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                                                                                                                                                       MARCH 2011


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Disrupt; change; innovate; integrate
A blueprint for the future of the industry
NANCY LANE                                  100. This was not meant to stir a debate
                                            about the quality of journalism between
                   President, SNA           the two companies. It was simply to
                                            make the point that the consumer is
With 400+ media executives filling          OK with “good enough” journalism. At
the room and not an empty chair to          that point Gilbert reminded the audi-
be found, President & CEO of Desert         ence that “every disruptive innovation
Media Clark Gilbert delivered a thought-    looks inferior at the beginning” and it
provoking and at times controver-           all started to make so much sense.
sial keynote presentation at the Key           Deseret has launched a contributor
Executives Multi-Media Conference,          network called “Deseret Connect”. They
the Mega-Conference put together by         first identified cost per story, and devel-
SNA, Inland and SNPA.                       oped a plan to greatly reduce it while
   Two themes quickly emerged during        increasing the amount of quality content
this high energy ninety minute presen-      on their sites. Gilbert urged everyone
tation: we must change our business         in the audience to know their cost per
model and we must change our con-           story (their cost was $227 per story at
tent strategy. According to Gilbert, “the   the newspaper and a little lower at their          Gordon Borrell (left)
industry is permanently broken and          TV station). Deseret Connect includes              and Clark Gilbert.
needs to be permanently restructured”.      over 500 Utah contributors publishing
The good news is that opportunities are     hundreds of stories each week. These are
surrounding us but we need to get our       web-first stories, but some are reverse-            “Clark’s speech made me think that in a few years we’ll
cost structures changed immediately –       published in print. The average cost per
                                                                                                 probably look back on him as one of the newspaper
especially on the content side.             story from these contributors is $12
   To illustrate the point, Gilbert         (other online competitors are averag-             industry’s greatest leaders. He ... jumped in with both feet
threw out a statistic that left the room    ing less than $10 per story). A team of           at The Deseret News and started making some very tough
in silence: The New York Times has          editors provides weekly feedback to                 decisions. His presentation gave us a great example of
approximately 30 million monthly            the contributors. They also reduced
unique visitors on their web site; the      their features department from 26 to 4             what to do. I hope [publishers] gain that confidence and
Huffington Post is right behind at about    employees and they now manage the                                     follow Clark’s lead.”
28 million. The head count between the      community contributor program.
                                                                                                                                             –Gordon Borrell
two companies is 1,200 versus less than                         SEE ‘DESERET’, PG 6

                                                                                                                        IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                                         Q&A with Matt DeRienzo,                  2
                                                                                                                         publisher of The Register Citizen

                                                                                                                        Top 12 from MegaConference
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                                                                Traverse City, MI 49684
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                                                                116 Cass Street
                                                                Suburban Newspapers of America
        PERMIT #149
      CHERRY HILL, NJ                                           IN PRINT & ONLINE   ENGAGED AUDIENCE   LOCAL NEWS

                                                                                                                         Photo of the month

      OF AMERICA                                                                              Q & A with...
 Suburban Publisher is published
                                                                                              Matt DeRienzo
 by SNA, the only non-profit trade                                                             Matt DeRienzo is publisher of The Register Citizen in Torrington, Conn., a Journal Register
 association in North America that                                                            Company newspaper. After starting his career at the age of 18 at his hometown weekly
 specifically represents the needs                                                             in Maine, DeRienzo continued his work in newsrooms at various weeklies and dailies in
 and interests of suburban and
 community newspapers.
                                                                                              New England. His work includes sitting in the editor’s chair at both the Eagle Times in
                                                                                              Claremont, N.H. and The Register Citizen. Before becoming publisher in Torrington three
 Mission: SNA supports the                                                                    years ago, DeRienzo was the Corporate Director of News for small dailies and non-daily
 community newspaper industry                                                                 publications for JRC.
 and related local online media
 through leadership, education,
 innovation, promotion, research
 and the advancement of high                           Open Community Newsroom and more; Register Citizen inviting public in

       SNA Headquarters:
                                                       Q     Yo u r e c e n t l y c o -
                                                             presented at an SNA
                                                                                              the office move as an opportu-
                                                                                              nity to design a physical space
                                                                                                                                    participation. They are also live-
                                                                                                                                    streamed on RegisterCitizen.
                                                                                                                                                                          openness of discussion of news
                                                                                                                                                                          among editors in any ways that
          116 Cass Street                              Foundation sponsored webi-             that reflected our changed and         com. We built a classroom into        you didn’t anticipate? How do
      Traverse City, MI 49684                          nar about Creating a Culture of        changing business model and           the newsroom and are regu-            you manage special interest
 888-486-2466; Fax: 231-932-2985                       Community Involvement in the           company philosophy of “digital        larly offering free classes, in       groups or especially vociferous
  email: sna@suburban-news.org                         newsroom and I’d like to explore       first, print last.” In many ways,      person and live-streamed, on          individuals who have personal
                                                       some further aspects of what           our office layout is like the web      blogging, journalism, writing,        agendas? What software and
                                                       you’re doing in Torrington, CT.        itself – open, and geared toward      social media, video production        equipment do you use for this
         SNA OFFICERS & DIRECTORS                      Before we get into that though,        connecting people with each           and other topics. Our class-          broadcast?
  Chairman of the Board / SNI Vice-Chairman /          can you give us a thumbnail of         other. There is the coffee shop,      room and conference rooms

                SNAF Treasurer
       John M. Humenik | Arizona Daily Star
                                                       your publications, web presence        where you can grab a cup of           are available to community                   The biggest impact on
                                                       and market landscape?                                                                                                     our day-to-day report-
         First Vice Chair / SNI Treasurer
         Jon K. Rust | Rust Communications                                                                                                                                ing came from the decision to
            Second Vice Chairman
   Gareth Charter | Holden Landmark Corporation        A     We p u b l i s h a s m a l l -
                                                             market daily newspaper
                                                                                                                                                                          open our daily story meetings
                                                                                                                                                                          to the public, and to broadcast
                    Treasurer                          in Northwest Connecticut, as                                                                                       them on the web. From day one,
         Matt Hayes | East Bay Newspapers
                                                       well as a shopper and six com-                                                                                     we started receiving story tips
      Clifford Richner | Richner Communications
                                                       munity weekly newspapers,                                                                                          from people we never would
                                                       with a newsroom of 18 people.                                                                                      have heard from in the past. We
          Immediate Past Board Chair
        Betty Carr | Metroland Media Group             Over the past two years, we have                                                                                   also started to get some great
                     Directors:                        seen an explosion in traffic to                                                                                     feedback from readers about
         Gordon Borrell | Borrell Associates           RegisterCitizen.com, driven by a                                                                                   how to broaden the context of
 Anthony Clifton | Review Publishing Ltd Partnership
         Gloria Fletcher | GateHouse Media             “digital first” approach to report-                                                                                 stories as they were unfolding.
       Josh O’Connor | Sound Publishing Inc.
       Jennifer Parker | CrossRoadsNews, Inc.          ing the news and a tremendously                                                                                    It has broadened our sources for
      Rick Surkamer | Sun Times Media Group
        Jim Williams | Heritage Newspapers
                                                       engaged audience that returns                                                                                      local journalism tremendously.
 Stephen Zonars | ThisWeek Community Newspapers        all day long to discuss and                                                                                        By holding story meetings in
                    SNA STAFF                          debate local issues in our story                                                                                   public, one thing we realized
                  President                            comments. Our digital audience                                                                                     ahead of time was that we must
                  Nancy Lane                           is now 6.5 times greater than our                                                                                  be careful not to talk openly
      843-390-1531 | nancylanesna@aol.com
                                                       print audience, and advertis-                                                                                      about things that a confiden-
         Vice President of Operations
                     Al Cupo                           ing is starting to catch up, with                                                                                  tial source has told us off the
    888-486-2466 | al.cupo@suburban-news.org
                                                       digital accounting for 4 percent                                                                                   record, for example. That’s one
      Classified Avenue Director of Sales
                  Deanna Lewis
                                                       of total advertising revenue in            Editor & Publisher recently recognized                                  example of the kind of conversa-
                                                       January 2010 and 22 percent in                                                                                     tion that might have taken place
 888-486-2466 | deanna.lewis@suburban-news.org

 Advertising & Membership Relations Director           January 2011.                             The Register Citizen as “One of 10 That                                  behind closed doors between a
                  Tanya Henderson
 888-486-2466 | tanya.henderson@suburban-news.org                                                 Do It Right” for their open community                                   reporter and editor in the past

          Suburban Publisher Editor
                    Deb Shaw
                                                       Q     Your newsroom took a
                                                             huge step late last year                           newsroom.
                                                                                                                                                                          that wouldn’t be appropriate in
                                                                                                                                                                          this setting. But there are very
     888-486-2466 | debshawsna@comcast.net
                                                       when you physically moved to a                                                                                     few other examples. To broad-
                   HQ STAFF                            new location and in the process,                                                                                   cast our meetings, we have a
  888-486-2466 |e-mail to sna@suburban-news.org
                                                       morphed your newsroom into             coffee and pastry, sit on a leather   groups as free meeting space.         wall-mounted web cam above
             Operations Manager
                 Bonnie Pitozzi                        an ‘open’ space that literally         couch or at a café table, work on     We’ve hosted town hall-style          our conference table, at the
         Accounting & Finance Director                 welcomes the community in.             your laptop or iPad using our         meetings with the governor and        edge of the Newsroom Café.
                 Janice Norman
             Membership Manager                        Tell us about that transforma-         free public wifi. We provide free      our U.S. congressman. And we          While the meeting is running,
                  Valerie Donn
         Database Marketing Director                   tion and the various ways you          access to 134 years of newspaper      have a “Community Media Lab,”         we use “Cover It Live” (coveri-
                  Clara Cherry
           Communications Director
                                                       invite community participa-            archives to the general public,       computer workstations available       tlive.com) to run a live chat so
                Tonya Ratajczak                        tion.                                  and have invested in a modern         for free access by local bloggers     that readers watching at home
         Admin. Asst. Classified Avenue
                   Beth Leman                                                                 microfilm machine that has been        and citizen journalists.              can jump in with a question or

