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On Patrol


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									                                                                                                   Volume 17 • Number 1
                                                                                                            March 2008

News from the San Francisco Bay Area Freeway Service Patrol

Four Beats Combined Into Two,                                                            Inside:
                                                                                         Upcoming Events

One Program Coordinator                                                                  Quarterly Awards, Third Quarter
                                                                                         FSP Statistical Summary, Third Quarter

Moves On, Two Added                                                                      Quarterly Awards, Fourth Quarter
                                                                                         FSP Statistical Summary, Fourth Quarter
by Joanna K. Fox
                                                                                         Quiz                                        3

      hange is in the works for the Bay Area Freeway                                     The Public Speaks                           4
      Service Patrol (FSP) program, including beat
      modifications coming this summer and new
staff already in place.
     To increase efficiency in the FSP
program, beats 7 and 13 will be com-
bined into a new beat 13 that will run
for 21 miles along U.S. 101 from
south of State Route 37 in Marin
County to north of Interstate 80 in
San Francisco. Similarly, beats 15 and
33 will combine to form a new 21-
mile beat 15 along U.S. 101 from
State Route 12 in Santa Rosa to State
Route 116 in Petaluma. These new
beats will begin in July of 2008.
Farewell Danielle, Welcome                 Danielle Stanislaus                          Raymond Odunlami
Raymond and Joanna
The FSP program wishes a fond              Danielle will miss working with all of             Another addition to the FSP
farewell to Danielle Stanislaus, who       the FSP partners: tow contractors, the        family is Joanna Fox. She will be
has been the program’s coordinator at      California Highway Patrol, Caltrans           spending half of her time with the
MTC for the past two years. During         and MTC SAFE.                                     FSP program performing invoic-
her time with FSP, Danielle imple-             Taking Danielle’s place as                    ing and fleet management tasks.
mented performance measures and            FSP program coordinator is                        Joanna came to MTC as the
contractor report cards, which both        Raymond Odunlami. Ray-                            Motorist Aid Program coordina-
help ensure efficiency and quality in      mond comes to the FSP pro-                        tor from a consulting firm in
the FSP program. Danielle is moving        gram from the Programming                         Las Vegas where she did design
on to become the Regional Incident         and Allocations section of                        work for an intelligent trans-
Management Program coordinator at          MTC where he was the            Joanna Fox        portation systems project. She is
MTC. She will be working with vari-        administrator of the Trans-                       a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis
ous agencies to enhance existing inci-     portation Improvement Program for             Obispo with a BS in civil engineer-
dent management strategies. Her posi-      the past 7½ years. Raymond holds an           ing and an emphasis in transporta-
tion with FSP helped prepare her for       MBA in finance and has a background           tion engineering. Joanna is looking
this new assignment since the Freeway      in database management. He is look-           forward to getting to know all of the
Service Patrol is one of the Bay Area’s    ing forward to getting to know all the        FSP partners and being a part of
incident management strategies.            FSP partners and beats.                       this respected public service.
    The FSP is a partnership of Caltrans, the California Highway Patrol, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission Service
        Authority for Freeways and Expressways (MTC SAFE), and local tow contractors. Website: www.fsp-bayarea.org
Quarterly Awards                            being part of FSP,
                                            and the beat is saved
                                                                                        Upcoming Events
Third Quarter,                                                                          Technical Advisory Committee
                                            for our elite drivers.”                     (TAC) Meetings
July – September 2007                       One of the firm’s for-                      8:30 a.m. Tuesdays at MTC,
                                            mer drivers, she                            Oakland
by Marjorie Blackwell,
                                            notes, is now a Cali-                          April 8, 2008
MTC Public Information
                                            fornia Highway                                 May 13, 2008
Driver of the                               Patrol officer. Beat                           June 10, 2008
Quarter                                     33 is being com-        Andrew Fisher,         July 8, 2008
Shawn Gilgo has been                        bined with Beat 15, Beat 33 driver,            August 12, 2008
an FSP driver with                          which runs north        3rd quarter, 2007
                                                                                           September 9, 2008
Campbell’s Tow since                        from Wilfred Avenue
May 2002, and                               to River Road at the                        Tow Contractors Meetings
according to the com-                       north end of Santa Rosa. Yarbrough          11 a.m. Tuesdays at MTC,
                                            Brothers will operate the combined          Oakland
pany’s field manager,
Dave Patel, “He is a                        beats with its two FSP trucks instead          May 13, 2008
                         Shawn Gilgo        of one per route.                              July 8, 2008
dedicated driver and
an excellent employee. He is very effi-                                                    September 9, 2008
                                            Contractor of the Quarter
cient and never late. He prides himself     B&D Tow, owned by Richard and               Quarterly Driver Refresher
on being on time for everything he          Karen Valles, has been tapped as Con-       Training
does.” Sean is one of four FSP drivers      tractor of the Quarter for its high rate    11 a.m. at CHP, Dublin
covering Beat 8, a heavily traveled, 20-    of assists and low rate of violations.         June 19, 2008
mile stretch of U.S. 101 and State          With two tow trucks and one service            September 4, 2008
Route 237 in Santa Clara County. “I         truck, B&D covers Beat 25, which            11 a.m. at CHP, Vallejo
enjoy the job,” Shawn says, “and our        runs almost 24 miles on State Route 4          June 27, 2008
team has really good communication.         from Pacheco to Hillcrest and on State         September 12, 2008
We assist each other. So if one of us is    Route 242 to Monument Boulevard in          11 a.m. at MTC, Oakland
busy, the others will take the call. FSP    Contra Costa County. The company               June 18, 2008
is a great program,” he says. “It’s very    has been part of FSP since the late            June 20, 2008
satisfying to help people when they         1990s, and its three permanent FSP
need it.”                                                                                  September 5, 2008
                                            drivers, James Allison, Larry Miller, and
                                                                                           September 9, 2008
Beat of the Quarter                         Dean Ming, routinely receive high
Beat 33 in Sonoma County covers             marks from stranded motorists.              Proficiency Testing
some 12 miles of busy U.S.101 at                                                        7 a.m. at CHP, Vallejo
Wilfred Avenue in Rohnert Park to                                                          May 12, 2008
State Route 116 at Lakeview Road in                                                        August 11, 2008
Petaluma. It is operated by Yarbrough
                                                                                        Certification Class
Brothers Towing, an FSP contractor                                                      7 a.m. at CHP, Vallejo
since 1993 and the first in Sonoma
                                                                                           May 21-23, 2008
County. Chosen for their high assist
                                                                                           August 20-22, 2008
rates and positive motorist feedback,
Beat 33 drivers routinely receive                                                       FSP Awards Event
motorist accolades. Yarbrough Presi-                                                    Date in August to be determined.
dent Michele Inskeep says, “We enjoy        Richard and Karen Valles                    Stay tuned!

