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					Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute
   The Nevada Narcotics Officers Association

                     Organized Crime on Wheels
                               August 18-21, 2008
                               Las Vegas, Nevada
 Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs pose a serious threat to society due to their mobility, propensity
 for violence, sophistication and willingness to participate in all aspects of criminal activity
 from narcotics trafficking to extortion and murder. Over the past several years Outlaw
 Motorcycle Gang members have been engaged in violent encounters with one another in
 public venues all over the United States and Canada which have directly affected law abiding
 citizens and law enforcement officers alike.

 This unique training program is designed to equip law enforcement with the tools necessary
 to combat organized criminal gangs and to prevent the expansion of their criminal empires.

 Attendees will learn unique investigative techniques to combat drug trafficking, motorcycle
 theft and violent crime perpetrated by these organizations including how to conduct
 successful Title III Wire Intercepts, Tracing the Proceeds of Crime, Turning Outlaw
 Motorcycle Gang Members into Cooperating Sources and Managing those Sources once they
 are developed.

 In addition attendees will learn from actual former outlaw motorcycle gang members and
 associates tips and tricks that they can use to dismantle these organizations and put their
 membership behind bars.

 Only 100 seats are available for this one of a kind training opportunity. Do not wait to
 register as slots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. Members of any state
 Narcotics Officers Association or Gang Investigators Association will receive a
 discounted price of $350 per attendee. Groups of 4 or more attendees from an agency
 will also receive the $350 per attendee discount.
            Training Conference and Seminar

One Percenter-My Life of Crime: A former Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
member from one of the “Big 4” gangs will tell his story of drug
dealing, motorcycle theft, extortion and mayhem and the path that led
him out of the gang and the life of crime that he led. He now wants to
share his experiences and knowledge of how outlaw motorcycle gangs
operate so investigators can better target these organizations.

Motorcycle Theft 101: A former Outlaw Motorcycle Gang member and
accomplished motorcycle thief will share his tricks of the trade for
converting stolen motorcycles into special construction motorcycles and
the tools needed to identify and seize them.

Infiltrations-In the Belly of the Beast: An undercover operative shares
his experiences operating within an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. Travel
the road with him and hear first hand what it took to ride with the
Outlaws Motorcycle Gang and how you can successfully run an
infiltration case.

Through the Eyes of an Ol’ Lady: A former Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
members ol’ lady shares her tale of transporting and distributing
methamphetamine and cocaine for an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, gang
related murders and going to prison for the gang. She will also give tips
on how to develop a relationship with an ol’ lady to gain intelligence
and develop cases.

Weapons and Narcotics Concealment: See first hand weapons and the
various ways to conceal them as well as narcotics both on a gang
member’s person and his motorcycle. Stay a step ahead of your
                               Registration Form

                               Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

August 18-21, 2008, Las Vegas, Nevada
Due to the sensitive nature of this program the conference facility location and hotel will not
be disclosed until you register. The training will take place in Las Vegas and a special room
rate of $49.00 a night for the hotel has been secured for conference attendees. Special
security will be maintained for this event and attendees will need to show law enforcement
identification at registration. This conference is for Law Enforcement only including any
local, state or federal officers, prosecutors, intelligence officers, corrections officers and
military criminal investigators.

Please print or type information and make photocopies for multiple registrations. Payments
by can be made to Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute.

Name: _______________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

City: _____________________________ State: ____ Zip Code_________

Agency/Department: ___________________________________________

Contact Number: ______________________________________________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________

Rank/Classification: ____________________________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________

Please submit payment by check or money order or credit card with this registration form.
Seating is limited and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Please remit to:      Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute
                      P.O Box 902
                      Lee’s Summit, Mo 64063
                      (816) 554-8888 Fax: (816) 554-8879

   Check for $395.00 Enclosed           Will pay $395.00 at registration

Registration fee for the four-day training program includes the cost of instruction, handout
materials, an embroidered portfolio and certificate of completion. Dress is casual and classes
will be held from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you have any further questions please contact
HLETI at 816-718-2189 or on the web at
   Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute
   PO Box 902
   Lees Summit, MO. 64063

Heartland Law Enforcement Training Institute
  The Nevada Narcotics Officers Association

           Organized Crime on Wheels
               August 18-21, 2008
               Las Vegas, Nevada
 (Training location given at time of registration)

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