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					                                                                                                                                                  Annex A

THEME 1: Measuring Instruments Directive
1.1: To implement the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) into national legislation
Aims: This theme supports the continuation of the implementation programme for the transposition of the Measuring Instruments Directive into UK
law and provides the means to carry out market surveillance activities.

Ref     Title              Deliverable                   Activities                     Rationale                         Risks

1.1.1   MID                Regulations, administrative   Project Manage:                Time frame for the                Non-implementation by the
        Implementation –   provisions, guidance and                                     implementation of the main        due date runs the risk of
                                                          •   Draft implementation
        Project            awareness are available at                                   provisions defined by the         infraction proceedings by the
        Management         the appropriate time                                         Directive itself. Follow-on       EU commission against the
                                                          •   Consult on plan           provisions must be available      UK. In addition, non
                                                                                        once the transposed               implementation would
                                                          •   Draft Regulations         provisions of the Directive       weaken UK manufacturers
                                                          •   Consult on Regulations    come into force to set out        competitive position in the EU
                                                                                        both UK prescription policy       marketplace by UK
                                                          •   Make Regulations          and the requirements for in-      designated Notified Bodies
                                                          •   Engage stakeholders       service control. Good             not being able to operate in
                                                                                        management will ensure that       sufficient time ahead of the
                                                                                        the provisions necessary for      date of coming into force of
                                                                                        the MID to come into force in     the directive.
                                                                                        the UK will be ready on time.
1.1.2   MID                Reports                       •    Provide policy advice     Statutory responsibility to       Non-implementation by the
        Implementation –                                      across MID project        implement single market           due date runs the risk of
        General Policy                                                                  Directive. MID covers a           infraction proceedings by the
                                                         •    Provide robust rationales
        Issues                                                                          further 11 different instrument   EU Commission against the
                                                              for decisions about
                                                                                        categories therefore              UK. For UK manufacturers /
                                                                                        manufacturers will be able to     suppliers / users leaves
                                                         •    Ensure Regulations are    obtain a single approval from     instruments on the market
                                                              of high quality           any appropriate Notified Body     without the necessary level of
                                                                                        enabling instruments to be        supervision and control.
                                                                                        placed anywhere onto the EEA
                                                                                        market place.
                                                                                                                                                   Annex A

1.1.3   MID                  •   Separate Regulations       •   Produce project            On lawyers’ advice we will      Non-implementation by the
        Implementation –         covering each of the           initiation document        produce an individual SI for    due date runs the risk of
        Instrument –             currently regulated                                       each instrument that contains   infraction proceedings by the
                                                            •   Contribute to initial
        Specific Statutory       instrument categories /                                   the general requirements of     EU Commission against the
                                                                consultation by
        Requirements             types (11)                                                the Directive, instrument-      UK. For UK manufacturers /
                                                                identifying stakeholders
                                                                                           specific requirements and in-   suppliers / users leaves
                             •   Orders covering                and engaging with them
                                                                                           service provisions where        instruments on the market
                                 designated countries (4)
                                                            •   Draft Regulations          appropriate / necessary         without the necessary level of
                                                                                                                           supervision and control.
                                                            •   Consult on Regulations /
                                                            •   Make Regulations
1.1.4   MID Notes for        Separate guidance              •   Draft guidance             To provide a better              No clear understanding of the
        Guidance             documents for each set of                                     understanding of the             requirements of the
                                                            •   Consultation documents
                             Regulations / Order.                                          provisions of the Directive in   regulations
                                                            •   Produce guidance notes     relation to each of the
                                                                                           different regulatory provisions.
                                                                                           Better understanding provides
                                                                                           an advantage for UK industry
                                                                                           over its competition.
1.1.5   UK infrastructure    • Guidance Notes for           •   Finalise requirements for It is essential that the UK      If the UK does not establish
        for Notified           requirements for Notified        the structure of Notified establishes an infrastructure    an infrastructure of Notified
        Bodies.                Bodies                           Bodies.                   for Notified Bodies so that UK   Bodies in readiness for the
                                                                                          businesses producing             implementation of the MID in
                             • Application form for         •   Amend guidance notes
                                                                                          measuring instruments            the latter half of 2006 UK
                               Notified Body status             detailing the
                                                                                          covered by the MID are able      manufacturers of weighing
                                                                requirements for
                                                                                          to compete in Europe.            and measuring equipment will
                                                                structure of Notified
                                                                                                                           not be able to compete fairly
                                                                                                                           in the marketplace with their
                                                            •   Put in place                                               European competitors.
                                                                arrangements, including
                                                                documentation, for the
                                                                designation and
                                                                monitoring of new
                                                                Notified Bodies.
                                                                                                                                                Annex A

1.1.6   Awareness          •   Provide web site and   Set up meetings and          Greater understanding of all        No clear understanding of the
        Campaign               email updates          seminars to cover all the    concerned.                          requirements of the
                                                      different aspects of the MID                                     Regulations. Notified Bodies
                                                      covering prescription,                                           will miss early opportunity to
                                                      conformity assessment,                                           be designated and
                                                      Notified Bodies etc, and                                         manufacturers will be unable
                                                      draft NWML website and                                           to apply to UK bodies
                                                      Email updates                                                    sufficiently ahead of coming
                                                                                                                       into force date of the
                                                                                                                       directive. Ie commercial
                                                                                                                       advantage handed to NBs in
                                                                                                                       other member States.
1.1.7   Market             •   Annual Market          Both pro-active and re-        Statutory responsibility on the   Insufficient surveillance of the
        Surveillance           Surveillance report    active market place            member State to ensure that       market could result in
                                                      investigation. Targeted        the implementation of the         criticism of the UK by the EU
                           •   Market Surveillance
                                                      investigation across the       Directive is working correctly.   Commission, and for UK
                                                      different instrument           This should ensure that the       manufacturers a market place
                                                      categories.                    Directive is applied              which has instruments which
                                                                                     consistently both in the UK       do not conform to the
                                                                                     and throughout the EEA and        requirements of the Directive.
                                                                                     that appropriate action can be
                                                                                     taken against instruments
                                                                                     which have been
                                                                                     inappropriately placed on to
                                                                                     the market.
1.1.8   Harmonised         •   Meeting reports        Preparation for and            An EU Commission mandate      Non attendance could result
        Standards (HS                                 participation in meetings of   set out the programme for the in poor agreement for the UK.
                           •   Harmonised standards
        may be required                               BSi and CEN / CENELEC to       drafting of HS. Attendance at
        for each                                      develop harmonised             industry led standardisation
        Instrument                                    standards.                     meetings to ensure that best
        category/type to                                                             agreement is reached in the
        be prescribed)                                                               interest of the UK.
                                                                                                                                                    Annex A

THEME 2: International Co-operation

Aims: To meet the international obligations of the UK in the field of legal metrology and to ensure that progress in this rapidly developing field is in
line with UK policy objectives for the benefit of trade, consumer protection, manufacturers and users of measuring instruments, enforcement
services and international development.

    2.1: European Co-operation

Ref       Title              Deliverable                  Activities                                                       Risks
2.1.1     WELMEC             Meeting reports on …         Attend Committee and           General1 - WELMEC is the          Non-participation will mean
                                                          Working Group meetings as      essential co-operation            UK interests are not
                                                          they are held.                 between European member           represented in European
                             WG2 – AWI / NAWI                                            states in legal metrology. It     negotiations, thus putting UK
                                                          Host 2005 Committee
                                                                                         has the status of an ADCO2        interests at a disadvantage.
                             WG 4 – General               meeting.
                                                                                         with the Commission and is        This will affect both our
                             Requirements                                                well established as a principal   regulatory interests and the
                                                          Provide chair and
                             WG 5 – NAWI Market           secretariat for WG2 –          means of communication and        interests of UK
                             Surveillance                 organise and chair             policy development between        manufacturers. Non-
                                                          meetings, distribute papers    the Commission and member         participation will also lead to
                             WG 6 – Packaged Goods        and minutes.                   states, by a number of            NWML being less competent
                             WG 7 – Software                                             practical working groups to       in matters relating to type
                                                          Prepare UK policy for          deal with specialist sectors      approval thus affecting the
                             WG8 – MID                    WELMEC in consultation         and horizontal issues.            quality of service offered to
                                                          with all UK interests.         WELMEC covers the whole           UK manufactures.
                             WG10 – LOTW
                                                          Contribute towards revision    scope of legal metrology.
                             WG 11 – Utility Meters                                                                        A WELMEC document might
                                                          of guides and technical        Almost all developments at a
                                                                                                                           be produced which had not
                                                          discussions.                   European level take place
                                                                                                                           taken into account the needs
                                                                                         through the medium of
                                                                                                                           of UK business, enforcement
                                                                                         WELMEC. As a well-organised
                                                                                                                           and consumers.
                                                                                         technical forum in developed
                                                                                         market economies WELMEC           There could be a lack of
                                                                                         has an influential role in        confidence in UK verifications

    More information on individual Working Groups can be found on pages 17 to 19
    Administrative Co-operation on New Approach Directives
                                                                                                                                               Annex A

                                                                                    global developments.               which could lead to loss of
                                                                                    Participation on behalf of UK      trade.
                                                                                    government is an essential
                                                                                                                       Insufficient understanding of
                                                                                    role of NWML.
                                                                                                                       the application of Directives
                                                                                    WG2 - The uniform approach         in other member states. Less
                                                                                    and the modular approach to        able to provide
                                                                                    approvals championed by            manufacturers, Notified
                                                                                    WG2 have provided great            Bodies, TSOs etc with best
                                                                                    benefits to manufacturers,         advice in support of UK plc.
                                                                                    including UK manufacturers,
                                                                                    in simplifying their approvals
                                                                                    and reducing the cost to them
                                                                                    of the approval process. WG2
                                                                                    continues this work, and
                                                                                    under the forthcoming
                                                                                    Measuring Instruments
                                                                                    Directive will increase its work
                                                                                    on automatic weighing
                                                                                    instruments. Having given up
                                                                                    the chairmanship of WELMEC
                                                                                    in 2001, WG2 provides the
                                                                                    only leadership role for NWML
                                                                                    in WELMEC, and is therefore
                                                                                    helpful to NWML in
                                                                                    maintaining its standing in
2.1.2   MI (Measuring   •   Provide annual reports   •   Attendance /               Requirement of the Directive   Non-attendance /
        Instruments)                                     participation at           to enable certain technical    communication could result in
        Committee                                        Commission - led           changes to be made without     poor agreement for the UK.
                                                         member State meetings      the need of an amending
                                                                                    Directive and to provide a
                                                     •   Consultation with OGDs
                                                                                    formal route for the approval
                                                     •   Consultation with all      of Normative Documents.
                                                         other interested parties   Provides for formal and
                                                                                    informal communication with
                                                     •   Formulating UK govt        regulators in other member
                                                         position taking into       states necessary to reach best
                                                         account where              agreement in the interest of
                                                         appropriate the views of   the UK
                                                         other interested parties
                              Annex A

•   Agree technical changes
    to the instrument
    specific annexes
•   Approval of OIML
    Recommendation as
    Normative Documents
    for the various
                                                                                                                                         Annex A

2.1.3   98/34           Respond to notifications   NWML will continue to          Directive 98/34 and the WTO UK could face infraction
        Notifications   within the required        monitor closely the            agreement require this work   proceedings.
                        timescale.                 operation of this Directive    to be done to remove barriers
                                                   and the WTO agreement in       to trade.
                                                   supporting the prevention
                                                   of further barriers to trade
                                                   in measuring instruments.
                                                   Incoming notifications of
                                                   proposals by other member
                                                   states or members of the
                                                   WTO are examined for their
                                                   possible effect on the UK,
                                                   and in particular on UK
                                                   exports. Advice and
                                                   comments are sought from
                                                   relevant trade associations
                                                   and other interested
                                                   parties. Responses to the
                                                   Commission or the WTO are
                                                   prepared and sent in
                                                   accordance with the
                                                   deadlines imposed. NWML
                                                   will also observe the
                                                   requirements to notify its
                                                   own proposals for technical
                                                   Regulations both to the
                                                   Commission and the WTO.
                                                   The above work is a legal
                                                   obligation on the UK, which
                                                   is carried out in accordance
                                                   with a prescribed timescale.
                                                   Date of each notification is
                                                   determined by the member
                                                                                                                                                    Annex A

2.2: Global Harmonisation

Ref     Title               Deliverable                  Activities                       Rationale                        Risks

2.2.1   OIML activities –   •   Submit Draft            •    annual reviews of strategy  Holding the international         UK not updating OIML
        WEIGHING                Recommendation R             for this work               Secretariat for Automatic         Recommendations for MID
                                106 on Automatic rail -                                  Weighing Instruments, and         requirements: The UK is
                                                        •     hold international
                                weighbridges to the                                      revising the OIML                 responsible for revising the
                                                              secretariat for Automatic
                                CIML Conference                                          recommendations for               OIML recommendations of
                                                              Weighing Instruments
                                                                                         instruments covered by the        five weighing instruments
                            •   Submit Draft
                                                         •    compete Part 2 of R134 for MID, puts the UK in a position    included in the MID. UK
                                Recommendation R
                                                              weighing road vehicles in  to gain first-hand intelligence   industry and legal metrology
                                107 on Discontinuous
                                                              motion- test report format in the legal metrology of         services have a strong
                                totalisers to the CIML
                                                                                         these instruments and             interest in maintaining
                                Conference               •    commence new revisions     promotes confidence in UK         consistency between
                                                              of R106 automatic rail-    measurement capability.           international and European
                            •   Submit Draft
                                                              weighbridges and R107                                        legislation.
                                Recommendation R134
                                                              discontinuous totalisers   Revision of OIML
                                Part A-2 Test Report
                                                                                         recommendations promotes          UK interests not represented
                                Format on Automatic   •       participate and contribute international trade by            in international legal
                                Weighing Instruments          to the development of R76 minimising the time and cost       metrology: The interests of
                                for weighing road             – non-automatic weighing for UK manufacturers to             UK manufacturers and other
                                vehicles in motion to         instruments                obtain international type         organisations will not be fully
                                the CIML Conference
                                                       •     participate in national and approvals. This is in             represented in OIML if NWML
                                                              international meetings and accordance with the DTI           is not engaged in national
                                                              consultations on weighing Innovation Group’s aim of          and international
                                                              instruments and respond    successful exploitation of        consultations to share legal
                                                              to OIML drafts and other   ideas into new products and       metrology information and
                                                              technical papers with      services to enable business       recommend UK organisations
                                                              comments and proposed      growth and improvement of         to OIML technical committees
                                                              modifications that reflect international competitiveness     relevant to their activities.
                                                              UK interests
                                                         • annual report-back meeting
                                                            for stakeholders
                                                                                                                                                           Annex A

