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					                     Welcome to R7B 2011-2012!! 
                       Teacher: Mrs. Brundage
I would like to introduce myself as your child’s homeroom teacher for grade seven at
Emily Carr. This year I will be teaching the following subjects: English, History,
Geography, Drama, Dance, Visual Arts, Physical and Health Education and D.P.A.


The grade 7 English program focuses on four areas: Reading, Writing, Oral / Visual
Communication and Media Literacy. The English language program is also incorporated
into other subjects such as Geography and History. Students will be participating in
various units throughout the year. In addition to these units, students will work on
language conventions, such as spelling, vocabulary and grammar throughout the themes
and / or as separate units.

We will be beginning with a short stories reading unit and also focusing on different
forms of letters and how to write them effectively.

Geography and History

September until January will be dedicated to History. In Grade 7, the study of history
focuses on the development of Canada from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth
century. Students investigate the contributions of significant groups and individuals and
develop an understanding of Canada’s European roots. They study the early settlements
of North America and their impact on the First Nation peoples and on English-French
relations. They examine the economic, social, and political challenges facing New France
and British North America, as well as the course of conflict and change in the two
colonies that culminated in the rebellions of 1837–38. Emphasis is placed on the
development of critical thinking skills, including the ability to examine issues from more
than one point of view.


February to June will focus on Geography. To develop a solid foundation of the
knowledge and skills required in geography, students in Grade 7 are introduced to the
concepts and methods of geographic inquiry. The Grade 7 geography curriculum also
focuses on physical patterns and how they affect human activity. Students recognize
patterns as an essential concept in geography. As well, students examine the various
ways resources are used and the environmental implications of their use. Students
demonstrate an understanding of the impact technology has on natural resources.

The three units we will be studying are: The Themes of Geographic Inquiry, Patterns in
Physical Geography and Natural Resources.
Dance, Drama and Visual Arts

Our major focuses for all three sections of the Arts will be: Creating and
Presenting/Performing, Reflecting, Responding, and Analysing, Exploring Forms and
Cultural Contexts

We will be covering the following elements throughout the year:
Dance - body, space, time, energy, and relationship.
Drama - role/character, relationship, time and place, tension, and focus and emphasis.
Visual Arts - line, shape and form, space, colour, texture, and value, contrast, repetition
and rhythm, variety, emphasis, proportion, balance, unity and harmony, and movement.

Classroom Expectations

These guidelines are to be used by the students and the parent(s) to help ensure that
students are properly prepared for class and understand what is expected of them
during the course of this school year.


   The following items should be brought to every class:
    All necessary textbooks / novels
    Binder, lined paper, dividers (I would like students to have one binder dedicated
      to English and History combined, allowing them to store hand-outs, notes,
      quizzes and tests in an organized manner.)
    Pencil case with pencils, pens, erasers, coloured pencils / markers
    Silent Reading Book
    Agenda
    Completed homework

Cellphones / Ipods are not welcome in my classroom. Please keep them in your locker.
Although many of them have very useful tools, there are also many applications that can
distract students from lessons. If I observe a student using their cellphone / Ipod in the
classroom, I will confiscate the device and the student will need to collect them in the
office at the end of the day. If this happens a second time, I will contact the parent /
guardian and it will be necessary for them to come and retrieve the device.

If it is necessary for you to contact your son / daughter during class time (emergency),
you can call the office at 613-824-5455 and they can page them for you.

I have created a classroom webpage on wikispaces. I will be using this wikispace to post
homework and assignments. I will also have a calendar of important events and due
dates on the wikispace. I am hoping to update the homework section of the wikispace
daily but that might not always be possible, specifically on days that I am absent. The
wikispace is not an alternative to the use of the agenda, it is in addition to its use.

Here is the website address for the wikispace page:

Please do not send me messages on this site. If you wish to contact me via email please
use the email address I have provided on the last page.


Homework is to be completed each and every time it is assigned and should always be
written in the student’s agenda. Assignments or projects will be given a due date, which
should be written in the students agenda and can also be found on the homework board
at the side of the classroom and on our class wikispace. If homework completion
becomes irregular, students will be asked to meet with me to discuss this area of
concern. Parent(s) will also be notified at this point.