 Suburban Publisher is printed
                                                       A     It started with Journal
                                                             Register Company CEO
                                                       John Paton’s recognition that
                                                                                              used every single day since we
                                                                                              opened. We have an Artist of the
                                                                                              Month program spotlighting the
                                                                                                                                    Q     Let’s talk about the web-
                                                                                                                                          cast of your news budget
                                                                                                                                                                          comment about what is said
                                                                                                                                                                          in the meeting. That live chat
                                                                                                                                                                          shows up on a large flat-screen,
 courtesy of A.F.L. Web Printing,                      we needed a nicer place for            local arts community. Our daily       meeting in which you enable           wall-mounted monitor above
 Voorhees and Secaucus, N.J., one of
                                                       employees to work, and that            story meetings have moved from        members of the general public         our conference table so report-
 the nation’s leading printers of daily,
                                                       our 105-year-old print manu-           behind closed doors to being          to participate via chat or twitter.   ers and editors can react to what
 community and specialty newspapers.
                                                       facturing-focused building was         held in the café, and open to         How’s that going so far? Does         is being written.
                                                       no longer the right fit. We saw         the public for observation or         the webcast affect the tenor/               SEE ‘OPEN OFFICE’, P 14
                                                                                                                                           March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 3

Six days to bigger      Rapid improvement
thinking, better future                                                                         JOHN M. HUMENIK
                                                                                                   N                                              of those involved. This is the operational

Sign up now for May                             media companies, focusing on pay wall
                                                success stories and strategies for small
                                                                                                                                                      Second, identify procedures where tasks
                                                                                                                                                  can be removed without altering the out-

Innovation Mission;                             advertisers and revenue growth. They’ll
                                                visit Journal Register Company’s open com-
                                                                                                                                                  come. This is an effort in refining procedures
                                                                                                                                                  and increasing urgency.

registration is limited                         munity newsroom at The Register Citizen
                                                in Torrington, Conn. where they’ve had
                                                                                                                                                      And third, gather a list of employee sug-
                                                                                                                                                  gestions that attempt to remove barriers
                                                phenomenal success in engaging audience                                                           to doing our best work and improve com-
In early May, the SNA Foundation is host-       with rewarding results, including a growth                                                        munication. This is an effort in discovery
ing a North American Innovation Mission         of online ad revenue from four percent                                     Chairman               and experimentation. Listen closely to the
with one simple goal – to expose the small      of total in January 2010 to 22 percent in                      SNA Board of Directors             employees who ask, “What if we … ?”
group participants to some of the most          January of this year. Additionally, a half                                                            I was told by several employees during
innovative community media houses, and          day meeting with JRC corporate executives                                                         my night-to-morning journey through our
the brains behind them. Limited to the first     will provide first-person insights into their    When considering the strengths and weak-          operation that publishers usually don’t do
30 registrants, the study tour begins May       digital-first strategy with a particular focus   nesses of your organization, a critical walk      this type of activity. I suggest you do by
1 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and concludes        on revenue strategies that are working.         through of your procedures might be most          taking a similar walk-through from news-
on May 6 in Toronto, Ontario, with a mid-          The tour concludes in Toronto with a         revealing. By taking a step backward to           room to plate-making to press to packaging
tour stop in New England. Slots are now         full day visit at Metroland Media, North        review, you can drive forward even faster.        to transportation to distribution center.
available and are available on a first-come,     America’s largest group of community               As you explore ways to build and moti-             Look for ways to make it better, especially
first-served basis.                              weeklies. This company has a proven cul-        vate your team, look for instances where          by inviting employees to share with you what
   Over six days, the working tour will         ture of innovation, and attendees will be       your operation sputters, falters and fails.       they do and their thoughts about making
focus on four key areas: the most promis-       exposed to their tremendous digital busi-       By focusing on key weaknesses, you can            it better. You will be impressed by their
ing new sustainable business models for         ness model and other emerging strategies.       identify rapid improvement opportunities or       passion to succeed. It also will illustrate
community media companies; emerging             The visit will focus on digital tactics and     RIOs. These opportunities will lead to greater    how one department, one procedure is no
content strategies with a special emphasis      growth and will conclude with a 90 minute       efficiency, more effective communication           more important than any other. The daily
on community contributions; digital-first        joint idea exchange between Metroland           and an even more engaged problem-solving          birthing of a newspaper and the desire to
initiatives (both editorial and advertising)    senior level executives and the Innovation      operation.                                        get better every day should intrigue and
and strategies to grow overall revenue.         Mission attendees.                                 In this space each month, I share ideas to     motivate us all.
   Very much a working trip, the group will                                                     get your team moving with greater urgency,            And, as we advance in the digital world
start in Salt Lake City and will spend all                   THINGS TO KNOW                     become more innovative, and focus even            -- many of our companies now with robust
day Monday at Deseret News Publishing/                                                          more energy on getting important work             online and mobile strategies – it would be
Deseret Digital. Deseret President & CEO           Intended for senior level executives that    done with the appropriate level of intensity.     misplaced energy to marginalize the hum of
Clark Gilbert, the guru of disruptive innova-   want to study and learn about innovative        We all can free up new energies for more          a press, the smell of ink, the sound of trucks,
tion, will provide an in-depth look into his    media companies that are experiencing           worthwhile endeavors by stopping the              and the folding of newspapers as being
operations, considered by many to be one        tremendous growth, the study mission            unimportant tasks we don’t perform well.          sights and sounds of a historical perspective.
of the most innovative media companies          is a continuous working tour running               Since my previous column, I tested this        Newspapers are alive and well, and there is
in all of North America. The day will focus     from May 1 to 6. Cost is $2,850 per person      concept. I followed our daily newspaper one       an easy way to experience it.
on two key issues: changing the business        and includes air from Salt Lake to Boston       night from the last page out of the news-             The most important observation I made
model and developing lower-cost but             and Boston to Toronto, six nights hotel         room to first carrier leaving our distribution     was that we can and should improve the
higher-quality content strategies.              accommodations at downtown locations,           center. It was an eye-opening experience          effectiveness of our communication and
   On eve of the visit to Deseret, the group    most meals, transportation during the           because there are opportunities to make           explore more of the good ideas offered by
will hear a presentation from Examiner.com      tour and program materials, etc. This is a      our efficient operation even better and           our employees. We need to first look and
CEO Rick Blair. His company is nearly fifty      working trip. While a few social activities     more cohesive.                                    learn, and then show and tell.
times the size of Patch.com and contracts       are planned, they mainly center on meals           I came away with a greater appreciation            In the coming months, we plan to pro-
with over 60,000 “Examiners” described as       and evening networking events. The goal is      for what happens in the middle of the night       duce a video showing how our newspaper
“credible, local insiders”. They post 3,500+    to expose attendees to as much innovation       and how much our employees care about             begins each day and how it is distributed.
stories per day in over 225 U.S. cities and     as possible in a one week period of time.       getting it right. I also have even more respect   Minimally, it will showcase the awesome
the top five Canadian cities.                       Full program details are available online    for how it can all unravel in a split second      talent we have assembled and why our
   From Utah, the tour moves to New             at www.suburban-news.org.                       – one breaking news story, one web break,         people matter most. It will do even more to
England. At MIT’s Center for Future Civic          The learning experience for attendees        one jammed inserting machine, and one             improve our in-house communication and
Media the group will hear well respected        will extend for another six months via          late truck to the distribution center. One        connect us all around a common theme –
views to help with future planning. They        monthly webinars to encourage the sharing       minute late in any area can easily become         the newspaper.
will participate in an ideas exchange           of ideas, lessons learned and strategies        15 or more minutes in the field.                       It also will show how much we rely on
with some of the leading New England            employed as a result of this study tour.           We should desire to get stronger, faster,      each other, and how much each effort,
                                                                                                and find an edge at every turn. You can            each minute, matters in the newsroom, in
                                                                                                learn a lot by getting out, being visible,        prepress, in the pressroom, in packaging, in
                                                                                                and exploring your operation procedure by         transportation and in the field. It will make
                                                                                                procedure, and no lesson is more important        us even stronger and more focused -- a team
                                                                                                than seeing when we succeed, sputter, falter      of many abilities and moving parts.
                                                                                                and fail.                                             And we’ll discuss how we succeed, sputter,
                                                                                                   We all have rapid improvement oppor-           falter and fail. We’ll make our rapid improve-
                                                                                                tunities.                                         ment opportunity list and get moving. And
                                                                                                   A rapid improvement opportunity list           it’s there that we’ll find our next success and
                                                                                                should be divided into three parts. First,        our next meaningful growth strategies.
                                                                                                identify those activities that have drifted out       Your feedback is always welcome. Reach
                                                                                                of sync and can be corrected in one meeting       me at jhumenik@azstarnet.com

           Need Another Reason to Join CAC?
                                                                        During our recent survey,
                                                                        100% of CAC’s
                                                                        newspapers said they
                                                                        would recommend us to
                                                                        other publishers.