2.2.2      OIML Activities –      •   Provide UK input to     NWML will continue its            Currently NWML collaborates       UK not updating OIML
           FLOW                       the revision of OIML    involvement with OIML by          with NEL3 in the operation of     Recommendations for MID
           MEASUREMENT                R117 – measuring        participating in the work of      the Secretariat for Water         requirements. UK industry
                                      systems for liquids     the technical committees for      Meters (which are under           and legal metrology services
                                      other than water and    static volume measurement,        NWML’s regulatory                 have a strong interest in
                                      OIML R118 – testing     mass flow, CNG fuel               responsibility) and the           maintaining consistency
                                      procedures for type     dispensers and water meters.      development of OIML R49.          between international and
                                      approval of fuel        NWML will engage the UK           NWML also makes effective         European legislation.
                                      dispensers              stakeholders in the               inputs, following consultations
                                                                                                                                  UK interests not represented
                                                              development of OIML               with UK stakeholders, to other
                                  •   Provide UK input to                                                                         in international legal
                                                              Recommendations and               OIML technical committees
                                      the combined revision                                                                       metrology: The interests of
                                                              documents that is of              that benefit the UK flow
                                      of OIML R4                                                                                  UK manufacturers and other
                                                              relevance to their activities ,   measurement industry.
                                      (volumetric flasks),                                                                        organisations will not be fully
                                                              and will ensue adequate           Participation in these OIML
                                      R29 (capacity serving                                                                       represented in OIML if NWML
                                                              representation in some OIML       committees enables NWML to
                                      measures), R45                                                                              is not engaged in national
                                                              committees of other UK            gain important intelligence
                                      (casks and barrels)                                                                         and international
                                                              organisations as appropriate      and develop expertise in legal
                                      and R96 (measuring                                                                          consultations to share legal
                                                              to their expertise.               metrology relevant to UK
                                      container bottles)                                                                          metrology information and
                                                              NWML will continue the work                                         recommend UK organisations
                                                              on the development of OIML                                          to OIML technical committees
                                                              Recommendations for                                                 relevant to their activities.
                                                              measuring systems for liquids
                                                              other than water, fuel
                                                              dispensers, static volume
                                                              measurement and water

    National Engineering Laboratory
                                                                                                                                                     Annex A

2.2.3   OIML Activities –   •   Submit Draft             •   hold international             This project is for measuring   UK commitment to OIML
        OTHER                   Recommendation of            secretariats for taximeters,   instruments not covered by      activities: the UK will be in
        MEASURING               Taximeters to CIML           measurement of areas,          the projects for weighing and   breach of its obligations
        INSTRUMENTS             conference                   and measuring                  flow measurement.               under the OIML convention
                                                             instruments for length and                                     which requires member
                            •   Submit Draft                                             NWML holds the international
                                                             associated quantities, and                                     states to participate in the
                                Recommendation of R                                      secretariats for taximeters,
                                                             develop the OIML                                               technical committees.
                                35 on Measures of                                        measurement of areas and
                                                             Recommendations in these
                                length to the CIML                                       associated quantities. NWML        UK interests not represented
                                conference                                               also makes inputs, following       in international legal
                                                         •   provide UK input to:        consultation with UK               metrology: the interests of
                            •   Submit Draft
                                                             revision of R87 net content stakeholders, to other OIML        UK manufacturers and other
                                Recommendation Part
                                                             in packages; and            measurement committees             organisations will not be fully
                                2 Instruments for
                                                             development of OIML         that benefit the UK economy.       represented in OIML if NWML
                                measuring the areas of
                                                             Recommendation for          Revising the OIML                  is not engaged in national
                                leather to the CIML
                                                             Software of R87 net         Recommendations for                and international
                                                             content in packages, to     instruments in the MID             consultations to share legal
                                                             the development of OIML     (taximeters, measurement of        metrology information and
                                                             Recommendation for          length) puts the UK in a           recommend UK organisations
                                                             statistical analysis        position to gain first hand        to OIML technical committees
                                                                                         intelligence in the legal          relevant to their activities.
                                                         •   represent UK interests in
                                                                                         metrology of these
                                                             the following international
                                                                                         instruments, minimises the
                                                             technical committees:
                                                                                         time and cost for UK
                                                             TC3/SC5 conformity
                                                                                         manufacturers to obtain
                                                             assessment and TC10
                                                                                         international type approvals
                                                             vehicle tyre pressure
                                                                                         and promotes confidence in
                                                                                         UK measurement capability.
                                                         •   participate in national and
                                                             international metrology
                                                             meetings and
                                                             consultations on
                                                             measuring instruments
                                                             and respond to OIML
                                                             drafts and other technical
                                                             papers with comments and
                                                             proposed modifications
                                                             that reflect UK interests.
                                                                                                                                             Annex A

2.2.4   OIML Conference • Attend and report on      NWML will represent the UK     The UK is a founder member         The OIML conferences, CIML
        and CIML Meeting  the 2005 CIML meeting     at OIML annual international   of OIML. As a permanent            meetings and development
                          and development           conferences and engage in      member of OIML it is               council meetings are a forum
                          council meeting and       national and international     necessary for NWML to              for discussions on global
                          the 50th anniversary of   consultations on OIML          represent the UK at various        metrology issues between
                          the OIML                  activities.                    international conferences          member states, national
                                                                                   associated with OIML. The          metrological institutions and
                         • Attend and report on
                                                                                   CIML is an annual conference       legal metrology experts, the
                           the 2006 CIML meeting
                                                                                   of the appointed                   majority of whom are trading
                           and development
                                                                                   representatives of member          partners and competitors.. if
                           council meeting
                                                                                   states. It is the main steering    the UK is not fully
                         • Attend and report on                                    body for the work of the           represented at these
                           the 2007 CIML meeting                                   OIML, provides the strategic       gatherings important
                           and development                                         direction for the organisation’s   technical information which
                           council meeting                                         technical work and                 impacts on NWML’s activities
                                                                                   administrative operations          as a national legal metrology
                                                                                   throughout the year. The           body and as an international
                                                                                   OIML conference has a              legal metrology organisation
                                                                                   constitutional and strategic       will not be obtained
                                                                                   role. It assembles OIML
                                                                                   member state delegations and
                                                                                   international and regional
                                                                                   institutions in liaison every
                                                                                   four years to define general
                                                                                   policy and budgetary lines for
                                                                                   the organisation and
                                                                                   promotes national
                                                                                   implementation of OIML
                                                                                   recommendations and
                                                                                   metrological guidelines.
                                                                                                                                                  Annex A

2.2.5   UK interface to   • produce a report with a   • Liaise regularly with the     NWML acts as the UK’s main         The interests of UK
        OIML                 summary of work done        BIML, UK and international   interface with OIML and            manufacturers and other
                             under this project.         stakeholders to exchange     represents the UK at most          organisations will not be fully
                                                         information on OIML          OIML meetings. Currently           represented in OIML if NWML
                                                         activities                   NWML holds the international       is not engaged in national
                                                                                      secretariats for taximeters,       and international
                                                      • Check the OIML website
                                                                                      automatic weighing                 consultations to share legal
                                                         regularly for the relevant
                                                                                      instruments, and measures of       metrology information and
                                                         information to distribute to
                                                                                      length (jointly with the British   recommend UK organisations
                                                         UK stakeholders
                                                                                      Leather Federation). NWML          to OIML technical committees
                                                      • collate and distribute OIML develops and regulates some          relevant to their activities.
                                                         information to UK            of the OIML
                                                         secretariats, stakeholders Recommendations in these
                                                         and working groups           technical committees. NWML
                                                                                      also makes effective inputs,
                                                      • respond to OIML enquiries following consultations with
                                                         from the BIML, technical     UK stakeholders, to other
                                                         committees, UK and           OIML technical committees
                                                         international stakeholders that benefit the UK economy.
                                                      • provide administrative        In addition to the
                                                         support relating to UK       management and
                                                         OIML meetings and            administrative tasks
                                                         activities                   associated with the above,
                                                                                      NWML also collates and
                                                      • ensure NWML website is        distributes all the OIML
                                                         updated regularly with the information to the relevant UK
                                                         latest OIML information      and international stakeholders
                                                      • liaise with UK stakeholders across the whole range of
                                                         to ensure that the           measuring instruments and
                                                         deadlines for completion of metrology topics that are
                                                         OIML activities are met.     covered by OIML. This
                                                                                      involves technical decisions,
                                                                                      general admin tasks, liaising
                                                                                      with stakeholders, responding
                                                                                      to enquiries etc. this is
                                                                                      necessary to ensure efficient
                                                                                      operation of the UK and
                                                                                      international metrology
                                                                                                                                                Annex A

2.2.6   Review Of UK       • Annual reports on the      • Complete annual reports of      To ensure efficient, cost-     Inadequate monitoring of UK
        Participation In     prioritisation of            activities of UK                effective and beneficial       participation and benefits
        OIML                 NWML’s current OIML          secretariats to OIML for        participation of the UK in
                             projects as specified in     inclusion in their annual       OIML it is necessary to review
                             the BIML technical           report of activities of all     the various types of
                             publications and their       OIML technical committees       participation across all the
                             relevance to UK legal                                        various sectors of legal
                                                        • On receipt of OIML annual
                             metrology, which                                             metrology, and to pursue new
                                                          report and prioritisation of
                             makes                                                        OIML activities that are more
                                                          activities of all OIML
                             recommendations to                                           relevant to UK interests.
                                                          secretariats review UK
                             stakeholders with
                                                          participation in priority and
                             regard to projects
                                                          high priority projects,
                             which NWML believes
                                                          consulting with
                             should be terminated
                                                          stakeholders as necessary.
                             and new projects
                             which it believes          • Compile report on actions
                             should be undertaken         taken as a result of the
                           • A report at the end of
                             the programme
                             detailing the changes
                             made to OIML projects
                             during the 2005 –2008
                             legal metrology
                             programme and the
                             improvements to
                             effectiveness of UK
                             metrology that have
                             resulted .

2.3 International Technical Co-operation

Ref     Title              Deliverable                   Activities                                                     Risks
2.3.1   Mutual             NWML will maintain active     NWML will maintain           The benefit of mutual             Active participation in DTI
        Recognition        membership of the DTI         membership and actively      agreements to UK                  STRD and other standards
        Agreements and     Standards Policy              participate in the           manufacturers is that, upon       committees ensures that
        Standards Policy   Committees and other BSI      meetings and activities of   obtaining the relevant OIML       NWML can gain important
                                i                i        h DTI        d d    li          ifi     f    f   i    d       k    l d      l
                                                                                                                                                 Annex A

                        committees as appropriate      the DTI standards policy     certificate of conformity and        knowledge relevant to
                                                       committee and other BSI      associated OIML test report          facilitating OIML conformity
                        Consult with stakeholders
                                                       committees as                from NWML, manufacturers can         control.
                        on UK participation in OIML
                                                       appropriate to share         present these to the OIML
                        Declaration of Mutual                                                                            It is important that NWML
                                                       intelligence. NWML will      Issuing Authority in the
                        Confidence on R 60 and R                                                                         represents the UK in the MAA
                                                       collaborate with DTI /       relevant country and request a
                        76                                                                                               implementation process,
                                                       STRD on the legal            national type approval for that
                                                                                                                         attends the MAA workshops
                        Represent UK interests on      metrology issues relating    country without further re-
                                                                                                                         and meetings and consults
                        MAA workshops and              to standards and technical   testing. The MAA will increase
                                                                                                                         with UK stakeholders in order
                        meetings                       regulation, particularly     mutual confidence among
                                                                                                                         to maximise the UK
                                                       with regard to new           participants in OIML type
                                                                                                                         contributions and interests to
                                                       approach directives,         evaluations through
                                                                                                                         this project.
                                                       accreditation, market        accreditation or peer review
                                                       surveillance and             assessment resulting in reduced
                                                       conformity assessment.       burdens for UK industry in
                                                       NWML will continue           international trade in weighing
                                                       working towards MAAs in      and measuring instruments.
                                                       consultation with the UK     Membership of DTI STRD and
                                                       stakeholders, participate    appropriate BSI committees
                                                       in the OIML MAA              ensures that NWML maintains
                                                       implementation process       its high level of general
                                                       and attend the               expertise in the fields of quality
                                                       workshops, meetings and      assurance and in conformity
                                                       preparation events for the   assessment.

