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									                   Bulletin     Hunter & Coastal Region

                                                                                         July 10
               H&C Region AGM June 2010 Glenrock

                 www.scoutreach.com.au            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 2010
                                                    Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
 Regional Commissioner’s Report                     3
 Members Support   4
 Smoke Signals 5-6
 2011 Birthday Bash 7
 Gang Show 8
 Appointments, News from Central Coast                          9
 Joeys   10 - 11
 Venturers12 - 13
 Scouts 14
 Activities 15
 Training Calendar, Catalina Cup                16
 Cubs  17
 Rovers 18

 Front Page: On Sunday 27th June, the H&C Region AGM was held at
 Glenrock. Top photo - view of Glenrock on the day, bottom photo shows
 the AGM and from left to right Grant De Fries (Chief Commisisoner
 NSW), Alan Currie (H&C Region Chairman), Steve Fernie (H&C Region
 Commissioner), Grahame Pricter (H&C Commmisioner Members

            www.scoutreach.com.au                        Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
  Regional Commissioner’s Report
     The numbers in the Region at the moment are               Mrs Gina Ryan, JSL New Lambton has accepted
     fluctuating and the ‘hole in the top of the bucket is     the challenge to succeed Marilyn as RCJS. I’m
     about the same size as the hole in the bottom’. The       sure you will join with me in welcoming Gina. She
     most conspicuous variation in numbers is as usual         is a lovely person, full of ideas, enthusiasm and
     the Joey numbers. Our Regional Commissioner               commitment and would love to see more Joey
     Joey Scouts Marilyn Hocking is retiring from              Mobs and less drop off.
     this position after 16 solid years of enthusiastic        I know Gina will be working with you to achieve
     commitment.                                               these endeavours.

     We are in terms of numbers “head and shoulder”            As we strive towards 4000 members in the Region,
     above the rest of the State. In fact we have 26%          if every group registered two new members with no
     of the Joeys right here in Hunter & Coastal. Thanks       loss, we would be there. How about it? “Strike a
     Marilyn a million. You have done an extraordinary         match, rather than curse the darkness”.
     job and I’m sure you will continue to assist us
     when required but Marilyn could not finish without        On a very positive note, our Venturer numbers are
     expressing to me her frustration about groups losing      up 30%. This is mainly a result of our Scout to
     Joey numbers.                                             Venturer strategy where we write formally to every
                                                               14 year old with follow up phone calls, to encourage
     There is, in some groups, a total aversion to start       a successful transition. It’s going “gang busters”.
     Joeys for reasons frankly better known to them:           Well done RC Scouts, Bill Brown and RC Venturer
     probably inability to recruit leaders being one of        Scouts, Phil Murphy. You are doing terrific work.
     them and existing mobs collapsing and in some
     cases, even folding due to lack of leadership.            To finish on growth; Broken Bay now have 100
                                                               plus members, so have Kotara and Cardiff and
     I put it to you, we don’t close Cub Scout packs or        Warners Bay just get bigger and bigger. These
     Scout troops but some groups just see Joeys as a          groups are truly an inspiration. The bigger you get
     “disposable” section when something goes wrong.           the better. I understand because of geography
                                                               and demographics every group is different but
     I attended the District Joey Scout Leadership             unfortunately when groups get below 25, history
     weekend at Nelson Bay early this year and was             clearly shows beyond any reasonable doubt, they
     somewhat dismayed about the attitude of some              are very vulnerable. Don’t let your group be in that
     groups towards Joeys. I hope this is not your             category.
     group. The list of advantages of Joeys in a group is
     just endless.                                             I had the pleasure although not formally, visit
                                                               some training courses recently that were very well
     Whilst at the District Joey Scout Leadership              attended. Great stuff and surely testimony to the
     weekend I was corrected and rightly so by the             standard of training our team is delivering.
     leaders when I, on more than one occasion, used
     the terminology of going back to Joeys, opposed to
     saying ‘up to Joeys’ in terms of leadership. I agree      Steve Fernie
     with them that it becomes a negative, opposed to          Regional Commissioner
     a positive mindset with people. What is wrong with
     the “right” leader going from another section to go
     up into Joeys to get it going; after all we do it daily
     in all other sections. So leaders jump up into Joeys
     where required. Your group will benefit “big time”.

