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Xbox 360 Site WSO
                                   I am offering a ready made web site on the Xbox 360 niche, that includes the following:

                                     Custom Header & Footer Graphics
                                   2 Clickbank Affiliate Banners - These affiliate offers pay per sale, so lots of money to be made.
                                   10 Custom Written Articles with High Adsense Click Payout's.

                                     Cheap xbox 360 games
                                   Free xbox 360
                                   xbox 360 bundles
                                   xbox 360 ebay
                                   Xbox 360 hard drive
                                   xbox 360 mods
                                   Xbox 360 power cord
                                   Xbox 360 racing games
                                   Xbox 360 repairs
                                   Xbox 360 sale

                                      Adsense Ads - With High Paying Keywords
                                   Video Page With Related Videos
                                   News Page With Related News
                                   Related Blog Posts
                                   Related Twitter Posts
                                   Privacy Policy Page
                                   Contact Us Page
                                   Only 50 will ever be sold so it wont be saturated with this site

                                   Xbox 360 Site WSO

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