2.3.2   International   NWML will submit a report      Respond to the whole         To ensure that UK legal              NWML is the face of the UK
        Liaison         to NMSD at the end of the      range of ongoing             metrology training, commerce         government to very many
                        programme describing           enquiries, liaison, and      and industrial activities are        other governments, especially
                        contacts and the benefits to   consultation with            promoted and represented             those who give more regard
                        UK from the international      colleagues and customers     internationally by developing        to the importance of role of
                        consultations.                 all over the world, which    close relationships with major       metrology and standards in
                                                       arises as an essential       trading partners. As a part of       trade. Therefore if we cannot
                                                       consequence of our           UK Government with an                respond with good grace to
                                                       international role and       international role. NWML must        helpful communication the
                                                       reputation. NWML will also   be in position to respond to         reputation of HMG would
                                                       attempt to gather            international initiatives as they    suffer along with our
                                                       intelligence from our        arise.                               competence in international
                                                       overseas colleagues at the                                        work.
                                                       same time.
                                                                                                                                                    Annex A

2.3.3   Euromet/ QS        Report on capabilities        Peer review                   • There is a cooperative project   This is a member state
        Forum / CMC                                                                       for each member state to        responsibility which the UK
                                                         Attending meetings
                                                                                          publish its best                has signed up to in the name
                                                         Publishing capabilities          measurement service             of co-operation in Europe.
                                                                                          capabilities (CMC) for mutual   NPL leads the project but, as
                                                         UKAS assessments                 recognition. This cooperation   a national laboratory, NWML
                                                         Maintaining CMCs and             if fundamental in               has defined areas of
                                                         mutual recognition in            maintaining confidence in       responsibility. Failure to
                                                         Europe                           each member states              adequately perform peer
                                                                                          capability to operate within    review calibration exercises
                                                                                          the European community.         would weaken NWML’s (and
                                                                                                                          UK’s) standing in the
                                                                                       • As a National Laboratory
                                                                                                                          metrology community
                                                                                         NWML is responsible for
                                                                                         maintaining and publishing
                                                                                         CMCs for some of the
                                                                                         measurement disciplines,
                                                                                         notably length and volume.
                                                                                       • The main route to
                                                                                          demonstrating competence
                                                                                          is through UKAS
                                                                                          accreditation and member
                                                                                          state peer review.

2.3.4   Promotion of UK    •   NWML will pursue and     •    NWML will provide                 Responding to requests     UK reputation is already at
        metrology,             respond (i.e. provide         limited and effective     from emerging markets for          risk in the international fora
        training and trade     advice and information)       response to enquires      technical assistance and           for legal metrology because
        to emerging            to enquires from new          (either by phone,         information on UK metrology        of fairly obvious lack of
        markets                and emerging markets          electronically, or        training activities, legal         coordination between our
                               for information on UK         through visitors) on UK   metrology systems and trade in     Departments and between
                               legal metrology products      metrological products     measuring instruments provides     national organisations.
                               and services.                 and services. An          the opportunity for NWML to
                                                                                                                          Failure to address this will
                                                             annual report of these    promote these UK products and
                           •   NWML will liaise with the                                                                  also mean that UK metrology
                                                             enquires will be          services to new markets other
                               UK and international                                                                       products and services will not
                                                             distributed to the UK     than the UK major trading
                               SQAM sectors and                                                                           be promoted in new and
                                                             SQAM sector.              partners. This is also in line
                               organise and attend                                                                        emerging markets and hence
                                                                                       with wider UK objectives.
                               meetings to develop a     •   NWML will continue to                                        the UK will not command a
                               policy to address             explore the possibilities        NWML has a very high        share of the measuring
                               technical and funding         for extension of this     reputation in international        instruments trade. UK trade
                                                                                                                        Annex A

    obstacles to new                work through other     training, largely fostered by the   will be hampered by
    business opportunities.         departments and        provision of legal metrology        international barriers to trade
                                    agencies.              training courses over the last      and fall further behind its
•   NWML will collaborate
                                                           18 years. This in turn has led to   main European partners (i.e.
    with the UK SQAM            •   NWML will provide an
                                                           opportunities for provision of      Germany. France, etc,) in the
    sector, Trading                 annual two-week legal
                                                           metrology expertise to new          provision of metrology
    Standards and                   metrology training
                                                           markets (e.g. NWML's ongoing        products and services to new
    manufacturers to                course and expose the
                                                           working relationship with Malta     markets.
    provide an annual two-          course students to the
                                                           stems directly from the
    week legal metrology            UK metrology products
                                                           attendance of their senior
    course aimed at UK and          and services.
                                                           metrologist at the training legal   NWML will loose its reputation
                                •   NWML will hold         metrology course in 2002).          as a centre of excellence for
    metrologists from new
                                    meetings with the      There is a benefit to UK trade      legal metrology training.
                                    SQAM sector and        as the course students visit UK
•   NWML will produce and           report on efforts to   weighing instrument
    distribute an annual            develop a policy to    manufacturers and Trading           NWML’s contribution to global
    report to UK SQAM               address technical and  Standards departments,              harmonisation of metrology
    sector on technical             funding obstacles to   thereby seeing products and         will be confined to the UK’s
    development enquires            new business           services which they are in a        immediate trading partners
    and actions, ongoing            opportunities.         position to recommend the use       only.
    liaison, visitors and new                              of in their own countries. The
    business generated.                                    metrology course provides an
                                                           extensive network of
•   NWML will report to                                    international contacts, and
    NMSD on the outcome of                                 enhances working relationships
    UK and international                                   between NWML, new markets,
    SQAM sector                                            international organisations,
    collaboration and                                      TSOs and UK manufacturers.
    meetings.                                              We have demonstrated that the
                                                           course can be run at a break-
                                                           even cost when the delegates
                                                           are largely from developed
                                                           countries. However, to obtain
                                                           all the above benefits
                                                           associated with emerging
                                                           economies it is necessary to
                                                           accept some delegates at
                                                           reduced fees.
                                                                   The UK’s expertise in
                                                            metrology and the closely
                                   Annex A

related services is distributed
among various organisations in
the Standards, Quality, and
Accreditation and Metrology
(SQAM) sector. Coordination of
the SQAM sector is essential to
ensure that the UK is well
placed to respond positively and
effectively to new business
opportunities from the
emerging markets. NWML will
coordinate with the UK SQAM
sector: DTI/STRD, DTI/EWT,
DFID, NPL, UKAS, BSI, etc, in
conjunction with UNIDO, WTO,
OIML, etc, to address technical
and funding obstacles to new
business opportunities. This
will be a continuation of
successful work that has
emerged in the current
                                                                                                                                                    Annex A

THEME 3: Better Regulation

3.1: Better Regulation

Aims: The purpose of “better regulation” is to make new and existing legislation more appropriate for current market conditions and to meet the
Better Regulation principles of Proportionality, Accountability, Consistency, Transparency and Targeting.
The theme also includes those areas that are linked with the regulatory programme such as Notes for Guidance. It also includes areas arising from
obligations that derive from the implementation of European obligations such as market surveillance of non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI)
involving both attendance at WELMEC working Group 5 and conducting a programme of market surveillance. There is also a link to working with the
EMeTAS consortium, which produces the database of NAWI approvals.

Ref     Title              Deliverable                      Activities                        Rationale                     Risks

3.1.1   Prescription      •    A consultation letter to     •   Identify the legislation      To ensure that weights and •      Inappropriate burdens on
        Review (Review of      interested parties               concerned                     measures legislation is clear     UK business causing
        legislation)                                                                          and appropriate so that it        competitive disadvantage
                          •    A report detailing the       •   Consider the requirements
                                                                                              provides a fair basis for         and loss of business
                               outcome of the                   imposed
                                                                                              trade and consumer
                               consultation                                                                                 •   Inadequate protection for
                                                            •   Identify legislation that     protection whilst meeting
                                                                                                                                UK consumers
                           •   A proposal for legislation       may need to be amended        the UK’s obligations to
                               to achieve the                   and issue consultation        other Member States and       •   Problems with consistency
                               recommendations of the           document                      the wider international           of enforcement
                               report.                                                        community.
                                                            •   Publish response to
                           •   Two follow-up Sis to be          consultation with proposals
                                                            •   Follow-up with two SIs
                                                                                                                                                  Annex A

3.1.2   Assessment and     Consultation letter to seek   •   Identify the legislation     When MID has been              The legislative environment
        consolidation of   views of interested parties                                    implemented the                to which UK manufacturers
                                                         •   Identify additional areas to
        remaining                                                                         presumption, that all          are subject is such that they
                                                             which MID could apply
        legislation                                                                       instruments prescribed         may be at a commercial
        following MID                                    •   Issue consultation           under the Weights and          disadvantage with respect to
        implementation                                       document to interested       Measures Act should            their competitors if the
                                                             parties                      continue to be prescribed      legislation applied nationally
                                                                                          and that no other              is different from that applying
                                                         •   Write report on conclusions equipment will become           in other Member States.
                                                         •   Consider whether             subject to regulation, needs
                                                             legislative changes are      to be tested.
3.1.3   Amendment of     Regulations to amend Non-       •   identify the changes that   •   To bring Regulations into •    Legal uncertainty as to the
        NAWI Regulations automatic Weighing                  need to be made                 line with best practice on     effect and meaning of
                         Instrument Regulations                                              implementing new               Regulations.
                                                         •   issue a consultation
                         2000                                                                approach Directives.
                                                             document                                                   •   UK industry at a
                                                                                         •   To make the regulations        disadvantage if
                                                         •   make Regulations
                                                                                             clearer and therefore          Regulations are deficient.
                                                         •   revise notes for guidance       simpler to operate.
                                                                                         •   Additional reasons for
                                                                                             the amendment
                                                                                             expected to be indicated
                                                                                             by the prescription
                                                                                                                                                  Annex A

3.1.4   Negotiation         •   Meeting reports           •   Respond to STRD setting      The Commission has              The Directive will be amended
        /Legislation                                          out the UK needs and         announced its intention to      in ways which cause costs /
                            •   UK Position statements
        amending the                                          concerns to ensure that      conduct this review, the        difficulties for UK business
        New Approach                                          this is included in the UK   NAWI and MID directives         and enforcement.
                                                              negotiating position.        will be affected. There is
                                                                                                                           The reliability of market
                                                                                           potentially significant
                                                          •   make legislation if a new                                    surveillance becomes
                                                                                           impact on the manner and
                                                              Directive is adopted                                         undermined with a resultant
                                                                                           quantity of market
                                                                                                                           loss of confidence in self-
                                                                                           surveillance that will be
                                                                                           required. The integrity of
                                                                                           the prescribed marks on
                                                                                           instruments must be
                                                                                           assured. The needs of UK
                                                                                           business and enforcement
                                                                                           must be taken into account.
3.1.5   Policy and          •   Summary reports of        •   Advice, co-ordination,       NWML has the lead role in       If NWML did not do this work
        Legislation arising     action in this area.          delegation (where            UK Legal Metrology. Part of     the impact of third party
        elsewhere and                                         appropriate) and action to   the rationale for this          issues on interests of NWML
                            •   responses to
        Parliamentary                                         resolve issues that arise.   concept is the idea that one    and NWML legislation would
                                Parliamentary Questions
        Questions                                                                          agency should take on           not be recognised or given
                                                          •   Responding to
                                                                                           responsibility and co-          sufficient weight.
                                                              Parliamentary Questions
                                                                                           ordination of action on
                                                                                           issues as they arise. NWML
                                                                                           provides this service for
                                                                                           major areas of legal
                                                                                           metrology. This is an
                                                                                           essential mechanism for
                                                                                           assigning responsibility for
                                                                                           action that becomes
                                                                                           necessary. It is also most
                                                                                           efficient, from a UK point of
                                                                                           view, except where it
                                                                                           causes disruption of
                                                                                           essential programmes. It is
                                                                                           also necessary for NWML to
                                                                                           respond to Parliamentary
                                                                                           Questions when requested
                                                                                                                                                                    Annex A

THEME 4: Enforcement and Consumer Protection
Aims: In this part of the programme, the theme aims to ensure the correct implementation of legislation related to legal metrology within the UK. This is achieved by
establishing an infrastructure that provides a competitive market for businesses and provides high levels of protection for consumers. The infrastructure is partitioned
into three processes that allow businesses to place their equipment on the market; that ensure such equipment begins its life compliant with a range of legal
requirements and standards; and that ensure that equipment once on the market remains accurate throughout its life. NWML, on behalf of the Secretary of State and
fulfilling the UK’s responsibilities as a European member state, monitors, administers, supports and participates in the various processes to ensure the aims are met.

4.1: Metrology Leadership:                      The aims of this sub theme are to recognise the various strands associated with enforcement and consumer protection
and to put in place a number of projects that enable NWML to act as a focus for enforcement activities. This will enable NWML to support our stakeholders in their
operational activities as well as plan and influence the future development of enforcement in light of local, national and international developments.

