Organizing a Garage Sale by yaofenjin


									Organizing a Garage Sale
And gain neighborhood recognition!
             Identify Farm Area
1. Make sure this is not already being done.
2. Check with HOA to assure no restrictions.
3. Get with your title representative to get mailing info.
4. What about a domain name for future marketing

Identify partner(s) to co-sponsor.
Determine entrances, and order number of signs that will be
needed. Get the signs ordered.
Consider a theme (Hawaiian, western, etc).
        Oriental Trading has great buys:
        Only give to those participating in the event
        (identifies “WHO” to give money to or ask questions during the sale.)

Consider involving a neighborhood charity.
Arrange a neighborhood pick up by Salvation Army, ARC, etc for
the Monday following the sale.
Do NOT plan to have your own garage sale that same day.
•Post Card announcement, 45 days prior.
•Walk the neighborhood – survey interests, and determine
needs of community for future events (block parties;
neighborhood website: referral source for babysitters, lawn care,
etc; neighborhood directory; school programs; etc). Have sample
post card for reference.

•Newsletter (possible item of value – coupon), 30 days prior.
•Post neighborhood flyers.
•Reminder Card, 10 days prior.
•Survey Card, 7 days after.
      Back Side:
      If your home has
      become too small and
      you are considering
      buying or selling,
      contact us!
      If you need to do some
      spring cleaning and
      want to participate in a
      neighborhood garage
      sale, contact us!
7 day reminder!
        BACK SIDE:
        6) Remember to call
        __________ for any of
        your real estate needs!
        7) Remember to call WR
        Starkey Mortgage for
        any of your residential
        mortgage needs!
         This is a
         NEIGHBORHOOD event
NOT just for those who have items to sale!
Involve the families
Encourage home businesses to participate.
Suggest children put up lemonade stands, etc.
Buy gift certs ($5 for McDonalds, etc) for every child
participating in sale.
ASK for help – you’re going to NEED it!
      Instruct everyone to register with you directly
          (so they can be included in the map!)
                Develop Directory
                              Start with a spreadsheet including:
                                       items for sale

Next create the directory
        Give mention to home businesses.
        Refreshment stands.
        Add map w/ addresses and main items at each location.
Consider tables at entrances with maps, balloons, etc.
Place ad in newspaper. Post on internet sites, like
          Night Before

Get balloons.
Place signs up. (staple gun)
Distribute costume accessories and maps.
            Day of sale!
Visit every garage sale, meeting, greeting, shaking hands!
Take photos of all lemonade, cookie stands, etc.
Give out $5 gift certs for McDonalds.
Keep record of highest sales.

relationships and let them know you are a real estate agent.

“If you or your friends or family members were to buy or sell
a home, do you have a realtor you would recommend?”
         After the event

Follow up on leads.
Continue to market and cultivate relationships.
Distribute copies of photos (on line to Sam’s =
$.17 per copy).
Continue involvement with neighborhood
Consider survey or post card follow up!
          For More Information

Go to:

for more info on garage sales (printing
Garage Sale signs, creating maps, etc).

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