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Título: /Title: Enquiry about Chilean mills
                Por: / By: Dave Halliburton


Questão: /Question:

Celso, hope all is well. I am not travelling much so I do not get the
opportunity to see you at International Pulp and Paper Conferences. I
lent my expertise to Chile on mill permitting in 2007 at the time the
Black Swan issue was occurring on the Cruces River.
I came across this article that refers to issues the same company had
with a sister mill. It was said to be being fixed by building a pipe line to
the ocean similar to the case of the other mill. I checked what was
posted on Arauco's web site but it does not say that it is completed the
pipe line yet. Opposition to ocean surveys necessary for both pipe lines
is mentioned.

Would you have any update on what is transpiring there. Would it be
possible to arrange a telephone call some time. I would appreciate any
insights you could provide on South America. I have been indirectly
involved in Uruguay by providing the World Bank links to independent
experts such as Neil Mccubin. I think that case got resolved. It is
helpful for us to be aware what is happening in Chile and I am lost for
an on the ground expert in this area. Would you be comfortable in
providing any information?

While Best available Technology is important so are plant practices, spill
control, etc, and proper mill sitting. Small rivers are to be avoided. I
think Brazil has done things right.

Hope all is well. Regards

David Halliburton
Senior Adviser Forest Products / Conseiller principal des
produits forestiers

Resposta por Celso Foelkel: / Answer by Celso Foelkel:

Hello Dave, great hearing from your side. My late reply is due to the
fact I have been in Chile a week ago, and I have decided to investigate
your request personally.
The reply I had from mill managers: the Nueva Aldea mill pipeline is
already OK, built according to the proposal and specifications of the
environmental authorities. Now, as it is usual, the mill requested the
permit for placing it in operation. The authorities are expected to visit
the installations and to give a permit, expected to become available by
next June or July (2009). Till now, they are treating effluents to tertiary
level and discharging them to Itata River. When the discharge point be
switched to ocean, the level to treat effluent will be changed to
secondary (activated sludge).
It is my understanding (I was environmental auditor to both Valdivia
and Nueva Aldea mills), that both mills are world-class mills, and state-
of-the-art, with outstanding environmental performances.
The sister mill in Valdivia is also requesting a permit to discharge the
effluents into sea, but they are facing some other type of requests from
the local authorities, and the permit to do such (build the pipeline) has
not been released yet.
Hoping seeing you sometime somewhere.

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Por: / By: Dave Halliburton


Thank you Celso, it is an excellent piece of analysis and great work on
your part.

Many regards

David Halliburton

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