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					                                   PETALUMA FACULTY FORUM
                                       SEPTEMBER 2, 2008
                                      ROOM 650, CALL HALL


The meeting was called to order my President Norberto Quiroz at 3:02 p.m.


Karen Frindell (Chemistry), Susan Jaderstrom (BOT), Breck Withers( BOT),Venona Orr (PEDA, Mary
Pierce(Comm. Studies). Cheryl Dunn(CSKS/Tutorial), Barbara Croteau (BAD and Academic Senate),
Karen Stanley (PEDA), Marianne Arden(ESL), Jennifer Mann (DRD),Terry Ehret (English),Carolyn Massell
(CIS), Susan Mahoney(ESS), Deanna Hatter( Counseling, Student Svsc), Gloria deBlasio(English), Barbara
McClure(English), Wendy Porter (Work Exp),Molly Matheson (Library), Michael Traina (Comm. Studies),
Nikona Mulkovich (DSS-Psych), Kirsten Swinstrom (Life Sciences), Michael Eurgubian (Mathematics), Bic
Ha Dovan (Mathematics), Norberto Quiroz (Counseling)

GUESTS : Robert Chudnofsky and Jane-Saldana-Talley, (Administration)


Norberto Quiroz made the following announcements:

       He introduced Barbara Croteau, the Academic Senate President.

       The Harvey Hansen Picnic will be held this Friday September 5 at the Shone Farm

       Adjunct office space is shared space and not designated for any individual.

       Administration asked him to announce the faculty must now advertise their office hours in their
       syllabi- scheduling office would no longer be collecting them

       The first census is Monday, September 8.

       Student information days will be Thursday, September 4, from 11 a.m. -2 p.m. in the quad area,
       which will include a barbeque.

       September 12 is the 6th annual Petaluma Faculty Forum Retreat , at Nancy Person’s home.

       “Smart cards” for the faculty work room (copy center) will be operable beginning September 15

       He asked for permission to switch items 1 and 2 on the agenda. There was no opposition.
M. Eurgubian announced that the purpose of open forum in assemblies was just to allow people make
statements and voice opinions, but discussion takes place only if there is a motion to move the item to the
discussion agenda.


T..Ehret announced that the Writing Center is open on Petaluma campus and is available to students in all
disciplines. A copy of the lab schedule is available from B. McClure.

G. deBlasio announced that on September 20 there will be a Puente mentor luncheon for students in the
program along with those who have or might be willing to volunteer to be mentors..

J. Mann announced that October is Disabilities Awareness Month. There are many activities planned for
student and instructor participation.

There were no previous minutes to approve


       Student Services (D. Hatter)

       D. Hatter announced that September is Transfer Month. The student Transfer information day is
       scheduled for September, and that counselors are also available to come to classrooms on request to
       discuss transfer issues.

       Beginning in November, the Student services Information System will be up and running. Training
       sessions are forthcoming for teachers with the newly created “Faculty Portal”, which, among other
       functions, will allow grades to be submitted online.

       Student services will be moving in February to the newly remodeled space in Jacobs Hall.

       AFA (C. Dunn)

       There are several vacancies on the AFA board. AFA would like to see more Petaluma
       representatives. Currently, 2 adjunct positions are open, which expire in August of 2009, as well as
       and two regular faculty positions which expire in August of 2010.

       Health Insurance Open Enrollment period is now open, and will end on September 30, 2008 for this
       school year.

       The Negotiating team will be “sun-shining” numerous contract articles this school year: (Articles
       8,9,10,13,14,15,17,21,22,22,26,29 and 30 )

       Beyond these mentioned articles, the proposed transfer policy will be soon circulated throughout the
       college community (i.e. College Council , Academic Senate). There will be plenty of opportunity for

Norberto announced that the PFF retreat was scheduled for Friday, September 12, and introduced the new
steering committee, which consists of Mai , Johnny and Michael.

The Friends of Petaluma needs a new faculty liaison. Three people have already come forward as being
interested in serving. Any others who are interested should inform the steering committee. The “Friends”
have raised $750,000 so far.


Barbara Croteau introduced herself and informed the group that she would like to educate the PFF regarding
the Senate’s versus the AFA’s role in important issues. The PFF is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate.
The first AS meeting will be held Wednesday, September 10.