Ref     Title                   Deliverable                 Activities                              Rationale                                 Risks

4.1.1   ENFORCEMENT             A report in March 2006      •   Literature review of current       The introduction of infrastructure         With declining activities it
        TRENDS                  that would, among other         information on enforcement         changes through MID and                    can take too long to
                                elements, establish an                                             deregulation as well as the pressure       identify trends that are
                                enforcement skills and      •   Ongoing survey of enforcement      of other enforcement duties placed on      critical to UK business
                                competencies baseline.          agencies through the DTI NPF data them by government is leading to an         competitiveness.
        The identification of                                   stream
        trends in                                                                                  increasing number of authorities
                                A report in 2007 that                                              failing to undertake sufficient weights    If recommendations are
        enforcement             would, among other          •   Formulation of requirements for                                               not acted upon work can
        including                                               enforcement in the UK              and measures work to maintain
                                elements, identify any                                             confidence in the accuracy and use of      be duplicated in following
        operational, skills     significant year on year                                                                                      years.
        and competencies                                    •   Extensive consultation with        equipment.
                                developments in the             LACORS, TSI, NWML, CCP and
        and outcomes.           operation of enforcement                                           After implementing MID the                 Alienation of established
                                                                industry representatives.                                                     enforcement agencies and
                                of the W&M Act                                                     enforcement “family” will grow far
                                                            •   Audit of UK enforcement, propose   beyond trading standards and the           lack of support for new
                                A report in 2008 that           criteria and indicators, design    integration of the new organisations       enforcers could lead to
                                would, among other              research methods and implement. needs to add benefit to the                   greater inconsistencies in
                                elements, identify major                                           infrastructure rather than dilute the      enforcement throughout
                                trends over the previous    •   Make recommendations to                                                       the UK and indeed in some
                                three years and report on       enforcement agencies based on                                                 areas no enforcement
                                the initial enforcement         trends and audits that will assist It is essential that an effective system   support to UK business.
                                reaction to the                 them in directing appropriate      for enforcing the provisions of
                                implementation of the MID       resources to areas of concern or   national and EU legislation is in place
                                                                specific problems.                 throughout the UK. Analysing the
                                                                                                   resources available and the
                                                            •   The activities and reports will
                                                                                                   operational procedures will enable
                                                                provide essential information for
                                                                                                   those resources to be targeted more
                                                                planning, raise professional
                                                                                                   effectively at the areas of most need
                                                                awareness of change, recognise
                                                                                                   such as training or business support.
                                                                important national resources and
                                                                clearly identify deficits.
                                                                                                                                                      Annex A

4.1.2   ONGOING              A discussion document,       The project must be designed to    This project identifies two distinct   There has been an
        ACCURACY/USE         setting out key criteria     complement DTI developments on     trends in LWMAs that need to be        indication that LACORS
                             for a effective regionally   enforcement and initiatives for    addressed as they concentrate          as part of the LGA
        The future
                             - based system for           regional government both formal    their resources on maintaining         would resist additional
        structure to
                             maintaining the              and informal.                      the long term accuracy of              monitoring of LWMAs
        ensure UK
                             accuracy and use of                                             equipment and appropriate use of       without commensurate
        responsibility for
                             weighing and                                                    that equipment and withdraw            increases in resource,
        the ongoing
                             measuring equipment          Activities would include:          from activities associated with        so LWMAs may not
        accuracy and use
                                                                                             placing on the market.                 collaborate in any
        of weighing and                                   •   extensive discussions with                                            surveys etc.
        measuring                                             regional government and                A high level of demand
                             A follow up document
        equipment                                             regional groupings             from metrologists across the
                             identifying the
                                                                                             country for more specific
                             consensus from the           •   a look at other enforcement                                           LACORS has also
                                                                                             performance targets more
                             discussion document              systems around the world and rigorously enforced, in a similar        indicated that a forced
                             and mapping possible             in the UK                                                             regionalisation or
                                                                                             way to the Food Standards
                             implementation routes                                                                                  placing with RDAs
                                                          •   the identification of best     Agency who have been successful
                             as well as proposing                                                                                   (removing from LWMAs)
                                                              practice in the regions in the in diverting resources to their
                             draft legal metrology                                                                                  would be resisted
                                                              National Performance           high risk activities
                             performance criteria for
                             LWMAs as a basis for             Framework                              A recognition that the
                             further discussion with      •   drafting of the documents and level of resources and priority for     The development of the
                             LACORS, TSI and CCP.             proposals                     weights and measures has been           NPF may also restrict
                                                                                            in long term decline despite the        the ability to analyse
                                                                                            changes that the MID and                LWMA without
                                                                                            deregulation have and will bring        additional data
                                                                                            to enforcement. There is a trend        collection activities.
                                                                                            for regional/ cross border working
                                                                                            and this needs to be supported
                                                                                            where it is seen as effective and
                                                                                            transferred to areas where
                                                                                            individual resources are less
                                                                                                                                                  Annex A

4.1.3   REGIONAL           Arrange, prepare for,      •   Dissemination of information   Following the last round of local    If NWML does not have
        METROLOGY          attend and carry out           both to local government and   government reorganisation and        a process by which it
                           follow up activities for       back through NWML to central   the latest DTI consumer Strategy     hears about “grass
                           12 regional metrology          government.                    document, the ODPM and DTI has       roots” issues discussed
        Supporting the     panel meetings each                                           been encouraging the delivery of     at these meetings then
                                                      •   Access to regional groups for
        cross border and   year.                                                         trading standards at a collective    not only is it a failure of
                                                          other activities and projects
        regional                                                                         level. This operates as a fore -     “Joined up Government”
                                                          such as market surveillance or
        efficiencies in                                                                  runner to devolved government        but NWML may also be
                                                          planning projects for MID
        enforcement                                                                      across the UK.                       unaware of crucial
                                                                                                                              issues in the
                                                                                         Weights and Measures is a
                                                      •   Reports on each regional                                            enforcement of weights
                                                                                         leading service to be delivered in
                                                          group                                                               and measures that will
                                                                                         this way.
                                                                                                                              further damage
                                                      •   Support from regional                                               consistency of
                                                                                         By integrating NWML into
                                                          groupings when addressing                                           approach.
                                                                                         regional metrology delivery
                                                          individual authority failings
                                                                                         program NWML can influence
                                                      •   Report on the metrology        enforcement and co-ordinate to
                                                          involvement of the devolved    reduce duplication and improve
                                                          administrations.               consistency.
                                                                                         This complements the key
                                                                                         strategies being implemented by
                                                                                         the secretary of state through
                                                                                         other DTI initiatives.
                                                                                                                                                          Annex A

4.1.4   PLACING ON THE        Accessible information     Research the expertise held by    The implementation of the MID              Manufacturers and
        MARKET                for UK businesses on       the organisations involved in     will change the role of those in           users of weighing and
                              those persons and                                            initial verification. Trading
                                                         initial verification, identify scopes,                                       measuring instruments
        Establishing the
                              organisations with the     abilities and equipment that can  standards will no longer be the            may not be able to get
        UK framework for
                              competence and ability     be made available.                main point of contact for anyone           them onto the market
        initial verifications
                              to undertake the initial                                     wishing to have equipment                  as easily as foreign
                                                         Generate a searchable component
                              verification of their                                        verified for the first time.               competitors if access to
                                                         of the NWML website to benefit
                              equipment                                                                                               notified bodies and
                                                         UK industry by allowing access to New companies and organisations
                                                                                                                                      reverification officers is
                                                         this information.                 may become notified bodies and
                                                                                                                                      poorly managed.
                                                                                           it is essential to support UK
                                                                                           manufacturers in finding the most
                                                                                           appropriate support service and
                                                                                                                                      Trading standards
                                                                                           equipment to allow effective
                                                                                                                                      officers may be poorly
                                                                                           access to the market place.
                                                                                                                                      equipped to respond to
                                                                                                  The project will also provide       inspection requests or
                                                                                                  essential support to trading        reverifications of older
                                                                                                  standards services that will have   equipment.
                                                                                                  to maintain access to skills
                                                                                                  experience and equipment to
                                                                                                  maintain the ongoing accuracy of
                                                                                                  equipment. This equipment has
                                                                                                  been passed as fit for use for
                                                                                                  trade under section 11 of the
                                                                                                  Weights and Measures Act and
                                                                                                  might continue in use for more
                                                                                                  than 100 years. It will have ever
                                                                                                  decreasing priority for LWMAs but
                                                                                                  maintain its vital role in the
                                                                                                  businesses concerned.
                                                                                                                                                 Annex A

4.1.5   EXAMINATIONS     •   The provision of       The activities would consist of all   To maintain the high standards of   The removal of the
                             professional weights   the fixed cost components of          inspectors of weights and           statutory qualification
        Section 73
                             and measures           operating two examination             measures appointed under            from the primary
        Weights and
                             examination            periods in any one-year on behalf     section 7 of the Act and to         legislation.
                             facilities.            of the Secretary of State and         support the Secretary of State in
                                                    reporting on those examinations.      certifying the competence of such
                                                                                          officers under section 72 of the     If this project is not
                                                    It would not include the variable
                         •   Report on the                                                Act                                  undertaken the
                                                    costs associated with the numbers
                             competence of                                                                                     examinations would
                                                    of students such as assessment of     This examination and the SoS’s
                             weights and                                                                                       have to be completed
                                                    students and marking of papers        control on its content and
                             measures students                                                                                 outside the SoS’s
                                                    which would have to be met by         assessment is core to NWML’s
                             on behalf of the                                                                                  control. This would
                                                    the commissioning body.               influence on the enforcement
                             Secretary of State                                                                                increase the burden on
                                                                                          standards in the UK.
                             each year                                                                                         government of having
                                                                                          The examination and its current      to implement additional
                                                                                          development is key to the            assessment activities to
                         •   Report to the                                                national provisions to be built into ensure any alternative
                             examination                                                  the body of the MID                  was of an appropriate
                             commissioning body                                           implementing legislation             standard and make
                             each year                                                                                         such recommendations
                                                                                                                               on students to the SoS
                                                                                                                                                     Annex A

4.2: Working with Other Government Departments
Legal metrology enforcement and consumer protection is delivered by a number of organisations working towards common goals. However, the
responsibility for the various organisations and the policies that they are required to operate are spread throughout local and central government.
This sub theme includes projects designed to improve communications between departments and increase the influence of those concerned with
weights and measures enforcement.

Ref     Title               Deliverable                   Activities                         Rationale                            Risks

4.2.1   INFLUENCING         Annual report on activities   NWML on behalf of the              The co-ordination of weights         Certain individuals have
        CHANGE                                            Secretary of State will be able    and measures in the UK is            already begun the job
                                                          to participate and respond to      dispersed through different          of influencing others.
        Influencing and
                                                          other projects and initiatives     government departments               The retention of these
                                                          such as; the DTI modernisation     (ODPM, DTI, DoT, OFGEM,              personal relationships is
        Changes in
                                                          fund, the DTI consumer             NWML and Local Authorities)          vital to success.
                                                          strategy and regional              and with the implementation of
                                                          government agendas in issues       the MID a greater role will be
                                                          as wide as risk assessment,        established for independent          The failure of key
                                                          new enforcement techniques,        organisations and commercial         external strategies may
                                                          resource allocation and other      providers. A co-ordinated effort     frustrate the NWML
                                                          consultation forums. Other         is necessary to influence and        input.
                                                          partners involved in these         deliver the necessary changes
                                                          projects include national and      being identified in other parts of
                                                          international trade                the NMS and DTI enforcement          The failure to effectively
                                                          representative bodies,             programmes.                          communicate NWML
                                                          professional bodies and unions.                                         involvement and the
                                                          NWML capabilities extended to                                           project outputs
                                                          be able to respond to questions                                         internally is a major
                                                          of control on legal metrology in                                        risk.
                                                          the broader context of
                                                          enforcement and the wider
                                                          remit of the DTI.
                                                          NWML will have greater
                                                          influence on those that can
                                                          deliver change in Government
                                                          both national and local.
                                                                                                                                                   Annex A

4.2.2   OTHER W&M            Annual report on activities   Input to CCP 5 legislative and    CCP legislation is going through   Conflicts in equipment
        LEGISLATION                                        CCP 1 W&M enforcement             a process of simplification to     legislation prevent
                                                           activities.                       address issues raised by the       compliance with EU
        Liaise with CCP on
                                                                                             Public Accounts Committee and      directives and
        metrological                                       Dissemination of activities and
                                                                                             the EU. However it must be         requirements to sell
        issues                                             actions in the form of notes and
                                                                                             consistent with that from NWML     goods by quantity. It
                                                                                             relating to equipment to ensure    may make legislation
                                                           Attendance and follow up to bi- adequate implementation.             unenforceable so that
                                                           annual meetings with CCP5                                            consumer protection
                                                                                             Particular issues are raised by
                                                                                                                                levels are lowered and
                                                           Reporting UK activities at        the separation of
                                                                                                                                business competition
                                                           appropriate WELMEC working        responsibilities for metrology
                                                           groups.                           when issues like metrication,
                                                                                             the full pint and some
                                                           Disseminate CCP messages that enforcement issues. A high
                                                           relate to equipment to key        level of liaison between CCP
                                                           stakeholders                      and NWML, as indicated by the
                                                           Remain abreast of important       PAC, provides a consistent
                                                           policy developments on            response to UK industry.
                                                           equipment related activities like
                                                           the full pint or metrication
4.2.3   CONFERENCE           NWML will organise an         The conference will respond to   The increased size of the           Failure to provide a
                             annual conference, and        activities during the year and   enforcement community under         central focus for
                             provide a report              target appropriate audience      MID and the need to work more       enforcement activities
                                                           participation.                   closely together to fulfil          will increase
                                                                                            requirements and maintain           inconsistency identified
        Legal Metrology                                                                     consumer protection requires a      by the NAO
        Conference                                                                          central focus. This conference
                                                           The conference will explore
                                                           different formats and delivery   provides the essential link
                                                           methods to find the most         between different organisations
                                                           effective method                 and individuals that affects the
                                                                                            consistency of enforcement in
                                                                                            the UK
                                                                                                                                                   Annex A

