                actually used. They also paid for
                                               accommodate commerce and growth.                   infrastructure they needed. It seemed to
                                               Without roads, bridges, railroads, air-            be ok then to just be well housed, fed,
                                               ports, levies and damns we would look              clothed and working at a humane and
                                               a lot like the Third-World countries we            safe job for enough pat to have a little
                                               revile for failing to “pull themselves up by       house, one car, etc. It’s ok now for
                                               their bootstraps”. Hard to use bootstraps          Americans to have to pay their way and
                                               in lieu of a bridge. Without arguing the           stop wasting money on “stuff”.
                                               merits of universal health care or any
                                               other item new on the spending agenda,
                                               lets take it from here: at least the                Outrage: To Name
                                               infrastructure has to be paid for and it is
                                               going to cost a bundle.
                                                                                                    Or Not To Name
                                                                                                  WASHINGTON, D.C. (Observer Up-
                                                         What can we stop spending                date) - National Public Radio came
     GET YOUR PHOTOS TAKEN BY AMANDA           “money” on so that we as a nation can
                                               afford to keep having electrical generat-
                                                                                                  under fire for removing the names of
                                                                                                  purportedly gay politicians from an
                                               ing plants, canals, fresh water and all the        online review of Kirby Dick’s new movie
                                               other things that keep us from slipping            Outrage. The documentary blasts politi-
                                               backwards in terms of our “real” stan-             cians, including Florida Governor Charlie
                                               dard of living? It may come as a surprise
     FAIREST PRICES                            to you, but the American appetite for
                                                                                                  Crist and California representative David
                                                                                                  Dreier, for voting against gay interests
                                               leisure is an expensive appetite. And              despite, the film asserts, pursuing gay
     (520) 358-9810                            even more surprising may be the fact               sex, reported
                                               that much of what America spends on
                                               “leisure” goes wasted and unused. If
     BY APPOINTMENT                            these luxury items were infrastructure
                                                                                                           NPR defended the name re-
                                                                                                  moval, citing a policy to protect the
                                               items, they would be called “bridges to            privacy of public figures barring a
                                               nowhere”. As it is, what Americans, most           “compelling reason,” but most media
                                               Americans, do with their time is watch             outlets readily named names. Here’s
                                               television. The vast majority of Ameri-            the breakdown: The following publica-
                                               can leisure time is spent in front of the          tions named politicians featured the film:
                                               tube, scaring itself silly over chartreuse         The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles
                                               terrorist alerts and the notion that poor          Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, New
                                               Mexicans may sneak across the border               York Post, The New York Times, Rolling
                                               and instead of being nice little garden-           Stone, Variety, Village Voice.
                                               ers working for nothing may actually
                                               need repair and upkeep in the way of                        The following publications
                                               medical care.                                      chose not to name politicians featured in
                                                                                                  the film, offering the following explana-
                                                         What Americans can well afford           tions (if any): NPR: “[The author is]
                                               to do is stop spending money on                    proscribed from naming a
                                               anything except televisions. All the other         longstanding NPR policy on the sub-
                                               money we spend on leisure we can                   ject.” The Washington Post: “[Outrage]
                                               spend on something we actually need.               comes down hardest on another promi-
                                               The things that Americans buy but don’t            nent politician whose name we won’t
                                               use are expensive; there will be those             print here” The Star-Ledger: “That I’m
                                               who cry over lost jobs producing them.             not repeating those charges now is one
                                               Dry your eyes and remember that there              of the problems, according to [Kirby]
                                               will be plenty of jobs creating and                Dick.”
                                               repairing infrastructure. Remembering
                                               that Americans work a little, eat a lot and
                                               watch television the rest of the time, it is       Personal Training
                                               time to retire: The gym membership,
                                               along with all the gym equipment. Sports
                                               equipment like skis that skied once,
                                               carbon-fiber tennis rackets gathering
                                               dust in the back of the garage and fishing
                                               gear that doesn’t catch fish. Boats.
                                               American marinas are full of boats that
                                               never get used, left rotting in the sun by
                                               people who only go out on the water on
                                               Memorial Day. Jet Skis, quads, dirt-
                                               bikes and hiking shoes. Tennis courts,
                                               backyard pools. The list is endless.
                                               While Americans like to have a lot of
                                               stuff, they don’t like to get out and use it.
                                               The “outside” is too hot, too wet, too cold
                                               and too real; television and obesity are
                                               the new norm; let’s face it and take the
                                               money Americans waste on anything
                                               but television and spend it on sewers.
                                               After all, the toilet is the single most
                                               important part of the American infrastruc-
                                               ture after the television station and is the
                                               only appliance in many American
                                               homes that gets as much use as the
                                               television and microwave.

                                                        It may seem harsh to advocate
                                               taking the American paycheck and
                                               stealing away the American Prerogative                               Hr.
                                                                                                  $30/hr - $20 Half Hr.
                                               to waste it on whatever we want. But the
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                                       MAY 20, 2009                                                                PAGE NINE

      COMMENTARY. . . .
                         Go Ahead ‘n Ask
                                                    by King Daevid MacKenzie                           Douglas J. Newman, P.C.
         Dear Peter and Company:                well wants to on his cheeseburger. It’s
                                                                                                             A T T O R N E Y                            A T           L A W
                                                                                                             Corporations . Limited Liability Companies . General Business
                                                part of being an American. Hell, I put
         Hi, guys. How are you? I are           wasabi on a couple of “Tofu Pups” that I
                                                                                                                 Wills . Trusts . Estate & Estate Tax Planning . Probate
fine, remarkably enough. In Tucson, we          ate last night. I can still taste it. And I like it.
don’t have to put up with The Hawk*             Tonight, I just might have some soy
during the winters. But I do have a             chorizo, and it’ll suit me just fine. And if it
complaint about some ill wind coming
from Peter’s mouth this weekend,
                                                doesn’t suit your taste, that’s fine, too.                        2650 North Country Club Road . Tucson, Arizona 85716
unfunnily enough. Peter, I’ve noticed that
                                                That isn’t what’s pissed me off.
                                                                                                             Phone 520-325-2053 . Fax 520-325-2274 .
“Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” has become                    Using the word “Gay” to de-
NPR’s bastion of the bodily function            scribe something as hideously distaste-
joke. I myself had a hearty laugh the           ful ain’t cuttin’ it, Pete. Whoever the
weekend that Roy Blount, Jr. was on the         producers were at Chicago Public
panel and marvelled that you could say          Radio that gave you an okeh to crack
the word “turd” on Public Radio. Or was         that gag on dozens of NPR affiliates has
the word “fart”? It was one or the other,       got to go. As for you, I think the best way
and considering the source of the               to rectify matters is to (a) issue an
material involved in both terms is the          apology PDQ, and (b) have Chicago
same – well, you know which incident I          Public Radio fly or Amtrak me up to
mean. Stephanie Miller is duly proud to         Chicago to take over from you as host
be your trailblazer in this regard, I’m sure.   one week in the very near future, with the
                                                transportation and lodging costs com-
          However, now y’all seem to            ing out of your paycheck. Trying to
think that social slurs are just as             become the Don Imus of Non-Commer-
tolerable. I refer here to Peter’s opening      cial Radio is a damned stupid goal to
gag on the “Wait, Wait” broadcast of the        set for your life, Peter.
9th of May, as heard at 11:06 AM local
time over Tucson’s KUAZ-AM/1550 and                      Oh, and as for Arizona Public
FM/89.1. The gag about how Gays and             Media, the local NPR member which
Lesbians feel that President Obama              operates KUAZ-FM and AM, this inci-
hasn’t done enough for them, but, by            dent has permanently taken y’all off my
ordering a cheeseburger with Dijon              list of consideration of giving ANY
mustard, the President did something            money out of my pocket. And I hope a
“that’s really Gay.” Now, I’m sure either       few readers of these pages demand
GLAAD or GLSEN have already lodged              back the money they gave you during
their complaints with you, as well they         your last pledge drive. There’s no
should. From the audience end of things,        excuse for allowing such social slurs to
I just have one primary question. WHAT          go out over your signals, especially
IN SEVEN PURPLE HELLS WERE                      PUBLICLY-OWNED signals. There’s a
YOU THINKING?!                                  difference between a Quentin Tarantino
                                                movie and 1550 kHz on the AM radio
          Y’all obviously haven’t seen          dial, and someone in your chain of
Wanda Sykes’ TV PSAs calling for y’all          command needs to learn that difference.
to “knock off” using the phrase “that’s
Gay” when discussing hideous lapses                   Most Sincerely, One listener in
of taste. And, although I’ve myself taken       Tucson you’ve hurt, King Daevid
President Obama to task over a few              MacKenzie
LesBiGay-related things on my own
news commentary podcast – it’s at                       [*The Hawk: that terrible winter- every week-              time wind off the Northern Illinois farm-
day afternoon, thank you very much for          lands that make Chicago temperatures
asking – I wish to be the first within my       feel even worse than usual come
hearing range to proclaim that President        Valentine’s Day.]
Obama can put whatever he damned

