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					The first scene illustrates that:
   a. the ghost of Old Hamlet may be an illusion of Prince Hamlet’s mind
   b. the ghost of Old Hamlet is an apparition seen by many men
   c. the ghost of Old Hamlet is plaguing the interior of the castle
   d. the ghost of Old Hamlet is specifically haunting Gertrude

The message brought by the ghost is one designed:
   a. to spark all men to action
   b. to spark one man to action
   c. to spark all men to contemplation
   d. to spark all men to contemplation

Which is true of the structure of the work?
  a. It is written only in iambic pentameter, but does not employ enjambment.
  b. It is written mostly in iambic pentameter, and does employ enjambment.
  c. It is written in prose, and therefore cannot employ enjambment.
  d. None of these

Who speaks of the Queen by calling her our “sometimes sister, now our queen”?
     a. Gertrude
     b. Old Hamlet
     c. Prince Hamlet
     d. Claudius
     e. Polonious

The occasion is described “with mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage.” Such
a line is an example of:
        a. understatement and euphemism
        b. parallelism and paradox
        c. conceit and enjambment
        d. irony and metaphor

What’s the deal with Fortinbras?
      a. He wishes for Ophelia’s hand in marriage.
      b. He wishes to get his father’s land back.
      c. He has a personal vendetta against Prince Hamlet.
      d. none of these

King Claudius asks Laertes to tell his suit, saying : “ You cannot speak of reason
to the Dane and lose your voice.” The phrase “lose your voice” is best
understood to mean “speak in vain.” If so, then what conventions have been
    a. figurative speech
    b. rhetorical questioning
    c. conceit
    d. hyperbole
   e. irony

In the   King’s coronation speech he asks Prince Hamlet why:
    a.   he hates him so much
    b.   he spends so much time studying
    c.   he has mourned death so long
    d.    he dislikes his mother

Laertes is anxious to:
   a. get back to France to study
   b. get back to Norway to fight
   c. get back to Poland to marry

Hamlet’s first soliloquy which begins “oh that this too, too solid flesh would melt”
is his pondering about:
    a. the nature of fire
    b. the punishments for suicide
    c. the task of dealing with grief
    d. the art of war

Old Hamlet’s ghost tells Prince Hamlet “the serpent that did sting thy father’s life
now wears the crown.” And Prince Hamlet responds by saying “O, my prophetic
soul.” This indicates that:
   a. Hamlet knew about the murder before he was told of it.
   b. Hamlet worries about the state of his own soul.
   c. Hamlet fears what will happen next.
   d. None of these

Prince   Hamlet swears that he will:
    a.   set revenge as his soul purpose
    b.   find out the truth
    c.   give Claudius an opportunity to explain
    d.   tell the police

Horatio swears that he will:
   a. help the Prince seek revenge
   b. keep quiet
   c. tell the proper authorities
   d. seek truth

Polonious asks Reynaldo to:
   a. ensure Prince Hamlet and Ophelia stay far apart
   b. spy on Laertes
   c. investigate the rumors of the castle ghost
   d. write a fake letter on behalf of the Prince Hamlet

Polonious believes that _______ is the source of Hamlet’s madness.
   a. poison
   b. grief over his father’s death
   c. forbidden love
   d. none of these

We can tell that at least at one point Hamlet is just pretending to be mad in front
of Polonious because of his:
    a. Unusual pacing
    b. Telling asides
    c. Admittance to Horatio
    d. None of these

Does Prince Hamlet know of the motivation of Rosencrantz and Guildernstern?
   a. Yes
   b. No
   c. It’s unclear.

What does he admit to these two?
  a. that his father has come to him as a ghost
  b. that he is feeling sad
  c. that he is in love with Ophelia

Why are the players not playing at the Globe or similar theatre?
  a. because there are children hecklers making performance difficult
  b. because they wish to be at the disposal of the King
  c. because of the current war in London
  d. none of these

Finish   the quotation……“The play’s the thing in which I’ll…..”
    a.   catch the conscience of the king.
    b.   demonstrate the rite of Spring.
    c.   to confusion some clear reason bring.
    d.   to my love in clear voice sing.