 Third Quarter 2007 Statistical Summary
 (July – September 2007)              Total number of assists = 38,269
                                     Percentage of assists involving people = 53.4 percent
                             Average number of assists per hour per truck = 0.97 (urban beats) and 0.80 (rural beats)
                                     Percentage of motorist survey returns = 13.2 percent
                         Percentage of surveys rating service as excellent = 94.8 percent
                                               Average motorist wait time = 9.1 minutes

On Patrol/March 2008                                           -2-
Quarterly Awards                            maintained a consistent assist rate of
                                            1.5 assists per hour per truck and an
Fourth Quarter,                             8.6 minute average motorist wait
October – December 2007                     time. The firm’s operations manager,
                                            Paul Henderson, also credits his FSP
by Marjorie Blackwell,
                                            office manager, Elaine Williams, for
MTC Public Information
                                            the ongoing FSP success. “She handles
Beat of the Quarter                         all the paperwork, and we couldn’t
Beat 13 in Marin County is fairly new       manage without her,” he says.
to the FSP program, having begun            Driver of the Quarter
just eight months ago in                           Biswanath Halder’s FSP route,
July. The beat extends 10                          Beat 2, covers the busiest free-
miles along busy U.S. 101                          way in the Bay Area: 18 miles
north from the Richmond-                           of I-80 from Powell Street in
San Rafael Bridge to State                         Emeryville to San Pablo Dam
Route 37. Two FSP trucks                           Road and from Buchanan
operated by Bill’s Towing in                       Street in El Cerrito to the
Novato patrol it. The driv-                        Richmond-San Rafael Bridge.         Biswanath Halder
ers, Tim Hart and Keith                            During his 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sherrill, have been with the Steve Barnes          shift, Biswanath responds to
beat since it started and,                  accidents as well as to stranded              Daily Shift Record (DSR)
according to Bill’s Towing owner Steve      motorists, providing an average of 50                   QUIZ
Barnes, “They are extremely conscien-       to 55 assists a week. “Biswanath
tious and enjoy their jobs. They are        knows his job and is very good at                Hwy.                 Veh.
totally on board with the FSP pro-          what he does,” says his boss, Tony               Code         P/T/N   Type
gram.” Beat 13 was selected as Beat of      Singh, owner of A-One Towing. “He’s                              P
the Quarter for its 91 percent assist       also courteous and represents himself                            T
rate and its 98 percent motorist rating.    well to customers.” Biswanath, who                               N
Congratulations, Tim and Keith!             has been an FSP driver since 1999,
Contractor of the Quarter                   enjoys his job. “I like helping people,”
                                            he says, “and knowing that they             What does PTN Stand for?
Vacaville Tow operates two FSP beats
in Solano County: Beat 34, which            appreciate it.”
runs 12.5 miles along Interstate 80                                                      a) Push, Tug, Nudge
from Abernathy Road just west of                                                         b) Push, Tow, None
Fairfield to the Interstate 505 junc-                                                    c) Propel, Tow, Nothing
tion; and Beat 37, which began in
2006 and extended FSP coverage from                                                      d) Pull, Thrust, Nudge
I-505 to the Yolo County line near
Davis. After just one year as an FSP                                                    For answer, see page 4.
contractor, Vacaville Tow was named
2006 Contractor of the Year. The                                                        Don’t forget to select one of the
firm’s four permanent FSP drivers,                                                      circles when completing your
Don Thompson, Robert Bodeau, Sean                                                       DSR!
Carrion and Anthony Yrigollen, have         Vacaville Tow