                                                                                                                                             Community Bars
                                                                                                                                   1. THE BIZ
                                                                                                                                                2900 E. Broadway 318-4838
                                                                                                                                   2.        IBT’S
                                                                                                                                                  616 N. 4th Ave.         882-3053
                                                                                                                                   3.        VENTURE-N
                                                                                                                                                  1239 N. 6th Ave.         882-8224
                                                                                                                                   5.        WOODY’S
                                                                                                                                                  3710 N. Oracle Rd,
                                                                                                                                   6.        HOWL AT THE MOON
                                                                                                                                                  915 W. Prince Rd.          293-7339
                                                                                                                                   7.        YARD DOG SALOON
                                                                                                                                                2449 N. Stone,            624-3858
                                                                                                                                    8. COLORS FOOD & SPIRITS
                                                                                                                                                  5305 E. Speedway 323-1840

                                                                                                                                        A.     MCC - METROPOLITAN
                                                                                                                                                             COMMUNITY CHURCH
                                                                                                                                             3269 N. Mountain - 292-9151

                                                                                                                                        B.      CORNERSTONE FELLOWSHIP
                                                                                                                                             2902 N. Geronimo - 622-4626

                                                                                                                                        D. WINGSPAN - 425 E. 7th St. - 624-1779

                                                                                                                                        E. S.A.A.F. - 375 S. Euclid Ave. - 628-7223

                                                                                                                                        F.     RAINBOW PLANET COFFEE
                                                                                                                                             606 N. 4th Ave. - 620-1770

                                                                                                                                        G.      TIHAN -Tucson Interfaith
                                                                                                                                                             HIV/AIDS Network
                                                                                                                                             1101 N. Craycroft, Ste 301. 299-6647

                                                                                                                                        H.     EON YOUTH CENTER               620-6245
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                                                            * Certified Trainer

                                                              * Body Work

                                                         FREE CONSULTATION


                                                     P. O. Box13312
                                                             Tucson, AZ 85732
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     COMMENTA RY. . . .                                 by 1st Lt. Dan Choi

                          Don’t Fir
                          Don’t Fire Me
           (1st Lt. Dan
Choi, an Iraq war vet
and Arab translator
who received formal
notice that he was
being kicked out of
the Army National
Guard a month after
he came out and
formed a support
group for LGBT West
Point graduates, has
penned an opinion
piece. In an open
letter written to
“President Obama
and Every Member of
Congress,” Choi
pleads not to be fired,
saying he served with
dedication for 10
years under “don’t
ask, don’t tell.” He
calls it “an immoral                        1st Lt. Dan Choi
law and policy that forces American
soldiers to deceive and lie about their     forces others to tolerate deception and
sexual orientation.” The entire open        lying. These values are completely
letter follows.)                            opposed to anything I learned at West
                                            Point. Deception and lies poison a unit
       Open Letter to President             and cripple a fighting force.
Obama and Every Member of Con-
gress:                                               As an infantry officer, an Iraq
                                            combat veteran and a West Point
          I have learned many lessons       graduate with a degree in Arabic, I
in the ten years since I first raised my    refuse to lie to my commanders. I
right hand at the United States Military    refuse to lie to my peers. I refuse to lie
Academy at West Point and committed         to my subordinates. I demand honesty
to fighting for my country. The lessons     and courage from my soldiers. They
of courage, integrity, honesty and          should demand the same from me.
selfless service are some of the most
important.                                            I am committed to applying the
                                            leadership lessons I learned at West
         At West Point, I recited the       Point. With 60 other LGBT West Point
Cadet Prayer every Sunday. It taught        graduates, I helped form our organiza-
us to “choose the harder right over the     tion, Knights Out, to fight for the repeal
easier wrong” and to “never be content      of this discriminatory law and educate
with a half truth when the whole can be     cadets and soldiers after the repeal
won.” The Cadet Honor Code de-              occurs. When I receive emails from
manded truthfulness and honesty. It         deployed soldiers and veterans who
imposed a zero-tolerance policy             feel isolated, alone, and even suicidal
against deception, or hiding behind         because the torment of rejection and
comfort.                                    discrimination, I remember my leader-
                                            ship training: soldiers cannot feel
         Following the Honor Code           alone, especially in combat. Leaders
never bowed to comfortable timing or        must reach out. They can never
popularity. Honor and integrity are 24-     diminish the fighting spirit of a soldier
hour values. That is why I refuse to lie    by tolerating discrimination and
about my identity.                          isolation. Leaders respect the honor of
                                            service. Respecting each soldier’s
        I have personally served for a      service is my personal promise.
decade under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: an
immoral law and policy that forces                    The Department of the Army
American soldiers to deceive and lie        sent a letter discharging me on April
about their sexual orientation. Worse, it   23rd. I will not lie to you; the letter is a
                                            slap in the face. It is a slap in the face to
                                            me. It is a slap in the face to my
                                            soldiers, peers and leaders who have            accustomed to begging. But I beg you
                                            demonstrated that an infantry unit can          today: Do not fire me. Do not fire me
                                            be professional enough to accept                because my soldiers are more than a
                                            diversity, to accept capable leaders, to        unit or a fighting force – we are a family
                                            accept skilled soldiers. My subordi-            and we support each other. We should
                                            nates know I’m gay. They don’t care.            not learn that honesty and courage
                                            They are professional.                          leads to punishment and insult. Their
                                                                                            professionalism should not be re-
                                                      Further, they are respectable         warded with losing their leader. I
                                            infantrymen who work as a team. Many            understand if you must fire me, but
                                            told me that they respect me even               please do not discredit and insult my
                                            more because I trusted them enough              soldiers for their professionalism.
                                            to let them know the truth. Trust is the
                                            foundation of unit cohesion. After I                    When I was commissioned I
                                            publicly announced that I am gay, I             was told that I serve at the pleasure of
                                            reported for training and led rifle             the President. I hope I have not
                                            marksmanship. I ordered hundreds of             displeased anyone by my honesty. I
                                            soldiers to fire live rounds and qualify        love my job. I want to deploy and
                                            on their weapons. I qualified on my             continue to serve with the unit I respect
                                            own weapon. I showered after training           and admire. I want to continue to serve
                                            and slept in an open bay with 40 other          our country because of everything it
                                            infantrymen. I cannot understand the            stands for. Please do not wait to repeal
                                            claim that I “negatively affected good          Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Please do not fire
                                            order and discipline in the New York            me.
                                            Army National Guard.” I refuse to                       Very Respectfully,
                                            accept this statement as true.
                                                                                                   Daniel W. Choi
                                                     As an infantry officer, I am not              1LT, IN
                                                                                            New York Army National Guard
PAGE TWELVE                                                                       MAY 20, 2009                                              WEEKLY OBSERVER