The Faculty Portal will be up and running in November, and training ( with flex time available) will be
offered to the whole community

She also reminded the body of the Academic Senate webpage, and advised us to note the important links to
the state academic senate’s web pages which include links to other colleges and numerous useful topics like
academic integrity

The Senate is also looking for an adjunct member to serve this school year.

There are currently 500 course in non-compliance regarding the implementation of the Student Learning
Outcomes (SLO) mandate. Faculty needs to take this very seriously, as numerous colleges around the state
are currently either on probation and being warned.

B. Withers commented that the PRPP is not looking at institutional efficiency in a complete way by noting
only the first census enrollments and not the ending enrollment information. J. Saldana-Talley noted the one
the of the district’s initiatives this year is to take a look at student retention- but this is not linked to
evaluation of instructors.

There was no action taken.


       This year’s retreat and potluck luncheon will be held from 11- 2 on Friday September 12, potluck at
       Nancy Person’s home. Some suggestions for discussion items received by the steering committee
       included bookstore and graphics issues as well as campus-wide communications roadblocks.

       N. Mulkovich suggested that we discuss the upcoming remodeling and use our previous experiences,
       making note of what went well and what didn’t.
     Various others’ suggestions included: operational issues, revisiting our educational master plan,
     perceptions about our future goals, as well as issues like Transfer Policy, Linking Budget to Planning,
     program review, and future resource needs.

     Others suggested that the retreat should be used to get to know each other rather than focus on
     perfunctory issues. The final consensus reached called for a retreat in which the council will focus on
     collegiality , reflecting on our perceptions and expectations regarding the effectiveness and goals of
     the PFF and the campus at large. N. Quiroz, will outline a plan and agenda with this, and the input of
     the steering committee.

2.   COPY ROOM ISSUES (B. Withers)

     B. Withers discussed his concerns regarding the current copy room policy, referring to his and our
     discussions with J. Saldana Talley at other times. He feels that operational issues don’t often match
     up with economic issues at the college. He feels there is no need for additional personnel, just more
     faculty access to the copy machines.

     J. Saldana-Talley explained that the campus is changing and college is trying to accommodate faculty
     needs, increasing its support to faculty, but security issues come into play when considering the
     extension to after-hours access. She is open to other ideas and input if there is a feeling that the
     system is not working.

     J. Saldana-Talley went on to announce that a convenience copier will be made accessible to faculty
     for smaller, “last minute” needs, but acknowledged there may be ensuing problems should on-the-
     spot maintenance be needed, or breakdowns occur. She praised Heidi Miranda for the valuable
     additional service her assignment to the support staff has brought us.

3.   VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT (J. Saldana-Talley)

     Dr. Saldana-Talley praised the Petaluma Faculty for an exceptions start of the school year. In addition
     to the fact that things ran smoothly, enrollment is up 13%, and there is a 24% increase in the number
     of a students taking 12 units of more. She also announced that an enrollment growth plan is currently
     being prepared by Dean Ofelia Arellano.

     September 26 is the date scheduled for the campus dedication (Phase II), and in April of 2009, we
     will re-dedicate the older, remodel facilities (Phase R).

     During the summer of 2009, the “Village” will be vacated and the structures will be moved off the
     premises to other district sites.

     K. Swinstrom inquired if card readers could be made available to access other areas of the campus
     beyond the present options. This would be helpful to those working in the laboratory areas, especially
     as it relates to the movement of supplies and the care of live plants and animals. It was explained by
     J. Saldana-Talley that access options would not change at this point in time, due to security issues,
     but she hopes to schedule future campus forums so the campus community may stay connected to
     each other on these and other related issues. She added that the campus (Call Hall) is available for
     access from 6 11 p.m., 7 days a week
    Saldana-Talley went on to inform the group that a permanent bookstore manger for the Petaluma
    campus will be hired, and that and there will be changes in how the store is managed as well.

    In addition, Matt Pearson was hired to be our campus media manager, and there will be an additional
    groundskeeper, library technician, and police office hired soon.

    Finally, the district’s Multi-Site Task Force will be reactivated, chaired by Dr. Saldana-Talley and
    will include cross-college participation.


    The meeting was adjourned at 5:01 p.m. The next meeting will be on October 7, 2008 at 3:00 p.m.

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