     It’s great to see Kotara Group just about to start a
     mob. Frankly every group should have one; if not
     it’s to your own detriment. What about new parents,
     committee members, leaders, helpers.
     It needs to be also appreciated that because of the
     ages of Joeys, it is a normal expectation parents
     will actually come inside the hall. This within itself
     presents marvellous opportunities to gain more
     parental involvement. This of course requires
     effective management to capitalise on this situation.

Page 3             www.scoutreach.com.au                            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
Members’ Support
  I have just bought a new lap top to take overseas on        sound extreme, but it worked. Unfortunately today
  holidays. They tell me it is very useful to record your     we can’t do that, but the punishment today by law, is
  holiday and to “Skype” to your friends and relatives.       more severe and can also see the person concerned
  There are many changes to the home computer. It’s           stood down or suspended and even so far as having
  smaller, it has a mouse that is flat, it has updated        their membership of the Movement cancelled. So
  programmes and some that I have never used before.          what do we do? Just follow our Duty of Care.
  So I have had to upgrade myself. This has not been
  easy but with a lot of help from my eldest son, I believe   If you are having these types of problems with youth
  that I will be ready for my holidays.                       and or leaders, then talk to the parents of the youth
                                                              or in the case of leaders talk to the Group Leader/LIC.
  It’s a bit like Scouting. Programmes and Policies           If not satisfied, then the District Commissioner. Come
  and Systems keep changing. Unfortunately there              to us if you are still unhappy after this. Please do not
  are those that don’t update, even though they get           go direct to State as they will only refer it back to us
  information regarding the updates. This may come            and so the process is slowed down.
  through verbal communication, the internet, web
  sites, training days etc. Members Support has, as far       Most group problems can be solved at a group
  as possible, endeavoured to keep leaders informed           level, sometimes with the assistance of the District
  of changes to information that is useful in helping         Commissioner. In a lot of cases the issue is in not
  leaders carry out their jobs. Leaders Support Guides        understanding the lines of communications. Parents
  and Leaders News on the web are two of those useful         as well as leaders need to know what they are.
  sites that are there to help leaders as they need it.
  Each Group should have a copy in the Leaders Den.           Grahame Pricter. JP.
  All leaders at training courses are given a summary of      Regional Commissioner Member Support
  them. What happens to the list? How many have read          Ph. 0402 335410
  it since BL1?                                               g.pricter@hotkey.net.au

  Our request is that you have a look at them from time
  to time and who knows you may find some use for

  Transporting of youth members to and from activities
  can sometimes cause some concerns for parents
  so it is important that full transport details are on the
  activities form that is sent to the parents.

  To help Leaders with the arranging of transport
  LSG25, The Transporting of Youth Members, details
  the 7 rules that apply in NSW. It also covers using
  provisional drivers. It is there for your assistance, use

  We are still receiving incident reports and letters from
  parents regarding Bullying. In most of these incidents
  it is “Bullying with the Mouth”. The complaints range
  from raising of voices to inappropriate language, both
  to and from leaders and youth members. I sometimes
  think we need to go back to what my dad did to me
  if I used bad language. “If I hear you say that again,
  I’ll wash your mouth out with Sunlight soap!” It might