4.2.4   ENFORCEMENT          One annual meeting of all    To organise, host, attend and     Trading standards are not and       Failure to bring the new
        COUNCIL              organisations that have an   support what amounts to a         will not be the only agents         enforcement
                             enforcement role under the   national enforcement meeting      involved in the enforcement of      organisations within the
                             Weights and Measures Act.    that would include                the Weights and Measures Act.       current activities of
        Private and Public
                                                          representatives of both public    Some manufacturers are self         NWML will increase
                                                          and private enforcers. It would   verifiers and accredited            costs in the long run, as
                                                          include:                          certification bodies have an        two separate systems
                                                                                            important role. In the future       would have to be run.
                                                          •   representatives of self-
                                                                                            notified bodies may also come
                                                                                            from the private sector. There
                                                          •   quality assurance bodies      needs to be a forum for
                                                                                            discussion of issues of mutual
                                                          •   trade associations            interest particularly in light of
                                                          •   LWMAs                         the MID changes. This project
                                                                                            would set the seeds for
                                                          •   manufacturers                 development in future
                                                          It would develop through the      programmes where it might be
                                                          NMS program to include those      considered appropriate once
                                                          organisations which come          established to incorporate a
                                                          forward to be notified bodies     number of enforcement
                                                          under the MID and this            meetings together into some
                                                          represents a forum for them to    sort of national weights and
                                                          meet and learn from others.       measures enforcement council.
                                                                                            This type of development will
                                                                                            provide the necessary flexibility
                                                                                            to respond to the changing
                                                                                            enforcement infrastructure in
                                                                                            the UK and respond to EU and
                                                                                            global metrology initiatives.
                                                                                                                                                   Annex A

4.2.5   THE FORUM          Two meetings each year         Organise, administer, host and    Following the criticisms of the      The relationship
                           representing the formal        report on the activities of the   NAO and the PAC the metrology        between NWML,
        Biannual meetings
                           culmination of each 6          forum                             Forum is an essential tool for       LACORS and TSI, and
        with existing
                           months liaison work                                              Central Government and Local         NWML’s reputation
        representatives of
                           between NWML and the                                             Government to formalise and          would be damaged if
                           public enforcement bodies.                                       report their activities during the   such an open
                                                                                            year. It addresses the issue of      government forum did
        agencies.          Reports and actions being
                                                                                            being more joined up on              not take place. This
                           reported to all participants
                                                                                            weights and measures. It also        would directly impact
                                                                                            provides a two way forum             on the levels of support
                                                                                            helping to establish the             NWML receives in other
                                                                                            required risk assessment             areas of work.
                                                                                            statement required in NWML’s
                                                                                            annual report and accounts.
                                                                                            The role for LWMAs is changing
                                                                                            and influence at the
                                                                                            coordination point of the Local
                                                                                            Government Association
                                                                                            through meetings like this will
                                                                                            be essential to avoid
                                                                                            deterioration in overall
                                                                                            standards of provision.
                                                                                                                                                     Annex A

4.3: Market Surveillance and Inspections
This sub theme covers those specific responsibilities of the UK government designated under various EU and National legislation that NWML operates
on behalf of the Secretary of State. They include operational activities, putting in place and monitoring specific infrastructure components.
4.3.1   SoS FUNCTIONS         Annual report on activities   To undertake the functions        These functions are specifically    Change in the primary
                                                            specifically designated to the    prescribed under the Weights and    legislation.
        Specific functions
                                                            Secretary of State under the      Measures Act 1985 and are made
        of the secretary of                                                                                                       Formal action for failure
                                                            provisions of the Weights and     the responsibility of NWML
        state under the                                                                                                           to undertake statutory
                                                            Measures Act 1985 including:      through our relationship with the
        Weights and                                                                                                               obligations.
                                                                                              Secretary of State.
        Measures Act                                        •   Dispensations from the
        1985                                                    requirements of section 4
                                                                and section 101 of the
                                                                Local Government Act
                                                            •   Nominations under the
                                                                Weighing Instruments (EC)
                                                            •   Formal determinations
                                                                under section 15 of the Act
                                                            •   Formal opinions as to the
                                                                application of the
                                                                government stamp by self
                                                                verification companies
                                                            •   Determination and
                                                                approval of equipment as
                                                                Local or Working standards
                                                                and test equipment
                                                                through WM Specifications.
                                                            •   Quinquennial reports to be
                                                                laid before Parliament.
                                                            •   Requests for the supply of
                                                                equipment under section 4
                                                                of the Act
                                                                                                                                    Annex A

4.3.2   NAWI   Annual report on the         Prepare and undertake a            It is a function of the European    Reduced number of
               activities relating to the   series of activities designed to   Member State, and thus the SoS      authorised persons
               market surveillance of non   provide confidence in the          under the Non – automatic           being made available to
               automatic weighing           operation of the EU Directive      Weighing Instruments Directive      undertake the work.
               instruments                  in the UK                          to undertake market surveillance
                                                                                                                   Issues of commercial
                                                                               activities on weighing machines.
                                            The focus for these activities                                         confidentiality are
                                            will vary according to             The activities confirm that the     breached.
                                            evidence provided, previous        verification procedures are
                                                                                                                   UK is unable to
                                            activities and the scoping of      working and, if this is found not
                                                                                                                   demonstrate as
                                            each activity.                     to be the case, to identify
                                                                                                                   required that goods
                                                                               problems quickly so as to ensure
                                            Whilst not fully determined at                                         being placed on the
                                                                               that the market is not distorted
                                            this stage topics of concern                                           market appropriately.
                                                                               and that consumers are protected
                                            might include:
                                                                               from short measure.
                                            •   equipment performance at
                                                environmental extremes
                                            •   electromagnetic
                                                compatibility in sensitive
                                                or high risk environments
                                            •   the use and security of
                                                software and its
                                            •   appropriate type approval
                                            •   the use of incorrect or
                                                partial documentation by
                                                initial verifiers
                                                                                                                                                Annex A

4.3.3   MID                Scoping study on the         Prepare a report in 2007      The rationale for this project is      Availability of
                           possibilities for market     outlining the scope and       similar to NAWI extending the          competent personnel to
                           surveillance of other        activities that would have to member state obligations to a          undertake the
                           weighing and measuring       be undertaken to fulfil       wider range of instrument              functions.
                           instruments                  obligations for market        categories. It is likely that there
                                                        surveillance under the variouswill be some opportunities to
                                                        MID instrument categories     combine market surveillance            UK is unable to
                                                                                      activities across all instrument       demonstrate as
                                                        In year 3 of the programme
                                                                                      types in future programmes but         required that goods be
                                                        undertake market surveillance
                                                                                      until the legislation is               placed on the market
                                                        activities as agreed
                                                                                      implemented the extent of this         appropriately.
                                                                                      synergy is unknown.
4.3.4   SV INSPECTIONS     An annual report             •   Organise an appropriate     This project is necessary to fulfil   Consumer protection will
                           summarising the results and      number of inspections each  the obligations of the SoS in         be compromised and
        Monitoring of      recommendations of the           year (10)                   monitoring the effectiveness of the manufacturers will have
        approved verifiers inspection visits undertaken •   Consider the report from    deregulation of the Weights and       to operate under unfair
                                                            each inspection visit       Measures Act section 11a              competition if approved
                                                        •   Take follow up actions as   The continuation of the monitoring verifiers or anyone
                                                            necessary                   programme of approved verifiers initially verifying
                                                        •   Produce annual reports      to ensure continued compliance        equipment being placed
                                                        •   Maintain the register of    with the conditions of their          on the market does not
                                                            companies                   approvals and compliance of           meet strict standards of
                                                                                        verified equipment with the           operation.
                                                                                        relevant regulations and type
4.3.5   SUPERVISION OF Reports to European             Manage the programme of          To fulfil the UK’s obligations as the Failure to manage these
        NOTIFIED BODIES Commission as required by      auditing for the Notified Bodies responsible body for the              provisions will result in
                        the NAWI Directive on the      under NAWI Directive including monitoring of the activities of         infraction proceedings
                        status of notified bodies on   Accredited Certification Bodies Notified Bodies under NAWI and         from the EU and will
                        the UK                                                          MID.                                  damage the ability of UK
                                                       Over the course of the                                                 companies to compete in
                                                       programme develop the                                                  the EU arena.
                                                       current system to meet the
                                                       needs of the MID after
                                                       implementation growing the
                                                       program from one instrument
                                                       category to possible eight.
                                                                                                                                               Annex A

THEME 5: Innovation
5.1: Fuel Delivery Issues
Aims: This part of the programme underpins the competitiveness, product development, and compliance of industries involved with weights and
measures. In addition it ensures that the government is properly informed and correctly positioned in relation to weights and measures issues
regarding new technology, alternative fuels and contentious issues. Finally it addresses problems that NWML has become aware of as the regulator
and approvals body for existing technologies and their development.

Ref     Title              Deliverable                  Activities                      Rationale                       Risks

5.1.1   Investigation into Report                       Research and write report,       Dispensers are tested using    H&S issues may, in future,
        alternative way of                              make available on website.       calibrated volume              prohibit the testing of
        testing fuel                                                                     standards. These are           dispensers using volumetric
                                                        To present a good technical
        dispensers                                                                       increasingly subject to        standards, thus leading to
                                                        study NWML intends to make
                                                                                         health and safety issues       breakdown in enforcement of
                                                        use of information coming
                                                                                         which are making their         these instruments and
                                                        from the NMS Flow
                                                                                         usage difficult. It has been   possibly increased levels of
                                                        Programme, operated by NEL.
                                                                                         asked if NWML could see if     fraud.
                                                        Therefore NWML intends to
                                                                                         there was an alternative
                                                        make use of the NEL report                                      Funding may not be
                                                                                         way of testing not using
                                                        on the suitability of meters for                                forthcoming for the Flow
                                                                                         these standards.
                                                        trade products, such as petrol                                  Programme project.
                                                        and diesel to replace open
                                                        volume measures. NWML will
                                                        also test the NEL Coriolis
                                                        metering package on a garage
                                                        forecourt for operational
                                                                                                                                                    Annex A

5.1.2   Co-ordination of   NWML will submit a           • Liaise with the relevant       To ensure that relevant fuel      Failure to receive input from
        fuel delivery      progress and strategy           stakeholders and project      delivery projects at NWML         the relevant stakeholders.
        projects – legal   report for the DTI and for      leaders and exchange          are co-ordinated efficiently
                                                                                                                           Failure to achieve stakeholder
        metrology issues   the private sector              information on the fuel       and delivered in co-
                                                                                                                           agreement on the issues
                           stakeholders                    delivery issues and projects  operation with related
                                                           in hand at NWML.              projects of other
                                                                                         Government stakeholders
                                                        • Co-ordinate the relevant
                                                                                         so that overall objectives
                                                          fuel delivery projects so that
                                                                                         are achieved.
                                                          all the fuel delivery and
                                                          legal metrology issues are
                                                          clearly considered to
                                                          achieve the stakeholder
                                                          objectives (March 2005 to
                                                          March 2008).

5.1.3   Measurement of     1. Produce interim report on NWML will measure or              To comply with                        Oil suppliers will not
        vapour for duty    the way ahead and costs.     estimate the quantity of          environmental and health         permit NWML to carry out
        purposes                                        vapour clawed back from the       legislation, the oil suppliers   Stage 1A measurements on
                           2. Produce final report that
                                                        retailer during each of the       recover liquid fuel vapour       their premises
                           quantifies the vapour
                                                        vapour recovery stages 1A         that would have been
                           typically recovered during                                                                          Distributors will not
                                                        and 1B.                           displaced into the
                           each of the vapour recovery                                                                     permit NWML to carry out
                                                                                          atmosphere during the
                           stages 1A and 1B and                                                                            Stage 1B measurements on
                                                                                          supply processes. This has
                           proposes how a credit note                                                                      road tankers
                                                                                          been paid for by the retailer
                           should be calculated.
                                                                                          but the supplier does not             Finding a suitable petrol
                                                                                          recompense him for it. With      test site on which to develop
                                                                                          small profit margins, the        the test equipment
                                                                                          loss could be significant for
                                                                                          the retailer.
                                                                                                                                                      Annex A

5.1.4   Provision of test   1. Write feasibility report   NWML will ascertain the           Defra is proposing                    Finding a suitable petrol
        facility for        giving way ahead & costs.     technical and safety              legislation to make Stage 2      test site
        assessing vapour                                  requirements of such a facility   vapour recovery systems
                            2. Write final report                                                                                 Getting Petroleum Officer
        recovery                                          and will design it accordingly    mandatory in the UK.
                                                                                                                             safety approval
                                                                                            NWML is responsible for the
                                                                                            type approval of fuel                  NWML will be unlikely to
                                                                                            dispensers in the UK and         attract any fuel dispenser
                                                                                            intends to become a              type approval work post-MID
                                                                                            Notified Body for the same,      if there is no suitable test
                                                                                            post-MID. Testing Stage 2        facility
                                                                                            vapour recovery systems
                                                                                            will become an integral part
                                                                                            of type approval and NWML
                                                                                            will require the facilities to
                                                                                            do this.
5.1.5   Temperature         1. Write feasibility report   NWML will determine the           To determine how                 Finding suitable test sites and
        compensation in     giving way ahead & costs.     technical and legal metrology     temperature compensation         rigs.
        meter measuring                                   requirements for temperature      may be applied at the
                            2. Write final report.                                                                           The cost of modifying existing
        systems                                           compensation to be applied at     tanker loading and
                                                                                                                             meters or pipelines
                                                          the various stages and for        unloading points and at the
                                                          type approval and verification    filling station. Temperature
                                                                                            compensation ensures a
                                                                                            fairer delivery to the
                                                                                            customer at these stages in
                                                                                            the liquid fuel delivery
                                                                                                                                                Annex A