                                                                         CAC Board of Directors

                                                                                 Dave Gusse, NSA Media

                                                                             Marsha Lawrence, Best Buy Co.

                                                                               Barry Schiro, CBA Industries

                                                                            Jon K. Rust, Rust Communications

                                                                                   Robert Uccello, CVS

                                                                                  Greg Bogich, Valassis
  “We have had CAC audit the Heritage Newspapers for the past 35
  years. The company is professional. I find the home office pleasant            Kathy Heatley, Starcom
  and easy to work with and the field auditors knowledgeable. Going
  with CAC was the right move for us.”                                     Steve Pope, Freedom Communications
   - Robert Riddell, Heritage Newspapers
                                                                            Janice Lucente, Allstate Insurance

  “For over twenty-five years, CAC has been our auditing company            Debra Crawford, The Berry Network
  of choice. We have always been able to count on the staff at CAC
  to be professional and responsive with changes to our business            Matt Gunderson, Kohl’s Dept Stores
  plans. Their reputation as a superior auditing company has
                                                                            Mike Gugliotto, Pioneer Newspapers
  allowed us the attention we need with major advertisers. And too,
  in this time of considerable change in the newspaper industry ,            Robert Brown, Swift Newspapers
  CAC has been able to adapt to changes with cost saving solutions,
  processes and comprehensive reporting. We look forward to a               Laurie DePaola, Fred Meyer Stores
  long partnership.”                                                              Nancy Lane, zip2save
  -Mark Warren, Observer & Eccentric/Hometown Newspapers

  “Our transition to CAC has allowed for greater flexibility and
  sizable expense savings. All of this without sacrificing our audit
   - Michael Theriault , Sun Journal

  “CAC is the growing and "coming" organization for
  newspapers. They are the company I would use or recommend              Call Evelina in Marketing at:
  these days.”
  - Max Heath, Landmark Community Newspapers
                                                                        800.346.1356, Ext.124
                                                                                                                                        March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 5

SNA offers revenue Top 12 from the
leadership summit Mega-Conference
100% revenue-focused covering                                                                  NANCY LANE                                        5    GreenTagTuesdays.com – from John
                                                                                                                                                      Humenik’s session on mobile. It took

print, mobile, online and more                                                                                                                   the staff eight hours to develop this. Deal of
                                                                                                                                                 the day meets mobile – 24 slots are offered
                                                                                                                                                 each Tuesday. Full page ad in paper features
After the success of last year’s Revenue        • Top Data & Trending Information to                                                             the QR codes that readers can scan with their
Boot Camp, SNA has once again part-               Ensure Revenue Growth                                                                          phones. Finally, someone is making serious
nered with The Blinder Group to produce         • Tu r n i n g A r o u n d a Su b u r b a n                                                      money with a mobile/print combo!
a world-class revenue summit this May             Newspaper
in Chicago.
    This three-day event is all about helping
                                                • Digital First - An Update from Journal
                                                  Register Company                                                                               6    Mobile video revenue will start to double
                                                                                                                                                      every year (from Sam Matheny/mobile
media companies of all sizes generate           • The Basics of the Local Digital Sales                                                          panel). Pre-roll video is highly successful for
more revenue and SNA President Nancy              Process                                                                     President          this group of TV stations with top categories
Lane encourages all members to consider         • Top Revenue Ideas from North America’s                                                         including auto, attorneys, hospitals, real estate
attending this sure-fire revenue boosting          Most Innovative Media Houses
                                                                                                                                   SNA           and universities. Specialized apps are also
gathering. “Anyone who has ever met             • Stop the Insanity -- Blowing Up Your         There was no shortage of ideas or strong          worth exploring (their “GoAskMom” app
Mike Blinder knows that this is a man on          Current Sales Model                          opinions at last month’s Mega-Conference in       generated $250,000 in revenue last year.
a mission and, in a nutshell, that mission      • Getting Better Results for Our Advertisers   St Pete. Conference attendees were exposed
is about how to grow revenue significantly
and quickly,” says Lane.
                                                  In Print & Online
                                                • Outbound Telesales: Myth or Miracle?
                                                                                               to wide variety of speakers including a mix
                                                                                               of industry consultants and media company         7     In five years mobile will represent
                                                                                                                                                       64.7% of all digital advertising (from
                                                • The Qualities of the Best Media              executives. The following represents my top       Gordon Borrell). Text messaging remains a
            FEATURED SESSION:                     Managers                                     twelve take-aways and ideas (in no particular     huge opportunity area and will go to $7.49
                                                • Riding the Mobile Wave to Success --         order):                                           billion in the next five years.
The Ten Best Ideas to Increase Your               Content and Advertising
Revenue Tomorrow
SNA & the Blinder Group have identified
                                                • Digital Great Idea Exchange -- Where
                                                  Is the Money?                                1     We must find ways to reduce the cost
                                                                                                     of our content (from Clark Gilbert’s        8     Mobile is not “web light” (from Art
                                                                                                                                                       Howe, Verve Wireless). Appoint a mobile
ten of the most innovative and biggest          • Two tracks to choose from: Sales/            keynote presentation). Deseret Connect has        manager now. Banner ads are most common
revenue ideas being implemented by                Management and Digital                       over 500 contributors that publish hundreds       unit being sold by larger newspaper compa-
community media companies large and                “Nancy Lane and I have over-packed          of stories each week on a web-first basis (and     nies (with average CPM’s in the $15-$16 range
small. In this session, senior executives       this event with actionable ideas that you      sometimes their stories make it into print).      but click through rates are less than 1%).
from these ten companies will personally        can use today, while keeping your costs        Understand your current cost per story and
detail the idea, share the
results and provide sales
                                                                      to attend low, so you
                                                                      can realize a sizable
                                                                                               then work on a strategy to greatly reduce it
                                                                                               (without sacrificing too much on quality).         9    Advertiser workshops are key to driving
                                                                                                                                                      huge digital sales (from Mike Blinder’s
& marketing informa-                                                  return from your                                                           presentation). Share of voice banner cam-
tion.                                                                 investment,” says
                                                                      Blinder                  2     We must change expectations for our
                                                                                                     graphic design teams (from Jason
                                                                                                                                                 paigns are popular and successful as are
                                                                                                                                                 coupons. Most programs include multiple
    KEYNOTE SESSION:                                                                           Taylor’s session). In Chattanooga, TN, they       package options and limited availability.
                                                                        THE PARTICULARS        require members of the creative team to go on
Revenue Growth
Starts with Strong                                                        Registration cost
                                                                                               a certain number of sales calls each month;
                                                                                               they have spec ads goals that they must hit;      10 The industry mustspace (from Doug
                                                                                                                                                    digital shopping
                                                                                                                                                                      collaborate in the

Leadership                                                             to SNA members is       they critique all of the ads each week; they      Franklin/Cox and Randy Bennett/NAA). Three
Presented by Kirk Davis, President & Chief      $395 pp. Full agenda and registration          complete ad logs each day (charting how           very good options exist: zip2save, ShopLocal
Operating Officer, GateHouse Media,             at www.suburban-news.org or call SNA           much time they are spending on each ad or         and FindNSave. Attendees were urged to
Inc.                                            headquarters at 888-486-2466.                  project) and the top creative manager attends     consider affiliating with one of them.
One of the community newspaper indus-              Special hotel rate is $149 per night        all sales meetings.
try’s most dynamic and motivating execu-        single/double (plus room tax per night).
                                                                                                                                                 11 Regarding Patch andGilbertnew online
tives will tackle the topic of leadership
in relation to revenue growth. In this fun
                                                Contact Reservations at 312-787-2800. In
                                                order to receive this special rate, you must   3     “Run your online operation like your
                                                                                                     newspaper – profit first mentality” (from
                                                                                                                                                    competitors, Clark         reminded
                                                                                                                                                 us that “every disruptive innovation looks
and fast moving session, Davis will touch       inform the hotel that you are attending the    Mel Taylor’s session). Adjust the compensa-       inferior in the beginning”. Mel Taylor shared
on the hiring process, accountability, the      BlinderGroup/SNA Revenue Leadership            tion of every employee in your company to         that Patch has 800 sites so far including 30
importance of motivation and more. He           Summit and make your room reservation          include a heavy online component; arm your        in Philadelphia (will be 60 by the summer);
will also share a few of GateHouse Media’s      by April 26, 2011.                             staff with cheap tablets to make presenta-        over 100 in California; 73 in Massachusetts
most recent revenue success stories and a          The program is designed for advertising     tions; redesign your home page to include         and so on. As they build a market, they create
look at some of their future plans.             directors, retail advertising managers,        more advertising opportunities and develop        efficiencies.
                                                classified advertising managers, interactive    simple-to-understand flat rates.
   Additional Summit highlights include         sales managers and senior sales executives.
                                                                                                                                                 12 Cooking schools are hot andGareth
(some are concurrent):
• A Decade of Media Convergence with
                                                Publishers and corporate executives will
                                                also find value in this program, especially     4    If you want self-serve to work, make
                                                                                                    it as easy as facebook (from Bill Day’s
                                                                                                                                                    tive – plan one for 2011 (from
                                                                                                                                                 Charter’s roundtable session). For those that
  Kevin McCrudden, CEO, Motivate                when attending with other members of           presentation). The newspaper industry has         are affiliated with Relish (Publishing Group
  America                                       their team.                                    made self-serve advertising too difficult. Place   of America product) – they have a national
                                                                                               a $20 ad on facebook yourself and compare it      program that they will bring to your market.
            SNA/THE BLINDER GROUP REVENUE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT                                    to your self-serve option. Only then can you      Some groups are seeing revenue well into
                          MAY 18-20 | CHICAGO, IL                                              develop a self-serve model that will work and     the six figures between tickets sales, special
                                                                                               generate new revenue.                             sections & other opportunities.

