HOT-ROLLED FLAT-ROLLED CARBON-QUALITY                          701-TA-384 (REVIEW)
STEEL PRODUCTS FROM BRAZIL,                                 731-TA-806-808 (REVIEW)

                         CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE

I, Marilyn R. Abbott, hereby certify that the parties listed have been approved, entered
an appearance and have agreed to the administrative protective order.
Served November I O , 2004. *Note: Added/Removed staff.

                                                              13. M
                                               Ma; Iyn R.A bbott, Secretary
                                               U.S. international Trade Commission
                                               500 E Street, SW - Room 112
                                               Washington, DC 20436

On behalf of Nucor Corporation:
APO 04-95                                      On behalf of Mannitogorsk Iron and
                                               Steel Works, Novoliptesk Iron & Steel
Alan H. Price, Lead Attorney                   Corporation and Severstal Joint-
John R. Shane, Esq.                            Stock Company:
Timothy C. Brightbill, Esq.                    APO 04-96
Eileen P. Bradner, Esq.
David Scott Nance, Consultant                  Kay C. Georgi, Lead Attorney
Paul A. Zucker, Int'l Trade Consultant         Mark P. Lunn, Esq.
Richard F. DiDonna, Int'l Trade                John M. Gurley, Esq.
Consultant                                     Matthew J. Conkey, Esq.
Michael Panfeld, Int'l Trade Consultant        Kristy L. Balsanek, Esq.
Simona Wexler, Senior Legal Assistant          Michael Barry, Economist
Dania Matos, Legal Assistant                   Sarah Inks, Legal Assistant
Silvia Li, Project Assistant                   Mary M. Rubio, Administrative Assistant
Rosemarie Davis, Records                       Emily Black, Librarian
Ruby Marukia, Legal Assistant                  Jada Smith, Administrative Assistant
Anita Chapman, Legal Secretary                 Rebecca Terhune, Administrative
Amelia Kettlhodt, Legal Secretary              Assistant
Joyce Hatman, Legal Secretary                  Robert Anderson, Records
Joyce Hopkins, Specialist
1776 K Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006
HOT-ROLLED FLAT-ROLLED                 Pamela A. Marcus, Int'l Trade Project
CARBON-QUALITY STEEL                   Manager
PRODUCTS FROM BRAZIL,                  Floyd M. McGraw, Accountant
JAPAN AND RUSSIA                       Elise Bernard, Legal Assistant
                                       Amy Downey, Legal Assistant
ADMINISTRATIVE PROTECTIVE              Matthew Goossen, Legal Assistant
ORDER                                  Bonita Leung, Legal Assistant
CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE                 Marilyn Kerns, Legal Secretary
                                       Katie McCall, Legal Secretary
701-TA-384 (REVIEW)                    Melissa Morrison, Legal Secretary
731-TA-806-808 (REVIEW)                Jeff Neudorfer, Legal Secretary
                                       Vikkie Pittman, Legal Secretary
Veronica Gosewehr, Word Processor      Joe Dunn, Security
Warren Garrett, Assistant Manager      Kathy Hawk, P.C. Support
Maria McMahon, Legal Assistant         Felix Kouznetsov, P.C. Support
Frank Bryant, Manager                  Jose Lara, P.C. Support
Moses A. Taylor, Office Services       Lennie Marshall, P.C. Support
Robin L. Deaver, Legal Assistant       Kimberly Mountjoy, P.C. Support
Rosetta Evans, Word Processor          Machelle Proctor, P.C. Support
COUDERT BROTHERS, LLP                  Nancy Stephenson, P.C. Support
1627 I Street, N.W.                    Mack McClarty, Copy Center
Washington, D.C. 20006-4007            Bryant Robinson, Copy Center
                                       Ken Webb, Copy Center
Amie J. Ahanchian, Manager             Samantha White, Copy Center
Daniel Cannistra, Senior Manager       Terry Wilson, Copy Center
Cynthia A. Roller, Consultant          Jerome Craig, Copy Center
Rossanna Hernandez, Staff Consultant   Pat Nancock, Copy Center
Nicholas Nebolsine, Manager            Leon Knight, Copy Center
Philip C. Charnas, Consultant          Kyle Yelverton, Copy Center
Amy Gist, Administrative Assistant     Lisa D. Luck, Copy Center
ERNST & YOUNG LLP                      Art Colding, Copy Center
                                       Michael Drayton, Copy Center
On behalf of United States Steel       George Fay, Copy Center
Corporation:                           Violetta Jones, Copy Center
APO 04-97                              Harry Alexander, Distribution
                                       Joey Anderson, Distribution
John J.Mangan, Lead Attorney           Madison Bethea, Distribution
Robert E. Lighthizer, Esq.             Brenda Gleaton, Distribution
James C. Hecht, Esq.                   George Korang, Distribution
Ellen J. Schneider, Esq.               Melvin Majette, Distribution
Stephen P. Vaughn, Esq.                Monique Moody, Distribution
Jeffrey D. Gerrish, Esq.
*Nathaniel B. Bolin, Esq.
Mark B. Teerink, Esq.
David J. Albright, Economist
HOT-ROLLED FLAT-ROLLED               Co-Counsel on behalf of lspat Inland,
CARBON-QUALITY STEEL                 Inc.
                                     Murray J. Belman
ADMINISTRATIVE PROTECTIVE            371 1 Fordham Road, Northwest
ORDER                                Washington, D.C. 20016
                                     On behalf of International Steel
701-TA-384 (REV1EW)                  Group Inc.:
731-TA-806-808 (REVIEW)              APO 04-99