                                                                                                 Poet’s Corner
                                             UPDATE                                                                  RAZOR WIRE
                                                                                                                   by Ron Rose - Tucson
                                                                                                                 Razor wire, hands on fire
                                                                                                                   The pain is so intense
By Jason Cianciotto, Executive Director      recently crafted three operating plans                             Chavez and I, we had to try
                                             based on different grant and fundraising                            To jump the prison fence
         On May 13, I had to face the        projections. These plans ensure the                             Ripped to shreds and bleeding bad
challenge of carrying out the third round    availability of our community center                                 We had to make the try
of layoffs at Wingspan in the past 12        space, as well as core programs and                               Getting caught, the awful pain
months because of the economic               services, through a combination of staff                             Enough to make me cry
recession. Wednesday was the last day        and volunteer opportunities. Let’s not                               Gates of Hell, listen well
at the office for two dedicated col-         forget that Wingspan began as an all-                                   Prisons not a joke
leagues: Peter Powers-Lake, Director of      volunteer center, and our volunteers                                 That razor wire, like a fire
Finance and Administration, and Nick         remain the life-blood of this organization.                          Dreams go up in smoke.
Ray, Director of Development.
                                                      Please join me in thanking and
          Peter served our community as      supporting Peter, Nick, Wingspan staff,
Wingspan’s Director of Finance for over      volunteers and board members for their                                 Water of Life
three years. We shared an office, and        incredible commitment to our community                          Metropolitan Community Church
from the very beginning of my tenure I       and our center. I want to thank you as well
learned from his calm and steadfast          for your continued support. Together we
                                             will sustain our center and emerge from
                                                                                                 The Rev. William H. Knight, D.D., Interim Pastor
management. Peter’s passion and com-
mitment went above and beyond his job        this recession with a strong foundation           “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can
duties – just this past weekend he shared    for growth.                                                   only do a little.” Sydney Smith, (1771-1845)
his family story as part of Wingspan’s
Families You Know storytelling event.
                                              Wis. High Court To
        Nick Ray’s commitment to Wing-
                                              Review 2006 G/L                                 Sunday Worship: 10:15am           Wednesday Worship 7:00 p.m.
span stretches back for over a decade,
when he was a member of Wingspan’s
Board of Directors and founder of our
                                                Marriage Ban
Annual Dinner. Prior to our time together    MADISON, WI (Observer Update) - The
at Wingspan, I had the honor of working      Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed to
with Nick for several years at the           decide whether the state’s 2006 ban on
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force          Gay marriage was properly put to
Policy Institute in New York. After a        voters, reported the Associated Press
challenging time of interim leadership,      on A ruling striking down
Nick brought enthusiasm and creativity       the amendment would not legalize
to Wingspan’s development team.              same-sex marriage because state law
                                             still defines marriage as a union
          The Wingspan Board and I           between husband and wife. However, it
made these difficult decisions to reduce     could pave the way for lawmakers to
costs and ensure that our center is here     eventually allow it, or for advocates to file
to serve future generations. There are       lawsuits seeking that right.
too many in the LGBT community who
need a safe space to call home, too                   The court will review a chal-
many who are victims of harassment           lenge by political science instructor
and violence, too many youth rejected        William McConkey, who claims the
from their homes, too many seniors who       referendum on the constitutional amend-
need community and companionship.            ment illegally put two questions to
The list goes on and on...                   voters: whether to ban Gay marriage
                                             and whether to outlaw civil unions. The
          As we fight to support our         state constitution limits referendums to a
center, we need to remember that these       single subject. A Dane County judge
changes result from the rippling effects     upheld the referendum last year, and
of failed state and national policies that   McConkey appealed. Last month, a
have devastated our economy and              Madison-based appeals court asked
increased our country’s unemployment         the high court to take the case immedi-
rate to the highest it’s been since 1983.    ately because of its statewide signifi-
          While the majority in our state
legislature acts based on extremist                    Justices announced they de-
ideology and further delays passing a        cided to take the case and gave
state budget, and our city and county        lawyers 30 days to file initial briefs. Oral
governments fight over their own, we are     arguments are not yet scheduled but are
left with uncertainty about the renewal at   expected this fall, with a decision
the end of June of grant funding that        potentially before the end of the year.
makes up more than half of our current       Fair Wisconsin, the state’s largest Gay
budget.                                      rights group, praised the court’s deci-
                                             sion to take the case. “The constitutional
         Despite these challenges, I am      amendment is definitely something we
inspired by the continued dedication of      see as a stain on the constitution. It sort of
Wingspan’s staff, volunteers and board,      enshrines discrimination,” said its legis-
as well as our partner organizations         lative director, Katie Belanger. “We are
exploring ways to strengthen collabora-      really looking forward to the Supreme
tions and to use community resources         Court making a fair decision about
more efficiently.                            whether or not the amendment was put to
                                             the people in the legal and constitutional
        I am grateful to share about a       way.” A spokesman for Republican
new partnership with the Southern            Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen
Arizona AIDS Foundation, whose finan-        pledged a vigorous legal defense of the
cial management team will now also be        amendment, which was approved by
overseeing Wingspan’s financial sys-         nearly 60 percent of voters.

         Wendell Hicks, SAAF’s Execu-
tive Director, and Lorna Petersen,
SAAF’s Finance Director, have worked
with me and Wingspan’s board to build
a collaboration that ensures Wingspan
is held to the highest standards of fiscal
management, while reducing adminis-
trative costs to help us adapt to funding

        This innovative collaboration is
just one part of a broader plan to re-
enforce Wingspan’s foundation in these
challenging times. Our board also
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                               MAY 20, 2009                                                               PAGE THIRTEEN

