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    Building a Risk
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                      John Driessnack
                      DAU – NE/Capital
                      PML Department
• DoD 5000 to CJCS 3170.01 changes
• Understanding of Risks in this business
DAU Performance Learning Model
DAU Courses – PMT-250, others
DoD AT&L Knowledge Sharing System
PM Community of Practice (PMCOP)
• Risk Community (go through the site)
• Transition from pilot at Navy ARO to DAU
          The Challenge

                                 From Deskbook
                                 Kickoff article:
                                 PM Mag Jul/Aug 95

Knowledge Management for the DOD and
 Industry Acq, Tech and Logistics Force
            Three Major Decision Support Systems
             (Management Systems That Control The Program Manager)

                                                    Defense Acquisition
                   Requirements                                                              PPBS-Resource
                    Generation                 Life Cycle             Contract                Management
                                              Management             Management

RULES              CJCSI 3170.01              DOD 5000                    FAR               DPG/POM/BUDGET
                                               SERIES                    DFARS              DoD 7000 SERIES

PLAYERS           USER/SVC CHIEF             PEO/CAE/DAE            PCO/HCA/SPE              PEO/SVC HQ/OSD
                    VJCS/JROC                                        CAG/DCMA                OMB/CONGRESS

REVIEWS                   JROC                MILESTONE                BUSINESS                      DRB

DECISION              MSN NEED               NEXT PHASE              CONTRACTS                    FUNDING

                       THREAT/             SYS LIFE CYCLE           CONTRACTOR                    ANNUAL
FOCUS                 CAPABILITY           R&D/PROC/O&S            PERFORMANCE                    FUNDING

CAG: Competition Advocate General        DPG: Defense Planning Guidance       OSD: Office of the Secretary of Defense
CJCS: Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff    DRB: Defense Resources Board         PCO: Procuring Contracting Officer
CJCSI: Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff   FAR: Federal Acq Regulation          PEO: Program Executive Officer
       Instruction                       HCA: Head of Contracting Activity    POM: Program Objectives Memorandum
DAB: Defense Acquisition Board           JROC: Joint Requirements Oversight   SPE: Senior Procurement Executive
DFARS: Defense FAR Supplement                  Council                        VCJS: Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
DCMA: Defense Contract Mgmt Agency       OMB: Office of Management & Budget
            New Acquisition Policy
       From This                 
        (April 2002)
• DoD Directive 5000.1
• DoD Instruction 5000.2
• DoD Regulation 5000.2-R
                                            To This
                                          (30 Oct 2002)
                    • Interim Guidance Documents:
                        - The Defense Acquisition System
                        - Operation of the Defense Acquisition System
                        - Interim Defense Acquisition Guidebook
• DoDD 5000.1 & DoDI 5000.2 will be reissued in January 2003.
• DoD 5000.2-R will not be reissued.
• The former DoD 5000.2-R serves as the Interim Guidebook pending issuance
 of a streamlined guidebook. The former DoD 5000.2-R is NOT mandatory.
          DEPSECDEF Memo, Defense Acquisition, 30 Oct
        2002, attachment 1, The Defense Acquisition System
      DoDD 5000.1, chg1, 4 Jan 01             The Defense Acq System, 30 Oct 02
    • Five major categories containing        • Thirty short, clear and concise policy
      14 definitive policy statements:          statements, with following additions:
       − Achieving Interoperability              − Decentralized Responsibility
       − Rapid & Effective Transition from       − Reduced Cycle Time
         S&T to Products                         − Collaboration
       − Rapid & Effective Transition from       − Information Superiority
         Acquisition to Production               − Information Assurance
       − Integrated & Effective Operational      − Intelligence Support
         Support                                 − Knowledge-Based Acquisition
       − Effective Management                    − Systems Engineering
    • 8 pages and 3 enclosures                   − Products, Services & Technologies
                                                 − Performance-Based Logistics
Most policy statements                           − Program Goals
from DoDD 5000.1 have                            − Legal Compliance
been summarized and                              − International Agreements
included in the new interim                      − Cost Realism
guidance. Many policy areas                      − Cost Sharing
were added from cancelled                        − Program Information
DoDI 5000.2 and DoD 5000.2-R                  • 5.5 pages, No enclosures
 DEPSECDEF Memo, Defense Acquisition, 30 Oct 2002,
    attachment 1, The Defense Acquisition System
                           Major Policy Statements
        From DoDI 5000.2                                 From DoDD 5000.1
  − Cost Sharing                          − Tailoring
  − Cost Realism                          − Innovation, Continuous
  − Reduced Cycle Time                      Improvement, and Lessons Learned
  − Collaboration                         − Technology Development &
  − Legal Compliance                        Transition
  − International Agreements              − Interoperability
                                          − Research & Technology Protection
       From DoD 5000.2-R
                                          − Performance-Based Acquisition
−Intelligence Support                     − Competition
−Systems Engineering                      − Independent Operational Test
−Performance-Based Logistics                Agency
−Program Goals                            − Streamlined Organizations
−Program Information                      − Professional Workforce
                       From DoDI 5000.2 & DoD 5000.2-R
                  − Information Superiority
                  − Information Assurance
                  − Products, Services & Technologies
   DEPSECDEF Memo, Defense Acquisition, 30 Oct 2002,
attachment 2, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System