Page 4               www.scoutreach.com.au                            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
                                                        Internet and your Computer
                                                        • PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, minimize the risk of
                                                        cyber-bullying, help kids use social networking
                                                        sites more safely.
                                                        • PROTECT YOURSELF, create strong
                                                        passwords, handle suspicious e-mail messages,
                                                        download files more safely, and use anti-phishing
                                                        technologies to keep yourself safer online.
                                                        • PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER, get information
     Group & District Web Sites                         about security updates, products, and
     Over the last few months, I have had lots of       technologies to help protect your computer.
     enquires over old Group and District websites,
     asking Region:-                                    For information on any of above go to:-
     •      Who looks after them?                       http://www.microsoft.com/protect/
     •      How to delete the old information?          or
     •      How to update the information?              http://www.getnetwise.org/
     The answer is only the person placing the
     information on the internet! Region cannot help    Cooking
     you!                                               Dutch Oven Pizza Recipe
                                                        Ingredients: 1 box Pizza dough mix, 1 can pizza
     Just reminding you, once its on the internet its   sauce, 250gms mozzarella cheese, 250gms
     on forever!                                        pepperoni, 1 aluminium pie tin.
                                                        Instructions: Prepare the pizza dough per mix
     Leaders or Parent looking after those websites     directions. Spread dough inside pie tin and up
     may leave the Scouting movement or move            the sides. Top with sauce, cheese, pepperoni.
     on. Access information and details need to be      Place 4 pebbles or wads of aluminium foil in dutch
     recorded, so new personnel can change or           oven to raise pie tin off bottom. Set pizza in dutch
     update information.                                oven. Put dutch oven on top of 12 briquettes
                                                        and cover dutch oven with 14 briquettes. Cook
                                                        for 15-25 minutes.



Page 5            www.scoutreach.com.au                          Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
                                                              “Hit the Bucket Game”
                                                              Equipment: tin bucket to stand on, 50cm long
                                                              dowel or stick, tennis ball or small rubber ball.
                                                              Description: Turn the bucket upside down and one
                                                              scout stands on the bucket while holding the dowel
     Coffee Can Stew Recipe                                   as a bat. All other scouts try to hit the bucket with
     Required: 1 coffee can per person, aluminium foil,       the ball while the scout on top tries to deflect the
     oven mitts, stirring spoon                               ball with his stick. If a scout hits the bucket, then
     Ingredients per person:2 strips bacon, 125gms            he gets to be on top. If the scout on top falls off,
     chicken, hamburger, or stew beef, 1/2 potato, 1          then the scout that last threw the ball gets to be on
     carrot, 1/2 celery, garlic powder, salt ,pepper          top. The ball must be thrown from the spot where
     Instructions: Dice all the vegetables. Cut the           it is picked up after the last throw and/or deflection.
     bacon into squares. Cut the chicken or beef into
     small pieces. Place bacon in the bottom of can -         Joey Scouts Funday
     the grease helps stop sticking. Drop in pieces of        Just a reminder Region has Joeys Funday
     vegetable and meat - as much as the person will          “Australian Adventure” Sunday 19th September
     eat.                                                     2010, now Jesmond Park Newcastle. A day full of
     Add seasoning as desired. Add 1 or 1.5 cups water.       fun pack activities!
     Cover with an aluminium foil lid. Place directly in
     campfire coals. Cook for 45-60 minutes.                  For more information go to http://www.scoutreach.
     “Fishing for Mousetraps Game”
     Equipment: 4 * 1.5mtr ropes per patrol, 4 * 2mtr
     staffs per patrol (broom handle size), 1 mousetrap
     per patrol
     Description: Place the loaded mousetrap about 3
     to 4mtrs out from a starting line (the shore). Each
     patrol tries to be first to retrieve their mousetrap.
     They may decide to just tie the ropes together and
     toss it out, but chances are this will spring the trap
     without having it catch on the rope. The hope is

     that they will tie the poles together and dangle the     Greg Allen
     last rope from the end to spring the trap. You may       Regional Commissioner (Resources)
     spell out this rule if needed.                           Email: resources@scoutreach.com.au
                                                              Phone: 0407 361080 after 5.30pm

Page 6            www.scoutreach.com.au                             Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
Birthday Bash 2011
   Scout Hall Fullerton Street Stockton

   20 February 2011 BP Birthday Bash will again be held at Stockton Scout hall situated on Newcastle
   Harbour foreshore. This location gives plenty of room for activities to ensure all who come will have a
   great day. Those that came last year certainly had an enjoyable day.

   Come along; you will not be disappointed, your youth members will be grateful that their leaders
   organized to get them to this event. Each Scouting section will have base activities running during the
   day and there will also be memorabilia displays, Flying fox, crate stacking, climbing wall and many other
   great activities.

   There is plenty of room for groups to set their own personal area to display their flags etc remember to
   bring hats and sun screen.