MASSAGE                                    WANTEDfor art project
                                            MALE NUDE MODEL for art project
MASSAGE       FOR      MEN.                 Legitimate only. Call 622-7176 1:00 to 5:00 Steve                p.m. only.
                 1302                       FREE STORAGE SPACE IN TUC-
                                            SON urgently needed. Either in a
RELAX, MAX! SENSUAL, PAMPER-                private dry basement, garage or else-
ING MASSAGE from athletic, masculine        where for Gay publisher’s back file of
man. Calm, Private Location with Shower.    books (many non-profit). Locked space
$49. 11am - 11pm. 520-891-5004              and access for the curator of books is
        1294                                essential. The space needed, including
                                            working space, is equivalent to about 1/
BETTER THERAPEUTIC MAS-                     3 or a garage. Person/group offering
SAGE & Bold TANTRIC SESSIONS                space will receive 30 different compli-
! My sensitive touch gives you an           mentary books. Please call 520-884-
exceptional experience ! Creating a         9355 for more information.
sacred space, for 27 years. Call Marc -
881-4582 (8 AM - 8 PM. Professionally      FOR SALE
trained -Touching in Tucson since 1983. POM PUPPIES FOR SALE. Cream
                          1293             and Buff, Pure Bred (no papers). Will be
                                           ready 5-1-09. Call 955-4752 any time.
by a Man. $40/hr. Discreet. West Tucson
- Kinney & Ajo. 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Call SERVICES
Darvin 520-404-0901.                       ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS
                                           Let me keep your clothes fitting properly
                                           and in good repair. Experienced –
                                           Economical – Prompt. Merle Hudson,
                                           (520)888-7264 in Tucson .         1295

    Pioneering LGBT, AIDS Activist Rodger McFarlane Mourned
                   After Taking His Own Life   Rodger was the co-author of several
TRUTH OR                                   accolades that could be used to de-            less than $1 million to more than $5
                                                                                                                                     books, including The Complete Bedside
CONSE-                                     scribe our friend. To know Rodger was          million, while also leveraging an addi-
                                                                                                                                     Companion: No Nonsense Advice on
QUENCES,                                   to love an irreverent, wise-cracking           tional $40 million annually through
                                                                                                                                     Caring for the Seriously Ill (Simon &
NM (Observer                               Southerner who hardly completed a              strategic alliances with other funders and
                                                                                                                                     Schuster, 1998), and most recently, Larry
Update) -                                  sentence that didn’t include some kind of      corporate partnerships. Rodger was
                                                                                                                                     Kramer’s The Tragedy of Today’s Gays
Statement by                               four-letter expletive. He fought the right     also a founding member of ACT UP –
                                                                                                                                     (Penguin, 2005). In 1993, he co-produced
Friends &                                  fight every day, was intolerant of silence,    NY, the now legendary protest group
                                                                                                                                     the Pulitzer Prize-nominated production
Family of                                  and organized whole communities of             responsible for sweeping changes to
                                                                                                                                     of Larry Kramer’s The Destiny of Me, the
Rodger                                     people to advocate for justice. These          public policy as well as drug treatment
                                                                                                                                     sequel to The Normal Heart. Rodger
McFarlane on                               were traits that endeared him to us and        and delivery processes.
                                                                                                                                     had a reputation as a hard-ass. That
his Death                                  are traits that make his legacy incredibly                                                reputation didn’t do him justice. Many of
                                           rich and powerful. The power of                           Most recently, Rodger served
                                                                                                                                     us will remember Rodger as a
           It is                           Rodger’s many personal and profes-             as the executive director of the Gill
                                                                                                                                     caregiver, a man who nursed countless
with deep            Rodger McFarlane      sional accomplishments cannot be               Foundation, one of the nation’s largest
                                                                                                                                     friends and family members battling
sadness that                               denied. He was on the forefront of             funders of programs advocating for
                                                                                                                                     cancer and AIDS. He was the most
we announce the death of our friend,       responding to the AIDS epidemic that           LGBT equality. He transformed the
                                                                                                                                     compassionate and giving of friends,
colleague, and hero, Rodger                ravaged our country – and specifically         Foundation by sharpening its strategic
                                                                                                                                     especially to those in physical or
McFarlane. A pioneer and legend in the the Gay community – in the 1980’s.                 purpose. He focused its philanthropy in
                                                                                                                                     emotional distress. His many achieve-
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and                 Before HIV even had a name, in 1981,           the states, aligned its investment with
                                                                                                                                     ments were recognized throughout his
Transgender (LGBT) civil rights and HIV/ Rodger set up the very first hotline             political imperatives and forged relation-
                                                                                                                                     life. Most recently, he had received the
AIDS movements, Rodger took his own anywhere; he just set it up on his own                ships with straight allies that helped to
                                                                                                                                     Patient Advocacy Award from the
life in Truth or Consequences, New         phone. That was the Rodger we knew. A          further both the LGBT movement as well
                                                                                                                                     American Psychiatric Association. Other
Mexico last Friday (May 15). In a letter   born strategist and leader, Rodger took        as the greater progressive movement.
                                                                                                                                     honors included the New York City
found with his remains, Rodger ex-         three organizations in their infancy and       Rodger was instrumental in the creation
                                                                                                                                     Distinguished Service Award, the
plained that he was unwilling to allow     grew each into a powerhouse in its own         of the Gill Foundation’s sister organiza-
                                                                                                                                     Presidential Voluntary Action Award, the
compounding heart and back problems way, empowered to tackle this national                tion, Gill Action. The brilliance of
                                                                                                                                     Eleanor Roosevelt Award, and the
to become even worse and result in total tragedy.                                         Rodger’s vision is being seen today as
                                                                                                                                     Emery Award from the Hetrick Martin
debilitation. We know that Rodger was in                                                  important protections for LGBT people
                                                                                                                                     Institute, as well as Tony and Drama
a great deal of pain. Already disabled in            One of the original volunteers       become a reality in more and more
                                                                                                                                     Desk honors.
his own mind, he could no longer work      and the first paid executive director of       states. No one will ever doubt that our
out or do all the outdoor activities he so Gay Men’s Health Crisis, the nation’s first    friend Rodger lived a rich and complete
                                                                                                                                                How do you sum up someone’s
loved. He was also now faced with the      and largest provider of AIDS client            life. A proud U.S. Navy veteran, Rodger
                                                                                                                                     life in just a few words? It’s impossible
realization that he could literally not    services and public education pro-             was a licensed nuclear engineer who
                                                                                                                                     and you can’t. To commemorate
travel, making employment increasingly grams, Rodger increased the                        conducted strategic missions in the
                                                                                                                                     Rodger’s life, his friends will organize
difficult. As his friends and family, we   organization’s fundraising from a few          North Atlantic and far Arctic regions
                                                                                                                                     celebrations of his, the details of which
thought it was important that we commu- thousand dollars to the $25 million               aboard a fast attack submarine. A gifted
                                                                                                                                     are still in the planning stages. If Rodger
nicate to the world that it has lost an    agency it is today. Until his death, he        athlete, he was a veteran of seven over-
                                                                                                                                     was anything, he was a character
amazingly wonderful individual who         was the president emeritus of Bailey           ice expeditions to the North Pole. He
                                                                                                                                     through and through; there are, quite
contributed so mightily to our humanity.   House, the nation’s first and largest          also competed internationally for many
                                                                                                                                     literally, thousands of “Rodger stories.”
                                           provider of supportive housing for             years as an elite tri-athlete, and in 1998
                                                                                                                                     That’s part of what made him such a
           Rodger approached every         homeless people with HIV. From 1989 to         and 2002, competed in the Eco-Chal-
                                                                                                                                     special person. During our celebrations,
aspect of his life with boundless passion 1994, he was executive director of              lenges in Morocco and Fiji, where he
                                                                                                                                     we’ll share some of these stories and
and vigor. While many people go their      Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS              captained an all-Gay female-majority
                                                                                                                                     reflect on the many legacies left by our
entire lives wanting to be good at just    (BC/EFA), merging two small industry-          team.
                                                                                                                                     friend for life, Rodger McFarlane.
one thing, Rodger excelled at virtually    based fundraising groups into one of
everything he did. Brilliant activist and  America’s most successful and influen-                 In spite of the fact that Rodger
strategist, decorated veteran, accom-      tial AIDS fundraising and grant-making         never completed college, he was an
plished athlete, best-selling author, and organizations. During his tenure at BC/         accomplished and best-selling author
humanitarian are just a few of the         EFA, annual revenue increased from             and the producer of works for the stage.
PAGE FOURTEEN                                                               MAY 20, 2009                                                              WEEKLY OBSERVER