The play produced in the castle will be
   a. the original text of another Shakespearean play
   b. an historical play with a new added scene
   c. a comedy which the players will play “straight”
   d. a tragedy featuring a character similar to Hamlet
In another soliloquy, Hamlet:
   a. laments the death of Hecuba
   b. speaks jealously of an actor’s ability
   c. expresses frustration at his love relationship

Ophelia is directed by her father to:
  a. return the gifts of love which he had given her
  b. pretend to be available to his advances
  c. pretend that she is marrying someone else
  d. none of these

Hamlet’s remarks to her are nothing less than:
  a. cold and cruel
  b. sincere but regretful
  c. marked with double meaning considering his intent to murder
  d. none of them

Hamlet gives the actors meaningful advice about:
  a. how to love without breaking hearts
  b. how to speak as great actors
  c. how to avoid detection when plotting a scheme

Hamlet states that his father’s epithet might read “For, O, for, O, the hobby-
horse is forgot.” The word choice of “hobby-horse” is intended to:
   a. allude to equestrian matters
   b. confuse the audience members at the castle
   c. insult the Queen
   d. none of these

When Ophelia asks Hamlet what he is up to in showing this particular play, he
responds by saying that it is “miching mallecho” or“insidious mischief.” What is
the most likely intent of such alliteration?
   a. it is mockingly playful
   b. it is significantly misused
   c. it is repeated later in the play for emphasis

What is the sole indicator that the play has had an effect on the King?
  a. he stands up.
  b. he cries out at a telling moment
  c. he hangs his head in his hands
  d. none of these
Hamlet equates Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s intent to find out information
from him with the playing of a musical instrument. In this part of the play,
Shakespeare is employing:
   a. allusion
   b. conceit
   c. repetition
   d. imagery
   e. symbolism

Hamlet is much surprised to find that the King is:
  a. admitting all to the Queen
  b. repenting in prayer
  c. leaving the country
  d. none of these

Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius at this point?
  a. he fears it will result in the King’s forgiveness
  b. he fears retaliation from all of the King’s courtiers
  c. he decides to be his own man and ignore his father’s directive
  d. none of these

Where does the ghost of Old Hamlet show up next?
  a. outside the castle gate
  b. on the stage where the players were
  c. in the royal dining room
  d. none of these

What character flaw led Polonius to his own death?
  a. he has too much pride
  b. he is a fool for love
  c. he cares too much for his children
  d. he spies on people

King Claudius tries to orchestrate it so Hamlet is taken to ______ where he will
be _______.
   a. Poland….imprisoned
   b. England….put to death
   c. Denmark….watched
   d. Norway…..relocated

Because of ________ Hamlet is able to escape.
   a. a tempest
   b. a group of pirates
   c. his friend Horatio
   d. Rosencrantz and Guildernstern telling him to run away

What is Ophelia’s reaction to her father’s death?
  a. she feigns madness so she can escape the castle
  b. she goes truly mad
  c. she becomes determined to make Hamlet suffer
  d. none of these

What is her final fate?
  a. she drowns
  b. she is accidentally killed by a soldier
  c. she marries another
  d. none of these

The tone of the scene with the gravedigger is:
   a. macabre
   b. grave (ha ha)
   c. mysterious
   d. comical

45. What is Hamlet’s reaction when he realizes the event he is witnessing?
   a. he is distraught and swears that he was once in love
   b. he is angry and swears he will seek revenge
   c. he is amazed and knows not what to do

When   Claudius realizes that Hamlet is back at the castle, he makes plans to :
  a.   murder him himself
  b.   use Laertes’ anger as a means to construct revenge
  c.   admit his wrongdoing to the Queen

The plot against Hamlet during the fencing match involves:
   a. some more poison
   b. tripping him over the circular stairway
   c. getting another kingdom to kill him

What becomes of the Queen Gertrude?
  a. she is technically murdered by Prince Hamlet
  b. she is among the only people to survive
  c. she escapes on horseback
  d. she is technically murdered by Claudius

In the end Laertes:
    a. succeeds in the revenge he wanted and has no regrets
   b. technically succeeds in the revenge but finds it bittersweet

Horatio states that his sole purpose now will be to:
   a. kill Fortinbras
   b. avenge Hamlet’s death
   c. live on to tell Hamlet’s story
   d. none of these

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