5.1.6   Operational     1. Write project plan giving        Liaise with LACORS and     Before the VOC Directive            TSDs might not wish to
        accuracy of     way ahead & costs.             HMCE to see if a joint exercise was implemented for road        become involved. If so, oil
        gantry meters                                  is possible.                    tankers (31/12/99) HMCE         companies might refuse
                        2. Write final report
                                                                                       found that 3% of duty           access to their depots.
                                                            Agree on legal tolerances
                                                                                       loading points were out of
                                                       and accuracies.                                                     HMCE might not wish to
                                                                                       specification. Since that
                                                                                                                       become involved in which
                                                            Identify suitable third-   implementation date filling
                                                                                                                       case all of the costs would fall
                                                       part calibration companies      station retailers have been
                                                                                                                       on NWML
                                                                                       obliged to receive deliveries
                                                            Carry out measurements measured at the loading
                                                                                                                            Calibration companies
                                                       at selected oil depots          point only. Many of these       might not wish to become
                                                       nationwide                      loading points are not duty     involved in case it prejudices
                                                                                       points and are not subject      their relationship with the oil
                                                                                       to surveillance. The aim of     companies. If so the project
                                                                                       the project is determine        would collapse, as NWML
                                                                                       what the gantry meter           does not have the equipment
                                                                                       accuracy is nation-wide with    to proceed
                                                                                       a view to ensuring that the
                                                                                       required accuracies and
                                                                                       tolerances are met.
5.1.7   LPG – Provide   (Assuming a pressurised            Continue liaison with        (Continues on from 2.3.7 in    At the end of 2003 there
        traceable       volume proving tank has        LPGA, TSDs and industry          previous programme)            were 1272 retail sites selling
        standard.       been procured and tested                                        NWML has advised TSDs          some 200 million litres of LPG
                                                           Buy and validate a
                        under 2002 – 05                                                 and industry to use Coriolis   as vehicle fuel. There is no
                        programme)                                                      meters as the working          traceable system in place for
                                                           Buy pump, hoses etc to       standard to calibrate and      the calibration or testing of
                            Provision of a suitable
                                                       provide stand-alone system.      test LPG fuel dispensers.      these fuel dispensers.
                        density standard to
                                                                                        However there is no facility
                        calibrate the density               This project is linked to                                  Funding may not be
                                                                                        to calibrate these meters
                        measurement function of        the NMS Flow Programme                                          forthcoming for the Flow
                                                                                        with LPG within the UK.
                        Coriolis meters.               operated by NEL. Under that                                     Programme Project.
                                                       programme NEL will supply a
                           Provision of a
                                                       Coriolis metering package for
                        standalone system for
                                                       testing on LPG with the
                        volume and density.
                                                       intention of establishing a
                                                       correlation between the
                                                       NWML proving tank (water)
                                                       and an external test facility
                                                       operating with LPG.
                                                                                                                                                  Annex A

5.2: Technical Research

5.2.1   Study into        Report                        Research into internet           Control of weighing and         If NWML does not keep
        internet                                        embedded technologies,           measuring instruments is        abreast of this technology
        embedded                                        production of report             already possible over the       there is a danger that the
        technologies in                                                                  internet. This ability is       approval criteria / regulations
        weighing &                                                                       powerful and potentially        for type approval remain
        measuring                                                                        leads to greater efficiencies   static thus preventing the
        instruments                                                                      for the users and               introduction of new and
                                                                                         manufacturers of these          innovative instruments using
                                                                                         instruments. However, if        this technology.
                                                                                         they are used for legal
                                                                                         purposes modifications via
                                                                                         the web must be scrutinised
                                                                                         and approved to safeguard
                                                                                         fair and legal use of the
5.2.2   Research into     Report with independent set   Research and liaison with axle   The current approval            If axle weights are not
        reference axle    of test results with proven   weighing manufacturers to        system does not allow           determined correctly then
        weight            test procedures that can be   determine a traceable method     approval of all types of axle   there is a risk that
        determination     globally viewed.              of axle weight determination.    weighers, as they tend to       enforcement of legislation is
                                                        Effects of side loadings and     reflect current (not new)       impossible e.g. prosecution
                                                        inclines.                        technology. This research       failures of overloaded
                                                                                         is to see if determination of   vehicles that cause damage
                                                                                         axle weights using novel        to UK roads.
                                                                                         techniques is possible.
                                                                                                                                               Annex A

THEME 6: Provision of Facilities
Aims: In this part of the programme, the theme aims to underpin the infrastructure required to ensure that the statutory legal metrological
requirements for trade and other legal measurements are carried out in the UK. NWML forms part of the UK national measurement system for
weighing and measuring for trade purposes. With the introduction of new approach directives, this scope has been widened to include other legal
purposes such as: weighing for pharmaceutical applications, medical diagnosis and monitoring of patients, road traffic enforcement, and other
applications covered by UK regulations. Legal metrology is implemented under criminal law and potential prosecutions must be proven "beyond all
reasonable doubt". Therefore it is absolutely vital that legal measurements remain beyond question as regards their integrity. It follows that
measurements made under legal control must (as a minimum) be fully traceable to national standards.

6.1: Facilitating traceability of legal measurements made throughout the UK

Ref     Title              Deliverable                  Activities                        Rationale                     Risks

6.1.1   Recalibration      Annual summary report on         Check calibration status of   The standards maintained      Non-traceable measurements
        Programme          maintaining standards in     all equipment required            by NWML must be tested        may be challenged legally –
                           accordance with ISO 17025                                      and calibrated in turn        leading to a breakdown of the
                                                            Check procedures for
                                                                                          against higher accuracy       enforcement of weights and
                                                        current level of Tertiary level
                                                                                          standards. This function is   measures legislation.
                                                                                          essential to maintain the
                                                           Status of balances to be       traceability of legal
                                                        checked for performance and       measurements throughout
                                                        tests to be carried out where     the UK.
                                                           Calibrations on standards
                                                        to be performed and results
                                                        recorded in standards book
                                                           Annual asset check to be
                                                        performed in accordance with
                                                        appropriate requirements
                                                                                                                                                        Annex A

6.1.2   Reverification and Certificates for Local           The organisation of and            To reduce burden on Local      A reduction in the number of
        audit tour for local Standards on behalf of the     participation in a tour of Local   Authority trading standard     Local Authorities that hold
        authorities          Secretary of State.            Authorities that require           departments.                   Local Standards
                                                            standards verification
                            Reports of each authority’s                                        To ensure a sufficient level A failure of Local Authorities
                            ability to maintain and         The regular audit of               of standards are maintained to maintain standards and
                            provide legally traceable       authorities to ensure they are     to provide legally traceable equipment
                            measurement.                    fit to perform legally traceable   measurement for trade
                                                            measurements                       throughout the UK.
                                                                                               To assist and co ordinate in
                                                                                               the delivery of legal
                                                                                               metrology as directed by
                                                                                               the Secretary of State.
6.1.3   Standards           Annual summary report on        Development and                    NWML forms part of the UK      Uncalibrated test equipment
        maintenance in      the activities carried out to   maintenance of the type            national measurement           may lead to incorrect test
        support of type     develop and maintain the        approval testing equipment /       system for weighing and        results. Type approvals
        approval            type approval testing           facilities in accordance with      measuring instruments          subsequently issued may
                            facilities in accordance with   the requirements of ISO17025       used for trade. Under          therefore be invalid. Should
                            ISO17025.                                                          section 12 of the Weights      this happen, NWML’s
                                                            Monthly checks on: RFI field
                                                                                               and Measures Act 1985,         international credibility will be
                                                            strength, ESD, burst
                                                                                               there is a statutory           lost and there will be
                                                            generator, drift analysis, RFI
                                                                                               requirement that               commercial issues for
                                                            uniform area, conducted and
                                                                                               instruments to be used for     manufacturers if the validity
                                                            radiated emissions;
                                                                                               trade must be submitted to     of their approvals are
                                                            Monthly technical forums and       the secretary of State         challenged or declared invalid
                                                            technical performance audits.      (NWML) to be examined for
                                                                                               their suitability for trade
                                                            Quarterly RFI chamber safety       use i.e. they must be type
                                                            check.                             approved. Similarly, NWML
                                                            Annual asset checks                is a notified body for type
                                                                                               approval and unit
                                                            Bi-annual environmental            verification under directive
                                                            chamber uniform area checks        90/384/EEC. Again, testing
                                                            Calibration and maintenance        equipment in support of
                                                            of all test equipment used in      type approval must be
                                                            support of type approval.          traceable for this purpose.
                                                                                                                                                Annex A

6.1.4   Measurement          Summary report on the        Evaluation of contributing    NWML forms part of the          If uncertainties are not
        Uncertainties for    uncertainty budgets that     factors in type approval      national measurement            evaluated then the validity of
        testing in support   have been written/revised.   testing, experimental         system for legal metrology      NWML’s testing results may
        of type approval                                  measurement of testing,       purposes. Section 12 of the     be challenged as the test
                                                          evaluation of test results,   Weights and Measures Act        results may decide whether a
                                                          calculation of uncertainty    1985 places a statutory         weighing or measuring
                                                          budgets                       requirement that weighing       instrument is granted type
                                                                                        and measuring instruments       approval. This would seriously
                                                                                        are “suitable for trade use”    harm UK manufacturers, who
                                                                                        – i.e. they are type            require NWML type approvals
                                                                                        approved. Type approval         to allow their weighing and
                                                                                        testing is required to          measuring instruments onto
                                                                                        determine whether               UK, European and world
                                                                                        instruments meet the legal      markets.
                                                                                        tolerances for trade use.
                                                                                        The testing is carried out in
                                                                                        accordance with ISO17025.
                                                                                        This standard requires
                                                                                        calculation of
                                                                                        uncertainty budgets. It is
                                                                                        also best measurement
                                                                                        practice to evaluate
                                                                                        uncertainties of
                                                                                                                                             Annex A

6.1.5   Measurement         Produce/amend Uncertainty     Research and plan         NWML ensures traceability       These actions will bring about
        Uncertainties for   budgets and produce       additions / amendments to     of all legal measurements       increases in efficiency where
        calibration         records and reports as    current uncertainty budgets   of mass, length and volume      production of budgets is
                            required.                                               in the UK. Measurement          required. Trade customers of
                                                          Produce budgets
                                                                                    standards are maintained        local authorities will have
                                                           Create / update          and used by NWML to             increased confidence in the
                                                       spreadsheets                 calibrate the standards held    system of weights and
                                                                                    by local authority trading      measures in their facilities, as
                                                          Assess findings           standards that in turn          well as their competitors. The
                                                                                    enforce weights and             foundation for calibration
                                                                                    measures legislation            work will be stronger,
                                                                                    throughout the UK.              opening up the possibilities
                                                                                    Calibration of standards by     for future development.
                                                                                    definition requires the
                                                                                    associated uncertainties to
                                                                                    be evaluated and stated.
                                                                                    This requirement is also
                                                                                    mandatory under the
                                                                                    international calibration and
                                                                                    testing standard IEC/ISO
                                                                                    17025 to which NWML
                                                                                    complies with. Local
                                                                                    authorities will be provided
                                                                                    with more accurate
                                                                                    information through a
                                                                                    practical and transparent
                                                                                    process. This will enable
                                                                                    them to maintain and
                                                                                    develop their laboratories
                                                                                    and provide the necessary
                                                                                    services to ensure fair and
                                                                                    level trading environments.
                                                                                    This will be of greater
                                                                                    relevance with changes to
                                                                                    legislation that will bring
                                                                                    higher accuracy equipment
                                                                                    under their responsibility
                                                                                                                                                 Annex A

6.1.6   Laboratory Inter-   Production of                •   Liaison with another NMS    NWML carries out type           If testing is not assured then
        comparison          intercomparison report.          and agree scope of          approval of weighing &          the validity of NWML’s type
        exercise                                             intercomparison             measuring instruments.          approvals may be challenged.
                                                                                         Testing in support of type      This may lead to non-
                                                         •   Acquire instrument to be
                                                                                         approval is carried out in      acceptance of NWML type
                                                                                         accordance with ISO17025.       approvals world-wide thus
                                                         •   Carry out intercomparison   This standard has a             disadvantaging users and
                                                                                         mandatory requirement for       manufacturers of weighing
                                                         •   Write up test report and    "assuring the quality of test   and measuring instruments
                                                             intercomparison report.     and calibration results".
                                                                                         One of the ways to meet
                                                                                         this requirement is by
                                                                                         participation in inter-
                                                                                         laboratory comparison.
6.1.7   Type approval       Summary report on the        Production and publication of   Manufacturers and trading       If certificates are not
        certificates        type approval certificates   type approval certificates in   standards officers require      published then manufacturers
                            and WMs that have been       standard format. Publication    NWML type approval              / TSOs will not be able to get
                            published, and the stamp     of monthly WM bulletin. Issue   certificates to enforce type    new weighing and measuring
                            numbers issued or            of ‘stamp’ numbers to local     approved weighing and           instruments onto the market
                            amended.                     authority trading standards     measuring instruments           and TSOs will not be able to
                                                         officers.                       approved under section 12       carry out inspections of those
                                                                                         of the Weights and              instruments already on the
                                                                                         Measures Act 1985. These        market.
                                                                                         same certificates are also
                                                                                         required by TSOs to enforce
                                                                                         the legislation under
                                                                                         inspection. The TSOs
                                                                                         "stamp" the equipment
                                                                                         using their unique number
                                                                                         issued by NWML.
                                                                                                                                                   Annex A

6.1.8   Minor               A summary report of the        Liaison with weighing and       Once a type approval has       If NWML does not maintain a
        Modifications for   number of minor                measuring instrument            been issued, the design is     complete record of the minor
        manufacturers of    modifications made             manufacturers and additions     'frozen'. Any changes to       changes to approved
        weighing and        (typically in the region of 20 to instrument design            the design must be notified    instruments then there is a
        measuring           per year)                      documentation file records at   to and approved by NWML.       danger that enforcement
        instruments                                        NWML.                           However, some changes of       bodies in both the UK and
                                                                                           a minor issue that do not      overseas will disqualify the
                                                                                           require re-testing of the      validity of these instruments
                                                                                           instrument simply need to      thus disadvantaging both the
                                                                                           be added to the type           users and manufacturers.
                                                                                           approval technical file.
                                                                                           Thus NWML has the latest
                                                                                           information on instruments
                                                                                           that appear on the market
                                                                                           and is therefore able to
                                                                                           answer enquiries from TSOs
                                                                                           enforcing the legislation in
                                                                                           the UK, or questions from
                                                                                           overseas authorities who
                                                                                           need confirmation that the
                                                                                           instrument is legal.