CANCER SUPPORT GROUP for Les-                 BEARS OF THE OLD PUEBLO — a                  FOR INFORMATION ABOUT SPORTS                  Gay, Bisexual and Transgender survi-
bians, Bisexuals, Trans, Queer, Women.        social club for bears and bigger, more       TEAMS and updates on Gay Games,               vors of all manner of sexual assault.
Meets Mondays (6:00 - 7:30pm) at Wing-        robust men (and of course, those who         contract TEAM ARIZONA at their website:       Interested persons please call Mirto
span, 425 E. 7th Street, Tucson, AZ 85701.    prefer their company). For more info, Call                               Stone, MSW, at 327-1171 (if unavailable
For more info, pleases contact Brenda         the Bears Hotline (520)829-0117 or write                                                   leave message with phone number.
Casey, LMSW 520-694-0247 or                   P.O. Box 43910, Tucson, AZ 85733-3910        CHAMBER OF COMMERCE GLBT,                             of visit our website at All    Tucson’s Gay and Lesbian business             GLSEN - Gay, Lesbian and Straight
                                              are welcome to our general meetings/         networking group holds regular meet-          Education Network meets first Thursday
TUCSON KNIGHT OWLS (T.K.O)                                                                 ings the third Thursday of every month.
                                              potlucks on the 2nd Friday of every                                                        of every month at 4:30pm at Wingspan,
We are a non profit social club that is                                                    Call 615-6436 for more info.
                                              month, at 3202 E. 1st St. (the “Ward 6"                                                    425 E.7th Street. 743-4800.
open to every one. T.K.O. contributes to                                         
the fellowship and support of the             Office Bldg.) Just south of Speedway &
                                              East of Country Club. PotLuck Dinner                                                       SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) has 5
community, and openly invites new                                                          TUCSON PRIDE, INC. (Formerly Tuc-
                                              begins at 6:30 and the monthly meeting                                                     meetings a week in Tucson. People
members and/or guests. Monthly                                                             son Lesbian and Gay Alliance - TLGA)
                                              follows at 7:15 p.m.                                                                       who wish to stop their compulsive sexual
meetings occur on the first Saturday of                                                    meets on the second Wednesday at              behavior, please call (520) 745-0775 for
every month at 11:00a.m., Please come                                                      845 S. Craycroft Road at 6pm. Tucson
                                              LESBIAN AND GAY AL-ANON - Af-                                                              current information.
and join us! Our next meeting will be held                                                 Pride events: Pride Week, Gay West
at the Yard Dog.                              fected by someone’s drinking? Meeting
                                              every Tuesday 8:45 to 9:45 p.m. at           and OUToberFEST. For more informa-            TUCSON GREATER SOFTBALL AS-
                                              Lambda Center, 2940 E. Thomas,               tion call 622-3200 or visit the TPI website   SOCIATION. Interested? Call Kelly Quinn,
SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE                                                               at
                                              Phoenix. Ellie 581-8850 or Ronn 968-                                                       (520)906-0669 and or Mona Garcia 256-
CLINIC provided daily by the Pima
                                              2384.                                                                                      8728.
County Health Department. Gay friendly.                                                    LEARN TO BE A LISTENING FRIEND
Confidential. Treatment and Medication                                                     Unique Hospital Volunteer Program
too! Any questions? Call 624-8272             CHRISTIAN SCIENCE GROUP - Out-                                                             LUTHERANS CONCERNED __
                                              reach to Gay and Lesbian people in           teaches listening skills to Volunteers        Tucson chapter for Gay/Lesbian
                                              Arizona. Meets monthly. Write to P.O.        who provide a safe/compassionate              Lutherans meets 3rd Sunday, 5:30 p.m.
SOUTHERN ARIZONA AIDS FOUN-                                                                environment to at-risk patients. Training
DATION (SAAF), 375 S. EUCLID. Office          Box 893, Phoenix, AZ 85001 or call Eddy                                                    each month at Lutheran Church of the
                                              Walters, (602)371-1102                       every 6 weeks. 694-7063.                      Foothills, 5102 N. Craycroft Rd. For
Hours 8am to 5pm, Monday through
Friday. Direct services and emotional                                                                                                    information visit or write:
                                              T-SQUARES Lesbian and Gay Square             ANONYMOUS HIV COUNSELING AND                  Lutherans Concerned/Tucson, P.O. Box
support for persons with and affected by                                                   TESTING is available through the Pima
HIV. Anonymous HIV testing and                Dance Club, dances Tuesdays. from                                                          40702, Tucson, AZ 85717-0702.
                                              6:30-9 p.m. at Cornerstone Fellowship        County Health Department at sites
support groups available. Prevention                                                       throughout Tucson, Very Gay Friendly.
education programs. 628-SAAF (7223).          Social Hall, 2902 N. Geronimo (North-                                                      REVEILLE MEN’S CHORUS rehearses
                                              west of 1st Ave. and Glenn). No              For more information or to make an            Thursday evenings 7-10pm at the
World wide web:                                                       appointment call 791-7676.
VOLUNTEERS WELCOME.                           experience, no partner required! For                                                       Historic Y, corner of University Blvd. And
                                              more info contact David at 325-6739, or                                                    5th Ave. Join us!! For info call 304-1758
                                              visit                     SMART (Self Management And Recov-
P.F.L.A.G. - Parents and Friends of                                                        ery Training) a free non-12-step self-
Lesbians and Gays - is a support group                                                                                                   LGBT Buddhist Meditation Group. Join
                                              LIGHTNING LIGHTING will provide              help alternative for people working to        us for two 20 minute silent sitting
available to anyone who has a son,                                                         overcome addictive and other emo-
daughter or friend who is Gay. Call 360-      lighting for AIDS and related benefits at                                                  meditations, and reading from Buddhist
                                              no charge. For more info call Adrienne at    tional problems meets in Tucson Mon-          Spiritual text and discussion. Bring a
3795 or write P.O. Box 36264, Tucson,                                                      day thru Thursdays at different locations.
AZ 85740-6264. All replies confidential.      889-7298.                                                                                  friend and a pillow or cushion. Takes
                                                                                           For more information about SMART,             place every Sunday from 10-11:30AM at
                                              COME EXPLORE YOUR SPIRITUAL-                 contact Jennifer at 838-3975.                 3 Jewels, 314 E. 6th St. Donations
GLBT Youth 23 and under, meet                 ITY! St. Philip’s in the Hills Episcopal                                                   accepted. Contact Maurice Grossman
                                              Church offers a variety of Gay and           THIS WAY OUT, 1/2 hour national GLBT          for more info. 323-2293.
Tucson for sharing, support and infor-                                                     show. 4:30 p.m. on Sundays only on 91.3
mation. You are not alone. For more info      Lesbian groups and services for the
                                              spiritually minded. Come meet the            FM, Community Radio KXCI.                     LGBT SUPPORT GROUP FOR VICTIM/
call Wingspan, 624-1779.
                                              Family! For more information call Debbie                                                   SURVIVORS OF Domestic Violence,
                                              579-9827 or David 323-7943.                  THEATER / DINNER / MOVIES / ETC!              Sexual Assault, Hate Crimes, Bias Acts,
Start getting more out of life with                                                        Nonsmoking Lesbian Network meets
TUCSON PRIME TIMERS. We’re the                                                                                                           Harassment. Call Megan at Wingspan,