        Continued from page 1
        Deseret Connect                           It’s time to take your foot off the brake
   In addition to community contributors,
their content strategy includes an integrated
newsroom (just one person from paper/
                                                  Success strategies for
TV/radio covers a story – Gilbert suggested
teaming up with local TV and radio stations
                                                  dealing with hyper-
to accomplish this goal) and an in-depth
enterprise reporting team. For this team,
                                                  local competitors
they chose six areas of focus that were most
important to their community (things like
                                                   AL CUPO
family, financial responsibility, faith and
education). For these topics, they spend
more per story but they are covering things
that readers can’t get anywhere else that are
vitally important to their everyday lives.
   On the digital side, they set up Deseret
Digital as a “separate, disruptive business
unit with separate staff, separate P&L, etc.”                                 Operations
                                                                           VP O
Nearly every employee in this department                                            SNA
comes from the digital world – not news-
papers. Gilbert has hired people away from        The 2011 Multimedia Key Executives
AOL, Overstock.com, yahoo, Omniture,              Conference tackled many topics cur-
vehix and more and they join him to work          rently on the minds of both large
for a “digital company” not a newspaper. At       and small publishers throughout                 Mel Taylor, right, spoke to attendees after his fast paced presentation.
this time, their most profitable digital offer-   North America.
ings are deals including daily deals, email          One of the most pressing issues was
marketing and directory products. Gilbert         addressed on the last day of the program        content development to online sales com-         online packages to current and prospec-
warns against partnering with Groupon in          by industry consultant Mel Taylor in his        pensation as you would on print.                 tive clients. Aggregate your audience and
the daily deal space.                             candid presentation Hyper-local: What              As a first step, everyone should take a        impressions and present accordingly.
   The new model is working: KSL.com              the Competition is Up to and Strategies         hard look at who is managing their online           It’s not in anyone’s best interest to pres-
was up 75 percent in revenue in 2010 and          to Succeed.                                     business.                                        ent these products individually; rather, a
they are budgeting a 50 percent increase             Taylor is the founder of Mel Taylor             Taylor advocates no tolerance of skep-        comprehensive plan with the ability to
for 2011. They are the only local web site in     Media, a consulting group that focuses          tics and urges swift action in response. If      customize should be developed.
the country to beat craigslist. Interestingly,    on digital strategy and online marketing        anyone on the team (advertising, editorial,         Incorporate all your assets into every
KSL.com is not tied to a news model but is        for local media companies and local busi-       marketing, etc) displays any negativity          proposal to drive business to your clients’
based more on other transactional models          nesses. He specializes in hands-on training     they should immediately be converted             door – banner ads, local search, mobile,
such as lead-generation and search.               and real world case-studies that help grow      or ‘neutralized’, a.k.a replaced. The fact       video, targeted emails, social networking
   During the Q&A session, smaller newspa-        overall revenue and audience share. Before      remains that like any other successful           and, last but certainly not least, print.
per publishers with more limited resources        founding his company in 2006, he held a         venture, strong leadership and product              Create presentations that are not tech
asked for advice on how to get started.           variety of media sales positions.               commitment is essential.                         jargon heavy; remove all references to
Gilbert advised the hiring of one really good        Taylor provided an overview of hyper-                                                         CPM, page views, uniques, click-thru
digital manager that comes from outside           local competitors’ business models like             2ND RULE: TRAIN, EQUIP, COMPENSATE           rates and impressions. That’s not to say
the industry. This person can even be out         Patch, ReachLocal, Groupon, Google,                                                              your sales reps don’t need to know this
of market with ties to your community. A          DataSphere and Pandora. But rather than            Next up is making sure your sales reps        information; rather, they should pitch
second step would then be one digital-only        dwell on any one of these digital entities,     are on-board and that they have all the          in familiar language and keep the digital
sales rep and so on.                              Taylor chose to address what we, as an          tools needed – training, technology, and         language for the ‘as needed’ dialogue.
   “Clark’s speech made me think that in          industry, should be doing to build both         compensation.                                        Finally, Taylor suggests that everyone
a few years we’ll probably look back on           readership and advertiser-share using the          Train them to ask the right questions         take a critical look at their current sites
him as one of the newspaper industry’s            many positive assets currently available        – what is the client’s current ad spend          and determine if they offer both the reader
greatest leaders”, said Gordon Borrell,           in our organizations.                           in the market by product; who are their          and the advertiser the best experience
CEO, Borrell Associates, “He just plain              More specifically, he suggested that          target customers and what are their              possible.
stopped conducting studies and giving             everyone in the room ‘take their foot off       expectations?                                       He specifically suggested that clutter be
speeches and jumped in with both feet             the brake’ when it comes to developing a           Equip them with the right technology to       eliminated in favor of larger, more visible
at The Deseret News and started making            new and innovative digital presence and         do their job. Smart phones, laptops and/or       ad positioning.
some very tough decisions. His presenta-          sales approach in their local markets.          tablets are needed to demonstrate exactly
tion gave us a great example of what to           Taylor addressed the need to cement a           how your digital offerings work.                                   ETCETERA
do, but I’m afraid it left a lot of publishers    strong local advertising base through a            Sales compensation programs must
still uncertain that they can make a dra-         step-by-step process designed to build a        be adjusted to match the reality of lower           Mel Taylor touched on many other areas
matic and swift transition in their markets.      profitable digital marketplace that includes     online dollars compared to print. Sales reps     of online selling including overcoming
I hope they gain that confidence and follow       the web, mobile, social media and email         must have a large enough carrot in front         objectives, presenting total readership,
Clark’s lead.”                                    strategies.                                     of them to sufficiently reward their efforts      pricing models, day-part positioning,
   The SNA Foundation is hosting a North                                                          when their online plan is met. Include a         good versus bad ad design and managing
American Innovation Mission from May                       1ST RULE: NO TOLERANCE                 higher reward for new business or exist-         client expectations.
1 – 6 including a full day stop in Salt Lake                                                      ing client growth. By the same account,             If you would like additional infor-
City to spend with Clark and his team. As of         Up first on Taylor’s hit list was the sug-    negative incentives should apply when            mation regarding these topics you can
press time, there were a handful of spots left.   gestion that publishers operate their digital   digital goals are missed.                        download Taylor’s complete conference
The visit will include a half day on content      products the same way they run their                                                             presentation at: tinyurl.com/6k89ves,
strategies and a half day on new business         print business.                                           3RD RULE: SPEAK PLAINLY                or contact Mel Taylor directly at:
models. For more information, visit the SNA          This means placing as much attention                                                          MelTaylorMedia.com, 267-625-5313,
website at www.suburban-news.org.                 and enthusiasm on everything from digital          Consider how you present print and            or Mel@MelTaylorMedia.com
                                                                                        March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 7

 In Brief:
     SNA Foundation - 76 Journalists Apply for 20 Scholarships


   Application reviews are currently underway for the upcoming two-day sym-
posium that will educate community journalists on how to uncover local stories
on the impacts of the current economic crisis on the American family. The
SNA Foundation and the Associated Press Managing Editors were awarded a
McCormick Foundation grant through their specialized reporting institute pro-
gram to conduct the symposium and SNA accepted applications for the twenty
slots through February 25.
   SNA and APME will also host free educational webinars after the April sym-
posium to share with the entire industry best practices and some of the lessons
   The SNA Foundation is committed to helping suburban and community
newsrooms advance journalistic standards and seeks educational grants to assist
in their mission. In addition to this grant, the SNA Foundation has parlayed
a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation into a series of four
self-directed e-learning courses housed on Poynter Institutes NewsU. Over four
thousand students have taken these free learning courses which are specifically
tailored to help suburban and community newsrooms successfully transition to
multi-media publishing. See page 16 for details on the latest e-course.

                              HOW UNIQUE IS UNIQUE?

   Borrell Associates has released new research that peels the layers away on the
actual audience size for local websites. A free executive summary of the report,
“How Unique is Unique? Gauging the (Actual) Size of Local Web Traffic,” is avail-
able for download at borrellassociates.com.
   The fact that a site is “local” means it should hold more value for advertis-
ers. This report attempts to get to the bottom of the audience issue and provide
guidance for local site managers. Among the findings are that unique visitor logs
tend to overstate the actual number of people by a ratio of almost 4 to 1. It also
explores the out-of-market visitor phenomenon, as well as probes the varying
frequency of visits and classifies the loyalty tendencies. The findings come from
hundreds of surveys conducted by Belden Interactive, acquired at the end of last
year, to be able to provide more insights into consumer and advertiser habits
and preferences.