                 Evolutionary Acquisition
 •   Two development processes to implement
     Evolutionary Acquisition Strategy
      - Incremental Development: End-state requirement is
         known, and requirement will be met over time in several
     -   Spiral Development: Desired capability is identified, but
         end-state requirements are not known at Program
         Initiation. Requirements for future increments dependent
         upon technology maturation and user feedback from
         initial increments
 • Evolutionary acquisition strategies shall be
     preferred approach to satisfying operational needs.
 •   Spiral development shall be the preferred process.
   DEPSECDEF Memo, Defense Acquisition, 30 Oct 2002,
attachment 2, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System
                 New Requirements Documents
  • Initial Capability Document (ICD) replaces MNS at Milestone A
    Captures capability shortfall in terms of integrated architectures;
    identifies critical capabilities to satisfy the requirement, and best
    joint solution(s).
  • Capability Development Document (CDD) replaces ORD at
   Milestone B
    Each CDD will have a set of validated KPPs that will apply only to
    that increment of the evolutionary acquisition strategy.
  • Capability Production Document (CPD) replaces ORD at
   Milestone C (updated CDD)
  • Common element is CAPABILITIES that may be required to:
    Resolve a shortfall in warfighting capability, accommodate
    technology breakthrough or intelligence discoveries.

   Details will be implemented by revisions to CJCSI 3170.01B.
                                       The 5000 Process
                                             old and new
                                    1996 DoD 5000.2-R Process

           0                I                II               III
Determination                   Program       Engineering &    Production, Fielding/   Demilitarization
 of Mission                 Definition & Risk Manufacturing      Deployment, &                &
              Exploration                                                                Disposal
    Need                       Reduction       Development     Operational Support

          Technology Opportunities &                                         Current
                 User Needs
                                                                            DoD 5000
           A       A            B        B        C
                Concept &
                           System Development         Production &    Operations
                             & Demonstration          Deployment      & Support
                                          The 5000 Model

            Technology Opportunities &                            • Process entry at Milestones A, B, or C
                   User Needs                                     • Entrance criteria met before entering phases
                                                                  • Evolutionary Acquisition or Single Step to
                                                                    Full Capability

A                              B                                  C             IOC                             FOC
 Concept         Technology   System                System            LRIP       Full-Rate Prod & Sustainment Disposal
Exploration     Development Integration          Demonstration                     Deployment

                                                  Critical                     FRP
                                                  Design                       Decision
                                                  Review                       Review

       Concept &                      System Development                                                     Operations
    Tech Development                    & Demonstration               Production & Deployment                & Support
        Pre-Systems                                 Systems Acquisition                                     Sustainment
        Acquisition                              (Demonstration, Engineering
                                               Development, LRIP & Production)
IOC: Initial Operational Capability
FOC: Full Operational Capability

     Initial Capabilities              Capabilities Development       Capabilities Production      Validated & approved by
                                                                                                operational validation authority
       Document (ICD)                     Document (CDD)                 Document (CPD)
                                       Relationship to Requirements Process
     DEPSECDEF Memo, Defense Acquisition, 30 Oct 2002,
  attachment 2, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System