                                              LESBIAN/GAY WRITERS: Workshop                every month. If you’d like to meet women      624-1779, ext. 116. Services are free.
local chapter of Prime Timers World-                                                       50+ (flexible) and socialize in a smoke-
wide, the preeminent social organiza-         at 7:00 p.m. third Wednesday of every
                                              month. Read and critique current projects.   free environment, please call or email:       MEN’S HIKING CLUB - A peer-run
tion for mature gay and bi men as well                                                     888-8010          ‘til      9pm,      or
as younger (21+) men who enjoy their          Network and support. For info call 325-                                                    MEN’s outdoor club for hiking, biking,
                                              4737.                               The group dines           camping, boating etc, is now up and
company. Each month we sponsor a                                                           OUT! and attends shows, movies,
wide range of dining events, cultural                                                                                                    running in the Tucson area. To join, go
                                              DESERT VOICES, Tucson’s Gay, Les-            comedy events, etc. Now in our 23rd           toSAGE-Tucson-subscribe
enrichment activities, parties, meetings,                                                  year, 7th in Tucson.
bowling, day trips, picnics, tours and        bian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight                                          See you on the
much more.        Visitors are always         Chorus, has been singing songs of                                                          trails.
                                              pride, hope and laughter for 20 seasons.     SOUTHERN         ARIZONA GENDER
welcome. For info call our message                                                         ALLIANCE (SAGA). The Southwest’s
phone 520 742-1271. Visit our website:        Check      out     our    website     at                                                   MEN’S KINK DISCUSSION GROUP
                                    , or call (520)791-      largest transgender and gender-diver-         (Open to all who identify as male and are                                                                  sity advocacy organization. Speakers
                                              9662 for information about upcoming                                                        18 or older) meets 2nd Tuesday of the
                                              concerts or how to join.                     and panelists available.         General      month, 7:00 p.m. at Desert Dominion,
TUCSON INFORMATION                                                                         meetings monthly on the 1st Mondays at
AND REFERRAL                                                                                                                             3843 E. 37th Street, Tucson, AZ. (Map
                                              Join the LESBIAN & GAY PUBLIC                7pm; Dezert Girlz (MTF Support) meets         available at www.desertdominion,org)
For Information on human service                                                           2nd Mondays at 7pm; Dezert Boyz (FTM
organizations, health and mental health       AWARENESS PROJECT. In Tucson                                                               For those who are kinky or just curious.
                                              write Awareness Project, 3661 N.             Support) meets 3rd Tuesdays at 7pm.           No fee, contributions are appreciated,
services, financial and government                                                         Also serving partners, youth, intersex,
assistance, emergency services such           Campbell Ave. #365, Tucson, AZ 85719.                                                      but not required.
                                                                                           service providers and allies.       Call
as food and shelter, education, etc. Call                                                  (520)624-1779 x26 for more info.              NA MEETING WITH GLBT FOCUS
Information and Referral 325-2111 -           AA Meeting with HIV/AIDS focus,
                                              Wednesdays, 7:30 p.m., Wingspan                                                            meets Mondays, 6:30pm at Wingspan,
7am-7pm M-F - 9am-5pm weekend and                                                          EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT GROUP                     425 E. 7th Street. This is an open meeting
holidays.                                     Annex, 425 E. 7th Street. All alcoholics
                                              welcome.                                     FOR ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLES. Not               of Narcotics Anonymous - all are
                                                                                           a dating club. Discreet. Meetings every       welcome. For more info call Bernie W.:
WINGSPAN - Tucson’s Gay, Lesbian &                                                         Monday evening. Call for more info.           (520) 406-0740.
Bisexual Community Center, 425 E. 7th         MEN’S SOCIAL NETWORK: Social
                                              organization for men of all ages. Building   APEX (Arizona Power Exchange) 602-
St., offers support groups / info line /                                                   415-1123. 24-hr multi-choice message
                                              an extended Gay family in Tucson.                                                          TUCSON LATINO M2M -
social events / library / meeting space.                                                   including information, calendar and
                                              Monthly social potluck gatherings the                                              com/group/
Volunteer Opportunities. Board meet-                                                       location.
ings every 2nd Thursday (open to all),        first Saturday of each month and almost                                                    TucsonLatinoM2M
6:00 p.m. Information 624-1779.               weekly social activities. Call 207-5336
                                              for information and a newsletter. Check      ARIZONA AIDS POLICY ALLIANCE
                                              the Non-Bar Calendar in the Observer.        (AZAPA) seeks to educate legislators          COPPER RAINBOW BISTRO at
GREATER PHOENIX GAY & LESBIAN                                                              and citizens about sound AIDS policy.
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE (GPGLCC)                                                                                                             David’s Oasis Camping Resort,
                                              CARE TEAMS ARE AVAILABLE to offer            For more information write AZAPA, 6523        Bisbee, AZ 520-979-6650
P.O. BOX 2097, Phoenix, AZ 85001-                                                          N. 14th St., #112, Phoenix, AZ 85014 or
2097. E-mail:            support to people living with HIV/AIDS.                                                    
                                              The Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network       call 602-279-4805.                            Membership Beer and Wine Bar. An-
or call (602)225-8444.
                                              (TIHAN) offers trained, compassionate                                                      nual Member $15.00
                                              and committed volunteers to provide          DESERT DOMINION, whose focus is               Bar Hours:
SOURCES UNLIMITED, a Lesbian &                                                             providing information and education for
Gay referral service. Business and            services including friendly visits, light                                                  *Open Fridays, 5-10 p.m. or until last mem-
                                              housekeeping, assistance with meals,         people interested in the BDSM lifestyle,      ber leaves. Happy Hour 5-7 all drinks
individual listings are free of charge. All                                                meets monthly for group discussion and
information available to anyone just          shopping, errands, transportation and                                                      $100 off.
                                              companionship for medical appoint-           social events. Visit our web site http://     *Open Saturdays 5-10 p.m or until the last
simply by asking. 322-5655. Leave                                                 or call (520)792-
message.                ments, and respite care for primary care                                                   member leaves. Happy Hour 5-7 all
                                              givers. No judgement or proselytizing -      6424                                          drinks $1.00 off.
INNER WISDOM - Try hypnotherapy for           we are here to be of service. For                                                          *Open Sundays 2-7 p.m. or until last mem-
                                              information call Scott at 299-6647.          SEXUAL         ASSAULT SURVIVORS.             ber leaves. Bottle Beer starts at $1.00
pain relief, past life exploration and                                                     Starting this February, the Tucson Rape
addiction release. Also available: Spiri-                                                  crisis Center will be providing free
tual Counseling and Dream Interpreta-                                                      confidential group services for Lesbian,
tion. 579-9020
WEEKLY OBSERVER                                                                  MAY 20, 2009                                                                     PAGE FIFTEEN