   Newspaper websites saw tremendous traffic in the last year’s fourth quarter,
drawing an average monthly audience of 105.3 million unique visitors – nearly
two-thirds (62 percent) of all adult Internet users.
   The analysis, performed by comScore for the Newspaper Association of
America, also indicates that newspaper websites continue to attract key demo-
graphics, reaching 58 percent of 25-to-34-year-olds and 73 percent of individuals
in households earning more than $100,000 a year on average throughout the
quarter.The findings also pointed toward audience engagement, with newspaper
          website visitors generating an average of 4.1 billion page views each
                             month, spending nearly 3.4 billion minutes brows-
                                       ing the sites.
                                           “Newspaper websites stand out in today’s
                                        online environment, with trusted brands
                                        and high-quality journalism attracting an
                                        impressive audience that sets them apart
                                        from other players in the digital space,”
                                        said NAA President and CEO John F. Sturm.
                                        “As publishers continue to reinvent their
                                         business models, digital is at the forefront
                                         of a multiplatform transition that has seen
                                         steady growth in online advertising rev-

Celebrating Local
                                                                                                                           Both Mary Lou Montgomery and Clay Lambert possess hallmark
                                                                                                                           characteristics of a strong local editor - fervor for upholding journalistic
                                                                                                                           standards, a strong embrace of all things local and incessant drive and
                                                                                                                           curiosity. Hats off to the several runners up in this category - in the weekly
                                                                                                                           division, Dan Shearer, Green Valley News & Sun, Ben Cason, ThisWeek

JOURNALISM                                                                                                                 Community Newspapers, Gersh Kuntzman, Brooklyn Paper and Dan Koller,
                                                                                                                           Park Cities People Newspaper; and in the daily division, Mitch Pugh, Sioux
                                                                                                                           City Journal. Part two will spotlight the winners of the Journalist of the Year
                                                                                                                           category in next month’s issue.

Lambert Takes Top Honors in Weekly Division
Clay Lambert, Managing Editor of      kind of menace - resolving the             Review,” says Lambert. “It’s hum-
the Half Moon Bay Review (CA),        dispute in the 2000 presidential           bling because I have worked with
took the SNA Editor of the Year       election. He was among the army            some phenomenal editors and
honors in the weekly newspaper        of people counting the hanging             mentors through the years. There
category. His career spans more       chads that played a starring role          is no way I’m more deserving than
than a quarter of a century, begin-   in that national drama.                    people like Bill Rose at the Palm
ning with work at the University         “I have attended parties with           Beach Post or Johnny Vardeman at
of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain          Muhammad Ali and Bill Clinton,             the Times of Gainesville.”
Collegian, and he’s got a list of     and was there when Nelson                     But, pressed to share his views
newspapering anecdotes as long        Mandela toured the U.S. upon               on what it takes to succeed in this
as his arm.                           his release from captivity,” says          business, Lambert has a narrow
   “Twenty-five years in news-        Lambert.                                   focus and it’s all about ‘the big story
papers has afforded me more              But it’s the little old lady in rural   in the small town’.
interesting barroom conversation      Georgia who shot and killed an                “Local newspaper editors should        his passion for local journalism and    Journal. David Smydra is another
starters than I can count,” chides    intruder, who gives Lambert the            leave the war in Afghanistan and          includes mentoring cub reporters        reporter who was able to go directly
Lambert – and he’s not kidding.       most memorable quote he ever               presidential politics and all the         who join his staff.                     from his position at the Review to
   A couple of experiences cement     scribbled down. The gunshot woke           rest to others. Focus on the people          “Our reporters tend to be skilled    one working as a news specialist at
his legacy as a ‘never say die’       her aged mother who asked what             in your community. Embrace the            but without much real world expe-       Google News. Moving into these
newsman. Lambert survived a           happened. The shooter’s reply: “I          very big stories that happen in your      rience when they first come to          types of positions from a small,
plane crash at La Guardia while       shot a guy and there he lay!”              small town. Give the lives of your        the Review. Clay’s patience and         weekly newspaper is a perfect
en route to a World Series game                                                  own readers the attention they            tutelage has worked to help mold        example of the level of mentoring
and, on another occasion, was                     RUMINATIONS                    deserve and that they will get no         a high level of skilled reporter who    they receive from Clay.”
briefly quarantined for anthrax                                                   place else.”                              then moves on to an even more              In addition to his work as
after a tabloid photographer             Lambert is humble, pointing                                                       promising career. One reporter,         Managing Editor of Half Moon
was killed from exposure to the       out that he’s only as good as the                   MENTOR TO OTHERS                 Nick Casey, came to the Review          Bay Review, Lambert is also the
chemical in 2001. His stint at The    people with whom he is lucky                                                         right out Stanford University and       Editorial Director for parent
Palm Beach Post (FL), as a general    enough to work.                              According to Half Moon Bay              moved from his position as a            company Wick Communications.
assignment reporter from 1998 to         “Any individual honors belong           Review publisher Debra Godshall,          reporter here to become a staff         He is reached at clay.lambert@
2002 exposed him to a different       to the staff of the Half Moon Bay          Clay’s talents extend well beyond         correspondent at the Wall Street        wickcommunications.com.

Montgomery Saluted in Daily Division
Mary Lou Montgomery took top          board is this reminder: “Is the            “understands editors should
SNA honors as Editor of the Year      person you are talking to being            do more than sit at their desks.
in the daily newspaper category       paid to sway your opinion?” She            She is an advocate for her com-
but don’t let the frequency fool      lauds the staff’s overall dedica-          munity.”
you. She’s a down and dirty           tion to quality journalism and
newswoman and leads a staff           the digital evolution.                                 PHILOSOPHY
of just six (one part-timer) at          “They’re a group who is
the Hannibal Courier-Post (MO).       truly psyched about the oppor-                Like most other newspapers,
It’s all about attitude and she       tunities that lie ahead,” says             the new normal means running
confidently boasts that together       Montgomery. “We are interact-              a lean machine but cuts notwith-
she and her staff are continually     ing with our readers, putting our          standing, Montgomery stands               lished only in the print edition        the change has had a significant
building a hyper-local newspaper      ‘line in the water’ to see where           firm on journalistic integrity and         - to be the talk of the coffee shops    impact on their ability to stretch
that has real relevance in their      they will lead us.”                        writing stories that matter within        each morning.”                          resources. “They offer us ideas
community.                               Montgomery’s boss, Courier-             her community, from the readers’             She’s bullish on the future and      and templates that allow us to
   “My motto is ‘Look what we         Post Publisher Jack Whitaker,              perspective.                              holds tight to the theory that          incorporate more local news into
can accomplish together’, says        lauds his editor as a person who              “We will not be the voice              readers who are involved in             our paper in a format attractive
Montgomery. “It is not my news-       advocates for her community.               of public relations,” says                the newsgathering process are           to readers. Our publisher, Jack
paper; it belongs to our read-        “(This award) is a demonstra-              Montgomery who reminds that               readers who feel an ownership –         Whitaker, who has stood by me
ers. As editor, I’m the engineer      tion of the importance of Mary             newsrooms are not in the busi-            and subsequent loyalty – to their       through the evolution to a news-
– trying to keep us on track and in   Lou’s commitment to community              ness to make the mayor look               community newspaper.                    paper for the people, remains a
the right direction – every day.”     journalism, especially reader              good. “Rather (we’re here) to give           Hannibal Courier-Post is part        staunch supporter of the ‘readers
   Montgomery credits her staff       involvement,” says Whitaker.               our readers the information they          of GateHouse Media, which pur-          first’ concept.”
as journalists who are committed         Regarding Montgomery’s                  need to make educated decisions           chased the newspaper three years           Ma r y L o u Mo n t g o m e r y
to preserving editorial integrity     selection, a contest judge cited           on community issues. Our goal is          ago. Montgomery salutes the new         is reached at Mar yLou .
– prominent on their bulletin         her as being someone who                   for our daily centerpiece – pub-          owner’s guidance, saying that           Montgomery@courierpost.com
                         March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 9

  An Important Message
     for Customers of
     (Past, Present,
       and Future)

10 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | March 2011             March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 11

                           OUR FOCUS: YOUR SUCCESS

12 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | March 2011

                               Say hello to the new AFL.


                                       Voorhees NJ • Secaucus NJ
                                                                                                                                March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 13

