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Lunar Energy


									                      DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION
Alaska Presentation
January 2007

                                        Lunar Energy Copyright
The Rotech Tidal Turbine – Design Development
Initial Concept

 Designed with O&M foremost in mind

 Removal of complex components and
  – No mechanical Gearboxes, yawing or
    variable pitch mechanisms

 System bi-directional and duct
straightens flow allowing for off-turbine
axis flows
 Gravity Base allows quick installation
and little if any seabed preparation
 No gearbox allows generation
compartment to be hermetically sealed
removing risk of leaks
Modular section (cassette) containing
all working parts is easily removable
and taken to shore for service

                                                Lunar Energy Copyright
The Rotech Tidal Turbine – Design Development
Atkins (Mk I design)

 Atkins developed initial concept using
Oil & Gas Design codes
 Full stress and fatigue analysis

 Base development including 3-point
to contact to remove torsion.
 Cheap Ballast (pre-installed) used to
make up on-bottom weight needed to
prevent sliding
 Note the position of the modular
„cassette‟ (the magenta coloured centre

                                                Lunar Energy Copyright
The Rotech Tidal Turbine – Design Development
Atkins/Rotech MkII Design

 Further development to make duct
load bearing to remove tubular support
 Over 20% costs reduction over initial
design - steel requirement reduced and
fabrication significantly cheaper
 Base still gravity concept (not 3
 Eloquent design allowing for
significant local fabrication and handling

                                                Lunar Energy Copyright
The Rotech Tidal Turbine – Design Development
Sir Robert McAlpine Commercial (All Concrete) Design

 Sir Robert McAlpine commissioned to
develop commercial ideas and
processes from first principles
 Design remarkably similar to Atkins
prototype design concept

                                                Lunar Energy Copyright
The Rotech Tidal Turbine – Modular Cassette and
Generating Pod

 Modular unit (cassette) containing
turbines, all hydraulics and generating
 removed quickly and taken to shore
for service
 replaced by another unit to minimise
down time
 Pod seals to prevent leaks and held
at atmospheric pressure and
temperature to enable components to
operate in „design‟ conditions

                                              Lunar Energy Copyright
Hydraulic Circuit Assembly September - December 2006

                                                Lunar Energy Copyright

                  Lunar Energy Test
                 Depth: 45 m (150 feet)
                  Flow Peak 7.2 knots
                       (3.7 m/s)

                   Lunar Energy Copyright
Benefits of using the RTT
    Technology Environmentally sensitive
    Invisible from above the surface
    No impediment to shipping or other social activity
    No shoreline equipment required (except connection
    Environmental credentials proven at EMEC 07/08
       EMEC has significant environmental considerations:
        Seal sanctuary and whale migration route
    RTT has unique opportunity to mitigate issues through
     screening intake if necessary
    RTT is below level of any surface ice and given the
     minimum 4 year cycle for maintenance, no service
     required during winter.

                                                      Lunar Energy Copyright

Current RTT design is ideally suited for
the Alaskan operating environment

                                           “Lunar Energy RTT - Only
                                           currently viable deepwater
                                           technology design”

                                                           Lunar Energy Copyright
Commercial Development

United Kingdom
2007     Sea trials of the EMEC 1MW unit
2008/9   Commissioning and fabrication of the first Commercial Units
2009/10 First demonstration field
2011/12 First development of first commercial field
2006     June 2006, Developer in New Zealand submitted resource consents
         application nominating the Lunar Energy RTT device for first
         commercial tidal stream project (200+MW).
2007     Negotiations ongoing for initial demonstration projects in
Canada   and in the US
2009     Installation and commissioning of projects in Canada; US; and
         New Zealand
2010/11 First developments of commercial fields outside UK

                                                             Lunar Energy Copyright
                       DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION

                                         Lunar Energy Copyright

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