   If you would like to try something different and make a special day of it, catch a train to Newcastle rail
   station, walk to the Stockton ferry terminal 300meters and catch the ferry to Stockton then walk along
   Stockton foreshore to the Scout hall approx 1.1

   Several groups did this last year and by all reports their youth members had a great experience.
   Looking forward to seeing you all at the 2011 BP’s Birthday Bash

   Yours in Scouting

   Ken Bayliss

Page 7              www.scoutreach.com.au                           Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10















  Central Coast     Gang Show proudly celebrates its 25th season this year and we invite you to join                          the party at
  Laycock St Theatre. Our cast of local talented Scouts and Guides are putting the finishing touches on all their
                      and infectious smiles to ensure a thoroughly entertaining night for all ages.
  routines, sketches, ;9$6.(<)6$)%!A,(!6%.-!.-$"!($%!?#$4/3?!%"!'/8*!="$"%(=&#;!!C*!4/''!-2*3!&*-$%#!-$!-2*!D$--$3!E/*'&.!$=!
  Our cast will    Celebrate 25 years and in the process realise that It’s a Hard Knock Life. A trip
                        -2*!8/&.!,.!A."(A"%%)%*!#%3!,A%)8!,-!,!C*&&/3?;!                                                      to the Witch
  Doctor may just stop you growing up like Peter Pan. We will then detour to the Cotton Fields of the Deep
  South where you may find that it’s getting a little Hot Hot Hot, when you run into our Sassy Senoiritas. You
  will be able to cool off with our tribute to the Centenary of Guiding, but keep an eye on the kids as The Terrors
  run amuck at a Wedding.
                          Q,-*!                        :/A*!       !                                !
                    !C*&3*.&,(!JM-2 Adult S;TL"A! <"*3/3?!U/?2-!
  Bookings are now available with!R%'(! tickets $18, Concession $15 and Child $10. For more information call
                    868 or go !R%'(!      S;TL"A! V*&!9),#=!U/?2-!
  Leisa on 0414 991 :2%#.&,(!J1 to www.centralcoastgangshow.org

                       E#/&,(!JO !R%'(!
                            -2                         S;TL"A!     !
                       9,-%#&,(!JS-2!R%'(!             J;LL"A!     W,-/3**!
  See you at the    Show!
                       9,-%#&,(!JS-2!R%'(!             S;LL"A!     E/3,'!>,',!X*#=$#A,3)*!              

  Date                                  Time
  Wednesday 14th July                   7.30pm              Opening Night
  Thursday 15th July                    7.30pm
  Friday 16th July                      7.30pm              Red Scarf Night
  Saturday 17th July                    1.00pm              Matinee
  Saturday 17th July                    7.00pm              Final Gala Performance

Page 8                  www.scoutreach.com.au                                           Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
   SEC 24 May                                             Scout Troop
   APPOINTMENTS                                           O’DONNELL, Leslie John Trainee Ldr(S) Taree Scout
   DENNETT, Karen Michelle AL(G) 1st Medowie Scout        Troop
   Group                                                  WEAVER, Lorena Maree Trainee Ldr(JS) Taree Joey Mob
   TUPPURAINEN, Simon Peter AL(G) 1st Medowie Scout       WEAVER, Paul James Trainee AL Taree Scout Group
   TRANSFERS                                              SEC 31 May
   MARSHALL, Timothy Andrew Fr ASL 1st Tumbi Scout        TRANSFERS
   Troop                                                  HOLDSWORTH, John Lionel Fr ASL 1st South Wallsend
   To SL 1st Tuggerah Lakes Scout Troop                   Scout Troop
   RANKINE, Lesley Ann Fr ACSL 1st Wyong Cub Pack         To SL 1st South Wallsend Scout Troop
   To SL 1st Wyong Scout Troop                            RESIGNATIONS
   RESIGNATIONS                                           BAINBRIDGE, David Patrick AL(G) 1st Valentine Scout
   HAMILTON, Lynne Ellen AL(G) 1st Tumbi Scout Group      Group
   KNIGHT, Rose Willow AL(G) 1st Tumbi Scout Group        GARTH, Shane Allan AL(G) 1st Swansea Scout Group
   MANNY, Nicole Lesley AL(G) Taree Scout Group           MAHER, Miranda Jane CSL 1st Valentine Cub Pack
   PLANT, Shane Malcolm Fellowship Memb Hunter and        “Kangaroos”
   Coastal Activities Scout Fellowship                    MOTTLEY, Michael Robert AL(G) 1st Belmont North Scout
   WALSH, Lisa Jane AL(G) Taree Scout Group               Group
   TRAINEE LEADERS NOT PROCEEDING                         SHELDON, Julie Anne AL(G) 1st Swansea Scout Group
   CHANEY, Raymond Matthew Trainee Ldr(S) 1st Byattunga