Newsroom lessons learned during community crisis
TANYA HENDERSON                                 due to an office renovation – they were all,” says Hayt.                                  alone,” says Hayt. “We thought we had
                                                living out of boxes. As Hayt says, “it was     In terms of mobile, it’s critical that     bases covered – we didn’t.”
                                                the perfect storm.”                         when staff arrives on scene that they            The statement was quickly removed
                                                   There are a number of lessons learned have the right equipment. Who has                from their site, but it still haunts them
                                                when a massive story unfolds in your smart phones? Do photographers have                  today.
                                                community. To start, Hayt says you need cell phones that can take photos? Who
                                                to look at your disaster                                   in the field have laptops?                 THE BIG LESSONS:
                                                and mobile plans.                                          How will this information
                                                   The Star had an older            “It’s critical         be disseminated? Also             Focus on your community and be
                                                plan based on another               that when              important is having a          sensitive to that community. Corella
          Advertising & Membership              shooting that had taken                                    social media policy.           mentioned that some of the victim’s
                   Relations Director
                                                                                 staff arrives on
                                                place in 2002, but quickly                                    Corella mentioned           families did not want reporters inside the
                                                realized it was out of date.     scene that they           that they had to recon-        funeral. They respected their wishes.
We were all glued to the coverage of            She mentions that you             have the right           figure their home page            Watch your language – don’t use words
the tragic shooting in Tucson. SNA in           need to develop a “phone                                   to accommodate more            like “healing” a day or two after a shoot-
partnership with APME developed a               tree” – a hierarchy of who                                 headlines and reader           ing when people are still reeling and
webinar to share lessons learned from           contacts who and it’s criti-                               photo submissions. It          grieving from the event.
a major news story, in this case the            cal to keep it updated.                                    was also important to             And remember your staff in all of
Tucson shootings. The lessons learned              Working on separate floors, even have a gatekeeper; someone who can                    this – they are also part of that com-
were fascinating and should greatly             separate rooms when this large of an determine how information will be com-               munity and may have known the victims
assist others in developing disaster            event happens won’t work – you need municated to others. The Star had many                involved or the in this case the shooter
and mobile plans.                               to be together. Who will be your first other reporters and groups constantly              or his family.
                                                responders? The Star’s government team contacting them for information. They                 If you are interested in purchasing the
   Teri Hayt, Managing Editor, and Poli         was the first responders for this story.    decided to stay focused on the com-           recordings and presentations in their
Corella, Metro Editor of the Arizona               You may need to develop different munity and not get sidetracked in this               entirety from the two-part series, contact
Daily Star opened the webinar with a            responder teams based on the situation. area.                                             SNA at sna@suburban-news.org.
picture of the newsroom that fateful day        For instance, they have a separate team        Their motto to “get it right before get-
– a typical Saturday with a skeleton crew       that works the wildfire stories and meets ting it first” became real after they briefly        Tanya Henderson is the Membership
that within an hour became “all hands           yearly with the forestry service to keep reported that Giffords had died based on         Relations Director with SNA. She can be
on deck;” a newsroom that was also              numbers and information up to date.         reports from NPR and CNN online.               reached at 804.262.3341 or by email at
challenged by temporary work quarters              “Don’t think one size is going to fit       “The decision is yours and yours            Tanya.henderson@suburban-news.org

South Unit is wicked good                                                                      DV
Contributions from Alice                                                                                 LEHMAN COMMUNICATIONS CORP.
Coyle, Wicked Local Halifax
                                                                                                         HAS SOLD
GateHouse Media New England’s South
unit cleaned up at last month’s NENPA’s                                                                  LONGMONT (CO) TIMES-CALL
annual Better Newspaper Contest, taking                                                                  20,700 daily circulation
home 34 awards in a competition that
                                                                                                         LOVELAND (CO) REPORTER-HERALD
draws more than 3,000 entries from news-
                                                                                                         18,200 daily circulation
papers throughout New England.
   South unit reporters, editors and pho-                                                                CAÑON CITY (CO) DAILY RECORD
                                                NENPA’s weekly Journalist of the Year Susan
tographers won awards in nearly every                                                                    7,700 daily circulation
                                                Parkou Weinstein and weekly Photographer
editorial, photography and web category         of the Year Robin Chan show off their prizes             and affiliated publications and websites
in the contest culminating with Raynham         at the annual awards banquet.
Call reporter Susan Parkou Weinstein being
named the weekly Journalist of the Year and     Entertainment reporting, Coverage of a
Mariner staff photographer Robin Chan           Racial or Ethnic Issue and General News
named weekly Photographer of the Year.          Story, to Human Interest Feature, Sports
   “It was terrific to see so much of the        Column, Transportation/ Commuter
hard work pay off for our journalists at this   Reporting, and Web Special Section. South
year’s award’s ceremony with the number         unit photographers won first place awards
of awards we received,” Editor in Chief         for Feature, General News and Sports pho-
Gregory Mathis said. “Not only were many        tography.
journalists recognized, but recognized in          “I could not have been prouder of
a wide range of categories. It was truly an     our entire staff and management team,”                   PRAIRIE MOUNTAIN PUBLISHING
impressive showing and further validates        South unit Publisher Mark Olivieri
what we try to do daily on our websites and     said. “Thirty-four NENPA Awards is one                   We are pleased to have represented
weekly in our newspapers – report, write        year is a remarkable accomplishment. To                  Lehman Communications Corp. in this transaction.
and publish stories and photos that matter      then have 14 first-place awards including
to our readers in print and online.”            Journalist of the Year and Photographer                  Dirks, Van Essen & Murray
   The unit won 14 first-place awards           of the Year made it our most decorated                   Santa Fe, NM t: 505.820.2700 f: 505.820.2900
for categories ranging from Arts &              evening ever.”                                           www.dirksvanessen.com
14 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | March 2011

           Continued from page 2 | Open Newsroom                                                        SNA Member News:
Q     Among other aspects of your new
      newsroom is an ‘open to the public’
                                                   and community members who want to get
                                                   started, we offer free use of our offices and                       Aurora Sentinel is sold; Cochran ‘retires’
Newsroom Café with inexpensive coffee and          equipment, training in working with blogging
pastries for sale, along with free WiFi. How       templates, editing video and other technology       Harrison Cochran, the reigning SNA Dean Lesher award
has this been received by the community            and journalism topics. We have a full-time          winner, has retired from the Aurora Sentinel (CO) upon the
and how do you manage this quasi-retail            “Community Engagement Editor” who is                recent sale to the Aurora Media Group LLC. New publisher
environment? Do you staff it?                      primarily tasked with this. For many of our         James Gold, former senior executive with New York Times
                                                   partner bloggers, RegisterCitizen.com is their      Regional Group, will direct operations of The Sentinel

A      The café has been used for everything
       from informal weekly women’s knitting
                                                   number one referral source for traffic, which
                                                   can benefit them financially if they are selling
                                                                                                       newspapers and associated media products.
                                                                                                          As news of the transition spread, Cochran mused what
circles, to a study area for high school and       their own ads or they are hooked up with            is next and said “The honest answer is, “I don’t know.” My
college students, to a meeting place for old       Google AdWords or a similar program. In the         wish and bucket lists are long, and I suspect it will include
friends and entrepreneurs plotting their next      long-run, we see ourselves as stepping in to        writing, some consulting to the publishing industry with Harrison Cochran
startup. Free WiFi, for one thing, is not avail-   help sell ads on this blogging network.             skiing and fishing mixed in for good measure. Seeing my
able in very many places in our community.                                                             daughter through her last years of college is high on the list, too.”
We were careful to approach the café part
of this project with realistic expectations. It    Q     I imagine there could be some push-
                                                         back from your staffers. Tell us about
                                                                                                          The Aurora Sentinel — daily, weekly and online news and advertising source to
                                                                                                       the state’s third-largest city —came under control of new owners Feb. 24, according
was not realistic to get into the restaurant       the reaction? How have you fostered a spirit        to officials from AMG and the sellers, the Aurora Publishing Co.
business, with health permits, etc. So we have     of cooperation and acceptance among your
pastries delivered individually-wrapped from       pro journalists?
                                                                                                       David Nesenoff, famed for Helen Thomas interview, appointed
a local bakery, and we have a restaurant-grade
                                                                                                                        publisher of The Jewish Star
Keurig machine for coffee that is basically
self-serve. We extended classified advertising      A     Fully getting the concept of openness
                                                         and transparency has been a process,
representative hours to match the hours of         but an exciting one. We have taken what would       Seven months ago, an interviewer's softball question to
the café being open so that staff who already      have been internal discussions on policy over       Helen Thomas, the dean of the White House press corps,
handle money could take care of that aspect        online story commenting, corrections, etc.,         "Any comments on Israel?" led to the explosive answer
of the operation. That avoided the need to         and held public meetings about them and             that cost Thomas her job. Her proclamation for the Jews to
hire people just to deal with the café.            reached out via social media, live chats and        "get the hell out of Palestine... and go home to Poland and
                                                   more to engage our readers. One of the things       Germany..." made news around the world. It also brought

Q    You run a ‘Fact Check’ box at the end of
     every story on your site which enables
                                                   that has perhaps helped us overcome any
                                                   hint of reluctance from the staff has been the
                                                                                                       notoriety to her interlocutor, David Nesenoff who has been
                                                                                                       appointed publisher and editor of The Jewish Star by the
readers to set the record straight if they spot    amazing amount of goodwill this project has         paper's owners, Clifford and Stuart Richner.                David Nesenoff
wrong or inaccurate information. What do           created in the community. Readers are kind            The Jewish Star is distributed in Nassau, Queens and
you do with these comments?                        of shocked at how open we are, and also at          Brooklyn. Founded in 2002, the Jewish Star is owned by Richner Communications
                                                   how much we are “giving away.”                      Inc., in Garden City, NY.