 Fourth Quarter 2007 Statistical Summary
 (October – December 2007)           Total number of assists = 32,666
                                   Percentage of assists involving people = 54.5 percent
                           Average number of assists per hour per truck = 0.86 (urban beats) and 0.66 (rural beats)
                                   Percentage of motorist survey returns = 8.5 percent
                         Percentage of surveys rating service as excellent = 96.2 percent
                                               Average motorist wait time = 9.8 minutes

                                                              -3-                                         On Patrol/March 2008
The Public Speaks                                           (8/23/2007) “I would like to send a
                                                            special thank you to Moises Reyes
                                                                                                    On Patrol is published periodically by
                                                                                                    the Metropolitan Transportation Com-
                                                                                                    mission Service Authority for Freeways
                                                   of FSP. He was extremely pleasant and            and Expressways (MTC SAFE).
         otorists continue to mail, e-mail

                                                                                                    Joseph P. Bort MetroCenter
                                                   polite, and let me know he was there to help        101 Eighth Street
         and phone in praise and grati-            and everything was going to be all right. You       Oakland, CA 94607-4700
         tude for their experiences with                                                               510.817.5700
                                                   have a wonderful guy working on your team           TDD/TTY 510.817.5769
the FSP program. Here are a few recent             who seems to love what he does.”
                                                                                                       FAX 510.817.5848
                                                                                                       Web site <www.mtc.ca.gov>
comments.                                                                                           MTC
                                                                                                    Executive Director: Steve Heminger
                                                             (9/4/2007) “Thank you for the          Deputy Executive Directors:
E-mail                                                       outstanding service I received             Ann Flemer, Andrew Fremier &
                                                                                                        Therese W. McMillan
         (7/2/2007) “I was five minutes            today. At about 5:20 p.m., my car ran out of     Director, Highway & Arterial Operations:
         away from home and got a flat tire,       gas on I-880. As my husband and son
                                                                                                        Albert Yee
                                                                                                    MTC SAFE Senior Program Coordinator:
so I pulled over on the freeway shoulder.          walked to a nearby gas station, one of your          Jaime C. Maldonado
                                                                                                    MTC SAFE Program Coordinators:
Before I could even get my cell phone out, a       service trucks pulled up and offered me a            Joanna Fox, Sze Lei Leong &
tow truck with driver Lydia Gonzalez pulled        free gallon of gas.”
                                                                                                        Raymond Odunlami