   From Central Coast News...
                                                              Gang Show Scouts collecting blankets for the
                                                              Gobi desert Mongolia. Drop blankets off at St John
                                                              Ambulance Office Suite 2/99 Mann St Gosford or
                                                              Berkeley Vale Pharmacy, 252 Likedge Ave, Berkeley
                                                              Vale, or call 0414 991 868

                                                              HELP THEM OUT AND DONATE SOME BLANKETS!

Page 9             www.scoutreach.com.au                          Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
Happy Hopping - Joey’s
                                                                The date is 19th September 2010 will remain
                                                                in place however the venue has been changed
                                                                to Jesmond Park. The theme is “Australian
                                                                Adventure”. The cost will be $10.00 per person
                                                                this will include activities, lunch and badge.

                                                                Badge design “Australian Adventure”-We are
                                                                asking Mobs to help us design the badge for Fun
                                                                Day. All entries will need to be on an A4 sheet
          Before I begin this article I wish to make an         of paper. Please do not worry about placing any
          announcement as of 7th June I have officially         wording on the designs as this will be added later.
          stepped down as Regional Commissioner Joey            The designs can be given to your District Leader
          Scouts Hunter & Coastal Region. Gina Ryan             or send them to the Regional Office c/- of me.
          from New Lambton Group has accepted the               Closing date for the entries will be 6th August
          position. Gina is coming into the position with a     2010.Please ensure you put this date down on
          real passion for the Section and good working         your calendars as a must do!
          knowledge. I know you will be in good hands
          with Gina looking after you!                          Hands Across the Water Project
                                                                The order form for this project has been
          I have been very proud and honoured to have           advertised in the last few bulletins. Please ensure
          served you and the Region for the last sixteen        you place your orders for the badge now so you
          years in this capacity; together we have              do not miss out. Mobs who registered for the
          accomplished a great deal. Thank you for the          Hands across the water project; just a reminder
          wonderful friendships, support and years of fun.      in order to get the badge, you will need to contact
          I would like to take this opportunity to personally   your District Leader, display your album at your
          thank the District Leaders who have not only          District Wandarrah then complete the form.
          become very close friends but have given me
          and the Section the strongest of support and          Bring a friend Month
          many hours out of their busy schedules.               Thank you to those Mobs who took the time to
          Thank you all!                                        participate in the “Bring a Friend Month”. Looking
                                                                at the increases some Mobs have had I would say
          Region Joey Scout Fun Day                             this has been successful. Just a reminder Mobs
          Unfortunately our Fun Day venue has been altered      who participated in the bring a friend month will
          as there has been a change of management at           need to get the paper to your District Leader
          the Tree Tops Adventure Park at Blue Gum Hills        now to enable us to send out your badges.
          Regional Park at Minmi.

Page 10              www.scoutreach.com.au                            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
Happy Hopping - Joeys
 Mob News

 On April 18th 1st Kariong Joey Scouts went
 to the Australia Walkabout Park in Calga. We
 invested five children while we are there and had
 a fabulous time.

 There were 42 of us all together with adults and
 children. We were provided with a Ranger that
 looked after our group only and gave us two
 ninety minute workshops. One was on Bush
 Tucka and the other on crazy critters. The
 children and the parents were very excited.

