Festival Entertaiment Program - Parade of Nations

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					                                                FESTIVITIES PROGRAM
                                                                                Masters of Cerenomy: Françoise Le Guen, Frank
                                                                                Holiday;Yvan Lavallée, Amy Jean Kepler; Mahnoor
Please note that because we have no idea when the parade will end that the      Sultan, Fareha Sultan;The Local Seeker Chicks: Julia
estimated time is the best we could do. Sorry for the inconvenience.            Lucio and Mai-Liis Renaud

               SATURDAY 18 September                                               SUNDAY 19 September
    time                    Performers' Name                   estimated time                    Performers' Name
             Parade arrival at Lamoureux Park
12:00:Noon   National Anthem by Ayda Khan                    12:00:00 Noon      National anthem by Rebecca Skye
12:05 PM     Masters of ceremony - Welcome                   12:05 PM           Masters of ceremony - Welcome
12:10 PM     Dignataries                                     12:10 PM           Joel Sauve
12:30 PM      Ayda Khan Vocalist                             12:45:00 PM        Jody Marsolais - Drums
12:50 PM     Jason Setnyk                                    1:30 PM            Official thanks to Sponsors
12:55 PM     Mateo Lucio 4 years old                         1:40 PM            Freedom Taekwon Do Presentation
1:00 PM      Tina Yee Chinese Thai Chi                       2:10PM             Rebecca Skye
1:10 PM      Françoise Le guen                               2:45 PM            Keegan LaRose
1:40PM       Paul Hampsey                                    3:15 PM            Kevin MacDonald Thai Chi instructor
2:30 PM      Carey B Grant                                   3:30 PM            Photo, food, art contests & presentations
3:15 PM      Crosswind                                       3:45PM             Roxanne Delage

4:00 PM      Road House Dancers                              4:15:00 PM
4:30 PM      Atsiaktonkie                                    4:30:00 PM         Gene Ward

5:05 PM      Marie Morrell                                   5:00 PM            Sri Lankan Dancers

5:10 PM      Bear Fox        Akwesasne                       5:30 PM            Ewen McIntosh and Friends
5:30 PM      Hoop dancers Akwesasne                          6.00 PM            Closure of silent Auction
6:00 PM      Official thanks to sponsors                     6:30 PM            The Adirondack Harmony Company
6:10 PM      Alika Sarasha Trio Dancers, Chesterville        7:10:00 PM         BK RIDER
6:30 PM       Elite World Artis (EWA) Cornwall         7.40 PM   Mel and General Electryk
7:20 PM       Harvey Lafrenière - Elvis impersonator   8:25:PM   Prise Winner for Sunday
8:00 PM……..   India Traditional Folk Dancers           8:30 PM   Easy Pickins
8:25 PM       Prize Winner for Saturday                9:00 PM   Easy Pickins
8:30 PM       Butlers                                  9:30 PM   Easy Pickins
9:00 PM…….    Butlers
9:30PM        Butlers

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