6.1.9   Information to      Quarterly disks to EMeTAS     Input information on new         The database is an essential   No up-to-date list of
        EMeTAS              to update database.           certificates as issued           tool in handling non-          certificates issued, making it
                                                                                           automatic weighing             difficult for NWML to answer
                            Annual reports to the         Quarterly return to EMeTAS
                                                                                           instruments under the New      queries
                            WELMEC Committee.
                                                                                           Approach. UK support for
                                                                                                                          List of type approvals not
                                                                                           this project ensures UK
                                                                                                                          available to inform decisions
                                                                                                                          about focus of market
                                                                                           EMeTAS is possible model       surveillance
                                                                                           for information system for
                                                                                                                          UK unable to discharge
                                                                                                                          obligation to make
                                                                                                                          information available to other
                                                                                                                          member states
                                                                                                                                                 Annex A

6.1.10 Letters of         A summary report of the        Issue letters of dispensation   For some types of               Without this, manufacturers
       Dispensation for   number of dispensation         on request. Copies go to        automatic weighing              would not be able to get their
       manufacturers of   letters issued (typically 15   NWML, manufacturer and          instruments, specific           instruments onto the market,
       weighing and       per year).                     local authority TSD.            regulations to cover them       and users would not be able
       measuring                                                                         are not or were not             to use their instruments. This
       instruments                                                                       available e.g. for automatic    is due to a shortcoming in the
                                                                                         road weighbridges,              legislation.
                                                                                         catchweighers, and railway
                                                                                         weighbridges. In this case
                                                                                         NWML can approve them
                                                                                         under a general regulation
                                                                                         but must "dispense" with
                                                                                         the generic requirements
                                                                                         and substitute them with
                                                                                         requirements as required.
                                                                                         This "letter of dispensation"
                                                                                         is a statutory function
                                                                                         carried out on behalf of the
                                                                                         Secretary of State.
                                                                                                                                                    Annex A

6.2: Development of calibration and testing facilities
6.2.1   EMC Immunity         Summary report detailing        Research into the EMC            NWML is a notified body for    If NWML's type approval
        testing facilities   the testing specifications      standards and the testing        type approval and unit         service does not have the
                             called up by the MID and        equipment required for testing   verification under directive   testing equipment to perform
                             revised OIML                    to these standards               90/384/EEC and almost          the tests called up under MID
                             Recommendations and the                                          certainly will be under the
                                                                                                                             then NWML will not be able to
                             EMC test equipment                                               forthcoming measuring
                             required to enable the                                           instruments directive. EMC     compete with the other
                             testing to be carried out for                                    testing equipment must be      European type approval
                             type approvals under MID.                                        capable to carry out the       laboratories which may put UK
                                                                                              type approval tests            manufacturers at a
                                                                                              specified in the IEC           commercial disadvantage.
                                                                                              standards and called up by
                                                                                              the MID and the latest OIML
                                                                                              Currently NWML's EMC
                                                                                              testing facilities are not
                                                                                              capable of meeting these
                                                                                              technical requirements, e.g.
                                                                                              RFI immunity testing up to
                                                                                              4 GHz, surge immunity,
                                                                                              harmonics/flicker testing
                                                                                                                                                 Annex A

6.3: Statutory Requirements
6.3.1   Trial of the Pyx   Reports and records of       •   Liaison with Goldsmiths      To maintain and calibrate      If we do not participate, this
                           measurements made                Hall                         trial standards, as directed   is in breach of the Coinage
                           annually                                                      by the Coinage Act.            Act.
                                                        •   Calibration of coin
                                                            standards and trial plates
                                                        •   Attendance at trial and
                                                            verdict court meetings.
6.3.2   Annual report and Annual Report and Accounts    • Proposing content, look,       Produced and presented to      If we do not place the Annual
        accounts          to be presented to               theme and flow of             Parliament in pursuance of     Report and Accounts before
                          Parliament on or before the      document to CE and            section 5 of the Exchequer     Parliament by the set date
                          required date each year          Directors of NWML and to      and Audit Departments Act      NWML would be in breach of
                                                           Steering Board                1921.                          section 7 of the Government
                                                                                                                        Resources and Accounts Act
                                                        • Collecting contributions       To advance a wider
                                                                                         understanding between the
                                                        • Arranging printing
                                                                                         three main elements of
                                                        • Proof reading                  legal metrology in the UK,
                                                                                         namely, NWML,
                                                        • Ensure AR&A placed before      manufacturers and trading
                                                          Parliament                     standards officers.
                                                        • Distribute copies
                                                                                                                                                   Annex A

6.4 Provision of Approved and Notified Auditing Services
6.4.1   Provision of        UKAS accreditation for all   Training                        NWML should maintain an         One private sector notified
        approved and        delivered services                                           auditing capability as          body for ‘self verification’ has
                                                         Maintenance of systems
        notified auditing                                                                regulator and notified body.    already withdrawn for
                            Maintaining systems for
        services                                         Extension of scope of work to   It is a member state            commercial reasons. Others
                                                         cover new directive             responsibility to have          are reviewing their
                            Maintenance of expertise                                     systems in place to ensure      continuation. If all the
                                                         UKAS assessments                continuity of control over      notified bodies withdrew then
                            Continued service to UK                                      present and future notified     organisations already
                            industry                                                     bodies. Where there is a        approved to self-verify would
                            Fulfilment of member state                                   withdrawal of notification it   no longer be supported. This
                            responsibility                                               is the responsibility of the    would adversely affect UK-
                                                                                         member state to ensure          based organisations.
                            Notified body for MID                                        another notified body takes
                            modules D, D1, E, E1, H                                      over the approvals (Ref:
                            and H1                                                       ‘Blue Guide’ para 6.2.2).
                                                                                                                                                Annex A

THEME 7: Knowledge Transfer
7.1: Knowledge Transfer
Aims: Knowledge Transfer (KT) is a crucial component of the Work Programme for NWML. It enables UK industry and other stakeholders direct
access to the technological and regulatory expertise developed in the Work Programme. It also enables communication between NWML and
international bodies involved in legal metrology. It is vital that NWML has sufficient communication channels available to its customers, prospective
customers and stakeholders in order that two way knowledge transfer can take place.

Ref     Title               Deliverable                   Activities                      Rationale                       Risks

7.1.1   Website             Design of new pages /         Researching stakeholder         To advance a wider           The internet has become
                            sections as audience needs    opinions on how we should       understanding between the    perhaps the most used and
                            change.                       continue to develop the NWML    three main elements of legal most effective method of
                                                          website.                        metrology in the UK, namely, communicating with our
                            More sophisticated
                                                                                          NWML, manufacturers and      customers / stakeholders.
                            interaction, e.g.            Working with outside
                                                                                          trading standards officers.  Failing to continually
                            improvement in online        contractor to implement
                                                                                                                       develop and update the
                            forms for NWML services,     improvements                    To make it easier and quicker
                                                                                                                       NWML website will result in
                            research required content                                    for stakeholders to
                                                         Addition / deletion and editing                               a breakdown in
                            for discussion forums,                                       communicate with NWML
                                                         of pages using HTML and ASP                                   communication with this
                            easier feedback channels
                                                         development skills.                                           audience, e.g. they will no
                            from users to NWML,
                                                         Management of site                                            longer be alerted to:
                            continue to make
                                                         navigation and user interface,
                            improvements to the speed                                                                   • Legislative changes
                                                         ensuring all parts are easily
                            in which updates are carried
                                                         accessible and sign-posting                                    • Latest metrology news
                                                         new sections.
                                                                                                                        • Legal metrology
                                                         Ensuring NWML website                                              meetings
                                                         conforms to the Government
                                                                                                                        • Discussion forums
                                                         Accessibility Guidelines.
                                                                                                                       NWML customers and
                                                         Re-working of supplied
                                                                                                                       stakeholders will no longer
                                                         content into correct web
                                                                                                                       have access to the
                                                         format, e.g. manipulation /
                                                                                                                       technological and regulatory
                                                         optimisation of images.
                                                                                                                       expertise developed as part
                                                         Development of microsites for                                 of the Legal Metrology
                                                         specific audience segments.                                   Programme.
                                                                                                                                            Annex A

7.1.2   Enquiry Line   Report to NMSD from the      •   Continue to develop an       NWML receives hundreds of       NWML and its customers /
                       NWML enquiry line system         NWML enquiry line system     enquiries every month. A        stakeholders will suffer
                       on the type and number of                                     system is needed to             from a lack of information /
                                                    •   All NWML staff to continue
                       enquiries NWML receives,                                      document the enquiries, to      documentation on incoming
                                                        to use enquiry line system
                       the responses given, the                                      trace how quickly the           enquiries / outgoing
                                                        to answer / log all
                       FAQs developed as a result                                    enquiries are answered and      responses. This will result in
                       of these enquiries, and                                       to see how the enquiries were   inefficiencies (duplication of
                       customer satisfaction (if    •   Report to NMSD from the      answered. Some form of          effort) in not being able to
                       possible).                       enquiry line system on:      measurement feedback will       provide standard responses
                                                        numbers and types of         have to be put in place in      where possible. NWML will
                                                        enquiries, content of        order to find out if the        not have access to
                                                        enquiries, responses given   enquiries are handled in a      information on type and
                                                        and time taken.              satisfactory method.            content of enquiries to
                                                                                                                     assist in development of
                                                    •   Monitor the use of the       NWML’s funders require this
                                                                                                                     future work programmes.
                                                        system.                      more sophisticated
                                                                                                                     Would lead to inefficient use
                                                                                     information on enquiries in
                                                                                                                     of NMSD funding for
                                                                                     order to keep funding NWML
                                                                                                                     responding to enquiries.
                                                                                     enquiry service.
                                                                                     To advance a wider
                                                                                     understanding between the
                                                                                     three main elements of legal
                                                                                     metrology in the UK, namely,
                                                                                     NWML, manufacturers and
                                                                                     trading standards officers.
                                                                                                                                               Annex A

7.1.3   Publications and   •   NWML Now to be            •   Gathering stories / news       Inform readers of the        Lack of understanding and
        Conferences            produced twice a year         from customers and         latest news in UK legal          awareness amongst our
                                                             stakeholders               metrology, including updates     customers and stakeholders
                                                                                        on progress with legislation,    of how NWML can and does
                                                         •   Editing and seeking
                           •   Guide entitled ‘the                                      NWML events and training         benefit UK industry and
                                                             permission to publish from
                               importance of weights                                    courses.                         consumers. No hard-copy
                               and measures for trade’                                                                   backup of information /
                                                                                            To advance a wider
                                                         •   Proof reading and                                           news alerts from the NWML
                                                                                        understanding and
                                                             dispersion                                                  website – more than one
                                                                                        appreciation of what NWML
                                                                                                                         communication channel
                                                         •   Updating stakeholder       does and how we benefit
                                                             database                   industry and consumers. As
                                                                                        an Executive Agency of the       Customers and stakeholders
                                                         •   Agreement on content of    DTI we are responsible for       would be less able and less
                                                             guide                      informing and educating our      inclined to help shape
                                                         •   Production of guide        stakeholders of our purpose      future programmes on
                                                                                        and the benefits we offer        critical issues such as
                                                                                        industry and consumers.          technical innovation,
                                                                                                                         modernisation of legislation,
                                                                                                                         international co-operation
                                                                                                                         and development, and legal
                                                                                                                         metrology enforcement.