           DAILY BAR                                            THURSDAY                                                               BAR CALENDAR
                                                                         THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 3-8. Y-
           CALENDAR                                             NOT Karaoke starts @9:00pm to close. 2-4-1 starts 10;pm.
                                                                         COLORS - Open 4pm-10pm. Happy Hour 4-
                                                                7pm,$3.50 Skyy cocktails, $2.75 Domestics and Well and
                                                                                                                                      Of Upcoming Events
                                                                ½ price appetizers. Full menu served until 10. Nightly                             Friday, May 22
SUNDAY                                                          dinner specials.. .
                                                                         COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour 3
                                                                                                                                  THE BIZ - ‘Switchblade Parade’ a burlesque and
          THE BIZ - ‘L’ Word showing 7pm & 9:30pm                                                                                cabaret variety show presents ‘Forbidden Fruit 9:00
(Progressive drink specials) - First: $3 Well; Second: $1.50    - 8 pm, $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints, $3.50 sm.
                                                                Pitcher/$5.50 lg.. Pitcher. Boyz Nite Out - boys pay only .75                p.m. $5 at the door. $10 VIP.
pints. Last Special is 2-4-1. Following L Word, Out Loud
Open Mic. If you have talent join our open night mic -          for well liquors or domestic drafts 8-10pm. Bicardi
Starts10:45 pm.                                                 Thursdays - $3.00 Bicardi Rum - all flavors.                      YARD DOG - Karaoke with Troiy St. John at 9ish.
          COLORS - Open 10am - 10pm Champagne                            IBT’s -Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2
Brunch 10am - 2pm with choice of complimentary mimosa,          Well or Domestics. 10pm-close “Boyz Nite Out” w/
                                                                Bartenders in their underwear. DJ Hurricane spinning Top        VENTURE-N - Memorial Day Weekend Starts today
Bloody Mary or Screwdriver included. Happy Hour 4-7pm                                                                              here with Nachos and $3 Cuervo Margaritas.
$3.50 Skyy Cocktails, $2.75 Domestics and well. Appetizers      40 & DJ Mike Lopez on the patio. $1.75 Long Island, $1.50
½ price 4-6. Brunch served until 2pm. Full menu served          Tequila Shots, $3 Dkyy Cape Cods and $4 Skyy Cosmos.
until 10;m. Nightly dinner specials.                                     VENTURE-N - Open 9am-2am..                             WOODY’S - “80’s Prom Night” hosted by Stella Virgin
          COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 11am. Beer Bust                         WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am; Happy Hour
                                                                11am-8pm (excl Spec Events); Full Menu Kitchen open              and the Grand Canyon Sisters of Perpetual Indul-
Sunday - $1 draft beers (12 oz), domestic only; $2.25                                                                            gence. Really rad prom photos, prizes and drink
domestic long necks. Texas Hold-Em Poker at 3 & 6. No           11am-10pm. Back Pocket Patio Bar open 8pm-close.
cash involved - Play for Points & Prizes.                       Cheap Party Day **FREE POOL**, $1.00 PBR Longnecks,                                 specials.
          IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm $2             $2.00 Tecate Longnecks. Techno and Top 40 Dance with
                                                                DJ Jeff 9pm - close..
Well or Domestic Beer. Karaoke on the Patio 4-8:30pm.
                                                                         YARD DOG - Open 11am-2am. Beer Bust 3-                             Saturday, May 23
Burger BBQ 5-8pm + $1 pint draft. 9pm-close Karaoke                                                                             COYOTE MOON- Koyote Kingz are back! Drag King
inside with Troy & $1.50 Well or Domestic Beer, $2.50 Call      7pm..
or Premium Beer. DJ Hurricane on the Patio.
                                                                                                                                         show - 9:30pm no cover
          VENTURE-N - Open 10am-2am. Patio Bar open
3pm. Beer Bust $2.25/pitcher, 3-7pm. Burger BBQ, 5-7pm,
                                                               FRIDAY                                                           YARD DOG - Dart Tourney at 12:30 p.m. TOGA Party
$3 proceeds to Petwatch (Helping HIVAIDS clients with their             THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour UNTIL 8.                 VII. Sign up by 10pm with judging at 11pm.
Veterinary bills).                                             Hip Hop & R&B. Drink Specials all night called out by DJs.
          WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am. Peter’s Build Your          Special Performances.
Own Bloody Mary Bar 11am-2pm. Happy Hour 11am-8pm                       COLORS - Open 4pm-midnight. Happy Hour 4-                 VENTURE-N - Memorial Day Weekend “Splash
(excluding special events). Full Menu Kitchen open 11am-       7pm, $3.50 Skyy cocktails, $2.75 Domestics and Well and           Day” with $2 Sloppy Joes and Chips from 2 to 6 pm
8pm. Back Pocket Patio Bar 2pm-2am. Beer Bust 2pm-             ½ price appetizers. Finlandia martinis $5.50 open to close!            Swimsuit/tanline/no tanline Contest 7pm.
7pm. Karaoke with Michael D 9pm-Close. Drag Bingo              Full menu served until 10. “Hot Jazz, Cool Martinis” with
every other Sunday 8-9pm. Check our Ad for Special Events      Susan Artemis & Craig Faltin 6:30 to 9:30. “Guys & Dolls”        WOODY’S - Memorial Day weekend party - The Red
or Parties                                                     drag show hosted by Lucinda Holliday at 10pm. Nightly
          YARD DOG - Open 10am - 2am. Mimosas &                dinner specials. Drink specials during the drag show.             Party with DJ Jeff and :Men with Woody’s” Dancers
Bloody Mary Bar (Build your own)                                        COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour 3
                                                               - 8 pm, $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints. $3.50 Sm.                      Sunday, May 24
MONDAY                                                         Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Pitcher. $2.75 All Mexican Beers and Dos
                                                               XX Amber. Dance lessons at 7pm $5 per person, Country
                                                                                                                                 YARD DOG - Pool Tourney and Burger Bar 2 p.m.
          THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 3-8.              Dancing 8:30 p.m. to close with DJ Pat.
EDAN...Exotic dancer appreciation night. DJ spins Hip Hop               IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2              VENTURE-N - $1.75 Long Island Ice Tea and Bloody
& R&B and all request dance. $5.25 drink specials.
          COLORS - Open 4-10pm. Happy Hour 4-7. $3.50
                                                               Well or Domestics. 9pm -close DJ Hurricane inside. 10pm-                   Marys plus Sunday BBQ.
                                                               close DJ Mike Lopez with “I’m a Sexy Bitch Night” on the
Skyy Cocktails, $2.75 well & domestics. Appetizers ½ price     patio.
4-6m. Full menu served until 10pm.                                      VENTURE-N - Open 9am-2am Patio Bar Open
                                                                                                                                 WOODY’S - Memorial Day Weekend “White Party”
          COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour 3             7pm-2m Cuervo Margaritas $3 ea., 4-8pm.                            8:00 p.m. White wet shorts contest $75 first place.
- 8 p.m. $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints. $3.50 sm.              WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am; Happy Hour 11am-
Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Bucket o” Beer - $10 Domestic, $12           8pm (excl spec events). Full Menu Kitchen open 11am-
Imports and microbrews (4 beers to a bucket, for 2 or more                                                                               Monday, May 25 - MEMORIAL DAY -
                                                               11pm Back Pocket Patio Bar open 5pm-close. Enjoy the                IBT’s - “Monday Morning Madness” to celebrate
people, Some brands excluded). Texas Hold-Em Poker at          Live Blues/Motown/Soul sounds of Simon Crown 6-9 p.m.;
6 & 8:30 p.m. No cash involved - Play for points & Prizes      Request your favorite Music Dance Night with DJ Clint 9pm-       Memorial Day 2009. 10a.m. the bar opens with a free
          IBT’s -Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm $2             close. Monthly Birthday Party every 2nd Friday Night of the       brunch buffet. 11 a.m. A Drag Show with Bunny FuFu.
Well or Domestic Beer. 8pm-close $5 Scratch Long Island
Varieties. 9pm-close DJ Hurricane with “All Request
                                                               month. YARD DOG - Open 11am-2am. Beer Bust 3-7pm.                   1 p.m. Karaoke on the Patio and free Sub Sand-
                                                               Patio Bar Opens 8pm                                              wiches. Enjoy dance music all day with DJ Todd and
           VENTURE-N - Open 9am-2am. SKYY Matinis $3                                                                               stay for Karaoke inside and DJ Hurricane on the
ea., 4-8pm.                                                                                                                     patio. A Full Day of great events - celebrate Memorial
          WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am. Happy Hour
11am--8pm (excl spec events) Full Menu Kitchen open
                                                               SATURDAY                                                                                   Day!
11am-10pm Back Pocket Patio Bar 8pm-close. Karaoke                      THE BIZ - Open 5pm - 2am. Starting Feb. 13th
with Michael D. 9pm-close.                                     Escandalo Saturdays w/Carnival Latino. Latin Hip Hop, Top         YARD DOG - Darryl’s BBQ Chicken Dinner at 5 p.m.
          YARD DOG - Open 11am. Beer Bust 3-7pm.               40s & Reggaeton music will be spun. Guest DJs. $5 Cover.
                                                               oGo dancers male and female. Shot specials allnight. .           VENTURE-N - Memorial Day Complimentary Grilled
TUESDAY                                                                 COLORS - Open 4pm-10pm, Happy Hour 4-7pm,
                                                               $3.50 Skyy cocktails, $2.75 Domestics and Well, ½ price
                                                                                                                                              Chicken Dinner.
          THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour 3-8. PHAT         appetizers 4-6. Pianist/Vocalist Marilyn Harris 6:30-9:30.
Tuesday’s 50 cent Pabst cans 9pm-close Come play our           Full menu served until 10. Nightly dinner specials.               WOODY’S - Memorial Day “Blue Party” with all day
Wii gaming system. Beer Pong Tournament w/cash prizes                   COYOTE MOON PUB – Open at 2pm. Happy Hour               drink specials - C ommunity Bar-B-Que and Karaoke.
starts 9pm.                                                    2-8pm, $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints. $3.50 sm.
          COLORS - Open 4-10pm. Happy Hour 4-7 $3.50           Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Plus check out the bartenders choice of
Skyy cocktails, $2.75 Domestics and well and ½ price           shot specials. $5.00 cheeseburger & fries. $3.00 Cuervo                        Wednesday, May 27
appetizers 4-6. Full menu served until 10pm.                   and $4.75 Jager Bombs. Check our calendar for the                 WOODY’S - “Pool Party”. Cool off and party in their
          COYOTE MOON PUB – Open 3pm. Happy Hour 3-            Saturday Night Special Entertainment.                             Pool. Show off your sexiest bathing suit for Happy
8. $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints. Pitcher Special              IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2
$3.50 sm. Pitcher/$5.00 lg. Pitcher (excluding Blue Moon &                                                                                    Hour Prices all night!
                                                               Well or Domestics. 5-8pm Karaoke on the patio $1Draft
Dos XX Amber).Girlz Nite Out. Girlz pay only .75 for well      Pints. 9pm “Saturday Starrlett’s” w/Bunny FuFu & Janee
liquors or domestic drafts 8-10pm. Ladies only Texas Hold      Starr. After the show, DJ Q spinning inside & 10pm-close,
‘Em Poker 6 p.m.                                               DJ Mike Lopez with the “Party on the Patio”.
          IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2                    VENTURE-N - Open 9am-2am. Patio Bar open
Well or Domestic Beer. 8pm-close “2'sDay” - $2 Well or         7pm-2am. Beer Bust $2.25/Pitcher. 3-7pm.
Domestic Beer. DJ Q 9pm-close.                                          WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am; Happy Hour 10am-
   and DJ Craig Carter playing Retro Music 70’s, 80’s and      8pm (excl spec events); Full Menu Kitchen open11am-
90’s 9pm-close.                                                11pm. Back Pocket Patio Bar open 5pm-close. Techno and
          VENTURE-N - Open 9am-2am. Dart Tournament,           Top 40 Dance with DJ Jeff 9pm til close. Check our ad for
7pm $3 entry fee/Pot Match.                                    Twice-A-Month Special Events or Themed Parties.
          WOODY’S - Open 11am- 2am. Happy Hour                          YARD DOG - Open 8am-2am. Patio Bar Opens
11am-8pm (excl spec events). Full Menu Kitchen open            8pm.
11am-10pm. Back Pocket Patio Bar open 8pm-close,
Caribbean Party Night with Woody’s own Specialty Mojitos,
Caprioskas and Martinis with Tucson’s Hottest Bartenders.
          YARD DOG - Open 11am-2am. Beer Bust 3-7pm.