A     When we get a “Fact Check” report, it
      goes back to the reporter and editors
                                                   Q    If a paper could do just one or two of
                                                                                                         Mary Lou Fulton named to Shaw Media Board of Directors
who worked on the story to investigate, or an           the features of the open newsroom,
available newsroom staffer. Once the mistake       what aspects would you recommend?
is confirmed, we change the online version of                                                              Mary Lou Fulton was elected to Shaw Media's Board of
the story, note the correction at the bottom
of the story, and run formal corrections in        A      Start with an open environment online
                                                          – do something like the Fact Check box,
                                                                                                       Directors last month.
                                                                                                          "Her acceptance of this important responsibility is great
our print edition (if the story appeared there)    overhaul your corrections policy. Peel back         news for our company, which is strategically building
and our online corrections page. I would           the curtain and be transparent about how you        talent at every level in the organization," said Tom Shaw,
point people interested in this idea to The        report the news and in admitting when you’re        President and CEO of Shaw Media. "Our future depends
Washington Post. They recently unveiled a          wrong. Link to other sources of information.        on our people, and Mary Lou is a wonderful addition. We
Fact Check program that is a huge improve-         Use social media to engage in a two-way             are so happy she is joining our team."
ment over what we have done. We’ll be copy-        conversation with your readers instead of              A self-described media optimist, the Long Beach, Calif.,
                                                                                                                                                                    Mary Lou Fulton
ing them soon! You can see there page here:        just pushing out links to stories. Find ways to     native, brings 23 years of experience in the media and
www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/interactiv-          develop a face-to-face relationship with your       publishing industries. Fulton's career has included everything from starting up
ity/corrections/                                   community. It could be a newsroom coffee            a community newspaper to leading Internet start-ups during the dot-com boom
                                                   shop, or regular forums on important local          and overseeing nationally recognized new-product development at the Bakersfield

Q     Your new newsroom also includes
      workstations for area bloggers to freely
                                                   topics at the library’s community room.             Californian.

use. Do you recruit them to write exclusively
for your news sites, or do you reach out to        Q     Any tips for other publishers who
                                                         might be considering similar conver-
                                                                                                                   Publisher Arthur W. 'Nick' Arundel dies at 83
bloggers who already have their own blogs?         sions? Practices to emulate? Avoid?                     Fauquier Times-Democrat publisher Arthur W. "Nick"
Are they volunteer?                                                                                    Arundel died in his sleep at his beloved Merry Oak Farm

A      Our Community Media Lab is all about        A      Capitalize on unique strengths or needs
                                                          in your community. Fill a void. Be an
                                                                                                       last month.
                                                                                                           His death came on the eve of yet another honor in a long
       “the link economy.” We don’t need to        entrepreneur instead of continuing to tweak         list of local, state, national and international acclaims. At the
“own” or have exclusive rights to the work         a model the audience and advertisers are            age of 83, Arundel was to be named the Outstanding Virginian
of local bloggers. Rather, we work with the        abandoning. Set realistic expectations and          of 2011 by the Virginia General Assembly today.
community at-large to build up a network           small goals, and most of all, don’t abandon the         Arundel was one of the founding fathers of SNA and served
of citizen journalists who provide local and       basic principles of openness and community          on the Board of Directors. He was presented with the Dean
niche news and information we would never          engagement because no one shows up for the          Lesher award, the association’s lifetime achievement award, Arthur W. “Nick”
be able to get to, or in some cases, even know     first public forum you hold. Try something,          in 1995. He also hosted SNA Fall Conference attendees in 1998 Arundel
about. We will link to a feed of posts from        don’t be afraid to fail, then try something else.   to a memorable reception and dinner at Merry Oak Farm.
existing blogs, only asking for a link back to     And empower your department heads and                   His son Peter Arundel, a former member of the SNA Board of Directors, is now
RegisterCitizen.com. For existing bloggers         staff to fail, as odd as that may sound!            president and chairman of the board of Times Community Media.
March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 15
16 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | March 2011

                                                                                          JasonTaylor, left , President and General Manager of the Chattanooga Times Free
                                                                                          Press interacted with attendees at the conference.
  Community Contributor Training
                                                                                          Newspaper niche: Agency
  Now Available
  Leading your newsroom is one thing; managing contributors from the general public
                                                                                          consultant for small businesses
       is another matter altogether and the SNA Foundation, in conjunction with           TANYA HENDERSON                               Press discussed how newspapers can trans-
                                                                                                                                        form their sales organizations to be the
         Poynter Institute’s NewsUniversity, is providing the FREE tools to help                   Advertising & Membership             agency for these small businesses.
                                                                                                            Relations Director             “It’s no secret that a good idea can sell
                                  you master the task.
                                                                                                                                        – even in tough times,” said Taylor.
                                                                                          Small and medium businesses (SMBs)               At the Free Press it was important to
                                                                                          are bombarded by media sales reps, yet        elevate the position of creative.
  This latest self guided e-course in a series produced by the SNAF has two parts – one   these businesses need more help than ever        “We are guilty of stifling creativity in
                                                                                          with advertising placement and creative,      our industry,” said Taylor.
         intended for newsroom leaders and one intended for local contributors.           according to Greg Swanson, President of          Creative staff participate on sales calls
                                                                                          ITZ Belden.                                   and in sales meetings. They keep ad “logs”
                                                                                             ITZ Belden recently conducted a study      in order to know how much time is being
 In Strategies for Managing Local Contributors, newsroom leaders who                      of SMBs in 47 states, and presented their     spent on the creative process. These logs
 complete the course will be able to:                                                     findings at the MultiMedia Key Executives      can also be helpful when looking at pricing
                                                                                          Conference.                                   your creative to the client.
   Identify which kinds of community contributions might work best in your                   These merchants, who were newspaper           He suggests taking an inventory of skill-
   news organization                                                                      customers, have a median spend of $10k        sets at your paper and look at the creative
                                                                                          per year. They average 22 solicitations a     culture – who has the passion? Keep their
   Devise a specific plan for introducing community content onto your site                month and listen to eight – that’s only two   interest by entering industry contests, and
                                                                                          per week. They are buying five different       developing your own. Taylor mentioned
   Develop a plan to recruit and train contributors that includes directing them to the   mediums on average, however, they are         a simple “ad-of-the-week” contest where
   contributor track of this course                                                       using different media depending on the        peers vote on the ads. This can blossom
                                                                                          vertical or category of business.             to ad-of-the-month or year and have the
 Editors who want to train journalism basics to community contributors can                   Newspapers are poised to take on the       advertisers vote on the best ads.
 direct them to the companion course, Contributing to a Local Publication.                main consultative or agency role that            Taylor suggests taking a look at your
 Once the course is completed, contributors will be able to:                              small businesses need. According to the       self-promotion and being brutally honest.
                                                                                          survey:                                       Look at house ads, rate cards, collateral
                                                                                          • Newspaper representatives are the           materials, testimonials – who is controlling
                                                                                             number two source for advertising and      your brand?
                                                                                             marketing information                         Develop new job descriptions and
                                                                                          • 65 percent of businesses surveyed would     require portfolios. There could be four or
                                                                                             have confidence in print reps as an        five levels of creative titles based on what
                                                                                             agency                                     they are required to do (for example spec
                                                                                          • 72 percent are confident in their efforts    ads). It gives them an opportunity to grow
          Access The Community Journalism Series e-course at                                 as consultants                             within the organization and you build in
                www.newsu.org/UserGeneratedContent                                           Now is the time for newspaper execu-       accountability.
                                                                                          tives to step up and consider the agency         In terms of sales rep training Taylor says
                                                                                          approach.                                     the best thing you can do is videotape
                                                                                             Swanson mentioned two newspapers           them. They can see visually what they
                                                                                          companies going this route: The Houston       are doing wrong and right, and it helps
                                                                                          Chronicle, where they are assisting more      sales reps to view one another and learn
                                                                                          from a buying perspective; and The Palm       from each other.
                                                                                          Beach Post, which is consulting more from        In terms of pricing, you may want to
                                                                                          the creative side – for example, new cus-     charge commission on placements like a
                                                                                          tomers receive a multi-media marketing        true agency would. Taylor recommends
                                                                                          campaign via video, billboards, etc.          a universal hourly rate. Some compa-
                                                                                             During a separate session at the confer-   nies offer discounts up front while others
                                                                                          ence, Jason Taylor, President and General     offer general vs. specific contracts or even
                                                                                          Manager of the Chattanooga Times Free         turnkey-offerings.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 17

Newspapers of the Year: Take a bow
Bragging rights aside, the SNA Newspapers of the Year for                                                                                                        journalism underway at local newspapers.                                     of our industry and commend all of the hard-working and
non-daily publications with circulation over 37,500 have                                                                                                         SNA President Nancy Lane is not surprised by the many praise-                dedicated employees who make the daily miracle a reality
much to crow about.                                                                                                                                              worthy newspapers which competed in the contest.                             in their towns,” said Lane.
   Judges from Chicago’s Loyola University Journalism                                                                                                               “Suburban and community newspapers remain vibrant                            In this installment of our Newspapers of the Year series,
Department bestowed high praise on the selection of twenty-                                                                                                      and well-respected in the communities they serve, primarily                  we are spotlighting the winners in Class D, for non-daily
two newspapers in the annual NOY contest and were espe-                                                                                                          because of their deep and caring coverage of local news and                  newspapers with circulation over 37,500.
cially impressed at the deep involvement in the investigative                                                                                                    events. I am exceedingly proud to represent this segment                        Look for additional winners in future issues.

                                                                                                                                                                                 PRINTER EMPTY?

                                 THE OAKVILLE                                                                                                                A tradition
                                                                                                                                                                                   REFILL AND
                                                                                                                                                                                   SAVE UP TO   60%
                                                                                                                                                             at the             Upper Oakville Shopping Centre
                                                                                                                                                                                 905-842-5600 www.thinkrefill.ca

                                                                                                                                                             Centre              Just a Countertop

                                                                                                                                                                                      3375 Laird Rd.
                                       Voted Ontario’s Top Newspaper Four Years in a Row - 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008                                               Artscene            Unit 2, Mississauga.

