PETROFAC AGM MINUTES 2009 by liuqingyan


         Held in the Ex Service Men’s Club, Elgin, on Sunday, October 18, 2009
                                        at 1 pm

Present:       Andy Dobbie                   Aberdeen AAC (East Secretary)
               Linda Dobbie                  Aberdeen AAC (Records Secretary)
               Alan Fulton                   Aberdeen AAC
               Denis Shepherd                Aberdeen AAC (Minutes Secretary)
               Anne Webber                   Arbroath & District AC
               Winston Webber                Arbroath & District AC (Secretary/Treasurer)
               Ian H Silver                  Dundee Hawkhill Harriers (President)
               Jenny Currie                  East Sutherland AAC
               Mike Archibald                Elgin AAC
               Steve Murdoch                 Elgin AAC (North Secretary)
               Alison Murphy                 Ellon AAC
               Dorothy Milne                 Ellon AAC
               Paul Rogan                    Forres Harriers
               Kirstin Grant                 Nairn AAC
               Elspeth Allan                 North District Track & Field Secretary
               Neill Allan                   Grade 1 Field Official



       a) Approval of Minutes: Minutes of the meeting of the Petrofac League AGM of October 26
            2008 were approved (proposed by Elgin, seconded by Arbroath)

       b) Matters Arising:

            Use of Declaraton Sheets (Item 7b (4)): Denis Shepherd pointed out athletes with the
            same initial and surname were still appearing in the results without a first name which
            made it impossible for their performances to be accurately recorded. It was agreed the
            necessity of including first names where necessary be reiterated to clubs and that in
            such cases first names should appear in the official results.


        2008 League: Winston Webber summarised the season, saying east and north matches had
        fallen out of line partly because of a clash with the Scottish Young Athletes’ League and
        partly because Queen’s Park had closed for refurbishing earlier than expected. It had been a
        fairly successful season for athletes and the final had been held at the re-opened Chris
        Anderson Stadium but the planned grand opening match status at the new Aberdeen Sports
        Village had been cancelled because the Women’s League had held a meeting there first. For
        the first time physiotherapists had been at hand at the final. He thanked all officials and the
        section secretaries. The trophies had been refurbished and a Petrofac badge affixed. The
        sponsors had been pleased with the League and the publicity and had renewed their
        sponsorship for a further two years.


        Statement of accounts: Winston circulated a statement which showed an opening balance
        of £9771.05, income of £8200 and expenditure of £5154.55, giving a closing balance of
        £12816.50. There were still three bills for stadium hire to be paid. He felt the costs of
        refurbishing the trophies were worthwhile. Elgin asked why starters’ costs were higher in the
        East section and Andy Dobbie replied by saying starters were available fairly locally for
     Inverness whereas there was a shortage in the east and this often necessitated starters
     travelling long distances. Inverness Council had kept their promise and kept their fees the
     same as before. It was acknowledged this League was fortunate compared with many other
     leagues with regard to hire costs but it was likely they would all increase by around 15% in
     2010. Clubs were asked to let Winston know how many numbers they required in order to
     keep costs down. It was proposed by Elgin, seconded by Dundee that the accounts be
     accepted. Winston said he would arrange to get them audited once the outstanding bills had
     been paid.


     Records details were distributed by Linda Dobbie.


     a)   President: As it was the alphabetical turn of Forres to provide a President, Paul Rogan
          was duly elected.

     b) Secretary/Treasurer: It was proposed by Elgin, seconded by Aberdeen that Winston
        Webber be re-elected. Winston was unanimously elected with the agreement that Anne
        Webber would also act in the post and be an authorised signatory.

     c)   North Section Secretary: Steve Murdoch was proposed by Elgin, seconded by Forres
          and duly elected.

     d) East Section Secretary: Andy Dobbie was proposed by Arbroath, seconded by Dundee
        and duly elected.

     e) League Records Secretary: Linda Dobbie was proposed by Arbroath, seconded by
        Ellon and duly elected.