                                                         Prepare for and attend five    NWML has been attending          NWML has been attending
                                                         exhibitions or conferences per shows such as Pakex, Inspex,     shows such as Pakex,
                           Reports on attendance at
                                                         year                           and PPMA for several years       Inspex, and PPMA for
                           conferences and exhibitions
                                                                                        running and it is generally      several years running and it
                                                                                        accepted that NWML is            is generally accepted that
                                                                                        approaching saturation point     NWML is approaching
                                                                                        amongst this audience that       saturation point amongst
                                                                                        visits/exhibit at these shows.   this audience that
                                                                                        So effort has been put into      visits/exhibit at these
                                                                                        identifying alternative shows    shows. So effort has been
                                                                                        which will help NWML to raise    put into identifying
                                                                                        awareness of its services        alternative shows which will
                                                                                                                         help NWML to raise
                                                                                                                         awareness of its services
                                                                                                                                                 Annex A

                          Press articles                •   Deciding on stories /       To promote national                Lack of awareness of how
                                                            activities to report on     standards of metrology in the      NWML’s services and the
                                                                                        UK and to help ensure that         National Measurement
                                                        •   Writing the articles
                                                                                        adequate funding is given to       System benefit UK industry
                                                        •   Organising photography      local authorities to provide       and consumers
                                                                                        these standards. To
                                                        •   Sending to press and        encourage funding from local
                                                            following up                authorities to trading
                                                        •   Creating a press file       standards officers engaged in
                                                                                        the provision of legal services
                                                                                        amongst a wider range of

7.1.4   Legal Metrology   To hold a series of           •   Researching target          To advance a wider                 Lack of accessible means of
        Publicity         Roadshow Meetings around          audience / prospective      understanding between the          contributing to help shape
                          January 2007.                     audience                    three main elements of legal       existing and future NWML
                                                        •   Agreeing themes and         metrology in the UK, namely,       work programmes,
                          Document and use received         content of road shows       NWML, manufacturers and            therefore the shaping of the
                          contributions to help shape   •   Notifying audience          trading standards officers,        content and rationale for
                          NWML’s existing and future    •   Booking venues              and to find out what projects      existing and future work
                          work.                         •   Implementing road shows     NWML should be engaged in          programmes will be under-
                                                        •   Documenting discussion      for the future. This will assist   represented by NWML’s
                                                            and feedback                the DTI Formulation                customers and stakeholders
                                                        •   Making feedback available   Programme in 2007
                                                            to audience and
                                                            demonstrating resultant
                                                            effects and actions
                                                                                                                                         Annex A

7.1.5   Technical      Attend 4 meetings each        •   Attend regular meetings   NWML are occasionally           If we do not attend such
        Meetings and   financial year, and provide       such as the Mass Club and requested to serve on           meetings we will not be
        Mass Club      reports                           BSI                       committees or attend ad hoc     correctly informed and less
                                                                                   meetings associated with the    able to make appropriate
                                                     •   Attend ad hoc meetings as
                                                                                   work of NWML. Attendance is     regulatory decisions
                                                                                   needed to keep abreast of
                                                                                                                   We will lose contact with
                                                                                   technical work, contribute to
                                                                                                                   some of our stakeholders
                                                                                   international standards on
                                                                                                                   and will not be able to
                                                                                   metrology, advise on weights
                                                                                                                   represent them
                                                                                   and measures issues, and
                                                                                   understand the needs of         Standards may be written
                                                                                   other interested groups.        without due consideration
                                                                                   Typical meetings include NMS    to legal metrology
                                                                                   Mass Club, BSI, EI, PRA,        requirements
                                                                                   UKAS, and EMC TLA.
                                                                                                                                              Annex A

7.2 Knowledge Transfer to Manufacturers
7.2.1   Pre-consultancy    Customer satisfaction     To liaise with manufacturers     Manufacturers of                 If manufacturers are not
        to UK              reports (approx. 40 per   and arrange pre-consultancy      instruments to be used for       made aware of the generic
        manufacturers of   year)                     meetings. It is estimated that   legal purposes (particularly     legal requirements there is a
        weighing and                                 there will be 40 – 50 such       SMEs or new companies)           risk that illegal instruments
        measuring                                    meetings per year.               very often do not know the       may enter the marketplace.
        instruments                                                                   legislative requirements         In addition it is always more
                                                                                      that apply to their product,     efficient to produce
                                                                                      particularly if the product is   instruments that will meet
                                                                                      innovative. This project will    the known legal requirements
                                                                                      enable NWML to offer             at the design stage – as
                                                                                      generic guidance on the          opposed to the instrument
                                                                                      steps they must take to get      having to be modified at the
                                                                                      their product onto the UK        production stage to meet
                                                                                      and international markets.       these same requirements
                                                                                      The advice is typically
                                                                                      disseminated by a half-day
                                                                                      meeting between an NWML
                                                                                      Approvals Engineer and
                                                                                      representatives from the
                                                                                      manufacturer - either at
                                                                                      NWML or at the
                                                                                      manufacturer's premises.
                                                                                      Once this initial advice has
                                                                                      been given, the
                                                                                      manufacturer must apply
                                                                                      for (and pay for) further
                                                                                      advice specific to his
                                                                                      weighing or measuring
                                                                                      instrument under the NWML
                                                                                      consultancy scheme.
                                                                                                                                       Annex A

7.2.2   Weighing Club      Meeting reports (1 each   Organise and hold annual   Legal requirements for        If UK manufacturers are not
        seminar for UK     year)                     weighing club seminar      weighing instruments are      made aware of the complex
        manufacturers of                                                        published in OIML             international requirements
        weighing                                                                Recommendations which         laid down there is a risk that
        instruments and                                                         are model laws that form      they will lose out to
        enforcement                                                             the basis of legislation in   competitor manufacturers
        officers                                                                the UK, Europe, and world-    producing instruments
                                                                                wide. NAWIs are               outside the UK. Enforcement
                                                                                implemented via directive     agencies are required to test
                                                                                90/384/EEC and the MID        and inspect these complex
                                                                                MI-006 will implement 5       instruments so need to be
                                                                                new types of automatic        kept informed of the testing
                                                                                weighing instruments.         requirements, which are of a
                                                                                                              specialist nature.
7.2.3   Volume Club        Meeting reports (1 each   Organise and hold annual   OIML Recommendations are As above
        seminar for UK     year)                     volume club seminar        model laws that form the
        manufacturers of                                                        basis of type approval
        measuring                                                               requirements world-wide.
        instruments                                                             UK manufacturers need to
                                                                                understand these complex
                                                                                technical Recommendations
                                                                                in order to ensure
                                                                                successful approvals for the
                                                                                                                                  Annex A

7.2.4   Software Club   Meeting reports (1 each   Organise and hold annual   The performance of most       NWML acts as the main focus
                        year)                     software club meeting.     types of measuring            for the UK input into WELMEC
                                                                             instrument is increasingly    WG7, and hence for the UK
                                                                             determined by software,       input into the software in
                                                                             and it is therefore           legal measuring instruments.
                                                                             necessary for the software    Without the software club
                                                                             to be examined and            NWML would not have any
                                                                             controlled. It is essential   obvious means of keeping UK
                                                                             for manufacturers and         industry informed, and UK
                                                                             regulators to understand      industry would not have any
                                                                             the requirements. The         obvious means of having an
                                                                             Software Club also enables    input into the European
                                                                             UK industry to have an        requirements for software
                                                                             input, through NWML, into     control in their instruments.
                                                                             WELMEC WG7 which
                                                                             produces European
                                                                             guidance on software
                                                                             control for measuring
                                                                                                                                                  Annex A

7.2.5   Guidance notes      Simplified guidance          Study requirements of             Different types of             Both UK industry and NWML
        by equipment        documents for the control    guidance documents produced       instrument need different      examiners find the present
        type for software   of software in:              by WELMEC WG7 on the              degrees of software control.   guidance produced by
        requirements                                     control of software in the        Present guidance includes      WELMEC WG7 complicated
                            Non-automatic weighing
                                                         instruments listed to the left.   all instruments in one         and confusing, partly because
                                                                                           document, and is therefore     of its combination of all the
                                                         Produce simplified guides for
                            Electronic water meters                                        confusing to industry and to   different types of instruments
                                                         each of these four types of
                                                                                           examiners. Also, software      into one document, and
                            Liquids other than water     instrument.
                                                                                           experts write the guidance,    partly because it is written
                            Automatic weighing                                             perhaps without                for, and by, software experts
                            instruments                                                    appreciating the difficulty    rather than for legal
                                                                                           those without a software       metrologists. Without the
                            (All the other instruments                                     background have in             simplified guidance there is a
                            covered by the MID, and                                        interpreting the guidance.     strong possibility that UK
                            hence included in                                              Simple guidance documents      manufacturers and NWML
                            WELMEC WG7 guidance, are                                       for each type of instrument    examiners will be unsure of
                            not examined in the UK by                                      would greatly assist UK        the requirements.
                            NWML, and are therefore                                        manufacturers and NWML
                            not included. WG7 is                                           examiners.
                            continuing its work, so
                            assume this is in Year 3,
                            but it could be brought
7.2.6   Interpretation of An interpretation report to    Research into the                 The last Work Programme        If NWML and UK
        Revised OIML R76 be freely available to UK       interpretation requirements of    produced a document that       manufacturers are not clear
        checklist         type approval customers on     the checklist including           covered the "old" version of   on the interpretation of the
                          request (it should not be      comments from WELMEC WG2          OIML R76 i.e. R76 1992.        checklist then this may lead
                          freely available on the                                          This Recommendation is         to delayed approvals (thus
                          NWML website as it may aid                                       currently undergoing major     extra cost) or challenges from
                          competitors to UK-based                                          revision so the document       other countries on the validity
                          NAWI manufacturers)                                              will need to be updated to     of such approvals.
                                                                                           the new requirements.
                                                                                                                                               Annex A

7.2.7   Liaison meetings   Summary report of            Periodic meetings with trade    Manufacturers of weighing      NWML’s activities affect
        with trade         meetings held.               associations, and annual JCC    & measuring instruments        manufacturers as well as
        associations                                    meeting with UKWF               make representations to        enforcement agencies. NWML
                                                                                        NWML via their respective      must ensure that undue
                                                                                        trade associations. The        burdens are not placed on UK
                                                                                        most important being the       manufacturing industry.
                                                                                        UKWF, PPMA, and FEF.           Liaison with trade
                                                                                        They provide invaluable        associations helps to ensure
                                                                                        advice from a                  ‘smarter regulation’ i.e. we do
                                                                                        manufacturing point of view    not implement legislation that
                                                                                        on legislation implemented     is unworkable in practice due
                                                                                        by NWML.                       to not having consulted all
                                                                                                                       the relevant parties.

7.3 Knowledge Transfer to Trading Standards Officers
7.3.1   DTS support        Comments on exam papers      Reviewing exam papers in        Forms a part of locking the    This task is ‘by invitation’,
                           at the time of setting       draft form and completed        training of future TSOs into   and cannot be carried out by
                                                        papers drawn as samples         central government activity    a substitute in the event of
                           Comments on samples of
                                                        from each year.                 in administering W&M           illness or clash of dates.
                           completed papers and final
                                                                                        legislation. Helps in
                           year projects                Reviewing final year projects
                                                                                        keeping metrology on the
                           Attendance at examination Providing input to the             agenda of ever widening
                           committee meetings usually examination committee             TSO activities and in
                           twice a year.              meetings                          keeping standards up.
                                                                                        The students see the           No major risks identified
                           One or two open days each    Organising presentations and
                           year to accommodate          lab tours, providing handout    examination venues and
                           however many prospective     packs etc for approx 50         obtain some flavour of the
                           DTS candidates there are     students each time              facilities and work of NWML.
                           for the two sittings (May                                    From NWML’s point of view
                           and December). Produce                                       it is making the first step in
                           report on comments made                                      establishing links with
                           about visit to improve                                       enforcement officers which
                           future visits.                                               will be maintained
                                                                                        throughout their careers.
                                                                                                                                   Annex A

7.3.2   NAWI Seminars   Summary report on annual   Organise and hold annual   By hosting these seminars   Failure to maintain channels
                        1-day Seminar              NAWI seminar               NWML is kept informed of    of communication with the
                                                                              issues related to the       notified bodies could result in
                                                                              implementation of the       a diminishing of the EC
                                                                              NAWI Directive within the   verification service resulting
                                                                              UK and is able gain an      in difficulties for business
                                                                              insight for any necessary
                                                                              changes to improve the
                                                                              provision of the EC
                                                                              verification service.
                                                                                                                                                Annex A

THEME 8: Programme Management
8.1: Programme Management
Aims: In order to ensure that the legal metrology programme is carried out effectively and efficiently NWML have allocated resources to
programme monitoring. Each month an invoice with an interim progress report will be produced and sent to the NMSD. Each quarter an invoice and
full quarterly report will be produced. Annual reports will be produced each year and an annual review meeting will be held.

Ref     Title              Deliverable                   Activities                       Rationale                    Risks

8.1.1   Programme          •   Monthly invoice reports   •   Monitor progress against     NMSD require information     If NMSD are not satisfied with
        Management                                           milestones each month.       on progress against          the progress made against
                           •   Quarterly Report
                                                                                          milestones, monthly,         milestones they may refuse
                                                         •   Produce monthly invoice
                           •   Annual Report                                              quarterly and annually.      payment.
                                                             reports, quarterly reports
                           •   Annual Review Meeting         and annual reports.          NMSD require an annual       All accounting must be
                                                                                          review by the working        carried out in accordance with
                                                         •   Hold annual review
                                                                                          group, programme             the National Audit Office
                                                             meeting with NMSD and
                                                                                          supervisor and other DTI     requirements.
                                                             working group.
                                                                                                                       Failure to adequately monitor
                                                         •   Make requests for change
                                                                                         Management of resources to    progress during the life of the
                                                             to milestones, deliverables
                                                                                         ensure effective and timely   programme may be
                                                             and costs.
                                                                                         delivery of the work.         detrimental to the timely
                                                         •   Organise resources to                                     delivery of each project.
                                                             enable the work to be
                                                             carried out.
                                                         •   Attend ad-hoc meetings;
                                                             provide information as
                                                             required by NMSD.
                                                                                                                                         Annex A

8.1.2   Impact        A report presenting the       • Develop a list of key          NMSD require this project,    By the time that the impact
        Assessment    findings and conclusions of     stakeholders.                  to be carried out by an      assessment of the Legal
                      the review                                                     independent third party.     Metrology Programme is to be
                                                    • Develop a suite of questions                                commissioned, NMSD and the
                                                      to be asked of stakeholders                                 advisor(s) will have learned
                                                                                                                  from the experience of
                                                    • Through e-mail, paper mail,                                 assessing other NMSD
                                                       telephone and face-to-face                                 Metrology Programmes.
                                                       interviews, record answers                                 Lessons learned from the
                                                       to various questions                                       earlier assessments will
                                                                                                                  ensure that the level of risk
                                                    • Analyse the responses and                                   affecting completion of the
                                                      derive conclusions                                          survey is low
                                                      regarding the impact of the
                                                      Programme and the
                                                      effectiveness with which it
                                                      meets the needs of

8.1.3   Programme     A programme of work for       • Consultations                  To produce a balanced and    If formulation is not carried
        Formulation   2008 – 2011.                                                   effective programme of       out correctly the programme
                                                    • Draft programme(s)             work for the benefit of      of work for 2008-11 may not
                                                                                     stakeholders.                represent stakeholder
                                                    • Meetings                                                    interests, and may not be the
                                                                                                                  best use of taxpayers’

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