            A member of Metroland Media Group Ltd. Vol. 48 No. 57                 “USING COMMUNICATION TO BUILD BETTER COMMUNITIES”                    FRIDAY, MAY 21, 2010       48 Pages $1.00 (plus GST)

                                                                                                                                                     on Ford
                                                                                                                                                     By David Lea
                                                                                                                                                     OAKVILLE BEAVER STAFF

                                                                                                                                                        Hundreds of protesters marched on Ford’s corpo-
                                                                                                                                                     rate headquarters in Oakville Wednesday afternoon
                                                                                                                                                     calling on the company to ‘do the right thing’ regard-
                                                                                                                                                     ing the 900-megawatt gas-fired power plant
                                                                                                                                                     TransCanada wants to build on the Ford-owned lands
                                                                                                                                                     of 1500 Royal Windsor Dr.
                                                                                                                                                        Organizers of
                                                                                                                                                     the protest, Cit-
                                                                                                                                                                          “We are saying there is an
                                                                                                                                                     izens for Clean Air opportunity for Ford, if the
                                                                                                                                                     (C4CA), has a num- plant does go ahead, to
                                                                                                                                                     ber of health and help us make sure it is the
                                                                                                                                                     safety    concerns cleanest, safest plant for
                                                                                                                                                     about a power
                                                                                                                                                     plant being less
                                                                                                                                                                          Ford’s neighbours, for
                                                                                                                                                     than 400 metres Ford’s employees and
                                                                                                                                                     from the nearest for Ford as a good
                                                                                                                                                     residential neigh- corporate citizen.”
                                                                                                                                                        They want Ford Frank Clegg, C4CA chair
                                                                                                                                                     to support and
                                                                                                                                                     fund an individual
                                                                                                                                                     environmental assessment of the Oakville Generating
                                                                                                                                                     Station project.
                                                                                                                                                        Members of C4CA feel saying yes to such a request
                                                                                                                                                     would be in keeping with Ford’s publicized commit-
                                                                                                                                                     ment to safety.
                                                                                                                    MICHELLE SIU / OAKVILLE BEAVER      “We know that Ford has entered into a business
          C4CA PROTEST: Protesters of all ages gathered at the Oakville Ford plant on Wednesday to oppose TransCanada's proposed gas-fired power     transaction with TransCanada and we are not asking
          plant. The proposed plant would be built on a Royal Windsor Drive property sold by Ford.                                                                                            See C4CA page 3

                                                                       905.338.1288                                                                                   905.339.8686
                                        IN THE OAKVILLE HOME IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT

                                                                                                                                                 JUDGE’S COMMENTS:                                                 1st Place Newspaper of the Year - Tie
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       JUDGE’S COMMENTS:
      1st Place Newspaper of the Year - Tie

      OAKVILLE BEAVER                                                                                                                                                                                              ST. LOUIS AMERICAN                        “Respectable news content covers
      Metroland Media Group, Ltd.
                                                                                                                       “Strong, hard-hitting news stories                                                          American Publishing Company               happenings in community.”
      /Halton Division                                                                                                 exploring important social issues
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             “Beautiful, clean design; linear layout.
                                                                                                                       in community.”                                                                              St. Louis, MO                             Page 2 ‘Hot Sheet’ attractive. ‘Living
      Oakville, ON, CA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It’ section is lovely.”
                                                                                                                       “Strong news content makes this
                                                             Editor: Ron Jerred                                                                                                                                             Editorial Director: Chris King   “This is an example of a true com-
                                                                                                                       a winner.”                                                                                                                            munity newspaper.”

                                                                                                                         2nd Place Newspaper of the Year                                                                                                      3sd Place Newspaper of the Year

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              BETHESDA/CHEVY CHASE GAZETTE
                                                                                                                         ABBOTSFORD NEWS                                                                                                                      Community Newspaper Group
                                                                                                                         Black Press, Ltd.                                                                                                                    of Post-Newsweek Media, Inc
                                                                                                                         Lower Mainland Publishing                                                                                                            Montgomery County Gazettes

                                                                                                                         Abbotsford, B.C., CA                                                                                                                 Gaithersburg, MD

                                                                                                                                                                    Editor: Andrew Holota                                                                                  Editor: Melissa Chadwick

                                                                                                                                               JUDGE’S COMMENTS:                                                                                                      JUDGE’S COMMENTS:
                                                                                                                     “Does some impressive investigative
                                                                                                                     reporting while also covering nitty-                                                                                                    “Decent effort to cover news and
                                                                                                                     gritty news.”                                                                                                                           local events in area.”

                                                                                                                     “Clean, linear design. Good use of                                                                                                      “Clean lines. Good use of color
                                                                                                                     photography.”                                                                                                                           photography. ‘Scene’ section a
                                                                                                                      “‘Burning Questions’ incineration
                                                                                                                     series impressive for its depth and                                                                                                     “Quality of design of special sec-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             tions is impressive.”
18 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | March 2011

SNA’s photo of the month
                                                                                                                                                                         CHRISTINA RAMOS

                                                                                                                                                                  ANTELOPE VALLEY PRESS
                                                                                                                                                                  PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA

A young boy sits on the edge of the gate admiring the high view of the snow covering the Antelope Valley at Lamont Odett Vista View Point.
Show your photojournalistic pride! Submit photos and cutlines to: debshawsna@comcast.net.

                                                      update:                                                          Help Wanted
DEANNA LEWIS                             it’s a good opportunity. As always,
                                         I’m happy to brainstorm with you
                                         and help get a local effort underway.
                                                                                            AD DIRECTOR                              CIRCULATION SALES MANAGER:
                                         Feel free to contact me.                 Packet Publications, based in Princeton, New       Packet Publications seeks a dynamic circulation sales manager
                                             Meanwhile, The Classified Avenue      Jersey, seeks a dynamic, motivated sales profes-   to lead our circulation sales team. The successful candidate
                                         network is holding steady. We are        sional to lead our 25+ person sales team in this   will be a “hands-on manager” with a sense of urgency willing
                                                                                  upscale market.                                    to work with staff and independently to generate circulation
                                         considering some new programs,
                                                                                                                                     sales and retain customers, both single copy and mailed
                                         tying in newspapers with specials        The successful candidate will have 5+ years        home delivery.
                   Director of Sales
                    i        f
                                         promoting certain categories             of sales and sales management experience,
                          SNA Staff      throughout the year. We’re also          preferably at a weekly newspaper group and         Experience in the newspaper publishing field, specifically
                                         putting together display house ads       will demonstrate the ability to generate new       group weeklies, is preferred. Should have five or more years
                                                                                  business while leading sales teams focused on      experience in publication sales and retention preferably at a
The winter doldrums are almost a         for any newspaper that would like
                                                                                  retail, classified (telesales) and online.          weekly or group of weekly newspapers, preferably at least two
thing of the past, and I’m pleased       to run them. They will have a blank
                                                                                                                                     as a manager or director.
to report that, despite typical mid-     space for the newspaper to drop          Join our family-owned group of 11 award win-
winter blahs, the 2x2 network has        their individual contact info into,      ning paid community newspapers, 7 free weekly      Packet Publications publishes 11 award winning paid com-
been doing fairly well. We had a few     and will help promote the network        total market coverage tabs, a weekly arts and      munity newspapers, as well as seven free papers, an arts
                                                                                  entertainment magazine, a semi-monthly glossy      and entertainment weekly, a glossy monthly magazine and
weeks with a real estate land ad, and    that can bring in extra revenue. Our
                                                                                  magazine, numerous special focus newsprint
Caravan Tours has been running a         network and readership numbers are                                                          centraljersey.com. Come join our team as we prepare to
                                                                                  magazines, a commercial printing operation and
                                                                                                                                     celebrate the 225th anniversary of the Princeton Packet’s first
1x2 ad for a six-week run, and we are    strong, and very appealing to clients    a growing web presence - centraljersey.com.
                                                                                                                                     issue, published in 1786.
hoping for a renewal for March.          seeking regional and/or national
                                                                                  Come grow with us, a company with a future and                           Send resume to:
   Caravan is promoting Costa Rica       exposure.
                                                                                  a history dating back to its flagship newspaper,      The Princeton Packet, Inc. (PP), Attn: Human Resources
and Panama travel and seems to be            Keep an eye out for these new and                                                                               PO Box 350,
                                                                                  The Princeton Packet, first published in 1786!
getting good results. If you are part    exciting offerings we hope to roll out                                                                          Princeton, NJ, 08542
of the 2x2 network, it’s easy to build   soon. And, enjoy the forthcoming                        Send resume to                                or email: addirector@centraljersey.com
a travel page around these ads – take    Spring and the breath of fresh air it            addirector@centraljersey.com                      Visit our website at www.centraljersey.com.
a look at your local market to see if    brings to us all!                                                                                                  EOE/M/F/D/V
                                                               March 2011 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | 19

         Show Advertisers Your Total Media
Footprint with ABC’s Consolidated Media Report

                     The Consolidated Media Report gives you the power to choose
                     data elements, graphics and charts to create the report format
                     that best tells the story of your newspaper’s brand.

 Because ABC audits all data on the reports, advertisers know it is reliable.

         Reports can include:

         •    Paid circulation                   •     Free distribution
         •    Magazines                          •     Non-paid products
         •    E-mail newsletters                 •     Text alerts
         •    Mobile distribution                •     Website traffic
         •    Print readership                   •     Online readership
         •    Social media metrics               •     And more

                       As your newspaper continues to evolve, so will ABC.

                       Ready to create your report?
                       Contact an ABC marketing and sales manager:
                       Bridget Fleagle                      Kristina Meinig
                       (224) 366-6356                       (224) 366-6412
                       bridget.fleagle@accessabc.com         kristina.meinig@accessabc.com
20 | SUBURBAN PUBLISHER | March 2011

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