                              Requirements/Acquisition Process
Enterprise Architecture                                                         MS B
  Approved                                                                                      MS C
                                              MS A
                     D                                                          MDA
                     O                               Refinement of        RA              CPD
                            Analysis                 Solution Sets
                     T         Of
                                                       Concept and Technology
                     M     Capability   ICD                  Development                       MDA
                     L      Solution                                                      RA
  Ongoing Mission            Sets
   Area Analysis     P                                        Demo
                                             MDA                                       SDD             LRIP
                     F                  RA                           Demo                                            FRP
                                                                                           Increment 1

                                                                     Demo             MS B             MS C LRIP
     Doctrine, organizations,                                                                                              FRP
                                                                            Demo                 Increment 2
     training, materiel, leadership,
     personnel & facilities
                                                                            Demo             MS B             MS C    LRIP
                                                                                                        Increment 3              FRP

                                                   Integrated Decision Meetings                           Acquisition
                                                     Joint Capabilities Integration and
              J O I NT                                  Development System (JCIDS)
        IE                 FF
             F S OF S TA

                                            Overarching Policy
                                           NSS/NMS/Joint Vision
                                                                                         ICD - Initial Capabilities Document
                                                                                         CDD - Capability Development Document
                                       Joint Concept of Operations
                                                                                         CPD - Capability Production Document

    Functional                                 Functional Area
      Area                                    Functional Concept                        Feedback
     Analysis                                   Integrated Arch

        T                       Materiel           Analysis
        M                       Process           of Materiel
        L                                         Approaches
                                                                                  MS A                     MS B          MS C
                                  Process                       FCB
                                                                                                    CDD           2

                                                                        AoA                         JROC    DAB   CPD
                                                                      Concept              Technology
                                                   ICD          1    Refinement                                   JROC    DAB

                                                   JROC                           DAB               Demo          Increment 1          3        IOC

                                                                                                                  MS B    2     MS C

             1 - Concept Refinement Decision                                                               Demo
                                                                                                                         Increment 2        3
             2 - Critical Design Review
             3 - Full Rate Production Decision

                                                     Service or Other Input to the FCB
              J O I NT

        IE                 FF
             F S OF S TA

                            Input Source
                                                                                                       Overarching Policy
                                                                                                      NSS/NMS/Joint Vision
                         ICD/CDD/CPD                                                                                                            CDD
                                                                                                Joint Concept of Operations                     CPD


                                                                Functional Area Analysis
                                                                                                        Functional Area
                                                                                                       Functional Concept
                    Gatekeeper                                                                           Integrated Arch

                                      JROC Interest
                                                                 Functional                                                                           JROC Interest
                                       Joint Impact
                                                                   Needs                                                                                JROC/ DAB
                              Joint                                               O
                                                                                  T                               Analysis
                           Integration                                            M
                                                                                           Materiel              of Materiel   Alternative 1       ICD       1     AoA
                                                                                  L        Process               Approaches
                                                                                  P                                            Alternative 2

                                Interoperability                                              DOTLPF                                                   Joint Impact
                                                                                                                                                     FCB/ Component
                                  Certification                                                Process

      Source                                                                                                                         ICD                   MDA
                                                   Additional                                                                             1 - Concept Refinement Decision
• DoD 5000 to CJCS 3170.01 changes
• Understanding of Risks in this business
DAU Performance Learning Model
DAU Courses – PMT-250, others
DoD AT&L Knowledge Sharing System
PM Community of Practice (PMCOP)
• Risk Community (go through the site)
• Transition from pilot at Navy ARO to DAU
A Structured Approach to Organizing AT&L
            Intellectual Capital
                     Job Experience
               Level 3 DAWIA Certification
Communities                                  Performance
                    Job Experience
 Of Practice                                   Support
               Level 2 DAWIA Certification
                    Job Experience
               Level 1 DAWIA Certification

                Continuous Learning

DAU Performance Learning Model
                              DAU’s Learning Paradigm
               Instructor Centric
     Student       Instructor

                                                                       Learner Centric
                                                                           (Knowledge Seekers)
                                                           Other Universities
                                                            & Organizations
                                            Instructor                       Library Resource Center