in behind me. She fearlessly changed my                                                             On Patrol Coordinator:
                                                                                                    Joanna Fox 510.817.5937
tire with traffic zooming past her. This                    (9/18/2007) “Thank you for the          Copy Editor: Karin Betts
woman is a lifesaver and a jewel. Thank you                 exceptional service provided by         Graphics
so much for the service you provide, and for       your technician David Schley, Jr. My wife
                                                                                                    Design/Production: David L. Cooper
                                                                                                    Photos (unless otherwise indicated):
the wonderful Lydia.”                              and I experienced a blow-out on the Sunol           Sze Lei Leong & Joanna Fox
                                                                                                    Printing: Autumn Press
                                                   Grade on Interstate 680. We used a freeway
         (7/16/2007) “On Friday the 13th,          call box (also very conveniently placed) to
                                                                                                    California Highway Patrol,
                                                                                                    Golden Gate Division
         I got a flat tire so I pulled as far to   request help, and Schley arrived within 15       Chief Cathy Sulinski; Lt. Eric Rozenoff;
                                                                                                    Sergeant Chris Childs; Officers Eric
the right as possible and started to jack my       minutes. We hope he gets the recognition he      Butawan, Gary Lee, Chris Nave and Mar-
car up and remove the lug nuts. One was a                                                           cos Rodriguez; Staff Service Analyst
                                                   deserves for his work, and FSP continues to      Dwyane Potts
very odd one that I couldn’t remove, so I          service the Bay Area freeways in such a kind,    Caltrans, District 4
called AAA. But before they got there, an          courteous and necessary manner.”
                                                                                                    District Director: Bijan Sartipi
                                                                                                    Deputy Director of Operations:
FSP truck pulled up. Bill Jauregui (the FSP                                                           Sean Nozzari
                                                                                                    Office Chief: Cyrus Mashhoodi
driver) and his colleagues worked to find a                  (9/18/2007) “We were visiting Cal-     Caltrans FSP Staff:
socket that would remove the final nut.                      ifornia, our first trip out from       Norman Anderson, Scotty Hsiao,
                                                                                                    Kane Wong 510.286.5917
Thanks to Bill Jauregui and his hard work,         Pennsylvania, and had a rental car. The car      Local Tow Contractors:
determination and professionalism, my              started making this rumbling sound, so I         Tony Singh
unlucky Friday the 13th flat tire experience       pulled off and discovered the rear tire was
                                                                                                       A-One Towing, Richmond
                                                                                                    Vincent Haavisto and Kim Skinner
had a good ending!”                                flat. Five minutes later a tow truck pulled         All Ways Towing and Transport, Fremont
                                                                                                    Richard Bilafer
                                                   up, and I asked if he was the guy from the          B & A Body Works and Towing,
         (7/29/2007) “This e-mail is to            garage. He said he was from the Freeway
                                                                                                       San Francisco
                                                                                                    Richard Valles
         show our appreciation for Bennett         Service Patrol. I asked if he takes Master-         B & D Towing, Concord
Crawford. He saw our car on the side of the        Card or Visa, and he said there was no
                                                                                                    Steve Barnes
                                                                                                       Bill’s Towing, Novato
freeway, stopped and offered us help with-         charge. After three or four more questions       Joe Scarff and Leon Esquenazi
                                                                                                       Campbell’s Towing, San Jose
out anything in return. Mr. Crawford was           he handed me the brochure and said “I’ll         Steve Sgarlato
our hero for the day.”                             change the tire; you can read about it.” Hey,       Dick’s Automotive Transport, Campbell
                                                                                                    Khurram Shah
                                                   I’m from Pennsylvania, and a skeptic! Who           K & S Towing, Bay Point
          (8/21/2007) “This morning on             would think that a flat tire would be one of
                                                                                                    Ken Betts and Roger Craig
                                                                                                       Ken Betts’ Towing, Oakland
          my way to work I had a flat tire. I      the highlights of our trip to California? We     Lupe Lima
was about to call for help when the driver of      are looking forward to another visit!”
                                                                                                       Lima Towing, Santa Clara
                                                                                                    David Schely
this patrol truck came to my car and identi-                                                           Matos Towing and Transport, San Jose
fied himself as a Freeway Service Patrol, and      Letters
                                                                                                    Nelson V. Lopez
                                                                                                       Nelson’s Tow, San Francisco
told me if I had a spare he would change                    (11/27/2007) “Just wanted to send       Bill Hemenez
                                                                                                       Palace Garage, San Leandro
the tire for me. I did not even need to get                 a note of thanks to the Freeway         Joe Paz Sr.
out of my car. Thank you Steve Pauley for          Service Patrol, and to driver David Ruiz for
                                                                                                       Redhill Towing, San Rafael
                                                                                                    Jim Inglebright and Karl Offerman
your help.”                                        his quick service and friendly demeanor. I          Roadrunner Tow, Fairfield
                                                                                                    Rick Hart
                                                   never write letters like this, but I felt com-      Sierra Hart, Napa
 Quiz Answer
                                                   pelled to do so this time because of Mr.         Horace C. Robinson
                                                                                                       Sunrise Enterprise 87, East Palo Alto
 What does PTN Stand for?                          Ruiz’s excellent service.”                       Glenn Neal
                                                                                                       Vacaville Tow, Vacaville
 b) Push, Tow, None                                                                                 Michelle Inskeep
                                                                                                       Yarbrough Bros. Towing, Santa Rosa

On Patrol/March 2008                                            -4-

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