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                Top 3 Important Ways to Improve Your
                Smartphone Security

                    Top 3 Important Ways to Improve Your                                                See Also:
                            Smartphone Security

                Malware is on the rise for smartphones as they
                lack the same type of security system that you find           Many people like the convenience of using a Blue-
                on a desktop or laptop. Because of this fact mobile           tooth headset, but that convenience makes it very
                phones are being targeted by criminals across the             easy for others to listen in on phone conversations
                world as a way to access personal data much ea-               and provides them with the ability to download all
                sier. Here’s look at three ways that you can improve          of your important data as well. Make sure to use
                your smartphone security as well as the security              an encrypted Bluetooth headset if you want to be
                of mobile devices along with the type of threat and           hands-free in a public setting. Otherwise opt for
                risk that you may face.                                       the wired headset to help protect your information
                                                                              from falling into the hands of the wrong people.

                                                                              The third area that most people don’t consider is the
                                                                              use of social media sites. With so much public infor-
                                                                              mation now being displayed on Twitter,Facebook and
                                                                              other websites and makes it very easy for hackers
                                                                              and criminals to target this type of information.
                                                                              Hackers can then use this information to send ma-
                The first place for smartphone security risks are at          licious e-mails that are specifically targeted to you
                your local Starbucks, restaurant, hotel or any place          that they will hope you will click on the link inside
                that has wireless internet access that you don’t need         the e-mail to take you to an infected website. As a
                a password to use. In these locations someone that            general rule you should never click on a link in the
                is on the same network can easily hack into your              e-mail unless it is from someone you have personally
                device and download all of your important informa-            met and even then you should be cautious.
                tion and files unless you have data encryption on it.
                                                                              While smartphones have made it much easier to
                Because most smart phones bought today have very              communicate with family members and to do bu-
                little encryption capability or not at all it is best to      siness on the road they also create potential secu-
                turn off your Wi-Fi unless you’re using it at home            rity risks for your personal information and data
                or at work. If you have a smart phone that you’re             from your company. It is important that you take
                using for work purposes is best to use some type              the necessary steps to protect this information at

                of mobile VPN product that can better protect your            all costs to keep you from potential problems down
                information.                                                  the road. By following the smartphone security tips
                                                                              listed above, you should be less likely to face security
                                                                              risks in the future.
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                Top 3 Important Ways to Improve Your Smartphone Security

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