           THE BIZ - Open 5pm-2am. Happy Hour til 8pm.
Wild Wednesdays College Night. 18 to party - 21 to drink. $7
Cover 18+ No Cover 21+. DJ Spins Hip Hop, R&B Top 40
remix dance.
           COLORS - Open 4-10pm. Happy Hour 4-7pm,
$3.50 Skyy cocktails, $2.75 Domestics and ½ price
appetizers 4-6. Full menu served until 10pm. Nightly dinner
           COYOTE MOON PUB –Open 3pm. Happy Hour All
Day $2.50 well, domestic longnecks & pints, $3.50 sm.
Pitcher/$5.50 lg. Pitchers. Karaoke with Ynot Entertainment
at 9pm.
           IBT’s - Open Noon. Happy Hour Noon-8pm, $2
Well or Domestics. “Diva-Licious” show w/Bunny FuFu.
11pm - -close “Reverse Happy Hour”. DJ Q Inside & DJ
Mike Lopez playing 80s music on the Patio.
           VENTURE-N - Open 9am-2am. Beer Bust, 8pm-
11pm $2.50/Pitcher.
           WOODY’S - Open 11am-2am;. Happy Hour
11am-8pm excl. special events). Ful Kitchen open 11am-
10pm. Back Pocket Bar open 8pm-close. Service Industry
Employee Special All Day Long - $1 off all drinks except
schnapps and draft. Different Themed Underwear Party
9pm-close with $1.00 off for those who participate (excl.
Schnapps and Draft). Retro 80s & 90s Dance with DJ Clint
9 til close..
           YARD DOG - Open 11am-2am. Beer Bust 3-7pm.
PAGE SIXTEEN                      MAY 20, 2009           WEEKLY OBSERVER

                  The                            Sunday May
               At The AIDS Candlelight Memorial, Sunday, May 17
                               PHOTOS: Bill Morrow

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