If a student is absent from school, it is that student’s responsibility to catch up on what
was missed immediately upon their return. It is a good idea to check the class wikispace
from home at the end of the day to determine what was missed that day at school. The
student could also contact a friend from class in order to determine any homework or
notes that were missed, any projects that were assigned or any test dates that were set.
The student can look at the homework board where all homework is written from the
previous day. If they are still uncertain about what was missed they can come and see
me once all other options have been exhausted.

Tests and Projects

Tests will be announced in class and then posted on the homework board and
wikispace. Any student that is absent the day a test is announced is responsible for
checking with a classmate or the calendar upon their return.

All projects are announced well in advance of the due date and there is always in-class
time to work on a project. All projects are fully explained in class. If a student does not
understand all or part of the explanation, it is their responsibility to seek assistance
either from another student or from myself well before the due date. As mentioned,
in-class time is given but that does not mean that the entire project can be completed at
school. It is the expectation that students work on their assignments at home as well.
On the due date, all projects are due at the beginning of class and any assignment
submitted after that is considered late. I will accept late assignments for one week after
the due date, after that they will no longer be accepted. At that point I have already
marked the other student’s assignments and will be handing them back. If a student has
not handed in an assignment and the one week grace period has elapsed then it is the
student’s responsibility to see me in order to discuss an alternate assignment to make
up for the one that was not handed in.

Once tests and projects are corrected they will be sent home to be signed (this does not
include quizzes or minor assignments). This ensures that you as parents are kept up to
date with your student’s achievements.

Responsibility and Organization

In my class I try to instill the need for students to take responsibility for their actions,
their work and their organization. The expectation in my class is that they keep their
lockers and binders organized and they are responsible for handing in all assignments on
time and completed to the best of their ability. The best tool in keeping the students
organized is an agenda, which should be brought to every class. A tool to assist you in
helping your child stay organized is the wikispace, where you can see assigned
homework, projects and due dates.

My two overall expectations for the class are as follows:
   1) Be Nice – which includes respect for oneself, others and their property
   2) Do Your Job – be prepared to learn as much as possible by arriving on time to
      class, with the necessary supplies, listening intently and getting involved in
      lessons by positively participating in discussions and asking questions.

It is my hope that these guidelines can be followed without unnecessary disruptions. In
the event that a student is having problems with these expectations, the following
consequences will occur:

   a) One verbal warning, stating that the behavior is not appropriate.
   b) If the behavior is repeated, the student will be moved to a “reflection” desk
      within the class or in a neighbouring classroom area.
   c) If the behavior continues, the student will be sent to the office, and parents will
      be contacted.

Positive Programs
   a) 100% homework completion – students that have a perfect homework record in
       any given week will have a chance to win prizes in our weekly draw.
   b) Team Challenge – students will be able to work together as a class to earn points
       by completing expectations (posted in class.) When the class earns 100 points,
       students will have the opportunity to nominate and vote for appropriate
       activities that they would enjoy as their reward (eg. Games afternoon, movie,

It is essential that there is communication between the home and the school on a
regular basis. Each student should have an agenda and all homework should be written
down daily in the agenda. I encourage you to check the agenda or the wikispace
regularly with your child.

Should you need to contact me, the easiest way is by email at

I would also appreciate it if you would write your email on the tear off slip below. It is
the easiest way for me to communicate any problems that may arise. If further
discussion is required, a phone call can be arranged.

You can also send a note with your child or phone the school at (613)824-5455. I will
return your phone calls as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look
forward to meeting with many of you throughout the year.


                                                                    Mrs. Patty Brundage

Please complete and detach the bottom portion of this sheet and return to Mrs. Brundage

I, ___________________________, have read, fully understand and will be
             (student’s name)

responsible for meeting Mrs. Brundage’s classroom expectations for the 2011-2012
school year.

__________________________                                          _______________________
        (student’s signature)                                            (parent’s signature)

Please clearly write your email address below if you would like me to contact you via
email throughout the year.

                   (email address)

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