 The children got to pat the koala, the kangaroos,
 wallabies and even the dingos. They learned
 how to get rid of warts the natural way and it

 The staff at the park treated our Joeys and their
 families like royalty. They are so helpful and so
 informative. If Mobs are interested in making
 the Walkabout Park an outing for your Mob
 contact details are shown below.

 Tassin Barnard | General Manager
 Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park                                                              

 ph.43751100 | fax.43751257 |email www.

 Marilyn Hocking
 Regional Commissioner Joey Scouts
 PH: 49811828
 Email: moani2@bigpond.com

Page 11             www.scoutreach.com.au            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
     Our Region venturer’s website                             2010 Region Venture – Heroes and Villains –The
     WWW.HCVENTURERS.COM                                       Amazing Race:
     All Venturers and leaders register on the website
     and take an active part in Venturing in the Hunter
     and Coastal Region.

     2010 Planner dates

             2010 Planner dates - Venturer Dates                  

      Leadership Course for Venturers     Jul 3-4              This is the major wind down event for the Region’s
                                                               Venturers, everyone is invited.
      Queen’s Scout Pres. Gov House       Sep 18
      Unit Management Course              Sep 19               This year’s event is planned to explode with
      Ro-venture                          Sep 10-12            excitement, be great fun, as well as challenging.
      Initiative Course                      Oct    23- 24
      Region Venture                         Dec    3-5        Our aim is to have over 100 venturers, and leaders
                                                               from all units to help with the logistics.

     To enhance Unit programs make sure the Region             It’s everyone’s opportunity to meet and network
     Activities Calendar is readily available so youth         with others in the Region.
     can participate in the broadest range of interesting
     outdoor pursuits.                                         Register your unit’s interest on the Region Venturer
                                                               Website.       WWW.HCVENTURERS.COM
     Initiative Course – October 23-24 2010
     Take the challenge and register early for the Back        Phil Murphy
     to Basics Initiative Course, only the best will survive   Regional Commissioner (Venturer Scouts)
     this fun filled, but very demanding weekend. Unit         Phillip_murphy@zonewise.com.au
     preparation is essential, so start now and include
     initiative challenges into your programs.



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Page 13       www.scoutreach.com.au   Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
Scouting Around
      Region Rally 
                                        Breezy and Kevin Allen for their ongoing support
                                                            at this event.

                                                            State Rally

      Another challenging rally is over; it rained and
      then rained some more, BUT the Scouts did             Information for State Rally has been sent out and
      not give up. Tents were relocated to higher           I am looking forward to a large number of Patrols
      real estate; PL’s showed good leadership and          attending. Any patrol that competed at Region
      assisting other less fortunate patrols. Some          Rally is invited to attend, with the usual request
      patrols learned the hard way that, you must try       of a leader accompanying every patrol.
      out your gear before using it in poor conditions. I
      hope leaders take away from this weekend that         Mindari
      you must have a competent person check out            I am continuing my H&C Mindari visits and had
      your Scouts equipment before any Scout activity.      the pleasure of going to Upper Hunters Mindari
      We still had young Scouts carrying hand luggage       held at Scone with DSL Chris Holden, who is
      as a back pack, that’s unfair on the Scout and        also acting DSL for Upper Hunter. This Mindari
      unacceptable from a leadership point of view.         had a great atmosphere for people who enjoy
      Light weight food and cooking equipment was           Scouting and I am sure we will continue to see
      also an issue, some very poorly done.                 them at many of our Regional Events. Thanks to
                                                            Nigel Petersen DC Upper Hunter for making us
      Congratulations to Dingo Patrol lead by Luke          welcome.
      Brymora from Warners Bay, another great win
      at rally. This troop continues to show Hunter         Calendar
      & Coastal Scouts what it takes to have good           6th/7th August State Rally Cataract Scout Camp
      leadership and co operation in a patrol. Their        13th/14th November Regional Scout Water
      top score of 1685, was closely followed by the        Activities
      Sour Geckos, a combined team from Lambton/            19th/23rd January 2011 Coroboree Lostock
      Waratah with Branxton Greta. Please see all the       Scout Camp near Gresford.
      scores at www.scoutreach.com.au., and also
      some great photos. Leaders pat yourselves on          “Kulai”
      the back, we had some really great Hollywood          Bill Brown
      bases, many with a lot of research and effort. I      Regional Commissioner Scouts
      have extra badges at $3.00 for sale.Thank you to      Email: bill@hcmelectrical.com.au

Page 14            www.scoutreach.com.au                            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
     Winter is here. I have had my first snow ski for        activities courses this will mean the group will
     the season. Winter is a great time of the year.         need to see the form and endorse it before it’s
     What are you planning with your youth?                  sent off to the Regional office.

