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									Sample Accomplishment Statements
 Streamlined process from managing 900 contracts with a budget of $150+ million a year, saving 93 hours of
   time per year.
 Prepared and presented training on computer system for 28 people, saving company $51,000 annually.
 Responsible for payroll tax reporting for 10 or more divisions in over 40 states, with combined salaries of $160
   million and payroll taxes of $62.5 million.
 Minimized losses through credit controls and financial analysis within Federal Regulations resulting in minimal
   legal expenses.
 Researched and determined status of uncashed checks and created system to help track future unclaimed
   obligations. Resulted in the initial savings of $184,000 and $20,000 annually.

Administration/Customer Service
 Responded to approximately 25 calls per day from dissatisfied customers. Successfully answered inquiries and
  satisfied their concerns, resulting in non-escalation of claims and reduced costs against the company.
 Implemented policy and procedure for auditing reports, increasing accuracy rates from 65% to 90%.
 Served as liaison between customers, vendors, and internal departments. Increased movements of limited
  inventories to a 99.2% case fill rate.
 Coordinated, resolved, and responded to 300-500 consumer letters in a 5-day turnaround. Measurably
  improved customer satisfaction.
 Managed, implemented, and administered all corporate credit card programs. Tracked and collected all
  charges, zero delinquent accounts for corporate liability.

Information Technology
 Supported acquisition analysis of over 11 acquisition studies, ranging in values from $36 million to over $200
 Implemented new EDI trading partners on all internal EDI processes, minimizing production failures below 90%.
 Designed/implemented standard pcExpress Financial Model that assured data integrity/accessibility, eliminated
    analytical and data inconsistencies and reduced workload by 2 days.
 Supported the integration of Marketing, Finance, and Logistics data to one powerful, productive database
    resulting in increased data distribution to user community of immensely valuable and timely data.

Management/Project Management
 Directed the design and development of a software program that replaced manual preparation of promotional
  bulletins, saving $200,000 a year in labor costs and reduced promotional invoicing errors.
 Managed and directed order processing and problem resolution through a network of 55 brokers and 14 field
  sales managers for a base of 400+ customers
 Developed specifications and quality measurements for “widget” acquisition. Transferred business to new plant
  with no quality degradation.
 Achieved consumer complaint reduction of 11% and 15% in 2000 and 2001.

 Researched cognitive development and developed model for diagnosing early developmental disorders.
 Maintained client base of 50 individuals for counseling and psychotherapy
 Responsible for maintaining client records and determining programming needs.
 Assisted in analytical research study using Quasi-experimental methods and experimental designs.
   Responsible for a student designed research project and write-up of the results in APA Style.

Social Work
 Completed 120 clinical hours managing a caseload of 150 clients
 Coordinated with community planning agency for development of program/agency audits and community needs
 Developed and negotiated contracts for staff services and consultation with 5 other divisions.
 Co-chaired a multi-ethnic task force that developed a community service program subsequently integrated into
   several agencies’ programs.
 Established and directed the plan to provide relief efforts that included survey of needs, budget, staffing,
   financial management supplies, and staff support facilities.

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