Eddie Ore, Distribution              Eric P. Salonen, Lead Attorney
Anthony Pinkney, Distribution        Terence P. Stewart, Esq.
Edgar Rhyne, Distribution            Wesley K. Caine, Esq.
Pablo Rocha, Distribution            Geert de Prest, Esq.
Tony Whitfield, Distribution         Patrick J. McDonough, Esq.
Eric Jones, Office Services          Sarah V. Stewart, Esq.
Andrian Lollie, Office Services      Caryn B. Schenewerk, Esq.
Nathaniel Walker, Office Services    Jordan Taylor, Esq.
*Naushin Shibli, Legal Assistant     Carl P. Moyer, Consultant
*Justin Noe, Student Intern          Nobutami Shimomoto, Consultant
SKADDEN, ARPS, SLATE, MEAGHER        Va lencia Harvey, Records Ad ministrator
& FLOM, LLP                          Davinia Jennings, Production Manager
1440 New York Avenue, NW             Jessica W. Davis, Office Administrator
Washington, DC 20005-21 11           STEWART AND STEWART
                                     2100 M Street, N.W.
On behalf of lspat Inland Inc.:      Washington, D.C. 20037
APO 04-125

David M. Schwartz, Lead Attorney     On behalf of Gallatin Steel Company,
Edward J. Farrell, Esq.              IPSCO Steel Inc. and Steel Dynamics,
Frederick L. Ikenson, Esq.
Roberta Kienast Daghir, Esq.
                                     APO 04-101
Vivienne Foster, Secretary
Angela Caruso, Secretary             Roger B. Schagrin, Lead Attorney
Shelia James, Secretary              Michael J. Brown, Esq.
Venice Bogan, Office Services        Frances Valdez Valdez, Esq.
Ronald Dagley, Office Services       Jennifer Yee, Legal Assistant
Scherrie Payne, Office Services      S.K. Choi Schagrin, Office Manager
Sabrina Brashears, Office Services   Tamara L. Browne, Director,
Jeffrey Simms, Office Services       Governmental Affairs
BLANK ROME                           Rose Ma, Trade Analsyt
600 New Hampshire Ave., N.W.         Samuel Jacob Parris, Legal Assistant
Washington, DC 20037
HOT-ROLLED FLAT-ROLLED                 Tony Threatt, Copy Center
CARBON-QUALITY STEEL                   Brian Dorsey, Copy Center
PRODUCTS FROM BRAZIL, JAPAN            Marchelle Jackson, Copy Center
AND RUSSIA                             Cecilio Nelson, Copy Center
                                       Kate Cassidy, Foreign Intern
ADMl NISTRATIVE PROTECTIVE             Zak Amchislavsky, Legal Assistant
ORDER                                  Cheryl Werner, Trade Specialist
CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE                 William Zapf, Trade Specialist
                                       Julie Malec, Legal Assistant
701-TA-384 (REVIEW)                    WlLLKlE FARR & GALLAGHER
731-TA-806-808 (REVIEW)                1875 K Street, NW
                                       Washington, DC 20006-1238
1100 Fifteenth Street, NW
Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005

On behalf of lnstituto Brasileiro de
Siderurgia, Companhia Siderurgica
Paulista, Usinas Siderurgicas de
Minas Gerais, S.A. and Companhia
Sidenirgica de Tubariio:
APO 04-104

Christopher Dunn, Lead Attorney
William H. Barringer, Esq.
Matthew McCullough, Esq.
LaVaron Bratton, Secretary
Tanya Fowler, Secretary
Kathie Kokanoth, Secretary
Lori O'Neill, Secretary
Monica Reid, Secretary
Chio Hatakeyama, Info Center
Pamela Warner, Info Center
Laura Butera, Info Center
Jennie Cabbiness, Managing Clerk
Jimmy Escobar, Managing Clerk
Stephanie Hines, Managing Clerk
Suraj Sazawal, Managing Clerk
Sam Covington, Mailroom Clerk
Terrence Hughes, Mailroom Clerk
Rodney Johnson, Mailroom Clerk
Louis Trusdell, Mailroom Clerk
Nick Ugrin, Mailroom Clerk

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