     I am in the final stages of planning the                G.A.S. Yes this would have been a great
     instructional weekend. This year we are going           event for your group and as you now know it
     up to the Manning District and Greg Gilbert             was cancelled. The youth of the Region were
     DC will be assisting with the venue for the             the losers as they didn’t get the opportunity to
     event. There is a full program of learning as           engage in the vast array of activities on offer.
     well as some fun stuff with both rope and water         Well, it will be on again next year, date will be
     activities involved. If you think you have skills       advised shortly. Make sure you and your youth
     in adventurous activities then this weekend is          are there.
     a must. A1 form on the web site! Date 24th &
     25th July. If you think you are an instructor or        Events coming up
     an activity leader / guide then you must attend         •        Cuborree
     this weekend. This is designed to bring you up          •        Scout water activities
     to date with the policies that are the enablers for     •        Region Venture
     adventurous activities.                                 •        Corroboree
                                                             •        and don’t forget all the activities on the
     I have spoken to several Districts about the A1         activities calendar.
     form and the procedures involved. In a couple of
     Districts the involvement from line leaders was         The next Regional activity is BP Bash 2011 and
     poor. This session is designed for the leaders          it will be at Stockton Scout Hall again. This is a
     who are working directly with youth. So if you          great venue and one not to be missed.
     didn’t or haven’t attended a session, talk to your
     district commissioner. It is critical for all leaders   Safe scouting
     to understand the importance of this form and
     its use. These sessions are for your information        Anthony Butler
     and to ensure that you cover your own backside.         Regional Commissioner Activities
     If you have any concerns or indeed need                 mobile 0419 280222
     assistance you can contact me on mobile 0419            e-mail anthony.butler@pwcs.com.au
     280222 or e-mail anthony.butler@pwcs.com.au

     The new A1 form is just about to hit the State
     web site. The form will be similar to the current
     form. One of the changes I understand is to
     include a group endorsement on the form
     for activities outside the group. For Regional

Page 15            www.scoutreach.com.au                            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
Training Courses
       Basic Leadership 3 Cubs (Apply to Region)           Basic Leadership 2(Apply to Region)
       23-25 Jul                                           13-15 Aug
       Closes 2 Jul                                        Closes 23 Jul
       Costs $125                                          Costs $125

       Training of Trainers Parts 2&3 (old parts 1&2)      Basic Leadership 1 (Apply to Region)
       Must hold a current COAL and a Wood Badge           28-29 Aug
       (Apply Region)                                      Closes 6 Aug
       23-25 Jul                                           Costs $125
       Closes 2 Jul
       Costs $100                                          Basic Leadership 3 Scouts (Apply to Region)
                                                           17-19 Sept
       Training of Trainers Part 4 (PLA)                   Closes 27 Aug
       Must hold a current COAL and a Wood Badge           Costs $125
       (Apply Region)
       14 Aug                                              Basic Leadership 3 Venturers (Apply to Region)
       Closes 23 Jul                                       17-19 Sept
       Costs $45                                           Closes 27 Aug
                                                           Costs $125
       Advanced Leadership 2 (Glenrock)
       (Scout, Venturer & Rover) (Apply to State Office)   Advanced Leadership 2 Cubs (Glenrock) (Apply
       13-15 Aug                                           to State Office)
       Closes 23 Jul                                       17-19 Sept
       Costs $130                                          Closes 27 Aug
                                                           Costs $130

9th Catalina Cup Regatta - October 9 & 10
                                         Rathmines Scout Hall
       Hunter and Coastal Region invite all members to join in the fun
               and participate in the Water Activities Event.
                   Canoeing                                                  Sailing
           Land based activities                                                  Iron Scout
   •       Limited Camping Available            

   •       Entertainment Saturday Night
   •       Shops near by
   •       Come and enjoy beautiful Lake Macquarie
   •       Registration and Boat Inspections:
           9am – 11am Saturday 9th October.