     a)   Proposals
          1. Proposals from Moray and Montrose: Two proposals, both concerning hurdles,
          had been submitted by Moray Road Runners and Montrose & District AC and circulated
          in advance, but as neither club was present they both fell.

     b) Points for Discussion
        1. League programme: Neill Allan, Andy Law and Andy Dobbie had prepared draft
        programmes for the season. It was agreed they would both be put on the website and
        clubs should notify the secretary for any comments by November 30. The following were
        agreed:         Long hurdles be included
        Sprint hurdles to be run starting with the longest and finishing with the shortest
        No U15 girls’ triple jump (not recommended by SAL)
        Hammer and pole vault A only (for safety reasons)
        No under-11 discus (status of under-11 javelin to be checked with SAL)
        Steeplechase to be added (men and women, A and B) at Dundee and Inverness
        Senior men’s 3000m to be replaced by 5000m
        Senior men’s 110m hurdles to be A and B and the U20 event discontinued
        Andy, Elspeth and Neill agreed to construct a draft programme accordingly in the next
        two weeks and put on the website for comment by November 30.
        (See post-meeting notes)

          2. Sponsorship: See Secretary’s report
          3. Stadium Hire Costs: No indication of charges for 2010 had been received. Hire time
          would be kept minimal. Perth and Dundee were cheapest.

          4. Use of Declaraton Sheets: Winston asked all clubs to use the recognised sheets
          and to include non-counters. It was clarified that if an athlete competed illegally in four
          events he/she would lose the points scored for the last counting event.

          5. Club Provision of Officials: Clubs were reminded they should make an effort to
          provide 6 officials who should remain available for the whole meeting, and that they
          should be declared at the start. Some clubs including some of the larger ones were not
          providing any officials and others supplied helpers who disappeared after one or two
          events. It was agreed SAL should be asked to help the situation by holding courses
          outside the central belt.

8.   DATES AND CONVENING CLUBS FOR 2010 (but see post-meeting notes)
        The five dates had been issued provisionally by SAL. Details were agreed as follows:

               North Section:
              Date        Venue          Convenors                     Programme
               25 Apr     Inverness      Caithness, E Sutherland            1
               23 May     Inverness      Elgin, Moray RR                    2
               27 June    Inverness      Forres H, Nairn                    3
                8 Aug     Inverness      Lochaber, Ross County              4
               5 Sept.    Inverness      Inverness H                       Final

               East Section:
              Date        Venue          Convenors                Programme
               25 Apr     Aberdeen       Aberdeen, Ellon               1
               23 May     Dundee         Dundee HH, Brechin HAC        2
               27 June    Dundee         Arbroath, Montrose            3
               8 Aug      Perth          Perth    SH,    Banchory      4


     a)   Convenor’s Packs: Winston asked if clubs required convenor’s packs but because of
          the cost, it was agreed convening clubs be left to provide the necessary paperwork.
          Responsibilities of convening clubs were spelt out in the programme.

     b)   Annual fees: Winston suggested leaving the fees at £200 and this was unanimously

     c)   Websites: Andy Dobbie asked clubs to provide him with a link to their club websites to
          be included on the League website.

     d)   Missing names: Denis Shepherd asked why clubs were still gaining points from using
          athletes who had competed apparently without being declared, after it had been agreed
          at a previous AGM that they should not gain points. There were at least 3 instances
          quoted form the 2009 season. It was agreed this rule should be applied more rigorously.

     e)   Medley relays: Linda Dobbie asked if separate records had to be kept if the medley
          legs were run in a different order. As SAL had indicated this did not matter provided the
          same distances of legs were run. It was agreed only one record need be kept regardless
          of the running order.

     f)   Officials: Andy Dobbie registered his thanks to all officials during the season

         The meeting closed at 3.30 pm, with a vote of thanks to the Ex-Service Men’s Club for
             providing the teas

Post-meeting notes:

1        Most likely dates are now

25 April -

23 May

27 June

22 August

5 Sept

2       Proposed programme was put on the website (under “downloads”) early November with a
request for comments by 31 December.

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