                                                                Learner                            Experts

                                          Communities of Practice
                                                                               Internet products
             DAU PM Tool Kit Feb 2002
 DoD AT&L             Expands upon
                       and replaces
                        DoD Desk

 Knowledge                Book

Sharing System

                                      DAU 5000 Resource Center

    New Gateway to
Policy, Processes, Tools
      and Experts                 Career Field and Business Process
                                  On-Line Knowledge Communities
• DoD 5000 to CJCS 3170.01 changes
• Understanding of Risks in this business
DAU Performance Learning Model
DAU Courses – PMT-250, others
DoD AT&L Knowledge Sharing System
PM Community of Practice (PMCOP)
• Risk Community (go through the site)
• Transition from pilot at Navy ARO to DAU
                           PM Community of Practice

                  OSD-championed, DAU partnership
                  Business process oriented, PM-selected communities
                  Concentrated on ACAT program team performance
       Who                                                             http:/
                  Total acquisition workforce, Open to industry
                  Leadership, experts, practitioners, peers
                  Collaboration forums
                  Information, knowledge, expert, and peer search
                  Performance centered learning
                  FAQs, tools, templates, resources, references
                  Practitioner driven
                  Evolutionary development
                  Desktop compatible, web-based, server based
                  Maximize leverage of other efforts & investments
                  Measure progress towards organizational & cultural change
4 December 2002
                      Community Build Maturity Model

         &                                         Advanced Portal
    Performance                                                              Help Others
                                                                               Get Our
                                             Collaboration                    Job Done
                       Find Members

                           Advanced Search
                  Content Audit
      Community Building

                                       Feedback              Facilitation

     Help Me                      Register
     Get My            Search                                               Community
    Job Done                                                                Responsibility

                      Surfer      Member         SME           Leader       Champion
4 December 2002
                         KM Lessons Learned

     Need support from the top … LEADERS MUST USE IT/PARTICIPATE
     Focus on community development … PEOPLE
     Must earn support from the bottom up … MUST SHOW VALUE
     Target business needs/objectives up front … HIGH PAYOFF TARGET
     Need a facilitation team … MUST HAVE BELIEVERS
     Audit knowledge sources … LEVERAGE EXISTING SOURCES
     Use spiral development … EVOLVE
     IT is only part of the solution
     Start with a quick win … start small & build
     Assess organizational culture and acceptance
     Let the community … experts … determine requirements
     Keep it simple … consistent navigation and feel
     Place a name to every contribution … assign responsibility
     Database driven … facilitates capture/reuse
     KM is cost effective ... but, requires an investment
     This is a 3-5 year cultural change process

4 December 2002
  Risk Management Community
Build a robust online community of risk
management professionals
Leverage community expertise to improve
the performance of RM tasks, questions
and problems
Integrate fundamental learning content with
practitioner developed knowledge assets to
improve performance
Risk Management Community
  “Entice, Excite & Engage”
The essence of this community is its members
Develop and Evolve RM Community direction
based on community needs and concerns
Expand Risk Management community by
reaching out and interacting with potential
• Conferences, presentations, brochures, website, phone calls,
  emails, interviews, assistance to community members, trinkets,
  word of mouth
Cultivate community interaction through
PMCoP Site, Contributions, Discussions,
Community Meetings
Risk Management Community
      Identified Tasks
Planning Tasks
• Develop and document a well organized risk
• Determine Methods to implement the risk
  management strategy
• Create a Risk Management Plan
Assessment Tasks
• Identify Risk Events
• Conduct Risk Analysis
• Perform a Performance/Technical Assessment
          Lessons Learned
          Cultivating a Cop
Hard to track in database driven web sites
CRM Systems critical for effective metrics
of KM Community based sites
65% of overall effort spent community
Real relationships are the key
Objective is more important than the plan
Transition from Pilot to DoD AKSS

 Transition in 6 months
 • Use   www.DESKBOOK.DAU (AKSS)
         www.PMCOP.DAU (PMCOP)
 Continue integration into Learning Model
 Come join and use and/or contribute
 My vision…
 • Functional + Process + Program COPs
 • Expanded Industry/DoD/other partnerships

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