   Regatta Entry Fee - $10 pp

   For further info:- Contact
   John Scotland 0419272626
   Register onsite Saturday 9th October

Page 16              www.scoutreach.com.au                        Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
      “Grey Wolf Award”
                                                            “Overnight Activities”
                                                            This covers Pack and District events it is strongly
                                                            recommended you read the Cub Scout section
      We are finding some people are adding their           of the current Organisation & Information
      own interpretation to the Grey Wolf Award             Handbook relating to Overnight Activities. You
      process once the youth member has completed           need to follow all steps including section 1.1 sub
      the criteria. The completed GW form is to be          section M. That relates to the information you are
      completed and received by the RC-Cub Scout            required to submit to the RC-Cub Scout. The
      prior the youth member’s 11th birthday. A copy        Region has only 4 packs out of 80 and 1 district
      or picture of the resource, a group cheque for        out of 9 that follow the correct procedures
      $10 is to accompany the form.                         relating to Overnight Activities.
      The RC-Cub Scout will advise the SC- Cub
      Scouts of the applicant and the process will then     Regional Events:
      be underway it can take up to 6 weeks until I         Palava – Glenrock, August 7/8th (all Leaders and
      receive the Award. The Award is then given to         associate leaders welcome)
      their respective DCSL for presentation.               Cuboree – Sep 25 -26 2010
                                                            Out & About – November
      “Palava”                                              State Cuboree – 9/13th Jan 2011
      The Regional Palava has been confirmed as a
      one day event culminating in a theme tea. The         David Main
      Palava is open to any leader who would like to        Regional Commissioner (Cub Scouts)
      attend. We will use a simular format to last year     Ph. 49911107 or 0421965642
      except we will include an elective on the Sunday.     maindm@westnet.com.au
      The Sunday will be a separate cost as this will       David.Main@cna.riotinto.com.au
      include meals and the elective costs. We will try
      to keep the cost as low as possible.

      “How to Do”
      By now your DCSL will have mentioned the “
      How to Do” weekend. It is envisaged that Cub
      Leaders will supply topics that they would like
      more information on ‘how to do’ or practical
      demonstration on ‘how to do’. For example, quick
      cooking ideas in the hall; we will find a person to
      conduct a session on quick simple cooking that
      can be done in your hall. All the sessions will be
      scheduled throughout the weekend and leaders
      set their own time table as to which session they
      attend. The weekend may have a small cost for
      attendees to cover consumables and site. We will
      camp in Districts and self cater. More information
      will follow when allocation and date is set.

Page 17            www.scoutreach.com.au                            Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10
      Welcome to another month in Rovering.
      This month we’ve had more big events
      past us, as well as many more on the way.

      Firstly thank you to all those who attended
      2010 Bush Dance for supporting one of the
      best events on the NSW Rovering calendar. It
      was run very successfully, and we hope to see
      even more people attend the event next year.

      One of the biggest events in the National Rover
      calendar is Mudbash, which was held on the
      June long weekend. Thank you to those who
      attended, as it is a big task of making it down
      to Victoria for the event and it shows real
      commitment to those who did make the trip. I’m
      sure that whoever attended was not disappointed.

      To those attending OzMoot (I know I am!) the
      second deposit is due by the end of June. Please
      pay this soon to ensure you get the expedition
      you want. You should have also filled in all details
      for your application online so it can be approved
      by the NSW contingent. I’m getting excited for
      OzMoot, and so should you! To anyone who is
      still interested, late applications are still currently
      being taken, so get in there now while you can.

      Looking   forward   to          seeing    you     all
      at   Regional   events          in    the    future.

      Yours in Rovering

      Lachlan Willis
      RRC Public Relations Officer

Page 18             www.scoutreach.com.au                       Hunter & Coastal Region Bulletin July 10

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