A Person I Admire

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					                                  A Person I Admire
       There are many admirable persons around today, but a person I admire is
Abraham Lincoln because he educated himself, he created the Gettysburg Address, and
because he was president of the United States.

       I admire Abraham Lincoln because he educated himself by reading books about
the law and that is how he became a politician. The reason I admire him for that is
because it shows that he wanted to be a smart person and a good person ready to serve the

        I also admire Abraham Lincoln because he created the Gettysburg Address which
was an amazing and inspirational speech. I read it when I purchased a giant penny while
visiting Barak Obama in Springfield. I was amazed and I read the whole address.

       The final reason I admire Abraham Lincoln is because he was the president of the
United States of America. After all he had been through, he proved to the world that a
boy who partially educated himself could make a huge difference in the world. I truly
admire him because he is my inspiration.

       In conclusion, I admire Abraham Lincoln for the three stated reasons. He was a
great man who was ready to serve people and make a change in the world. I will always
remember him for the great man that he was.

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